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Feedback on Reader Comments on OS 9.2 Slowdown when using ADB Keyboard:
Last updated: 10/31/2001

In reply to Frank Bernier's comments on OS 9.2 slowdowns using an ADB keyboard I received a lot of reader reports on this issue (many not seeing a problem, but some did.)

(latest reports first)

" I have a B&W G3 400 (768MB ram, 45GB IBM HD)previously running OS9.1 and it was great until one day the USB mouse died and I took one of my old ADB mouse and plug it in and the whole system slows down in response, and I thought it was a system problem so I installed OS9.2.1 upon getting the upgrade pack and it is still slow! and when I boot into OS X (10.0.4 or 10.1) my ADB CH trackball refuse to work. I had to plug my ADB trackball to the iMate in order to get it to work. So to solve all this problems, I went and bought a new Pro Keyboard and Pro mouse :)
Kelvin Lam "

" Mike, I have been in near tears for a month now with typing slowdowns on 9.2 and my ADB keyboard. I had purchased a PowerLogix G4/450 at the same time I upgraded to 9.2, but had always thought it was the upgrade card's fault.

So I ran to my Apple box to pull out my tiny USB keyboard yesterday upon reading about this. Typing speed is now MUCH improved.
Scott "

" I have several G3's (beige) with ADB keyboards running OS 9.2.1 with no problem. i think it only affects the B&W.
MicroWarehouse, Inc.
Tony Pires - Mac Systems "

Not all B&W G3 owners reported the problem however (see reports below).

" I've got the same problem on a Original G4 Tower /w a USB Apple Pro Keyboard & Mouse. The problem showed up about the same time has 9.2. My latest guess was that it related to the Energy Saver CP & Sleeping. I've got PCI cards that don't support the sleep command so it never goes to sleep. If I reboot & use the system I didn't seem to have the problem. I just changed the Energy Saver settings to never sleep yesterday and this morning I don't have the problem. Which I usually always had after leaving the machine on over night.
- Paul Bucher "

" Mine is also slow with Beige G3, ADB keyboard and kensington mouse. Although, changing the ADB ports on the mouse seems to help a bit.
Tan Tywee "

" Hi Mike
Ive also have running a older 604/200Mhz PPC with OS 9.2.1. I work still with my ADB - Keyboard and a M$ Explorer USB Mouse, switch on a PCI/USB Card.

I didnt recognized any issues like Frank. Anything works fine, stable and fast (likeOS9).
Stefan "

" I run an ADB keyboard through an iMate adapter on my G4/400 (AGP) and have noticed no problems using 9.2.1 ... all seems as it did under 9.1 (i.e., a few keystrokes seem to get missed periodically, but speed seems okay and no slowdowns noticed).
-dj "

" Hi Mike,
I have noticed the same (SLOW typing) on my Beige G3 running OS 9.2 (192 megs of RAM). The problem seems to come and go, however. I don't have a USB keyboard to test, but I do have a Griffin ADB to USB adapter that might solve the problem for me. I'll give that a test and let you know.
Tony "

" Mike:
I am using an Apple II Extended (ADB) keyboard (going on 11 years old!!!) with my G4 (AGP), Mac OS 9.2 and Griffin Tech USB to ADB adapter. Never had any trouble with it, or with any applications. The Mac OS 9.2 keyboard control panel works just fine as well.
Reagan M. "

" we have one with os x & 9.2.1 works great with adb keyboard
our computer is a BW G3 300 "

" I have not seen this problem at all on my B&W G3?
B&W G3 350 clocked to 400
640M ram 12G stock HD
Apple ADB keyboard
Logitec USB optical wheel mouse
OS 9.2.1

Like I said I have not noticed any difference between the OSs, even OSX with my ADB keyboard. In fact the only difference I did notice is that now F12 will eject my CD in OSX :)

I do have my key repeat and delay until repeat settings set to the fastest settings if that makes a difference?
Thomas Koons "

" I found that using OSX 10.0.4 on my G3 upgraded 7500 was initially extremely sluggish, and I experienced the cursor, "dropping" things I was dragging (icons or selection boxes), even though my mouse button was held down. I then noticed that my Calcomp ADB tablet was recognised and working under OSX. However unplugging the tablet fixed cursor dropping problems and sped the system p noticeably... I have carried on using my trusty ADB apple keyboard II, but I may well see what happens if I try using an apple USB Pro KB off an iMac and see if it speeds things up any further:-)
Stephen "

" I have a beige G3 (466 MHz, 640 MB RAM, USB card, 100 MBit Apple Network card [Asante OEM IIRIC]). The machine encounters bad slowdowns when the machine has been in sleep mode. That's all I can say about 9.2.1's woes from today's standpoint. To be honest I haven't been checking too much since that machine is used only for online stuff via a remte connection.
Bernd "

This may be the slowdown/CDROM drive problems after wake from sleep with certain CD/DVD extension versions in some systems (inserting a ZIP drive was reported as the general fix in a previous article here)

" Mike,
I am using an ADB keyboard on a B&W G3 (450 MHz, rev 2), running systems 9.21 and 10.1 with no noticeable problems. My Apple extended keyboard II is the only device on the ADB chain. Hope this helps.
Jim "

" Damn, I never thought of that but we have the same issue on our BlueG3 with ADB keyboard. We don't like the dinky keyboard it came with. I reverted to 9.1 and all was well. I figured there was some conflict since I couldn't track It down to RAM or any other peripherals.
Chris "

" I have this configuration without problems. Try deleting the prefs for desktop picture. It is definitely some corrupted prefs. If that does not work, boot without old prefs folder, creating new prefs, using only OS extensions installed. You will find the problem.
Best regards,
G. Magee
Thurlow/Associates "

" I've been running 9.2 on my B/W G3 for quite a long time, and I've never seen this problem ( the keyboard from my old LC630 is currently hooked to my G3 )

My Mac is always snappy, and even VPC is usable.

