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G4 w/2MB Cache
First Look: Powerlogix's G4 CPU Card w/2MB Backside Cache
Published: 9/21/99

George Cole, my long-time contact at Bottom Line has now joined Powerlogix. George now gets to play with neat new toys like the new Powerlogix G4 CPU upgrade with 2MB of backside cache. The larger backside cache should help performance in older Macs with a slower memory bus. With a larger Cache, the CPU will not have to go to slower main memory as often. Here is some of George's comments on the new card:

Powerlogix G4 Upgrade w/2MB Cache

Check this image out. This is the new card design that PowerLogix has developed for the legacy 7300-9600 Mac systems, a little more than 2x's the size of the Zif upgrades (BTW that is a new 500Mhz G3 it is sitting next to). Adapter kits will be available if necessary).

It is much more stable than previous cards. Bus speeds can be switched on the fly with the system on, so no need for a restart. I have been running one in a 7300 and I must say it is rock solid! Our on site technical staff has done a fantastic job on this card. What does it mean to consumers? Lower prices and better performance through innovation; at PowerLogix we truly think speed and are always working on ways to make upgrade cards better.

Heat sync is removed so you can see the processor. This is a G4 board with 2MB backside cache. Virtual PC LOVES the 2MB backside cache. We are seeing much faster response, but have not measured just yet. We are in the process of testing the G4 against a range of G3's in different systems.

There is complete info on the news page:
[The following is a reprint of the info there]

PowerForce G3/G4 Processor Card Announced.
This is what you've been waiting for!

PowerLogix is proud to announce the only second-generation G3 (and now G4) processor card in existence. This is the sum of everything we know about processor cards...we've thrown down the gauntlet and spared no expense in developing the most advanced and cost-effective G3/G4 daughtercard upgrade ever designed. Works in the PCI PowerMacs from the 7300 and up and all the clones.*

Two years and tens of thousands of cards later, this new design improves on the most imitated G3 processor design of all, the PowerForce G3. Now supporting the hot new G4 and up to 2Mb of backside cache, the PowerForce G3/G4 card is the most advanced, compatible, and rock-solid processor card, bar none, in existence. We say that in all sincerity. For a complete description of this card and how it smokes the competition hands down, visit here.

*Unfortunately the G4 chip is not compatible with Catalyst motherboards from Power Computing. This includes the PowerCurve, PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, and PowerTower. But those machines can still fly with up to a 500 MHz G3. The PowerBase, believe it or not, is compatible with the G4. -George"

If you missed it, read my exclusive First Look at the XLR8 G4/400 Upgrade which has performance Tests of G3/400 vs G4/400 in real world apps as well as benchmarks.

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