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Click for Data Doubler kits!

First Mac Tests of Que IDE 24x/10x/40x CDRW
(Including comments on use in an ADS Pyro Firewire Case)
First Posted: 9/3/2001
Last updated: 12/10/2001

UPDATE: Different Mechanism used for latest Que 24x drives:
Several reports in the Mac Drive Compatibility Database since November have noted that the mechanism used in the retail box Que 24/10/40 drives is no longer a Sanyo 1500BP. The Sanyo1500BP was supported by Itunes/DB (latest versions/authoring support updates) but the new mechanism is not. Just a FYI to those considering buying a new Que 24/10/40 drive. (Search the database for the latest Que owner reports. As with any retail box drive from a vendor that does not make their own mechanisms, the drive mechanism inside the box can change over time.)

OS X 10.1 Update: A Que 24/10/40 IDE drive owner noted in the 10/1/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page that OS X 10.1 had native support for the drive (iTunes/Discburner support with no modfied support files needed). There also have been some drive database reports from users of the drive in ADS Pyro cases that also has positive 10.1 results.

The Sunday (9/2) main site news page noted a $99.99 price after rebates sale at CompUSA on the IDE Que 24/10/40 CDRW drive. [$199.99 regular price - $30 instant savings (not sure for how long), plus a $50 mfr. rebate and $20 CompUSA rebates that both expire on 9/8/2001.] Although the package notes only PC compatibility, I asked if any readers bought one to post a drive database report.

Here's the first reports on the Que 24/10/40 drive in a Mac, from Mac Drive Compatibility Database reports on Sunday (9/2/2001) and Monday.

iTunes/Discburner Support File Mod: [UPDATE: The latest Authoring Support updates from Apple include support for the Sanyo1500BP drive that was in the first Que 24/10/40 IDE drive boxes - but later reports note that they have changed to a different mechanism. Apple system profiler will report the drive brand/type.]

Not sure if this works 100% reliably, but a reader commented on a mod to add support (a clip from his drive database report noted in full below):

    " Here's my modified SanyoCDR file for iTunes/Disc Buner. I simply changed the only occurence of the string "1400" to "1500" (as in BP1400P to BP1500P). I guess that removes support for the BP1400P based drives, but oh, well. I don't have one of those :-)
    Dave Corder"

Dave Corder was nice enough to make his modified SanyoCDR file for iTunes/Disc Burner support with the Que 24/10/40 IDE CDRW drive available for readers. There's no readme file but the modified file replaces the original one that should be installed already on your system (use Sherlock if necessary to find it.) As noted here previously the Que 24/10/40 drive mechanism is a Sanyo.

"Connection Unstable" Tip: It may not be a problem for all users, but one Beige G3 owner noted that my suggestion to disable the Iomega extension and disconnect the slave IDE ZIP drive helped with the "connection unstable" Toast errors he had with this drive:

Date: 9/5/2001
Drive: IDE QUE 24x10x40x
System: Beige G3 running OS 9.1
" Sorry about the limited info. It's late and I just wanted to get this in for anyone interested in purchasing this drive before the rebates are over.

Beige G3 MiniTower Rev. A 266MHz w/ OEM ZIP.
Swapped the old CDROM for the CDRW drive. Nothing tricky here. Plugged in the existing cables and mounted the drive. Everything cleared great, no cardboard needed to clear factory bezel.

After initally getting a "connection unstable" error using Toast 5.0.1 during a music CD copy, I proceeded to disconnect the internal ZIP drive and restarted with the IOMEGA extension off (as suggested by Mike). Attempted the CD copy again and had no problems. The CD burned at 16x with no errors (verified). I will be playing with the drive in days to come, however, it seems as though this drive will be a keeper - great speed, great price.
Marcello Garbiero "

Reader Reports on the Que IDE 24/10/40 Drive: (latest reports first):

Date: 9/5/2001
Drive: IDE QUE 24x10x40x
System: Beige G3 running OS 9.2
CPU upgrade: Metabox G4/400 running 490Mhz
" Summary: Overall, I am happy with this purchase, but wish it would work with the processor upgrade G4 extensions, because I now must reboot before a burn session.

