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Reader Reports on OS X 10.3.3
Posted: 3/15/2004
Reports Reports/Tips last Updated: 3/22/2004 (11AM ET)

The 10.3.3 update became available appx 5PM ET (2PM Pacific) on 3/15/2004. Here's the change listing from Software Update. (Reader reports on using 10.3.3 are down the page.)

" The 10.3.3 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and is recommended for all users.

Key enhancements include:

  • network volumes are now available in the Finder sidebar and Desktop for convenient access
  • improved file sharing and directory services for Mac (AFP), UNIX (NFS) and PC (SMB/CIFS) networks
  • improved PostScript and USB printing
  • updated Disk Utility, DVD Player, Image Capture, Mail and Safari applications
  • additional support for FireWire and USB devices
  • improved compatibility for third party applications
  • previous standalone security updates and Bluetooth Update 1.5

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n25711 "

The kbase doc link above includes much more detailed info on changes including notes on improved fan control for G5s.

10.3.3 related Downloads:

  • Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.3 (Z)
  • Mac OS X Update 10.3.3 (Z)
  • Mac OS X Server Combined Update 10.3.3 (DE, EN, FR, JA)
  • Application Servers Update 1.0 (DE, EN, FR, JA)
  • WebObjects Developer 5.2.3 (DE, EN, FR, JA)
  • Mac OS X Server Update 10.3.3 (DE, EN, FR, JA)

    Note that as in the past - some odd problems may be fixed by using the "Combo" updater.

    My Personal Take on 10.3.3 (so far)
    I've updated a PB G4, Dual G4 and MDD G4 here without any problems seen (so far) other than the Blocky DVD playback issue with a retail 9800 Pro (not seen with the OEM/BTO 9800 pro in a G5) - which using a reader tip on copying the DVD Player v3.2 from 10.2.8 solved it (and ATI how has a hotfix/patch to solve it also) but I welcome other reader reports on 10.3.3. (If it fixes or breaks anything let me know the details - but first try common tips like reinstalling 10.3.3 using the Combo Updater.). Also if any owners of unsupported burners find that 10.3.3 adds native burn support for your drive (remove any Patchburn II or Lacie profiles to test this), let me know the drive model/details. Thanks.

    Notes on Added Drive Model Burn Support in 10.3.3: (Know of a drive with new burn support in 10.3.3? let me know the brand/model.)

    • Pioneer DVR-107D (aka A07)

    Note: if you previously used Lacie or Patchburn II burn support profiles, remove them in 10.3.3. See my comments on how to do this in the DVR-107D reports section. The other popular 8x DVD burners - NEC ND-2500A and Plextor PX-708A - did not have native burn support added. (Apple in the last two years has also used some Sony OEM DVD burners (like the DW-U10A) but I don't know if 10.3.3 added support for the DW-U18A (I think that's the OEM equiv. of th 530 retail model.)

    Summary of Specific Problem Reports/Tips and Improvements:
    (many more reports than this below and I've not had any problems so far on 3 updated Macs except for the retail 9800 pro/DVD player issue and having to reinstall my canon N656U PS plugin, but this section is just to separate problem reports/tips/provide quick links to specific reports. This page is already over 100KB so I didn't all more reports of "all OK", etc., posting only specific issues or improvements.)

    NOTE: As in the past, some have noted that odd problems were fixed by using the "Combo" updater. See Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.3 (Z).

    Reader Reports on 10.3.3: (most recent first except for replies to problem posts. See above for Summary of issues/tips/improvements w/links to reports below)
    I welcome other reader reports on 10.3.3. If it fixes or breaks anything let me know the details.
    BTW - if any reader owns one of the original VST UltraTech ATA/66 cards and is running Panther with it let me know. (Reader request for 10.3.x compatibility info. OWC post a firmware update years ago for the card for OS X 10.1.x compatibility but I can't remember if any 10.3.x users have reported on it. )

    VST ATA/66 IDE Card reports: (a reader had asked about 10.3.x compatibility)

