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GeForce4MX Owner Reports on Card Problems
Posted: 3/1/2002
Last Updated: 6/7/2002

NOTE: This page is from spring 2002, relating to the original 64MB VRAM Geforce4MX Mac OEM card from apple - Not the later 32MB VRAM GeForce4MX OEM version that replaced it in later mac models. For those that bought (from a mac dealer) a 32MB OEM Geforce4MX card and are having boot problems in OS 9, you need to use/install the Nvidia 3.x drivers (extensions). The latest versions for OS 9 are actually 3.5 I believe (installed on modern macs like the MDD towers) although Apple has not publicly posted that version. The latest public download of OS 9 Nvidia drivers is 3.0 v1.1. (if anyone spots a later version at apple let me know.)
Update: I've gotten email and had forum posts that note the 10.1.5 update solves the problem of 'flashes' that some GeForce4MX card owners reported here (and in Apple's forums) earlier this year. (I didn't see the problem with limited use of a 1088 ROM card or a later 1091 ROM GF4MX card in tests here - but many owners did.)
Apple notes the issue has been fixed in 10.1.5 according to this Kbase doc titled Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002): Display Intermittently Flashes.
Note they also list the GeForce4 Ti card as well as the 4MX card. That doc also links to the OS 9 Nvidia 3.0 driver update released earlier this year.

(Intro is from the March 1st, 2002 news page)
Although I did not see the problem with a GF4MX and Sony FW900 CRT in my previous GeForce4MX vs Radeon 7500 card tests, there are posts in Apple's forums from GeForce4MX owners with 2002 Quicksilver Macs noting display problems (flashes/corrupted screens). Most seem to be using ADC Apple LCD displays, but not all. (See below for over 30 reader reports on this in the last two days.)
I've also seen a report of problems with the GeForce4MX and Photoshop 5.5 but he later noted he had not applied the summer 2000 PS 5.5 Altivec core/lighting effects/multiprocessor core update available at this Adobe page. He said after updating those files his problems were solved.

For screenshots and comments on the GeForce4MX display flashing/corrupted display issue, see this article, this page of screenshots, a QT movie of the flashing and this Apple discussions forum thread. (The forum link may not be valid over time.)

Latest Reader Reports from GeForce4MX Owners: Here's a listing of reader comments (emails) that I have gotten to so far from GeForce4MX owners. Not everyone noted seeing the flashing problem, but many did. Some comments also include notes on applications like Lightwave 3D.

    " Hey Mike, I had emailed you earlier about using Lightwave on my dual Ghz quicksilver. at the same time, I had also mentioned that I wasn't having white flashes on my NEC FP955. Well, I'm not immune to those flashes, I have one or two a day. They're about half a second long, and they'll show up at just about any time. I'll be using explorer, photoshop (classic), Lightwave 6.5 OSX... anything. It's only a minor annoyance as of yet.

    As for your question about if lightwave 6.5 has the same oddness with the Hummer scene and NVidia Gforce 4mx, yes, the tread marks (and a few other smaller details) in the sand will come and go, no rhyme or rythm.
    , JSD "

I see the same issues in the hummer scene and Nvidia drivers in LW7/OS X - the problem is said to be due to the near/far scaling factor in that scene I think (others don't seem to show the problem)
I asked JSD if he noticed any reduction in the flashes with the 3.0 drivers.

    " Hi xlr8[yourmac],
    I've been getting the periodic "flashing" of the display under Mac OS X (dual 1ghz powermac) as other users have reported. My display is now dead after 20 days. I believe there's a correlation between this "flashing" and the display going dead. I think the flashing causes undue strain on the lamp inside the Studio Displays. My setup is as follows..