Drive manuf. date June 2001, ROM 6.34
CD-R Media: Imation 700 MB (80 minute) 16x
Maxtor 5400 RPM 80MB HD
Bootable CD was not verified
CPU: 400 MHz G4 ZIF upgrade, overclocked to 490 MHz (7:1 bus ratio, 70 MHz bus)
With the G4 extensions enabled (XLR8 2.5.0) burning was unreliable (see below).
OS 9.2.1, 128 MB, Toast Ti 5.0.2 (not OEM); RAM buffer 2X Write Rate

Note that this cpu/overclock combination has been running stably for months. The cpu has a $10 cooling fan/heatsink installed (required cutting an opening in the drive sled) and runs between 28 to 44 degrees C depending on cpu load and ambient temperature.

Here are some timings for writing 2 files comprising 50 minutes of content (about 500 MB). The calculated actual speeds (respecting significant figures) include the finishing step. Prepare and Write is timed from when the Write button is clicked until the Finishing text appears. BURNProof was enabled, except where noted. The successful burn timings below were with the G4 extensions disabled.

(Times are in seconds)

Speed        Prepare and Write     Finish     Actual
4 x          778 s                 67 s       3.55 x
8 x          396 s                 36 s       6.94 x
12 x         282 s                 26 s       9.74 x
16 x         229 s                 22 s       12.0 x
24 x         279 s                 22 s       9.97 x

with BURNProof off:
16 x         229 s                 21 s       12.0 x

This shows that the drive/cpu combination throughput saturates somewhere around 16x, and also that 16x is the optimum burn speed for this combination.

It also suggests that even if a 70 minute (of content) disk were burned, and the last 20 minutes were burned at a true 24x (in case only the outer parts of the disc can be burned at the higher speed), it would not be enough to overcome the saturation:

(279+22) + (60*20/24) = 351 seconds

(the second term in the equation above represents an additional 20 minutes of content burned at a true 24 x).

compared to 60*70/12 = 350 seconds (if all were burned at 12.0 x).

I noticed that the drive's write LED frequently would go off for several seconds at the higher write speeds. This normally would denote a failed burn, but apparently the BURNProof compensates. Also, at higher speeds, the Toast RAM buffer would refill itself midway through the burn.

The created VCDs were verified afterwards on a commercial DVD player, and all VCDs that burned without incident worked OK in the DVD player.

Initially, after installing the drive, I created several coasters until discovering that the G4 (or G4 extensions) were connected to the problems. Here are notes from the tests with G4 extensions enabled, and the cache set to write-through mode (slower but more stable):

Speed       Prepare and Write     Finish     Actual Speed
16x         406 s                 22 s       7.01 x (!)
16x*        Buffer Underrun
16x**       Interface Error -9356, Freeze

*write-through cache, BurnProof Off
**write-through cache, Power Conservation, Thermal Monitoring, BurnProof On

When the write-through cache was disabled, burns always ended with underrun (BP Off) or -9356 error and freeze (BP Off) and a coaster.

Just some general comments (may have not help or be a factor in the problems). I'm not clear if you mean by write-though cache disabled if the cache was completely disabled or if it was set to copy/write back mode. (Some caches automatically are set to write-through if run over a certain speed due to the cache chips not being fast enough to run copy/write back mode at higher speeds.) If write-through is enabled, that is the slower cache mode usually (no cached writes) than copy/write back mode. I'd rather run a lower cache speed with write-back mode than faster cache speeds with it disabled (write through). But that may not matter for this problem. Since 24x burn rates are only 3.6MB/sec, its odd that it would make such a severe difference.
I'd still try the burns with the CPU set to default speeds (may not matter, but just to rule out any data corruption, errors, etc. from overlocking)
Might also be worth trying some other cache enabler software. If you have a IDE ZIP drive as a slave, I'd also try disconnecting it and disabling the Iomega extension (may not help but just a suggestion).
The cache size of 2MB in the drive is really too small for 24x writes with burn-proof off in my opinion. (Cache of the drive would be empty in less than 1 second if any data interruption happened.)

