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IXMicro Mac Rocket Graphics Card Review
Review date: 8/11/98

Review Summary

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The printed documentation of the Mac Rocket was a very thick installation guide, primarily because it contains instructions in literally every language on the planet. Both Macintosh and Windows 3.1/NT/95 information was included (primarily Windows as that platform needs more documentation due to the more complicated install). There were no instructions on using the TV output feature in the printed manual.

The users guide for the card is contained on one of the three CDs that is included with the card. I prefer printed documentation, but that's getting rare these days and to be honest I rarely refer to it after becoming familiar with the card.

Software Bundle

The Mac Rocket has a nice software bundle for such an inexpensive card. It comes with 3 CDs which in addition to the documentation and drivers includes the following software packages:

  • Kai's Photo Soap by MetaCreations
  • Colorific® by Sonnetech
  • Web Painterô SE
  • Hip Clips by Totally Hip Software
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
  • 3D Worlds Demo by MicroSpot
  • WorldViewô 2.0 by Intervista
  • Charts SE by Adrenaline Software, Inc.
  • DesignWorkshop Liteby Artifice, Inc.

Although there is no printed documentation for the software (it's all on the CD), you have to admit this is a pretty good bundle for a card that retails for under $250.


System Requirements
Apple Macintosh or compatible with PCI; Mac OS 7.6.1 or higher; 16 Mbytes of RAM; open PCI slot. VGA monitors will require an adapter as the Mac Rocket has a Mac monitor connector only.

Application and Game requirements will vary as far as CPU and memory requirements.

Pricing and Availability
At the time of this review (Aug 98), the Mac Rocket was generally listed at $229.99. Prices may vary by dealer. Bottom Line and Macgurus (site sponsors) offer the card as well as other authorized IXMicro dealers.

The Mac Rocket comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


If 2D speed is your paramount concern, or if you already own a 3Dfx card for games then this card would provide a lot of value for the money. The software bundle is a nice bonus, as is the TV out function. If you need general applications speed, don't work in resolutions above 1024x768 or 1152x870 and can't afford the extra $60 for the ProRez 8MB card, the Mac Rocket is affordable speed. If it only had better Rave performance it would be a easy pick as a budget barn-burner.

  • Fastest general apps and 2D speed for the money
  • TV out standard
  • Good Software Bundle


  • No Rave 16-Bit (Games) support
  • Can't expand RAM
  • Poor 3D

Ratings Summary:


Mac Rocket

2D Performance:


3D Performance:


Game Performance:


Movie Playback:


Software Controls:










Based on these scores, you can apply your own weighting of each feature to determine which card is right for your needs.

Although this review contains comparisons to many other cards, be sure to check my Graphics Cards page for more comprehensive reviews of many other models in various price ranges.

Thanks to IXMicro for providing the card for review. I hope I've provided some valuable information on its performance and capabilities.

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Intro | 2D Performance  | 3D Performance | Game Performance  | Movie Playback | Features | Summary

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