I have only one problem: Every day at midnight, my computer is unusable (mouse moves, but OS not responding) during 30s-1 min under OS 9. I'm still suspecting the automatic time-sync thing.

B/W G3 350@400 MHz
OS 9.2.1 French + OS X 10.1
Franck "

" Hum... I have both the ADB Apple Extended plugged into my Apple ADB LCD 15" along with the Apple Pro Keyboard plugged into USB #1 prot. I use both. And rely on the ADB for power on and other stuff not support on the newer USB.

As for slowdown, have not seen it but sounds like worth looking for extension issue? I did a clean install of the full 9.2.1 from CD.
B&W G3 w/ XLR8 G4/500, 768MB RAM, ATTO UL3S and two SCSI drives. "

" I have no problems using a 5 year old cheapo Chinese made ADB keyboard under 9.2.1. Only when trying to index and type at the same time! B/W G3 400 (rev 1)
640 MB Ram
Original Maxtor 6GB hard drive and 20GB Maxtor as slave (no corruption)
Alan Cowperthwaite "

" Mike:
I have seen this *often* on my B&W. But I only have a USB keyboard. This also happened with all OS9 derivatives. But does not happen under OSX.

In my experience this will occur, usually, after the machine has put itself to sleep and been reawoken, but sometimes not. The cure is to unplug the USB cord of the keyboard, and plug it back in after a few seconds, sometimes a reboot is necessary.

I believe that this issue is related to my email to you earlier regarding odd mouse movements, which occurs under both OS9 and OSX, where a fast mouse movement will produce a pointer moving backwards on screen.

If I recall the machines specs (correct me if I am wrong), unlike later machines, the B&W has only one USB bus for the two ports, and first gen USB hardware. In my case I have an assortment of USB hardware hanging off these ports (Keyboard, Mouse, Hub, Palm Cradle, Keyspan DMR). It has become my opinion that somewhere along the line the B&W USB hardware lost performance with an OS upgrade and cannot keep up with the data throughput. I cannot pinpoint a OS upgrade that caused this, but that is the *feeling* I get. I don't know how this might relate to the ADB port seeing the same degredations, so perhaps I am wrong and it is something else.
Roger M "

" I too saw the same behavior on my B&W G3, slow ADB keyboard input in OS 9. It also started right around the time I installed the 9.2 for the first time (f2, if I recall). The symptoms were basically this; after a boot up or restart the system would be responsive, however after a period of time (and this could be minutes, hours or days, there didn't seem to be a clear pattern) keyboard input would drag. REALLY slow, a delay of several seconds on each keystroke, and if you were typing sentences, FORGET IT. Characters would be lost, etc. Basically unusable for text input. A restart would cure the problem, but it would be back soon enough. Even wierder was the fact that this behaviour also occured within the Classic environment of OS X BUT NOT IN OS X NATIVE APPS. Wierd, huh? Restarting the Classic environment would again cure the problem.

I thought it might be a virus so I ran SAM. Nothing detected. I thought it might be 9.2 so I did a clean install of 9.1. Same issue. I thought it might be the ADB keyboard so I switched to the USB keyboard. This seemed to work for awhile, but the problem came back. Tried the final release of 9.2.1 No luck.

Since this whole fiasco two things have happened that might give some clues;
1) My Hard Drive failed one Monday Morning about a month back, refusing to spin up. After replacing the drive I repartitioned and reinstalled. The slow character input problem went away and I didn't think of it at all until...
2) Just yesterday I came back from lunch to find I couldn't move my mouse. I thought for sure that OS X 10.1 had frozen so I did a forced restart from the front of the B&W only to discover that it was the keyboard itself which had failed! I've since switched back to a USB keyboard and it is with this keyboard that I am typing this message to you from within the carbon Mozilla. So perhaps I had a faulty ADB keyboard or ADB port? Not sure, but the fact that OS X was not affected would seem to rule that out. I have not yet tried another ADB keyboard to detemine if the port is bad, sorry. Need to get some work done, you know.

This is a Blue and White G3 running at 400 Mghz. It has an Adaptec 2940 SCSI card in it, a USB ZIP drive and an external USB Imation Superdrive. ATI video card, a 128 I believe. Currently running a 9 GB drive off the 2940 card, and using OS X 10.1 and 9.21 for classic compatibility. Since the crash of my original 4 GB drive (also SCSI) I have not seen the slowdown problem.
Hope this helps,
-Jeremy Holstein "

(yesterday's news post follows for those that missed it)

" Mike,
I don't know if I am the only one who noticed that but Os 9.2 is really sluggish after a few minutes after a restart when an ADB keyboard is used with a B&W G3. It's painfully slow when typing in SimpleText or any word processors. VPC gets also so slow also it is impossible to use it.

I was about to give up and return to 9.1 when I thought of unplugging the ADB keyboard and to use the USB keyboard that comes with the B&W G3.
Well...that did it. OS 9.2 is now really fast like 9.1. I will test tonight if the speed improved with OS 10.1. I would not be surprised if it would also.

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