This reader replied to my request for timed burn tests:

" Hi Mike,
Just wanted to update my report on the Que Internal 24/10/40 drive from CompUSA. [Note - Dave has the drive in an ADS Pryo Firewire case, using a Dual G4 running OS 9.2. Note he's using 12x rated media; some forms of burn-proof vary the burn rate based on sensing of the media, so that may be a factor.-Mike]
I've just burned several copies of the OS X 10.0.0 Install CD to use as a benchmark for the drive.

Disc Info: OS X 10.0.0 Installer CD, 566.3 MB.
Time to extract to Toast disc image on Que Drive: 2:25.

Burn as Session, Buffer Underrun Protection OFF
Toast reported burn time: 2:40
Actual time to burn: 4:59
Time to verify disc: 2:51

Burn as Session, Buffer Underrun Protection ON
Toast: 2:40
Actual: 5:31
Verify: 2:52

Burn as Disc, Buffer Underrun Protection OFF
Toast: 2:40
Actual: 5:00
Verify: 2:50

Burn as Disc, Buffer Underrun Protection ON
Toast: 2:40
Actual: 5:31
Verify: 2:52

It appears that the BURNProof on the drive adds about 30 seconds to the burn time in either Disc or Session mode.

All tests were performed at 24x on KHypermedia 12x CD-R discs purchased from Outpost.com. The Mac is a Summer 2000 G4/500 DP with 384 MB RAM, stock 20 GB 5400 RPM IBM drive (DTLA-305020) and 45 GB 7200 RPM IBM 75GXP drive (DTLA-307045) running 9.2.1 and Toast 5.0.2. For what it's worth, the 45 GB IBM drive has been working wonderfully in this machine for nearly a year, with none of the problems others have reported with the 75GXP series. I also had a couple other programs running in the background (Entourage, iTunes, and Internet Explorer).

Toast reports model as "QPS CRD-BP1500P" with firmware version 6z34, a 2MB cache, and buffer underrun protection as a special feature.

Overall, I'm very happy with the drive. It worked right out of the box in my ADS Pyro case with Toast 5.0.2. Now I can gloat to all my friends for having the fastest burner available :-)

I love your site...keep up the good work.
Dave Corder "

Another reader sent his audio CD test burn results, which showed in his system, the drive was slower than a 12/10/32 Plextor.

" Hi again,
Quick shootout.
73:16 minutes of audio, Toast 5.02, DAO, Ram cache 64meg

  • Plexwriter 12/10/32a 7:32
  • Que 24/10/40 9:45

So much for 3 minute disks....these times are from "write disk" to "disk finished"

If I have time I'll do some data disks, but probably not soon 'cause I'm still at work and I don't wanna get busted..:)
S.B. "

I asked him for his system details.

I don't have a drive to test in a Mac, but I saw the TDK 24/10/40 drive ($149.99 now as noted in the recent news) running Nero 5.5 on a PC. A 690MB (appx) CD data burn (to an 80Min CDR) took just a few seconds under 4 minutes, with 4:18 to 4:20 (minutes:seconds) including closing the disk. (Test repeated twice, once with the bundled TDK 24x CDR disk and once with a 16x rated iMation CDR). Burn-Proof was enabled for those tests. (No Verify done in those test times.)

Date: 9/2/2001
Drive: IDE QUE QPCDRW241040i (24x10x40x)
System: Beige G3 running OS 8.6
" Hello,
First let me say thanks for such a great site! I used your cdrw database to make an educated decision about a new purchase. Unfortunatey not in time to avoid my first purchase (and subsequent return -> Yamaha 2100EZ = terrible)

I have been waiting for a 24x10x40x MAC compatible solution, at the right price (IDE pricing). I read about a sale at CompUSA today with some incredible rebates (only valid thru 9/2/01 - 9/8/01). It is for a new QUE 24x10x40x model. The part number off the box says: QPCDRW241040i.

Toast 5.02 reports it as: QPS CRD-BP1500P (MMC)

Not sure which is the actual model, since I don't know much about QPS (the manufacturer) and couldn't even find info on the drive on their site (probably too new).

The drive retails for $199, but this sale offers $30 instant rebate. Then there are two mail in rebates... one for $20, the other for $50! That brings the final to $99 +tax!!! I didn't see many posts here about QUE! drives (only 2, and neither of which for the 24x10x40x) I figured to give it a try. Let me say I am EXTREMELY pleased.

