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OS 9.2.2 Extensions Listing
(What's Changed from OS 9.2.1)

Published: 12/6/2001

Yesterday's news noted Apple has released an OS 9.2.2 update (get it via Software Updates or at Apple's Mac OS 9.2.2: Document and Software page). Apple's readme only notes the following comments on the update:

    " The Mac OS 9.2.2 Update improves Classic application compatibility in Mac OS X and delivers updated support for Macintosh systems that are based on the PowerPC G3 or G4 processor "

I updated 4 Macs here - all using the downloaded installer (not Software Updates). I've had a few reports from readers that noted problems with the software update install. Also 3dfx card owners should note that in the past there have been problems reported with 3dfx cards running OpenGL 1.2.2 and OS 9.2.2 installs version 1.2.4 (as well as the ATI OpenGL renderer extension).

After an install I used extensions manager to group all the OS 9.2.2 extensions. The image below shows the complete list, including updated Nvidia and ATI extensions and OpenGL 1.2.4. I also noted a huge improvement in the number of resolutions listed with a OEM GeForce3 (firmware v1055) connected to a Sony F400 19" monitor. (I'd usually think firmware was responsible for more modes - and honestly can't remember checking the full list since running OS 9.1 with the original 1045 rom in the card - so I'd welcome GeForce3 owner comments with pre-1055 rom regarding their OS 9.2.2 display modes.) The complete listing is below also - note now there are several widescreen modes listed as well as 1280x960. (Previously I saw no widescreen modes available, as noted in my previous G4/733 w/Geforce3 full review/performance tests).

(AppleScript 1.7 Note: OS 9.2.2 updates the AppleScript extension to v1.7. There have been several reports of compatibility problems with 1.7 and older scripts, especially those that have file/path commands. )

Complete Listing of OS 9.2.2 Revised Extensions:
(Note: AppleScript does not show up in the Extensions
Manager listing, however it was updated to v1.7.)

OS 9.2.2 Revised Extensions

Listing of Resolutions w/Geforce3 (1055 rom):
GeForce3 modes

Over the weekend I want to verify that the widescreen modes work with a Sony FW900. I suspect they will if they were listed with the F400 (which isn't a widescreen display). This was previously a sore point for most Nvidia Mac cards, due to a lack of widescreen modes noted in a previous article here on Sony F900/FW900 widescreen mode support with various Mac graphics cards.)

What's Your Experience w/OS 9.2.2?
If you've seen improvements (in monitor support, performance, fixes, etc.) with OS 9.2.2, send an email with the details (include info on your system, graphics card, etc.). Of course if you've seen problems that OS 9.2.2 caused or didn't fix, let me know that also.
Officially OS 9.2.2 only supports Macs that shipped with a G3 or G4 CPU. I'm not sure how well it will work if you used the previous mods to install 9.2 on unsupported macs. I welcome reports on those that have tried the 9.2.2 update on a pre-G3 mac that was running OS 9.2.1.

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