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IXMicro Mac Rocket Graphics Card Review
Review date: 8/11/98

Software Controls and Hardware Specifications

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Software Controls
The Mac Rocket software control (ixView) appears identical to the one used with the Ultimate Rez and Pro Rez cards. It contains options for setting resolutions and color depth, enabling 3D hardware acceleration (only applicable to millions color mode), gamma adjustment, and zooming hotkeys.

The 3D controls panel has several options for adjustment of z-buffering and double-buffering but I left all 3D settings at their "defaults". MacWeek's review of the Ultimate Rez (identical graphics engine) claimed big increases in Walker 3D speed by disabling Z-buffering but noted that image quality suffered dramatically.

Software controls were complete and easy to use. Compared to all the other card software I've seen, I rated the Mac Rocket controls an 8.

Mac Rocket Card Image
Hardware Specifications

IXMicro ProRez Specifications:

  • Graphics Engine: TwinTurbo® 128-3D
  • RamDac speed not specified (integrated in graphics chip)
  • Up to 100 Hz vertical refresh rate
  • 31.3-94 KHz horizontal scan rate
  • 4 MB of 10ns SGRAM (fixed)
  • Quickdraw/Quickdraw 3D support
  • Quicktime Video acceleration/scaling
  • Max res: 1280x1024, thousands colors @60hz
    (1152x870, millions colors at 75Hz)
  • Max 3D resolution (max 640x480 w/Z-Buffer, 800x600 w/o)
  • Mac Monitor Connector (no VGA connector)
  • TV Output Connector Standard (640x480, 60Hz mode reqd)
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • For a full list of specifications, see IXMicro's Mac Rocket product page.

Requires: Apple Macintosh or compatible with PCI; Mac OS 7.6.1 or higher; 16 Mbytes of RAM; open PCI slot. VGA connectored monitors will need an adapter for the Mac connector on the card.

TV Out

I did test the TV Out on my 13" combo TV/VCR econo-special. You have to switch the screen resolution to 640x480, 60Hz for the TV out to work. Although the Mac desktop was fuzzy and hard to read (understandable) Shadow Warrior looked better than I expected.

I rated the hardware design and features of the Mac Rocket a 8.

The lack of Rave 16-bit support and overall disappointing 3D performance prevent it from getting a much higher score.

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Intro | 2D Performance  | 3D Performance | Game Performance  | Movie Playback | Features | Summary

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