I bought it today. Installation went smoothly. I kept the factory settings (IDE master) and just made the three connections (audio cable, IDE, and power). The drive fit snuggly but looked like it needed to be a bit lower to clear the "stock biege g3 bevel" so I folded a piece of cardboard and placed it on top between the drive and case. This "pushed" the drive down the fraction it needed. The bevel seemed to be wide enough for the tray, however I had already shaved it a bit from my previous Yamaha 2100EZ install so not sure. The tray itself seems very sturdy and well built.

The drive itself comes with no Mac software (Nero 5.5 for pc). But I already own Toast Titanium 5.01 from a previous purchase. ALSO please note that Toast has recently been UPdated to 5.02 and this is the version (and driver) which I used for this drive. Toast recognized the drive and reported BURN PROOF aware (could turn it on or off). I started out burning a data 650 meg CDRW on 4x media (cheap CompUSA). The 4x option was default (I am pretty sure to burn at 10x you need special certified 10x media). The entire disk took approx 17 minutes. NO PROBLEMS. perfect CDRW and verified sucessfully ( I also verified it a second time afterwards). Next I burned a 650 meg data CDR (on 16x media) but 24x was the default speed in Toast. I kept burn proof on, and burned the disk at 24x in approx 3 minutes! Once again drive and Toast performed flawlessly.

The drive is very quiet (can bearly hear it at all). Very responsive too. I have tried other drives which seem to "stall" when new disks are inserted. This drive acts like it was made for Mac. Store bought audio cd played fine in SoundJam 2.5.3 (although the old "Apple CD player" app didn't recognize the inserted audio cd). I was successful at BOOTING off the "c" key startup. I can't test it with iTunes or disc burner since I still run OS 8.6. I prefer SoundJam and Toast anyway. Drive was also recogized by Adaptec JAM 2.6.2, but not tested (hey it's only been 6 hours since I bought it :-)

Sorry for the long "review" but as a frustrated Mac user waiting for a solution, I wanted to be thorough! The drive performed exactly as I hoped it would. No flaws at all. If you use the stock bevel on a biege g3, the eject button may not "reach" the actual button on the drive. To get around this, I used a small piece of self adhesive "felt" on the inside of the bevel eject button to extend it's reach. This solved the problem. I highly recommend this drive especially at the $99 after rebate price. Finally a high speed compatible model! (One last note, Toast 5.02 is supposed to have better support for IDE drives than 5.01 did... it is possible that this Update may solve many previous IDE driver and compatability issues that I have been reading about here previously).

Good Luck all.
[he later wrote:]

The firmware version of the drive reported by Toast is: 6z34 "

Thanks for the detailed report. From the "1500BP" I'd guess the mechanism may be a Sanyo.

The Toast 5.02 update is noted in the Friday 8/31/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page with a list of changes/improvements. I too hope it fixes some of the issues seen with PC compatible IDE CDRWs in Macs. (Some of the issues however may be drive firmware related)

Another Beige G3 owner wasn't as happy with the drive in his system:

Date: 9/3/2001
Drive: IDE QUE QPCDRW241040i (24x10x40x)
System: Beige G3 running OS 9.2
" I was in to CompUSA buying their free-after-rebate stuff today and came across the QPS 24/10/40 CDRW IDE drive with Burn-proof for $99 after price reductions and 2 rebates; a pretty good price for this drive. I have a Que Fire 12x burner I'm very happy with, as it loves every kind of off-brand or name brand CDR I can throw at it (though I can't burn audio CDs with Toast 5.01 due to it stopping half-way through a burn; Toast 4.1.3 works fine), so thought I'd give it a go at replacing my Apple original 24x CD-Rom drive in my Revision 3 G3 300 MHz Beige DT.

I had previously tried a Philips 8x PCRW804K17 (almost free after rebate) and wasn't happy with it... It would just stop half-way thru 4x burns (8x? fugetaboutit) and wouldn't budge until I restarted my system. Pretty useless as a burner. (Thank God for Ebay) There was also a conflict with the Iomega Driver extension and Philips burner that would freeze the system at start-up (It would sometimes take 3 or 4 startups to get going). It was a good reader, but it made my machine look ugly. And I didn't want to buy a custom bezel for $30.

