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Summary of PC GeForce3 Cards Flashed for use in Macs:
Published: 8/6/2001

Digging through my email inbox (overloaded now with more than 700 emails in the last week or so) I found this reader report summarizing the success stories of readers that had flashed a PC GeForce3 for use in a Mac.
(NOTE - based on reports, the later GeForce3 "Ti" models are not compatible with the mac firmware. I cannot provide any support or assistance with flashing PC cards.)

" Hey Mike,
No need to reply to this, you're knee deep in e-mail. Trust me... I know how that goes....

I'm not sure if you've read all of the thread http://bbs.xlr8yourmac.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001342-4.html [that link is the 4th page of the original thread-Mike] but so far, but 4 users including myself have documented reported flashes of the GeForce 3. All have used the classic nVidia GeForce 2 MX technique of using the NVFLASH.EXE (version 315 or higher), and using a Mac GeForce 3 Rom file with a PC. This is easily replicated following GeForce 2 MX, but I'll be writing a "For Dummies" guide so Mac users fearing DOS can execute it.

One of the users, brett, was kind enough to already write a guide and even post benchmarks. http://duxbury.la/gf3/gf3_1.html

Here are the users who have pulled it off in chronological order and a brief synopsis of what machine and graphics card that they had success with.

Nader - whom I believe had a G4 733 Digital Audio. He did it, and disappeared which inspired my quest to flash a GeForce 3. He used an ASUS 8200 (ASUS's GeForce 3)

cLouD[x] - Dual G4 500mhz (Meaning it was a 2x AGP computer) He used an ASUS 8200 Deluxe

brett - 2x AGP G4 Mac Dual G4 500 Mhz overclocked to 550. Used ASUS 8200.

Greg Gant (me) - 4x AGP G4 466 Digital Audio. I used a VisionTek GeForce 3.

Each of these are interesting. My theory was based on jherbert's (another msg board user) theory that long as the GeForce 3 followed the nVidia original spec, as did the Apple one did, that it'd work fine. I originally was going to try a different card just to see if flashing was just a fluke with ASUS 8200s but I was unaware that Apple's card followed the nVidia reference specs for the GeForce 3. Nader was the one who did it about 2 months ago, and I've been trying to get a hold of a Mac GeForce 3 rom ever since. I renewed my search, starting in xlr8's forums. As luck would have it, just happened Apple released new drivers for the nVidia cards and the rom was extracted. Between the time it took me to get a card, both Brett and cLouD[x] were able to do it, and both are using 2x AGP systems which is great for older G4 owners.

Oddly enough VisionTek's card by a few random PC users complained of color bleeding but I've yet to see it on either of my monitors that I've tried it to connecting. I've been unable to replicate this problem so as of now, it remains isolated to those few PC users. All reviews I've read never have mentioned this.

I'm sure this is worthy of news, and I'll be around in forums or e-mail to answer any questions by users. I'll drop an e-mail later once I make my GeForce 3's flasher guide for dummies.

As always, thanks for running such a great site. Wouldn't be using a GeForce 3 right now without it, would I?
Greg Gant
http://www.psxcheats.cheating.org/ "

There have been some complaints from PC users on 2D image quality of some Geforce3 cards that I have seen in some PC forum posts in the past (may be most noticeable at 1600x1200 resolutions as far as lack of sharpness). The Visiontek GF3 and Asus 8200 deluxe were not rated highly for 2D image quality based on tests at 1600 res and above in a recent Anandtech review/summary of PC GF3 cards.

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