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " VST ATA/66 and panther
    Mine is working fine in the first PCI slot on my 9600 in 10.3.3.
    -Ben "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I have a VST ATA/66 installed on my Beige box, Rev A with a PowerLogix G3 800 MHz installed. It has 512 megs of ram, an Orange Micro USB2/Firewire 400 card and a Radeon 7000 ME running under Panther 10.3.3. I have experienced no problems with this card whatsoever.
    David "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Mike, I Have Panther running just fine using the VST UltraTech ATA/66 with the firmware update in a beige G3 DT. I run one drive off the UltraTech card and another off the on board bus. My other pci slots have the hacked Radeon 7000 and a FireWireDirect firewire/usb 1 card. My g3 runs a OWC upgrade clocked to 466. Did the upgrade to 10.3.3 yesterday on the onboard drive only. So far no problems. Waiting to see if there are any major problems before I upgrade on the UltraTech drive.
    Mike S. "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I was curious too- and asked at the XPF forum if anyone was using said card with Panther. The response (looks to be from the same reader as above) I got was:

    "No problems running 10.3.3 in beige box, rev A, 512 megs, 800 MHz G3 - PowerLogix - OrangeMicro USB2/Firewire 400, Radeon 7000 ME, VST UltraTEK/66. Two 20 gig Maxtor drives attached. Running Panther on first partition 7.99 gig.
    (the onboard IDE of the beige G3 has the issue of OS X having to be installed on a partition fully within the first 8GB of the drive - but with an IDE PCI Card, you should not have that limitation as far as I know.-Mike)

    Keep up the great work
    -Ford "

    Revolution 7.1 Audio Card Fixes

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Hello Mike, I just wanted to send you a small heads-up as I see that you started a page on Mac OS 10.3.3 improvements.
    About a month ago I abandoned using my Revolution 7.1 sound card due to occasional kernel panics while I was using iTunes, also clicks pops and the rear speaker volume was somewhat distorted and muted.
    I just got to the kernel panic fed-up stage and used my G4 audio out.
    I am using an analog 5.1 setup with this card.

    I did not expect much hope after updating from 10.3.2 to 10.3.3 but just for the heck of it I plugged my speakers back into the revolution outputs and gave it a shot.
    There is a very substantial improvement that I noticed. The clicks and pops are all but gone, I have not yet experienced a kernel panic while playing iTunes. I would have by now.

    As far as the rear speaker output it has improved quite a bit. I do believe that this is the way that the card is supposed to operate. All vocals are outputted VIA the front three speakers and the rear speakers just output instruments but the volume is the same as the front. The sound is very much different with this update. For the good...

    I am using the same drivers (M-audio revo-1.2.9) as I was in 10.3.2. The only problem that I noticed with 10.3.3 is that if classic is opened and used, after trying to quit classic the sound will quit. If the revolution interface control is opened the sound will return. Not really a big deal as I do not use classic hardly at all.

    As far as Apple DVD Player I do not see any surround sound being outputted at least with an analog setup.
    VLC media player does however try to provide me with surround sound. It is kind of hit and miss as I can hear some different sounds coming from some speakers but when someone speaks in the movie there is no sound coming from them. I may be doing something wrong with it. I guess I will just play with it and see if I can get it working properly.

    As far as the rest of the 10.3.3 update I do not notice any other problems. I guess I can again enjoy using this card.
    -Jerry "

    If any other Rev. 7.1 owner is running 10.3.3, let me know if you've seen improvements also.

    RealPlayer/Windows Media Player problems:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " RealPlayer & Windows Media Player seem broken on both a G3 iBook 800 & a Single 1.8 G5. I have reinstalled, etc and it still does not run.
    David G. "

    I don't use these players personally but asked what versions he was running (assuming the latest versions available but good to include the version numbers in reports in case there's a later version posted in the future).

    Granite Digital Removeable Drive

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I did see this issue with a 250GB GraniteDigital removable drive. I was running an old firmware from 2002. Did a flash of the latest firmware and 10.3.3 recognized it without an issue.
    - Desmond
    (I asked to verify this was a Firewire interface drive and if he had a link to the firmware update)
    Yes, Firewire drive.
    The link to GraniteDigital is:
    http://www.granitedigital.com/support/index.htm "

    Strange Keyboard Issue Fixed

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I've recently made the update to 10 3.3 on my G4 450 AGP (2 Seagate ATA drives ST3120026A(120GB) OSX & ST340016A(40GB) OS 9.2.2, 1.25GB RAM).