    Powermac dual 1 ghz G4, Nvidia Geforce 4MX
    Apple Studio Display 17 [LCD]
    Mac OS X(build 5Q110)

    Here's my post from Apple forums, which describes the issue:
    I believe there is now a correlation between the "flashing" of various displays on my dual 1ghz powermac with the screen going dead. I purchased a dual 1ghz powermac, stock with Superdrive with an Nvidia Geforce 4MX, along with an Apple 17" Studio Display. The screen would periodically "flash" as is known throughout this forum. I reported my problem to Apple...and of course they responded by saying it's a known issue. The display and computer are both 20 days old, and the display is now DEAD. The power light flashes 3 times now...like morse code..hehehe. Ironically, the flashing on the display itself has stopped!
    I now have a display with a blown lamp. The top half of the screen is 1/3 as bright as it once was. I am getting disgusted at Apple and at Macmall. The return policy at Macmall is non-existent for defective products. Though helpful, the AppleCare employee seemed to be less knowledgeable than me on the product. I guess my faith is being tested as an Apple believer. Maybe it's time for a new religion. =(
    [no name given] "

I've not heard of any other failures related to the flashes (and it could be just a coincidental failure of the LCD backlight perhaps).

    " I just saw on the Mac Lightwave Resource page that you were looking for feedback from users using Lightwave 3D 7.0b on OSX with a GeForce4MX. I have that same setup on a Dual 1ghz + Cinema Display and I can say that it is a perfect dream to use. I have had NO problems or glitches in my 1.5 months of use so far (daily use).

    In OS9, on the other hand, I still get black panels and glitches in the graph editor.

    And the Radeon card I bought from you [actually a trade for a GF2MX OEM card last year.] a while back for my FD900 monitor is also working great in OSX with Lightwave on my dual 533.
    -Steve "

    "Ok, here's the thing... Quicksilver dual Gig w/ gig of CL3 ram I'm running on an NEC MultiSync FP955 w/ no "white flashes." But I still have a problem.
    When I'm workin' in Lightwave 6.5, a 3D view will get corrupted if I change view modes, such as when switching from smooth to wireshade. Changing the overall window arrangement, like from four view to single window and back, fixes this problem. As of yet, this is my only problem. I have switched to using my Radeon PCI to avoid this problem and keep moving.

I asked if he had tried the Nvidia driver update (v2.6) for OS 9 noted in Thursday's news (he later noted using OS 9) but he had not. (Not sure they would have helped but just a FYI.) I asked if he had tried the OS X 6.5 LW 3D with the card and he replied:

    " Well, I'm now running in the OSX version of 6.5, although menus respond a little slow, it is running fine. Also the multiple thread rendering works better. If I try 8 threads in OS9, the app crashes. It allows it in OSX, although 4 threads seems to be the optimal speed as of yet. The 3D shade window corruption problems I had in OS9 using the 4MX do not appear to be present in the OSX version, so all is good once in the happy land of OSX. The hub also appears to function in OSX, it never really worked for me in OS9.
    Any other questions?
    Thanks again Mike,

I asked if he could run a preview of the Hummer scene that had problems with Nvidia cards (missing features/tire tracks disappearing, etc.) noted in a past article here I did last spring on the GF2MX vs Radeon. (Linked on the Video articles page)

" Hi Mike-
Yet another 1GHz DP/ geforce4mx white flash report. I've got a CTX 17" crt monitor, and I have noticed a very few white flashes. That is, until I got the game black & white. During the game (which is great), I notice these flashes all the time. They're infrequent enough during regular system use that I can't tell if the game is buggy, or the card just acts this way when under heavy usage. They do seem more frequent the longer the game is played.
Thanks for the site!
-Jay S. "

" I too have been having the white flashing problem on a Dual 1Ghz with Apple's 17" Studio Display LCD. I have yet to contact Apple about it but do own a full AppleCare package on the CPU and monitor... Let's hope they serve us!
digital media specialist, the j. paul getty museum "

" Regarding the GF4MX screen flashes - Today I got a call from Apple Care and they acknowledged the problem - said they are working on it. Just wanted to let you know.
(933/GF4MX+Eizo T761) "

" I've been having the same "flashing" trouble with my Dual 1Ghz Power Mac with the GeForce4MX...

