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Click for Mac Memory Upgrades!

OS X Tiger Core Image on a Blue and White G3
(w/flashed FX5200 PCI card)

by Jason
Posted: 1/2/2006

OS X Tiger Core Image on a B&W!
I think I've got a first here; maybe the only pre-AGP Mac in existence to support Core Image ;)
I flashed a PNY PCI FX5200 with a Mac BIOS (from http://littlevampirebites.com/fxflash/) which worked fine on the PCI card after down-clocking the memory (since PNY used below nVidia-spec RAM on the card).

My willing subject for this experiment was an old B&W Rev. 1, which prior to 10.4.3 it would only work with the 10.2.8 kernel extensions (otherwise a kernel dump would happen just after loading video drivers), and those didn't work very well under 10.3 or at all under 10.4 due to some missing symbols, but since 10.4.3 was released, it works perfectly (presumably because Apple couldn't lock functionality
...It's not particularly fast, but I think with a CPU upgrade it might be fun to play with!

(I assume he also used the Mods to Enable Quartz Extreme on PCI Macs - since Quartz Extreme is not enabled for PCI cards without the mod.-Mike)

Oddly enough, no... It just did that out-of-the-box (this was a clean install of 10.4.3)

My best guess is that since the new G5 Macs are PCIe based, and PCIe appears to the system as a standard PCI bus they had to stop locking s Quartz Extreme down to IOAGP class devices? Or just that the NV30 driver always reports to the OS that the video card is an AGP capable device (since I don't think there are any other NV30 based PCI cards and NV3x were always meant to be AGP)?

Apple System Profiler info screenshot and photos

Apple System Profiler report

FX5200 in B&W

FX5200 in B&W

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