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Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus 40B
Results in a Beige G3/333 with onboard ATA/3 (16MB/sec) Controller
Tests by Chad Mathes
Published: 3/5/2000
(Updated 4/28/2000 for Turbomax ATA/33 card test results)

As noted in my earlier review of the Plus40 Maxtor drive in a B&W G3 with ATA/33 (33MB/sec max) interface, I expected lower performance if used with the onboard Beige G3's ATA/3 (16.6MB/sec) controller. Chad Mathes sent a list of benchmark tests that shows the results of tests in a Beige G3/333. (For results with a Turbomax ATA/33 card - see the update below.)

About Beige G3 IDE Slave Support: For those that are not aware, a second IDE drive on the same cable is called a Slave (the primary drive is the Master). Rev 1 Beige G3 (ATI RageII+ DVD chip on motherboard, rev 2's have ATI RagePro chip) do not support IDE slave drives. See my Beige G3 IDE Upgrade Guide for more info.

Test System Hardware Summary

  • Apple Beige G3/333MHz rev 2
  • 128mb RAM
  • 6mb Video RAM
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Audio/Video In/Out Personality Card W/DVD Hardware Decoder
  • PCI Slot 1: Original SCSI Controller Card for 9.1gb SCSI Drive
  • PCI Slot 2: USB Card
  • PCI Slot 3: Microconversions Game Wizard Voodoo2 12mb

Hard Disk Setup:
The 9.1GB SCSI was the only item on the SCSI PCI card.
The Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus 40gb was on the only item on the primary IDE bus.
The DVD-ROM was the only item on the secondary IDE bus.
The 9.1gb SCSI Drive is a Quantum Viking II, and was 56% full at testing time.

Chad also commented:

"I could not clear off the SCSI drive at time of testing, but i benched it a while back when it was empty, and it was only +1-3mb faster in ATTO SCSI Bench."

Benchmark Test Results - Beige G3/333:

ATTO Benchmark Results:

Onboard IDE (16.6MB/sec max ATA/3 interface) with Empty Plus40 Drive
Beige G3 onboard IDE with Empty Plus40 drive

Onboard IDE (16.6MB/sec max ATA/3 interface) with 45% Full Plus40 Drive
Beige G3 onboard IDE with 45 perfect full Plus40 drive

Original OEM UW SCSI Card/UW SCSI Viking II 9GB drive 56% Full
OEM UW SCSI Card UW SCSI Viking II 9GB drive 56% Full

MacBench 5.0 Results:

The image below shows the MacBench 5.0 Disk Tests Suite results from the B&W G3. All drives were empty (no files present) and formatted just before the test. As with all tests, a clean reboot was performed before executing the benchmark.

Beige G3/333 Maxtor

Macbench Random Read Results

Macbench5 Random Write Results

Macbench 5 Sequential Read Results

MacBench 5 Sequential Write results

Turbomax PCI IDE Controller/Maxtor 40GB Test Results:

Rod Paine of Astec sent a note about Plus40 Maxtor drive performance with a Turbomax ATA/33 card, noting a significant improvement in performance with the v1.7.4 firmware. (See the FAQ's HD topic area for sources of the firmware update.)

Here's an update on using the Maxtor 40GB Plus in a Rev. 2 G3, but attached to a TurboMAX. Screen shots attached... note the big difference between firmware v1.5 and 1.7.4. Users of the TurboMAX should check this, if used with the Maxtor 40GB.

We're using this configuration in beige G3's being converted to ASIP 6.x 100Mbps Servers, while the G3 is replaced with a G4. Maxtor provides good speed and high capacity for a modest amount.

Send Chad Mathes a copy of this, as I don't have his E-Mail address and it wasn't listed in his review for you.
ASTEC Company, Inc., Virginia, USA "

I noticed an improvement even with the 27GB Maxtor as well with the later firmware. Chad wasn't using a Turbomax card, but might be interested in getting one since it about doubles the performance of the Plus40 drive compared to the Beige G3 onboard IDE controller. The Turbomax ATA/33 (original version) has been discontinued by Promax, replaced by an ATA/66 version ($149 list). There are still supplies of the original Turbomax cards however in dealers inventory.

Turbomax firmware version tests

As you can see in the above graphs, the updated firmware significantly boosted write performance.

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