I haven't narrowed it down to exactly when it happens, but occasionally the screen will give a quick flash (just like in the QT Movie on your site).
It's very annoying. Happens several times a day.
I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster 150MP.
-- Jeffrey G" "

" Hello Mike,
I have been a proud owner of a 2002 Quicksilver DP I Gig Htz machine for over a month now and experienced a major problem with my GeForce4MX Video card. It all happened on the day this machine arrived, (I video taped the box opening,It's been over three years since I purchased a new machine, so I feel I've paid my dues!) I hooked everything up and when I pushed the power button, nothing happened, my CRT was black. I powered down and checked all of my connections, powered up and again still a black screen. I could hear the background music of OS X playing so I new the CPU was fine. My CRT is a "TTX 19" CRT" only 2 years old. I have over 26 other macs running here and at least 7 other TTX monitors with many different video card combinations that have worked for years. I will admit that this is the newest computer that I have.

I called Apples Tech Support and for two hours we could not get the DP 1 Gig CPU and 19" CRT to function. The apple tech person was now telling me that I needed to send my CPU back to the reseller, MacMall, for a repair, something I did not want to do! I thought of something while being on hold with the support person, I switched the 19" CRT with an old Sony 17" and I had a startup screen for the first time. The apple guy could give me no good reason why the 19" TTX CRT would not work. I tried other 19" and 17" TTX CRT's and still none of them would work. I called the corporate office of TTX and they could not explain why their CRT would not work with the GeForce4MX, only that it was such a new video card and has only been on the market a short while. Here I am stuck in the middle, happy with a new machine that only works with a dull old 17" CRT. Apple said that it's not their problem because the v/card did work with another monitor. I was happy with my 19" CRT and did not want to purchase another monitor. To add insult to injury, I said OK can you give the $300.00 rebate deal if I purchase the apple 17" LCD today, less than 24 hours of purchasing the CPU, they said NO, to get that rebate both CPU and LCD have to be one the same ticket, purchased together. This really upset me, If I would have known that this new CPU would not work with my perfectly fine 19" CRT I would have purchased the LCD just 12 short hours ago. ( I placed the order at 10:30 pm on Thursday night, 2/7/02 and I was on the phone with them at 10:00 am the next morning, thank god for FedEX.) After several managers and another hour on the phone, I still was S.O.L. ! I finally realized that my only choices were to keep the CPU or send it back, I kept it.

Spending the next 2 hours comparing LCD to CRT, tough decision to make, I went with a Sony E540 21" Flat screen CRT I purchased at COMP USA for $499.00 on sale. All is fine now, this machine is really fast, I added a 40 gig 7200 spin drive, 1.5 gigs of ram and all through the new 21" display. It does bother me to read some reports that the GeForce3 video card was faster than this one, why did Apple take a step backwards? ...Todd H."

The GF4MX is a much cheaper card to make/buy than the GeForce3, plus the GeForce3's are being phased out by the GeForce4 Ti cards. (which apple also announced as extra-cost options for the new G4s.)

" I have a DP GHZ QuickSilver with a 22 inch Apple Display. The only time that I have noticed a problem with the display is when I am using iMovie. Where it happens is the area around the buttons that say clips, transitions, effects and audio. The best way to describe what happens is that the affected area of the screen looks pixilated. If I click on one of the buttons the problem is fixed for a while. I have noticed a simmillar problem on the 22 inch displays at the local Apple Store where I work.
John "

" I've had a Dual 1GHz G4 Tower since the first day it shipped connected to a 17" Apple Studio Display and have yet to notice any irregularities with it. Although I'm running exclusively in Mac OS X 10.1.2 (Have not had to use Classic yet)

One issue that does seem to be happening is a system slow down after running OpenGL apps. Quake3, Maya etc... I haven't heard or seen anyone comment about this issue so it may be an isolated issue, but I can reproduce it every time. The system is normally cranks out about 20+ Mkeys while running RC5-64 and after running an OpenGL app for a brief moment I get ~ 8 Mkeys while running RC5-64.

