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1/11/01 Thursday's News: Story DetailReturn to News Page
OS 9.1 and PShop Photographics 1.0 Plugin Problem:
Last Updated: 1/11/2001, 4:05 PM
A reader sent a report and screenshot on problems using Extensis' Photographics 1.0 plugin with Photoshop 6 after upgrading to OS 9.1.

" Hello Michael,
After updating to System 9.1 I went back to work on a client project I created using Photographics 1.0 as the text tool in Photoshop 6.

When the file opened in Photographics 1.0 ALL the text was surrounded in a solid color box and the text inside was see-thru.

As you typed the text produced a block around all the other text and was totally unusable.

Extensis has a bug problem with Photographics 1.0 and System 9.1 and Photoshop 6 again.

The Photoshop 6 program text did NOT show any problems, it was when one would use Photographics 1.0 that the text block errors are produced.

ANY old projects when called up in Photographics 1.0 resulted in the same effect errors, even the text that was in layers came up with a square around the text and filled in as one typed and what was there was completely fill in text blocks.

Let the viewers know I spend around two hours trying everythin gto come up with a fix but it seems Extensis will have to produce a fix upgrade for there program to work right.
See sample attached..
Take care
Have a great day.
Mark Wilczenski "

His image sample is below:

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