    It's fixed a USB issue that has plagued me since 9.1 such as upon startup the system didn't recognize the keyboard and I'd have to unplug and plug it back in. I had always assumed that it was an problem with the extension cable and the Pro Keyboard and it made for an interesting security feature.
    Chad P. "

    AFP Networking Problem:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I have verified this behaviour on two different macs running 10.3.3
    If I connect using afp: and login and select a volume to mount and then try to connect to a different system using afp: it brings up the volume selection dialog with the name of the second system but the volumes of the first system!

    For example:
    I connect using afp: to a system called Bob and select the "Data" volume. Fine.

    I then try to connect to afp: (a system called Earth) and the volume selection dialog comes up with "Earth" at the top but displaying the remaining volumes from Bob (with DataVol correctly greyed out).

    This effectively prevents me from connecting to two different machines using afp: at the same time.

    Note: All systems are on 10.3.3 and in one case both target systems were not on the "local" network, in the other case one was local and one was remote. Same behaviour in both cases. In both cases I was NOT using Network browsing.

    Another odd thing I have noticed is that my Microsoft USB mouse refused to be recognized by the MS Mouse software. The mouse functioned OK but I couldn't customize the 5 buttons because it couldn't see the mouse. I tried everything including many reboots and deletion of all preference files and re-installed the MS software twice. Then I tried unplugging the mouse and replugging it back in. Bingo! Everything worked beautifully after that. Hopefully just a one time glitch. (a common tip in the past with OS X usb issues has been to disconnect/reconnet the device - not always a fix but the first thing to try.-Mike)

    In another case this time with a Logitech wireless mouse the Logitech software "lost" the mouse at some point (maybe after being awoke from sleep). The mouse continued to work correctly including it just did not show up in the Logitech mouse software panel. This could be related to the recently pulled Logitech drivers so I will withhold judgement on it. (The recent Logitech 1.20 Control Center update was pulled due to bugs (and also seemed to spew out debugging/log info on every movement). See our previous page of Reader Reports on Logitech Control Center 1.20 Update-Mike)

    On the plus side at least Windows networking works now! I haven't beat it to death yet but at least I can connect to servers and they seem to stay there. It still does not remember my login name and password to "certain" smb: system. No idea why but I have been hacking on this thing for months trying everything to get Windows networking working so I won't consider it a bug unless it still happens after I do a clean install next week.
    That's it for now!
    Thanks, Ted "

    Display Corruption with G5 + 7000 PCI Card (Not common based on later reports - turns out a corrupted font was the problem.)

    (added 3/18/2004)
    " Hi Mike,
    So busy lately I haven't been able to think straight, but I saw that one reader was experiencing display corruption with his Radeon 7000 PCI in his G5. I have a dual 2.0 G5 and a 7000 driving a 2nd and 3rd monitor. Installed the 10.3.3 the hour it was released, and haven't had a single problem yet. I'll let you know if it changes.
    Matt "

    The original G5/7000 card owner problem report follows:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Since installing 10.3.3 I now at random times get garbled text all throughout Mail's inbox message categories / subjects, and email messages themselves. Also garbled text in main Finder menubar especially in the readout for Airport menubar and Displays menubar info (happens at random start ups / times. I have to restart to clear the garbled text)
    thanks, Ron K.
    (I asked Ron for his mac model/system details.)
    I have a G5 DP 2 GHz
    I also have a second ATI Radeon Mac 7000 card for my extra (third) monitor; all my monitors are Apple LCD.. have you heard anything re this card and Panther? I tried using ATI's ROM update from their website, for this card and I get a message saying the updater does not work with installed system... "

    (Update - he later wrote the problem seems to have been a corrupted font file.) Not sure if he means a rom (file) or Firmware (flash) update, but I'd not install any older drivers at ATI's website (although the installers should refuse to install if later ones are present - that used to be a problem with some older ATI installers but was fixed I think a year or more ago.)