This is a new Quicksilver 2002 Dual 1GHz with 1.5G of RAM attached to a 17" Apple Studio Display via ADC.
Wysmar C. "

" Hi Mike,
I can confirm these flashes on the main monitor of my new QS 933. They are intermittent (few times a day) and not *very* annoying - but annoying enough to be noticed. It must be the GeForce card, or the driver, because my second monitor (attached to a ATI Rage 128 card) shows no problems.
Eddy E. "

" Hi, Mike.
I purchased a Dual-1 GHz machine with an Apple Cinema Display and the GeForce4 MX on February 3, and it's been working like a champ since day one. So far, no problems at all. I'll let you know if anything changes.
Craig "

" Hey Mike,
Great site as usual. Just thought I would let you know that I've had no problems like those mentioned with the GeForce, although I did have the LCD go all 'pixelly' once where I had to reboot. Bunches of pixels froze up. That has only happened once so far. Otherwise, the Dual Ghz system is by far the best Mac I've ever owned or worked on. I've got a dual 450 at work, and this blows it away, truly. Whenever you get the cash together, I highly recommend the 1Ghz DP.
[ Ben noted "eForce4MX Feedback(ati)" in the subject line - so I asked if he has the GeForce4MX or the 7500 Radeon.-Mike]
BTO 7500 Radeon. I thought I would just throw in my 2 cents. :) I had a feeling that ATI wouldn't let me down, since my Rage Pro never had a problem on the old 350 G4 or 450 dual at work. "

" Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that I have had my Dual 1ghz with G4MX and the Apple 17" LCD, and thus far have not seen the problems described. I've had it for about 30 days now.
Stan "

" I saw your posting about flashing displays with a GeForce4 MX. I'm experiencing exactly the same problem as shown in the video you linked to. I've got a G4 933 and I'm running two displays off separate cards. My main display, which is experiencing the problem, is a Sony GPD-520. My second display (also 3rd party) is run off of a Radeon 7000 and has worked great so far. I haven't tried swapping displays to see if the problem occurs.

I haven't called Apple Support on the problem yet, but it's nice to know others are experiencing the same thing. Keep up to good work on the site, it's been a great resource over the years.
Ken S. "

" i saw your article and figured i'd add my own little story:
i bought my dual 1gig w/ gf4mx a few weeks ago and after about an hour total of use my computer started flashing blue noise all over the screen during a quake3 (1.31b4) game. when i quit out of quake, as soon it got back into the finder (os x.1.2) it crashed totally, clock didn't even tick and the screen was stuck with blue noise. i restarted and it crashed on startup while the screen flickered incessantly (during the gray period before it got to the blue mac os x start up screen). i was using a mitsubishi diamond plus 91 (crt) so i tried a 15" apple lcd and it did the same thing, crash on startup.
i ran apple hardware test (it did actually load correctly, though the blue noise continued) and it gave me a video ram error (disp/13/2 was the error code). so i pulled out the gf4mx and put in a pci rage 128 and it worked fine. i called apple tech support and (after telling me it wasn't covered under warrant because i was using "beta software") they told me to take in to the local service provider, so i did. fortunately, it was covered under warranty and they replaced the motherboard first, but it was still messing up, so they replaced the video card and it's worked fine ever since.
-jonathan y. "

" Hi! I have a 933 which is viewing off of a Sony G500 CRT (I've also had it happen on the duals). It's a bit annoying but I'm used to it now. It usually happens after I've been in Explorer for a long time and then quit. After doing a couple of things @ the finder, I get the quick flash. Hopefully there's a driver update on the way. Best
Jeff L. "

" I have a Formac 17" LCD display and also occasionally get the flashes. My brother bought an identical system from the same retailer 2 days later except with an Apple 17" LCD. He doesn't get the flashes.

It's not really that annoying, but it'd be nice to get rid of it. Sometimes when the machine 'sleeps' I get the 'garbled' screen that some people have described. Putting it to sleep with the power button and reawaking it seems to clear it up.
David P. "

" Hi Mike,
Just to say I've also seen the "flashing" with my new Dual 1GHz and GeForce 4MX, with a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920 CRT. I'm running 10.1.3.

It's not that common in my experience - possibly once or twice a day - but I had noticed it and wondered if it was a hardware fault. It's a brief flicker as if the lead was loose.

