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Review: Newer Tech's iMAXpowr G4/433 CPU Upgrade
G4 CPU Upgrade for iMac 233 - 333MHz models
By Mike
Published: 7/19/2000
Review Summary and Final Comments
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The Final Word

I have to admit I was skeptical about a G4 CPU running reliably in an iMac with its small heatsink and especially one like mine with Game Wizard Voodoo2 card installed. However I saw no problems of any kind during weeks of use. In fact, I liked this upgrade so much I told Newer Tech I'm not returning it - I'm buying this one to stay in my iMac rev A.

Granted at the time I'm writing this I do not know what new models will be announced at Macworld NY, but I like this iMac enough to buy the iMAXpowr G4 upgrade. Once I replace the slow/small OEM hard drive with a 45-60GB model, with the GameWizard card and this G4 CPU, I think it will serve me well for some time. And there's just something appealing to me about having a G4 CPU in a first revision iMac - which the world claimed was a closed box and not upgradeable. Congrats to Newer on an excellent upgrade.

= Newer Technology iMAXpowr G4 433MHz Upgrade =


  • World's first iMac G4 CPU upgrade
  • Dramatic speed boost
  • Rock solid reliable during all my tests
  • OS X compatible (according to Newer Tech)
  • Altivec support should increase in the future, hopefully at the OS level in OS X.

Cons: (not really the fault of the upgrade)

  • Most applications don't currently use Altivec extensions. Without Altivec support, application performance is no better than G3 CPU upgrades that cost less.
  • iMac design makes installation require partial disassembly of the system (but supplied video tape has complete guide).
  • If you've not added a lot of RAM, etc. selling the older iMac and pooling the upgrade fund might get a new model with more features (Firewire, etc.).


Here's info from Newer's original press release (Summer 2000) on the iMAXpowr G4:

"iMAXpowr G4 433 begins shipping July 19, 2000. The final price of $549 depends upon the return shipping of the original processor to Newer Technology within fourteen days. Newer expects the supply of these upgrades to be somewhat constrained and orders will be limited to 500 units per week..."

(UPDATE: As of early 2001, Newer Tech no longer makes these upgrades.)

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