Back to the QPS 24x burner...

My Mac started up fine, but of course iTunes didn't recognize the QPS IDE drive. However, Toast 4.1.3 recognized it, and I was crossing my fingers when attempting a burn. Alas, I continually got error messages (about some sort of SCSI problem) at all speeds when trying to burn either from MP3 to CD format, or simply Files and Folders format. For some reason, the 14x and 16x speeds were ghosted in Toast... you couldn't select them, but 16x was selected by default upn Toast start-up.

I noticed this unit is made in China, unlike my Fire drive, which was assembled in the USA (or maybe just the drive is stuck inside the firewire casing here). I don't think this is a Plextor mechanism (sorry, but I didn't jot down what Toast reported it as). [As noted above, it seems to be a Sanyo mechanism. Most all IDE CDRWs now are made in the far east, even the TDK models-Mike]

Anyhow, I now have my ol' Apple OEM CD-Rom drive back in it's place, the QPS is ready to go back to the store for a refund, and I'm still hoping some day I'll be able to upgrade it to a speedy CDRW drive that works.
he later posted an update

A follow-up to my submission from yesterday:

After reading the success story you posted of one gentleman with a Beige G3 and the new Que IDE 24x drive, I thought I'd give it another try.

I upgraded to Toast 5.0.2 and gave it lots of Memory (44 MB) to work with. My Mac has 256 MB of RAM.

It burned 2 audio CDs from MP3 files fine, at 8x. I fished the rebate forms out the trash at this point...

HOWEVER, then I tried a data burn. On 16x media that works fine in my Que Firewire 12x drive, Toast would quit half-way through the 690 MB burn at 16x speed. I'd get the following message: "Interface Error -9356: The Connection is not stable." The drive would spin for a bit, then Toast would inform me the write failed, and would kick out the disk, which is now a coaster.

By the way, Toast ID'd the drive as a "QPS CRD-BP15000P (MMC).

So, the rebate forms are back in the trash, and I'm going to be headed back to CompUSA for a refund. Oh, well.
he later wrote:

You wrote: Not sure if it would matter but if you have any IDE ZIP drives, disconnecting them and disabling the Iomega extension might be worth trying.
Thanks for the suggestion... But...
I just tust tried that, and changed the load order of the Apple CD/DVD extension, and I still get the same error message.

I'm thinking that upgrading a Rev. 3 Beige G3 DT with a new CDRW internal drive for Wintel PCs is just not meant to be. "

Sorry you had problems - never a sure thing when using a drive not listed as mac compatible on the box - but leave the drive brand blank and search the drive database for IDE CDRW reports from Beige G3 owners. Not all are positive by far, but there are many that are with various brands. (Often even the firmware can make a difference).

A report from a G4/AGP owner with the drive:

Date: 9/3/2001
Drive: IDE QUE 24x10x40x
System: G4/AGP running OS 9.2
" All I can say about this drive is GO GET ONE NOW! $99.00 after rebates from Comp USA for an internal 24X CDRW is awesome! It is about an inch shorter than the internal Apple/Sony 8X CDRW in my G4 533Mhz.

I have a QPS External FireWire drive that I tried to pull out of it's case and use internally with a feww problems. Not with this one! I had nothing to loose so I went and bought one and had it installed in 15 minutes.

It is bootable. It will play audio CD no problem. I was also playing an audio CD with iTunes AND rip the songs off with TAE at the same time. It is FAST! The Que Fire would not RIP sond from TAE. Nor would it work well with the The OS X install CD. It would let you select the CD ROM as a Start Up disk, But you could hold the C key down. To many little issues with the FireWire one. The 24X Que CDRW drive Works well with the OS X install disk. It also shows up when you hold down the option key on restart. AND it shows up on OS X desktop and as a start up disk (if it is a bootable CD). So far so good!