Incidently, my new Quicksilver came with a DVR-103 SuperDrive in it, not the newer 104 model. I'm guessing they still had stocks of the older drive.
Hope that helps,
James "

" This is not excactly what you requested, but here I go:
Ięve got a Quicksilver Dual 800, with a GForce2 Twinview. Ięve got an 15" Apple LCD display and a Philips 17" CRT connected. This is what happens sometime when I drag apps windows on the CRT screen.
[He sent a TIFF file attachment showing a window-shade like corruption of the lower portion of the Itunes window-Mike]

If I drag them over to the LCD, everything is OK.
My config is:
Dual 800 G4
1,2 Gb ram
Sonnet TEMPO ATA 100 PCI card
230Gb HD
Apple 15" LCD
Philips 17" CRT (107B)
External Sony 12x8x32 FW CD-RW
Hansspring USB docking
EPSON Stylus Photo 890
Agfa snapScan 1212u
Mac OS X v10.1.3 (where it happens)
Mac OS 9.2.2 (havenęt tested it yet!)
Kenneth S "

GeForce4MX in Dual G4/500

" Hey Mike I don't have a 2002 Quicksilver, but I have a Dual Processor 500. My brother has a 2002 Quicksilver and didn't need the graphics card in it so I swapped him for my Radeon. I have a 17 in CRT ADC connection and I see those flashes as well. I thought that it was because I had this card in a 2X AGP machine but I see that this is not the case. Since it is happening to the 2002 Quicksilver's. I guess that is the card itself. BTW DVD playback sucks with this card as compared to my Radeon, in a Dual 500. -Steve P "

I noted the GeForce4MX DVD Playback wasn't as good as the Radeon in my previous GeForce4MX vs Radeon 7500 comparison article.

" I have noticed the white flashes. They seem to happen less then once per day and are very, very quick. I figured it was some type of program of software thing and I have not put much thought into it. I have a 21" Viewsonic CRT and Apple 17LCD both on the MX4 twinview card. Dual 1ghz G4
Jon L. "

" I've getting the glitches on my dual gig. I've got two Sony 17" CRT's, one hooked up to the VGA output and the other using a Gefen ADC->VGA adapter.
Barry W. "

" YES, I see the flash problem not only on my 17" Apple CD, but also on my KDS 19" CRT (Sony trinitron flat tube) running off the same card.

I have not had any problems in Photshop6 or any other applications; just the flash- and, to my eye, the KDS CRT has less contrast and is not as sharp ast it was running off the GeForce 2MX in my 533DP G4.
Gary H.
Armin Hammer Productions "

" I have a 2002 Quicksilver dual 1 GHz / GeForce4MX with an Apple 17" flat panel display , and a Apple 17" CRT studio display connected.

I've had no problems as described. It's been about two weeks since I got the new machine.
- Tom H. "

" Mike,
I am experiencing the same screen flash problem with my new PowerMac. I have the dual GHz stock configuration and see lines flash across parts of the screen or the whole screen. The lines only last less than a second. This is with a ViewSonic 17" CRT, so the problem is not just with the Apple LCDs (When I called Apple the guy first asked if it was the 17" Studio Display). The only thing Apple told me was to get it replaced at a store.
Matt P. "

" I'm noticing it with my dual GHz machine and the 4MX as well... It's very subtle... I thought I was just seeing things at first. I have the Apple 17" LCD display hooked up, and I have a LaCie 19" CRT hooked up as well... It mainly happens with the LCD, but I think I've caught my CRT do it once...

Photoshop 6 works fairly well, but has problems on occasion... Premiere 6 worked great in OS 9.2.2 for awhile, and now it bombs constantly! I'm also having little "hick-ups or holdups" in OS 9.2.2 when I click on a menu list, the list folds down, but is blank, and hangs for a few seconds before finally showing up... This makes my dual gig feel slower than my 500MHz G3 in basic operations... Printing to my Epson 1270 seems to have some flakey-ness as well... Printing from Entourage or explorer runs glacierly slow, and stops for a long breath after every line. Even printing out of Freehand seems slower than my old iMac... I've already had to rebuilt my dual boot startup disk once, after the Tempo ATA 100 card problem... Now I no longer have that card... Ghosts in the machine...
-Brian "

" Mike, Im seeing the same problem with my dual gig and Cinema display, and getting the same run around "we just dont know what it is" from Apple.