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Hi, I've upgraded three computers
    Quicksilver 867
    Pismo 500
    Aluminum PowerBook 15" 1.25GHz
    without incident. On the G4s the update increases the Xbench score by about 10 points. I ran X-bench just before and just after the update. There was no difference on the G3 (Pismo).
    Regards, John K. "

    Other than the DVD Player issue with a retail ATI 9800 Pro card, I've also not seen any problems yet with 10.3.3 on 3 systems. (Update - on April 15th, 2004 ATI released a "Hotfix" for the DVD player issues in 10.3.3 with 9700/9800 Pro cards. See http://www.ati.com/support/infobase/4539.html)

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I have noticed that on my 1.6 GHz G5 the graphics are much smoother, but something that might be a problem is that the CPU Temp has gone up about 31 degrees. Oh well, at least my hard drive bay is cool!
    Irvin O. "

    I asked what he was using to report CPU temperature (thermograph X?)

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Since upgrading to 10.3.3, my firewire seems more reliable. After upgrading to Panther, I was having a conflict with one of my firewire cases, my Formac Studio/DV, and my CDRW firewire drive. Even with the drives disconnected, my Formac would come up only about 1 out of 3 times - the application would start but I'd have no video. I'd have to reset or power cycle it. This was a problem with either Formac software or Vidi.

    I haven't done extensive testing yet, but the conflict appears to be gone, and the Formac comes up every time. I haven't had a video failure yet.

    My SCSI drive has a new icon that says 'SCSI'. I don't know if this is from 10.3.3 or the new ATTO driver. (one other atto 3.10 driver update user mentioned this also, before 10.3.3 was released)
    Wes "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Hi Mike, No major problems with 10.3.3 so far, but still no fix for the weird MP3 preview problem introduced with 10.3.
    Try this...
    Start previewing an MP3 file in the Finder
    Try to select some icons on your desktop. Also try using Finder reveal triangles in list view.
    Bizarre behaviour indeed.
    Regards, Chris C. "

    Problems with Digital Camera Imports

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " After installing 10.3.3 on my iMac G4/800 and Dual 1.8 G5, I can't import photos from my C-3020 olympus. The system profiler sees the camera on the USB bus, but image capture and iPhoto don't. Before this update I have been using iPhoto importing for a long time with no problems. Only change seems to be with 10.3.3.
    Steve L. "

    I asked if he was connecting directly to the G5's USB Port (i.e. front port - not a hub). Another earlier report noted corruption with imported images that was also seen before 10.3.3. (some G5 owners have reported this previously here on the G5 FW/USB device feedback page - I don't see that problem with my G5 using two canon cameras and the front USB port. At least one user said suspect ram was a cause, problems with some USB hubs may also be a factor.)

    Problem with iTunes import/playback with Lacie 160/200GB drives as sources

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I tried importing songs to my itunes playlist (with Lacie FW drive as library storage). Itunes crashed everytime (in fact it hard crashed the computer) dual 800 G4 with lacie 160GB and 200GB firewire drives. Before importing I was playing my catalog and much of the music was skipping/cutting in and out. My music catalog reads and writes from the Lacie 160GB firewire.

    This machine is also crashing using Safari and other various programs when the firewires (drives) are mounted. Itunes does not even have to be launched. I tried running both diagnostics (norton) and repairing permissions on the suspected Lacie 160GB firewire and it crashed. Also unable to start up with either Lacie 160GB or 200GB firewire drives.
    I unplugged my firewires and my machine is once again running smoothly. Would be nice to have my firewires though.
    Thanks, Anthony B. "

    I'd write Lacie tech support to see if they can help (if there are any updates, etc. to address this). They released a firmware update for some drives (like Firewire800 models) back when 10.3.0 was released but not sure if these are FW800 drives or if they have the latest firmware installed.

    USB Mouse/Audio Noise Fixed:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Positive results: no more bleeps, just bits and bytes!
    I've been plagued with digital chirping while using my USB optical mouse (Logitech MX 500). No more audio chirps due to USB peripherals after installing the 10.3.3 update!
    My 12" 867 AlBook's 1/8" line out is routed to a mixing board, then to a set of powered monitors. While the mouse was connected to my PB, whether directly at either PB USB port or through a Belkin powered USB hub, I heard really annoying noise. The noise would change pitch and frequency depending on whether or not it was in motion or close to a surface.
    After the update, no more noise! None. Best regards, Anton
    aka. Logicat2001 "

    While on the subject, two USB Audio device users last week (before 10.3.3 was released) said the source of Audio noise with their USB devices was due to the USB port being set to 8bit vs 16bit. Using Apple's Audio/Midi utility (in utilities folder) will show/allow changing the settings.