What was really cool was that I put in a crappy 4x CDR and was able to burn an audio CD at 24x! I have no idea how but it worked! I selected the default 24x with Buffer Underrun Protection checked. The ONLY weird thing was when I was using Memorex 16X rated CD-R's All of the music CD I tried to burn were coasters! I kept getting -9xxx problem communicating with device errors. BUT if I burned Data CD's from the same media, (OS X disk image I could burn up to 24X with no Underrun Protection Checked). Go figure. That is not a biggie.
Overall this is an excellent choice for the mac user. I highly reccomend it!
Ryan "

Anytime you burn DATA CDs at higher rates than the CDR disc's ratings, I'd have toast do a verification on the burned CD just to make sure it's error-free.

A report from a B&W G3 owner with the drive:

Date: 9/3/2001
Drive: IDE QUE 24x10x40x
System: B&W G3 running OS 9.2
" I will update this with boot info, etc as soon as I can, but I figured I'd give confirmation of basic compatibility on this drive ASAP. It works perfect with Toast 5.0 on my rev.2 B&W 400 up to 16X... will upgrade to 5.02 before I update my report. Diskburner sees the drive but I haven't tried it yet.

The one problem (not a big one) I've run into is that the yosemite's CD trapdoor catches on the bottom of the tray as it tries to retract unless you hold it down. "

Reports on the IDE Drive in a Firewire Case:

Date: 9/3/2001
Drive: Que 24x10x40x (IDE drive in Firewire case)
System: G4/AGP running OS X
" Works like a charm in an ADS PYRO drive case. supported under OSX iTunes after hacking the driver frameworks to add a BP1500 entry. toast 5.1 preview for OSX burns at 24X, but occasionally runs into a buffer underrun error, even if burn-proof is enabled. this happens only when multiple discs are being burned sequentially, never the first disc. most likely a bug in the preview version of toast, as quitting and relaunching toast will always result in a sucessful burn.
This is a sanyo mech resold by QPS.
-K "

I asked him for more info on the mods to the OS X support file. (I'm assuming it's modifying the existing Que support file with a different drive model number.)

Another report from a G4/AGP system owner:

Date: 9/4/2001
Drive: QUE 24x10x40x
System: G4/AGP running OS 9.2
" This is a report on the 24x/10x/40x CD-RW sold for $99 (after rebates) at CompUSA.

1. The drive fits in the my AGP G4/400mhz Mac fine. The bottom of the disc tray does catch on the computer faceplate when closing. You have to hold the faceplate down until the tray passes the edge.

2. The drive reads audio/data CD's fine. It is recognized just using standard Apple drivers.

3. Toast 5.02 burns data fine at 24x with this drive. I'm using generic Compro 74min media (don't know the speed rating). Burned 4 data CD's at 24x with no problems. All passed Toast verification and are usable. Did not do any manual time tests, but Toast reported estimated burn times of 2:30 for a 600+ meg disc. Of course, that time does not include verification.

4. This drive is not recognized/supported by iTunes/Disc Burner. iTunes does not recognize the drive. If you insert a blank CD-R, Disc Burner will let you prepare the disc, but it reports an error when you select Burn CD... from the Finder menu (drive not supported.)

5. From the other reports, I assume the drive is bootable. I have not tested this yet.

6. Planning on getting a Firewire case for this drive soon. We'll see if that solves any problems.

All in all, it's worth $99.
Thomas Shao "

Another B&W G3 owner report:

Date: 9/4/2001
Drive: QUE 24x10x40x
System: B&W G3 running OS 9.1
" compUSA deal with all the rebates..
b&w350 oc'd to 400 w/ 512m running 9.1.

so far so good. install np. bootable. burns at 24x on 16x imation media using toast 5.02- 6 audio cd's and one big disc img so far with no issues at all. i just counted 'one onethousand, two-onethousand..' for the audio burns and it feels like about 10 or 12sec for filling the ram cache, then 15 or 20 sec for writing lead in and maybe 10 sec for leadout. the burn itself is fast though- a 79:59 audio cd took 3:19. scary.

two probs:

1.) the door on my bw catches the que's door- i just have my bw door off the spring right now, i'm afraid to try to pry the que front thing off.

