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Reminder on ATI ROM Update Extender OS X Install Instructions:
Published: 10/1/2001

A reader in the forums posted a reminder about the OS X (manual) installation of the ATI 9/1 (Sept. 2001) ROM update file noted earlier today. The info is in the Readme file, but might be missed by some users. From the comments in the readme file, I'm assuming if the flash the PCI Radeon, you don't need the ROM extender file installed in OS X. Here's a copy of the full readme file with the OS X manual install of the ROM extender file highlighted. (Note: for ATI card owner feedack on the update, see this page.)

    " ROM Update for ATI Mac Retail Cards
    September 2001

    - Introduction
    - Components installed with this release
    - Hardware Requirements
    - Installation Instructions
    - Major Features of this release

    This software release updates Retail card ROMS, as well the ATI Driver Update to current revisions.

    Components installed with this release
    - ATI Rom Xtender 1.0.7
    - ATI Radeon PCI ROM Update ( Flasher with Retail 777 ROM v 126 )

    Hardware Requirements
    This installer is intended for use on PowerMacintosh Computers, running Mac OS 9 or higher, with one or more of the following ATI Retail graphics cards:

    - NEXUS 128
    - XCLAIM VR 128

    OS Support Limitations

    OS 9 Support
    This installer is native to Mac OS 9 and is intended to be run on that system software. It will Install an ATI Driver Update in the Extensions folder, then install and run the ATI ROM Flasher to update the BIOS on all RADEON MAC EDITION cards detected in the system. [the actual flasher application seems to be for PCI Radeon cards, and didn't flash an AGP Radeon card. The file even says it's for PCI Radeons. The extensions update is common however.]

    OS X Support
    This installer will not work in Mac OS X (native or Classic).

    Once the ATI ROM Flasher is run on OS 9, the PCI Radeon card will be upgraded for both OS 9 and OS X.

    The file ATI ROM Xtender cannot be easily installed into OS X directly, though it can be installed to OS X manually. Instructions for doing so are listed below:

    Installation Instructions

    If Mac OS X has been installed on an HFS+ filesystem

    1. Boot into OS 9 ( not classic )
    2. Run the installer
    3. Reboot back to OS 9 as necessary
    4. Open the System Folder and locate the Extensions sub folder
    5. Locate the ATI ROM Xtender
    6. Locate Mac OS X hard drive/partition
    7. Open the System Folder, then the Library subfolder, then the Extensions subfolder, and finally the AppleNDRV subfolder
    8. Drag the ATI ROM Xtender into the AppleNDRV folder.

    9. Boot to Mac OS X

    If Mac OS X has been installed on a UFS (UNIX) filesystem

    1. Boot into OS 9 ( not classic )
    2. Run the installer
    3. Restart as necessary
    4. Boot into Mac OS X
    5. ENABLE the root user account using the Netinfo utility
    (See AppleCare Knowledge Base Article 106290: Mac OS X 10.0: About the root User and How to Enable It http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n106290 )
    6. From The Apple Menu, select Log Out
    7. Log back in as the root user
    8. Locate the ATI ROM Xtender in your Mac OS 9 Extension Folder.
    9. Open the System Folder, then the Library subfolder, then the Extensions subfolder, and finally the AppleNDRV subfolder
    8. Drag the ATI ROM Xtender into the AppleNDRV folder
    9. Restart and log in normally
    10. DISABLE the root user as explained in the AppleCare Knowledge Base Article above

    Major features of this release

    NEXUS 128, RAGE ORION, and XCLAIM VR 128
    - Fixed a problem causing MAC OS X to report a Kernal Panic.

    - Fixed a problem with supporting multiple ATI cards under OS X
    - Fixed a problem with Display Jitter
    - Added support for 16 bit Gamma"

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