Considering that my "SUPER" drive has already failed (and had to be replaced" and now this.. Im not really too happy.
Kelly C "

" I have a dual Ghz QS 2002 with Gforce 4MX. I have a viewsonic 17 inch monitor set to 1024 x 768, 75Hz refresh. It flashes, mostly when scrolling IE 5.1, but other times as well. Not so bad, yet, that I can't live with it, but does appear to be a defect.
John "

" I posted to the Apple discussions about my Dual 1Ghz and Apple 17" Studio Display CRT (the 1999 blue one) having the same white flashes that show up randomly, more in Mac OS 9 than Mac OS X. They are at most irritating, nothing computer-life threatening.
Thanks for the article.
Tom B. "

" Hi Mike!
I'm having these problems with my Quicksilver 933/GF4MX and Eizo T761 (19" CRT). The comp is week-old and I'm running standard installs of 10.1.3 and 9.2.2 on two partitions. The problem appears to be out-of-the-box. I did a fresh initialization/installation after having used the factory-set system for a few days, but it didn't help this issue.
There were reports from users with CRTs in the Apple forums thread. Since the reports are from systems that only have the GF4MX in common I' suppose it would be safe to say that it has something to do with the card, or possibly it's drivers, as someone suggested.

Thanks for writing about this problem. I did report it to Apple Care today (I recommend anyone experiencing this issue to do the same) and the guy I talked to was nice enough, but again, he couldn't find any mention of this problem in the database so it appears it is not promoted as such from Apple yet.
Benjamin "

" Hi Mike
I experienced this problem a while back with my G4 Dual Gig as mentioned here http://bbs.xlr8yourmac.com/ubb/Forum22/HTML/000654.html. Its been happening randomly (about once every hour) everyday since I've had it. I'm using a CRT (LaCie Blue III 19" ) with the VGA connection. After a clean install of OS 9 and OSX the problem was still appearing. On Friday I thought I'd call Apple. They asked me to boot into open firmware and reset the NVRAM and get back to them Monday if things had improved. Well the problem still persists. I'm loathed to be without the computer so I'm hoping for a fix rather than having to send it back.
Best Regards
Guy "

" Yes, I Have a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u attached to VGA port of the Geforce4Mx and a Apple Studio Display 17" CRT ADC (That came out with the Cube) attached to the ADC port of the GeForce4Mx in the new 2002 Quicksilver DP 1GHz with 1024 Mb of ram. I took delivery of the PowerMac on 2-20-02 and the [17" CRT] Studio Display ADC CRT is new that I found at a local Circuit City for $299.00 on 2- 25-02. I do video editing and in my opinion CRT's are better than LCD's for that purpose.

I have noticed strange and unusual behavior with the monitors that I thought may be related to software installs and rebuilding of the system after installing. In OS X I had a large white Bar along the bottom of the 900u that came and went. I know that this may be an OS X issue put I download files to the desktop to keep track of them put I have noticed that I can't see the files until I click on the desktop with the mouse.
Brian J. "

" Hi Mike
Well, it's early days yet as I only got my G4/933 yesterday, but it is working just fine with my 6 month old 17 inch Apple LCD Studio Display.

I have tried replicating the problem with iTunes, but everything is OK at the moment.
Adrian "

" I have a dual gig and use it with a 17" iiyama crt. I also noticed some flashing from time to time. it just flashes for a second and the crt sounds like it would change resolution.
martin "

" Yes. I have a CRT and I have the flashes. I notice it 4-5 times a day usually, but of course it happens more often than that. The flashes occur at random, and they appear the same on LCDs and CRTs, on both VGA and ADC connections.

I'm guessing a firmware patch will be needed to remedy the problem. It doesn't look like a driver issue to me. A few people on that thread seem to be hell-bent on getting free upgrades to GeForce4 Ti cards and are saying all kinds of things to plead their case. For example, the screenshots posted by John Manzione actually show a totally different bug. People are also complaining that the flashes become worse over time. I have not noticed this myself. Heh, the GeForce4 Ti would probably exhibit the same problems...
--Eugene "

" Hi Mike,
I have a 1GhzDP with a GeForce4MX and a 17" studio display that i've been using for the past 3 weeks and i have seen none of the white flashes that other people have reported seeing. So count that as one good vote. Also, to give you a perspective on John Manzione's story about the Salem Apple Store, I'm an Apple Store (different store :) employee and from what he described it sounds to me like there's more there than he's saying. While it is our policy to repeat hardware problems to verify them, the Geniuses work very closely with AppleCare support in Austin and I can't imagine everything happening like he described it.
-Jaime "

" Hi Mike!
Regarding the GeForce4 MX problems, I posted the following messages to Apple forums. I don't know if it is related to what you describe.

