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Memory Performance Benchmarks on New G4/466 vs. Prev. G4/450
Last Updated: 1/11/2001, 9:07 PM
A reader sent memory benchmark results of tests with a 100mhz bus G4/450 system vs. a new G4/466 system with 133MHz bus. In most cases the new G4 showed substantially higher performance (up to 140%).

I thought you might be interested in these measurements I made of the memory throughput of the new machines. Attached is a comparison - the numbers in the chart are in Mb/s. (The CopyBits scores are attributable to the nVidia card). [Initial driver release] The measurements were taken with a tool I wrote.

I would be very curious to see what the results would be with a 7450 CPU (256k on-chip L2 cache and 1MB L3 cache) with a Radeon card.

Kent's test results are in the table below. (I'm assuming the numbers are MB/sec rates).

Test 450/100
(old G4)
(new G4)
% improvement:
Vector Writes to GDevice 124.9 198.3 59%
Vector Writes Cache Inhibited 487.3 973.6 100%
Vector Writes 431.3 583 35%
GPR Writes to GDevice 50.1 60.2 20%
GPR Writes reversed 541 704.5 30%
GPR Writes (cache) 572.3 706.3 23%
GPR Writes byte reversed uncached 122.8 240.3 96%
GPR Writes Cache Inhibited 244.8 486.5 99%
GPR Writes 353.9 554.8 57%
FPR Writes (cache) 584.7 619.5 6%
FPR Writes Uncached 245.4 487 98%
FPR Writes to GDevice 82.6 198.3 140%
FPR Writes 369.2 577 56%
CopyBits 8 181.6 153.3 -15%
CopyBits 32 172.4 165.7 -4%
CopyBits 16 185.1 168.3 -10%
BlockMoveData 512K 355.3 522.8 47%
BlockMoveData 2Mb 206.1 295.3& 43%
BlockMoveData 256K 498.8 522.5 5%
BlockMoveData 1Mb 206.7 307.4 29%
BlockMoveData 1k 1939.6 2300.9 19%

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