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IXMicro ProRez Graphics Card Review
Review Updated: 6/01/98 for Apple G3 RageII Comparison
2D Tests Results
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2D Performance

This cards claim to fame is 2D speed, and it delivers it in spades. I have seen no other card in this price range that is as fast in this category. In fact, all the way to 1152x870, millions colors, it delivers practically the same performance as cards costing almost twice as much. Performance was literally identical to the higher priced Ultimate Rez. For 2D work, the ProRez is an impressive value.

MacBench 4.0 Tests:
I ran tests of 2D performance at 1024x768, thousands colors mode at 75 Hz refresh rate and at 1152x870, millions color mode. The MacBench 4.0 scores for the standard Graphics, Low and High Resolution Publishing tests are shown below. Performance of several other cards are also shown for reference.

Thousands Colors Mode - 1024x768
MacBench 1024x786, 16-bit scores

Note in the above chart, even the $800+ Vision 3D Pro II card was only slightly faster, and it would be hard to "see" that small difference in performance in actual use. Granted owners of that expensive a card would not normally be running at 1024x768, thousands colors.

The next tests I ran were at 1152x870, millions colors. The scores are shown below.

Millions Colors Mode - 1152x870
MB Scores at 1152x870

Apple G3/266 System Tests:

To answer the question of how the ProRez compares to the G3's RageII+ (w/6MB SGRAM) and ATI RagePro XClaim 3D and what it would offer to Apple G3 system owners, I installed the card in my G3/266MT and ran tests at 1024x768, thousands colors and 1152x870, millions colors. The results were impressive as shown in the following two graphs:

ProRez vs Apple G3/RageII and ATI RagePro 3D

HighRes Tests - G3 RageII vs ATI RagePro 3D  vs ProRez

As you can see, 2D MacBench scores were very impressive. The ProRez leaves the RageII+ onboard video in the dust, especially at the higher resolutions. RagePro based newer G3's will likely score as well as the ATI RagePro 3D so for those G3 owners the upgrade is much less compelling.

Considering the excellent performance in benchmarks and from general use in applications, I rated 2D performance a 9.5

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Intro | 2D Performance  | 3D Performance | Game Performance  | Movie Playback | Features | Summary

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