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Click for Data Doubler kits!
Click for Data Doubler kits!

G4 Dual CPU Module Swap (page 4)

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Installation is as simple as it can get. Gently line up the pins to the socket, and press the card in. Once it's lined up, it does not have very far at all to seat. Once you have inserted the card, reinstall the 3 screws.

And finally, attach the heatsink. Line up the clips so they are placing the pressure over the pads on the bottom of the heatsink, you may want to orient them before placing the heatsink in place just to be sure. Attach the back half of the heatsink clip first, then pull the clip toward yourself to be able to get the correct pressure on the clip to attach it over the processor card. It's easier than it sounds and takes less time to do that it took to type this. Once done with the first side, do the other. Then comes the fun part - start the machine!

Time to complete- less than 5 minutes.

Degree of difficulty- medium (I'd say easy, but you do have to use a screwdriver......) :>)

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