Anyway, today I'll go looking for an old VGA cable...

I am having serious problems getting my Samsung 19-inch CRT screen (900NF, less than six-months old) connect to my brand new Quicksilver (800 MHz model with GeForce 4 MX).

If the screen is plugged in the VGA port of the GeForce, the computer just plain refuses to boot; I hear startup chimes and spinning disks, and that's all. Hitting the Mac's power button shuts it down. If I put the old Rage 128 Orion into one PCI port and the same screen, with the same cable, works (sans ATI acceleration, tho). So I know that the computer works, as does the screen.

Now comes the weird part: I managed to have a vendor loan me an old VGA cable (with one less pin than the normal number, I forgot which). Lo and behold: Mac + Samsung + GeForce4 work well! 60 fps at UT, 1024x768, all options on. Gaming nirvana... but I digress. So I thought, the VGA cable went south, for some reason; I bought a new one.
It doesn't work.

So it boils down to this: with an old, N-1 pin VGA cable, my computer works fine with the Samsung CRT; with a recent, N pin VGA cable, not only it doesn't work but the computer doesn't even start up.

Has anyone had the same problem, and if so, is there a fix (apart from using an old VGA cable)?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Stephane G. "

" Mine does the same thing. But most definitely not as bad. Sometimes the bottom quarter of my screen (Sony CPD-G400) but its only for about a half a second then returns to normal. It reminds me of some of the issues that the early ati rom update did. Then theres the issue that really annoys me, the screen will go fuzzy...all the information is there...its almost as if the output voltage of the mx is dropping...it only happens when certain colors/chromas are displayed, eg it happens more often with black windows/displays etc than white for some reason. Symptoms are that the menu bar in osx completely looses its strips and becomes white...and the text is fuzzy...but this happens to the whole screen

Annoying, I hope they can fix this in firmware, I don't want to have to send it in.
-Crusher4 "

" Have a new QS Dual with GF4MX, with a LCD monitor hooked up via analog and do see occasional flashes on the bottom of the screen. About 1-2 times a day. Not able to reproduce on command.

Other problems with New QS Dual
1) sound will go out after awakening from deep sleep (with external speakers installed only way to solve this problem is to disconnect external speakers then play with the volume until internal speakers go on then plug external speakers back in)

2) with Sonnet Tempo ATA100 IDE card, computer will not sleep

Did anyone come up with a guide and recommendations on how to flash a PC GF3 card to mac???
Thanks for a great site
Ted "

(Last year the Video articles page here had notes on this - but of course your mileage may vary and it's probably a violation of the apple software license, etc. etc. etc. - and it does not work with GF3 Ti cards.)

" I have had my dual 1 GHz Quicksilver and 17" Apple LCD for almost a month now and I have not seen any flashes or corrupted display issues. The machine is wicked fast and I love it so far. Thanks for all the hard work running the website. I am a daily reader.
Mike F.
Gigagraphica "
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= UPGRADES by Mac =
Upgrades just for

= Refurb Mac Pros =
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SSDs up to 4TB
Fast SSDs for Most Macs/PCs

= ThunderBolt =
Drives, Docks & More

Up to 12TB HDDs
HGST, WD, Seagate, Toshiba

= 2.5in HDs & SSDs =
Notebook Hard Drives and DIY drive/case kit bundles

Lifetime warranty RAM Upgrades!

Internal and External Superdrives/Blu-Ray drives

Graphics cards, Displays, Adapters, Cables & more

Interfaces, Cables, Software, Speakers, Headphones & more

Apps, Utilities, OS, VM, Games and more

WiFi and Bluetooth Devices/Adapters/More

= Repair Service =
for iPhone, iPad, Macs

= iPad/iPhone/iPod =
Accessories, Cases, Repairs & More

NuGuard KX Cases
*Extreme* Drop Tested!

XLR8YourMac T-Shirts

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