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Review: Powerlogix's Series 133 Dual 1GHz G4 Upgrade
Tests vs Original Dual G4/533 and Dual 1GHz MDD G4
By Mike
Published: 12/24/2002
Details of the Powerlogix Dual 1GHz CPU Upgrade
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Series 133 dual 1GHz

Powerlogix G4/1GHz Series 133 Specs :(from sample provided)

  • CPUs: Two Motorola 1GHz 7455 revison 2.1
    (256KB on-chip L2 cache @1GHz)
  • 2MB SDR L3 Cache per CPU
    (Samsung K7A803609B-QC25 x2 Per CPU)
  • Fan: 80mm x 15mm Panaflo FBA08T12H, 12 Volt DC.
    (3100 RPM, 35 CFM, 34dBA (per the Specs PDF file)

CPU ID/revision checked using PPCChecker v2.6.1.

PPC Checker CPU ID
PPC Checker v2.61 CPU ID

The PowerForce G4 1GHz has a 2 year limited warranty and 30-day MBG per the Powerlogix warranty page as of the review date. (Subject to the returns policy of the dealer.) See the Powerlogix PowerForce Series 133 page for more info. For 100MHz bus speed Macs (G4/AGP Sawtooth and Gigabit Ethernet towers and G4 Cube), see the Series 100 product page.

L3 Cache - SDR vs DDR:
Powerlogix uses 2MB of SDR L3 cache per CPU on this model. Sonnet uses DDR cache on their (single only) AGP CPU upgrades for Towers and Cubes. Powerlogix previously posted a white paper (PDF file) on DDR vs SDR L3 cache performance.

For owner reports on CPU upgrades (any brand/mac model), search my Rate Your CPU Upgrade database.

I stress that owners of any upgrade should use it for several weeks at least before posting an entry in my database. If there are problems - contact the vendor immediately, they often can provide a solution or identify the source of the problem.

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