    Better Networking

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Updating to 10.3.3 Server resolved an issue on my early 400mhz Sawtooth G4 (Uni-Rev3) where under 10.3->10.3.2 it refused to automatically authenticate into a user account when booted.
    Steven P. "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " It solves a lot of the major network issues with the previous version. My PBook would need a restart if I swapped locations with the ethernet cable plugged in.
    also I had given up connecting to the network using "network" in finder as the volume would not eject correctly, again this has been solved perfectly in 10.3.3, i was also impressed taht after going to sleep for about 90mins on wakeup the mounted remote drives were still there.
    I am on a 15in Pbook G4 1.25GHz with 1GB ram
    David J "

    Improved Windows Networking support

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike; Just updated my TiBook 800 with 10.3.3 and I am finally able to access folders on my Windows network at work. Before, I could sometimes see folders, very rarely could access them, and sometimes they just would disappear before my eyes. They would be there one moment and disappear. I can say that my computer now sees them all the time and when I connect they actually show up on the desktop.
    Oddly, before, when they would open up (shared folders) I could access the contents from the open window. Now, they do not show up in the windown but instead as a volume on the desktop. But, at least I can now access those files.
    Terry "

    Suitcase X1 Crash:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " USB seems to have the same problem in 10.3.3 as in 10.3.2 on my Dual 1.8 G5. Files get corrupted whether I copy them from my Sandisk CompactFlash reader or directly from my Canon D60 digicam. (The G5 USB and FW feedback page had some previous reports of this problem. Not seen here on my Dual G5 with PowerShot S230 or Digital Rebel. Some said the problem was fixed by removing 3rd party/suspect RAM I think.-Mike)
    No problem copying files on my Bondi Imac with OS 10.2.8 from the Sandisk reader or directly from the camera, though, so the problem seems to be somewhere in the G5 and/or OS 10.3, not in the camera/card reader...
    New in 10.3.3: Suitcase X1 crashes at start-up.
    Jean-Marc "

    I'd check the SuitCase X1 home page for updates/write them about this problem.

    Acard 6885MS (4 channel ATA/133 IDE RAID card) Problem Report:

    TIP for Acard IDE Card/10.3.3 Problems: For the few readers that had problems with an Acard IDE card after the 10.3.3 update - did you install any Avid software in the past? Or did you install any 3rd party SCSI device driver(s)?

    Here's a tip from an Acard owner that solved his problem with the Acard drives mounting after the 10.3.3 update:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I thought this would help... writing back about my ACARD (IDE Card - seen as SCSI) issues and maybe other SCSI card issues after upgrading to 10.3.3.
    I have a ACARD 6880M card with stripe (RAID) 0 setup (two 80GB drives), after upgrading to 10.3.3, it disappeared , same with all my SCSI drives connected to ADAPTEC 29160 card. the drivers for those card are all up-to-date. Tried different things (repair permissions.....) didn't help.

    Finally looking into the extensions folder, tried to find any sort of conflict. Deleted two extensions (Avid_SCSI.kext and Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext) from installing AVID DV EXPRESS (also installed by some other Avid software versions) and rebooted.
    Everything is fine now. All my drives came back.

    If anyone that reported a problem in 10.3.3 with an Acard based card finds removing 3rd party SCSI extension(s) helped, let me know. (Ditto if it helps with any SCSI problems.) Note: One of the ACARD owners with 10.3.3 problems (no drives mounting) said he had installed Avid Xpress Pro 4.1.1 and removing both the Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext and Avid_SCSI.kext files solved the drives mounting problem.

    6885MS 4-Channel RAID card Report: (updated)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Hello, I don't really speak english but I have a problem with an Acard 6885MS in a PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25 Ghz Firewire 800.

    I have updated to 10.3.3 and rebooted on my Raid 0 volume with no problem.
    But one day after my Mac refused to boot (Apple logo on white screen and nothing.....).

