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OS 9.1 Game Performance/Video Card Reports:
First Posted: 1/10/2001
Last Updated: 1/11/2001, 9:15 AM
Reader Feedback on the OS 9.1 update. (Latest reports first.)

" Hi Mike,
I noticed a slight improvement in Quake 3A framerates after updating to 9.1 from 9.0.4. I'm running it on an AGP powermac G4 400MHz, 256MB RAM, retail Radeon, and Quake 3A version 1.17 with 150MB RAM allocated. All of the extensions in 9.0.4 were fully updated.

The framerates were measured using demo001.dm3.

OS       FPS
9.0.4    44.5
9.1      45.3

The following drivers were updated for 9.1:

Extension                  9.0.4        9.1
ATI 3D acceleration        4.9.8        5.0.3
Radeon 3D acceleration     6.1          6.1.3
Open GL                    1.1.5        1.2

Overall I am quite happy with 9.1 performance. The finder seems a bit snappier, although I can't say much about stability since I only installed it a few hours ago.
Eric Evans v

" Machine info:
Umax S900 w/PowerLogix G3/500 card
273 MB RAM
VooDoo 3 3000 w/b13 drivers/ROM
OS 9.1

Although the Finder and app switching are noticeably more responsive, Unreal Tournament seems to have been adversely affected by the update - my frame rate is still in the upper 30's to low 40's, but the game stutters when the action gets intense. This was not a problem in 9.0.4. I've tried creating a virgin .ini file and boosting the memory allocation, both to no avail.

I'd hate to have to revert to 9.0.4 just for a game - any tips would be appreciated.
Daniel "

I was lucky enough to be able to download the OS 9.1 update late (LATE) last night... Installation went off without a hitch, aside from one issue that I have noted so far. My mouse no longer works within the game Rune. I have a G4/500MP with both the Apple Pro Mouse and a Kensington TurboBall, neither of which work in Rune anymore... The keyboard still functions, and the mice return to operability in the Finder when I quit Rune. It isnšt anything that was changed in Rune itself (I tried fresh .inišs and everything). Išm going to see what I can do to track down the culprit and resolve the issue...

[He later wrote]

Herešs an update on the previous situation... Still no luck figuring out the problem! My first inclination was that it was something to do with GameSprockets, so I reinstalled from the 1.7.5 smi file. Only one file had a different version number, and made no difference. Next, I tried reinstalling OpenGL 1.2.1 from itšs smi. Still no luck. Next, I tried removing the updated Carbon Lib and reverting to 1.0.4. No luck. Išm not sure where to go from here, but I definitely need to fix this. Since Rune uses the same engine as Unreal Tournament, I thought I had better check to see if the problem existed with UT. It does. Hm... If it matters, the video card in the machine is the OEM Radeon.

[And finally wrote]

Okay! Everything works again... At least as far as games go. The problem was not that I needed an earlier version of a file, but rather I needed to remove a newer file. The culprit was the USB Device Extension (v1.4.6), which when removed, allowed everything to return to normal. I donšt know if this is a new file that was never part of the Apple USB package before, or if I just didnšt have it previously installed for some reason.
-Jarod Wilson "

[1/10/2001] One reader that applied the OS 9.1 update to his rev 1 G4/AGP system with Radeon card reported a substantial drop in game performance and said he was not alone. A Voodoo3 owner sent some driver/ROM mixing tips for OS 9.1

" Mike,
Here's a post I made to

'After installing these updates this evening I saw exactly the same problem reported by Steve Lee. Framerates for both UT and Oni demo dropped by about 50%-- for UT my average went from the mid-40s to the low 20s. This was using the retail radeon in a rev. 1 G4/450 AGP. Something is seriously wrong with these updates.

In addition my monitor now won't necessarily go out of power-saving mode when doing a warm reboot. I've zapped the PRAM but still am having some problems. When I can get the video going I found that dropping back to v1.0 of the radeon software solved my framerate problems at least... back to mid-40s in UT.'

At least one other user has reported the framerate drop so I'm pretty confident about that. The power-saving thing is really weird but also only started happening this evening after installing 9.1 + opengl 1.1.2. [he meant OpenGL 1.2.1 I assume-Mike]
I'm still puzzled as to why it hasn't gone away after reverting to the old software (I'm still running 9.1 but with the ATI and OpenGL extensions which shipped with my retail radeon card).

Very disappointed here... can't recall problems like this with previous Apple .1 updates.
-- John McNamara"

A Voodoo3 owner sent a tip on ROM/Driver versions he used with OS 9.1

" Mike,
I have found the right combination of voodoo3 drivers and rom to work for OS 9.1. Use the b13 drivers and ROM (not the v4/5 drivers). I kept getting type 3 errors with 1.1.3b v4/5 drivers, but with the V3 b13 drivers no a problem!

Just thought you would like to know!
John Wood "

The Video aticles page, Graphics card section has a previous page on Voodoo3 rom/driver tests and a page on Beta13 driver feedback.

I welcome other OS 9.1 reports (from Radeon or other card owners).

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