2.) to playback audio cd's i'd burned i needed to launch soundjam (2.52 i think) first. otherwise the longer cd's were spit back out and didn't mount. might try cd/dvd speedtools driver as a friend recommended. no biggie tho- i rip with soundjam anyway.

xlr8 in the hizouse... >--// "

Another report of the drive used in a Firewire case:

Date: 9/4/2001
Drive: QUE 24x10x40x
Firewire Interface (used drive in FW case) System: Dual G4 running OS 9.2
" Woo hoo! I got me one of them Que 24x10x40 drives from CompUSA for $100 net cost. Yowza! I put it in my ADS Pyro case in place of the Sony CRX-160E (12x8x32) I had. So far, so good.

I've only burned two CDs so far: an audio CD from a disc image with Toast 5.0.2 and an audio CD from MP3s in iTunes after hacking the "SanyoCDR" file in the "Authoring Support" folder in the Extensions folder to support this drive. Works beautifully. I've burned at 24x in Toast onto 12x media without problems. I will eventually be putting this drive in an enclosure with an Oxford 911 chip so I can sell the old Firewire CD-RW to my brother. I'll perform additional testing with data CDs later tonight and let you know.

PS: Here's my modified SanyoCDR file for iTunes/Disc Buner. I simply changed the only occurence of the string "1400" to "1500" (as in BP1400P to BP1500P). I guess that removes support for the BP1400P based drives, but oh, well. I don't have one of those :-)
Keep up the good work, Mike.
Dave Corder "

thanks Dave.

Audio Extraction Tests using Firewire Case: later sent the following results:
Dave Corder later sent results of audio extraction tests. (Dual G4 running OS 9.2, using the Que 24/10/40 in an ADS Pyro Firewire case)

" Mike,
Here are the results of my testing. The CD I used to test digital audio extraction speed is the album "No Angel" by Dido. It's 12 tracks for a total time of 51:52 and a total size of 524.5 MB.

All individual track extraction times are an average of 3 consecutive attempts with Toast Audio Extractor, timed by hand with a stopwatch.

Track 1: "Here With Me," time of 4:14, size of 42.8 MB.
Time to extract: 14.49 sec ("overlap" setting ON), 14.58 ("overlap" setting OFF)
Speed: 2.95 MB/sec (overlap on), 2.94 MB/sec (overlap off)

Track 12: "Take My Hand," time of 6:42, size of 67.8 MB.
Time to extract: 14.33 sec (overlap on), 14.39 sec (overlap off)
Speed: 4.73 MB/sec (overlap on), 5.06 MB/sec (overlap off)

For comparison, here are the same tests performed on the stock Apple DVD-ROM drive (Hitachi GD-7000 8x drive):

Track 1:
Time to extract: 28.14 sec (overlap on), 27.92 (overlap off)
Speed: 1.52 MB/sec (overlap on), 1.53 MB/sec (overlap off)

Track 12:
Time to extract: 23.82 sec (overlap on), 24.11 (overlap off)
Speed: 2.85 MB/sec (overlap on), 2.81 MB/sec (overlap off)

So it seems from these tests that the Que drive is roughly twice as fast as the stock DVD-ROM drive at digital audio extraction.

I also performed a couple ripping tests with SoundJam MP 2.5.2 on the same CD.

Rip to 160 KHz MP3
DVD: 5:35
Que: 6:02

Rip to AIFF
DVD: 5:31
Que: 3:05

It appears that SoundJam's two-stage encoding (extract, then encode) on the external Firewire drive (I blame it on the Toast drivers, but I'm not sure) limited the overall performance when ripping to MP3s. I could here the drive spin down when the extraction was complete and the encoding started, then spin back up to extract the next track. The internal drive extracts and encodes in one pass, boosting performance a bit. But when ripping straight to AIFF, the Que whoops up on the DVD-ROM, even though SoundJam is still doing two-stage ripping (extract, save, extract, save, etc...).

I saw pretty much the same behavior with iTunes ripping to 192 KBps MP3s, with similar results. (5:36 time with the DVD drive, 6:36 with the Que drive).
And that's all the tests I feel like performing tonight. :-) ...
Dave Corder"

I welcome other Que 24/10/40 IDE CDRW owner reports (including anyone that tries one in a firewire case). Please post an entry in the Drive Compatibility Database.

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