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PPC (PowerPC CPU) Checker
Utility to Identify Copper vs. Aluminum G3 CPUs
And report G3 & G4 CPU Chip Revisions

By Michiro Isobe
Last Updated: 8/15/2002 (v2.61)

PPC Checker is a small utility written by Michiro Isobe that will report whether your G3 CPU is Copper or Aluminum based and reports the CPU revision for both G3 and G4 CPUs. PPC Checker will also report if your G3 has a 10x bus/cpu ratio capability. (A plus for older Macs with lower bus speeds.)

Note: The G4 7440 may use the same core as the 7450 chip and therefore would be reported as a 7450. (The 7440 is a lower power version of the 7450 without any L3 cache support.) The first PowerBook G4/667 (fall 2001 model) results show a 7450 CPU and may be the 7440 chip for instance.

Version 2.61 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug in v2.6 that didn't recognize all LoneStar G3 (750L) processors

Version 2.6 Changes:

  • Recognize 7455 (Apollo 6) and 750FX (sahara)
  • Recognize 7410 stepping 1.4
  • Jaguar (OS X 10.2) does not return correct revision number.
    So, I have updated PPC Checker not to launch in Classic environment.

In Mac OS X, this is the easiest method to get PVR value.

  1. Open Terminal application
  2. Type "ioreg -l | grep cpu-version" and type return.

Version 2.5 Changes:

  • Recognize PowerPC 755 stepping 2.2,
  • Recognize PowerPC 750CXe stepping 2.5 and 3.1.
  • Fixed a bug which some 750CXes were recognized 755.

Version 2.4 Changes:

  • Now Recognizes 7450 rev 2.1
  • Fixed a bug which some 750CXes were recognized 755

Version 2.3 Changes (3/18):

  • Now recognizes 7450 (G4 Plus), 750CXe (new IBM G3) and 755 (Moto's new G3)
  • Supports G4 7410 stepping 1.2.

Version 2.2 Changes (3/01):

  • Now recognizes 750CX (G3) and 7410 (G4),
  • If PPC Checker finds an unknown CPU revision, notification alert is displayed.

This version asks users to send email to Michiro when it finds an unknown revision of a PowerPC CPU. These reports will help get additional PVR information added to future versions of PPC Checker.

Version 2.1 Changes (3/00):

  • Added support for G4 stepping 2.9

Version 2.0 Changes (3/00):

  • PPC Checker now supports Nubus based Power Macs and Performas by using alternative code contributed by Steven Bytnar.

  • PPC Checker displays the revision number of PowerPCs.

  • Added support for G4 stepping 2.8.

Note: If your G3 CPU supports a 10x Ratio (bus/cpu ratio) - PPC checker will report it as shown in the example below:

10x G3 sample

If you don't see the "with 10x" comment, then your G3 has an 8x max ratio.

By downloading this utility you agree to the terms and conditions listed below:

This software is provided 'as-is' with no expressed or implied warranty. Although we've ran this software with no ill effects, you assume all risk from the use of this software.

Distribution Restrictions:
As part of the software license agreement, the author has stated that this software is not to be distributed (CDroms, disks,etc.) or posted on the web at any site other than the Accelerate Your Mac ( It is not for commercial use or distribution.
(software obsolete now so available by request)

I acknowledge the contribution of the members of the Macintosh Hardware Forum (FMACHARD) of NIFTY-Serve, Japan. The PVR database in this program is not complete without their cooperation.

Best Regards,
Michiro Isobe

The two images below show sample reports (from early versions of PPC Checker) from my PowerBook G3/250 (Motorola) and Blue and White G3 with XLR8/400MHz (IBM) CPUs (from an early version of PPC Checker):

Aluminum CPU reportCopper CPU report

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