    I have changed the RAM, Removed the Raid 0 PCI card and Hard disk, always the same problem. But when I rebooted, the power Led light went on and immediately off.
    I have made a PMU Reset on the motherboard and the Mac boot on my another Hardisk (not Raid).
    I have lost all of my data on my Raid 0 volume (2x120 Gb)...
    I don't know if the problem is 10.3.3 with Acard 6885MS, but it is very strange!
    (he later wrote)
    After my crash with my Acard 6885MS, I reinstalled Panther on my Raid 0 volume.
    I have made all updates including 10.3.3 and now all is working correctly !

    The first time I have updated to 10.3.3, my Mac refused to boot, and after trying some tips, the power Led went on and immediately off.
    Only PMU Reset on the motherboard solved the problem. "

    If any other 6885MS card owners are running 10.3.3, let me know. (first check for any AVID scsi extensions as noted in the tip above.)

    Acard 6880M RAID IDE Card Reports: (some noting problems, others not)

    TIP for Acard IDE Card/10.3.3 Problems: For the few readers that had problems with an Acard IDE card after the 10.3.3 update - did you install any Avid software in the past?. Or did you install any 3rd party SCSI device driver(s)? Here's a tip:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I thought this would help... writing back about my ACARD (IDE Card - seen as SCSI) issues and maybe other SCSI card issues after upgrading to 10.3.3.
    I have a ACARD 6880M card with stripe (RAID) 0 setup (two 80GB drives), after upgrading to 10.3.3, it disappeared , same with all my SCSI drives connected to ADAPTEC 29160 card. the drivers for those card are all up-to-date. Tried different things (repair permissions.....) didn't help.

    Finally looking into the extensions folder, tried to find any sort of conflict. Deleted two extensions (Avid_SCSI.kext and Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext) from installing AVID DV EXPRESS (also installed by some other Avid software versions) and rebooted.
    Everything is fine now. All my drives came back.

    If anyone that reported a problem in 10.3.3 with an Acard based card finds removing 3rd party SCSI extension(s) helped, let me know. (Ditto if it helps with any SCSI problems.) Note: One of the ACARD owners with 10.3.3 problems (no drives mounting) said he had installed Avid Xpress Pro 4.1.1 and removing both the Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext and Avid_SCSI.kext files solved the drives mounting problem.

    (added 3/18/2004)
    " Thank you for solving my Acard 6880M card problem with 10.3.3 on a Quicksilver 2002. Like (some) other readers, my RAID drive failed to appear after the 10.3.3 update.
    I was waiting for the Applecare service person to take my call when I read your tip. (see post below) I deleted the 2 AVID_SCSI extensions (I had installed Avid Express DV over a year ago) and rebooted and the drives returned to the desktop.
    Thanks again.
    Joe G.
    Visual Arts Program

    (added 3/18/2004)
    " i have major issue or problem.. now i cant get my raid to mount. anubis doesn't see it , and disk utility doesn't see it.. tried sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions -f.. and it doesn't help .. im soo mad i updated so soon.. if i can't find a downgrader im having to go back to 10.2 untill this is solved. Just using ata raid card , and its not showing up .
    (I asked for more details (like IDE card model) and if he had tried the tip posted in the main news page at the time he sent this)
    i had one from siig. High-speed dual channel Ultra ATA 133/100 RAID (RAID 0) controller for Mac. (Actually an Acard 6880M card-Mike) and its got all the latest updates and firmware. i have dual 500 g4 with 1.75gigs ram

    well i be damn. that avid trick worked.. yippie.... i forgot it was installed, thats just strange if you ask me.. but now you the man.. thnkx for the tip.
    -Admin "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " 10.3.3 update report - 6880M problem confirmed
    Have dual RAID type 1 (running mirror mode, not stripe/RAID 0) array running most recent firmware on 6880M. Went ahead and updated to 10.3.3 when machine attempted reboot got a bad boot block error. Reinstalling older version of 10.3 and emailing acard tech support. Definitely a problem with my machine.
    (he later wrote)
    I'm back up now from the install disks re-upgrading to 10.3.2 now, knew I should have tried it on another partition first, but recovering nicely. Hopefully acard will come up with a solution in the not too distant future. "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " "I have an Acard 6880M PCI/ATA card configured for a RAID 0 array (the Mac is a Digital Audio with GigaDesigns 1.33 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM) and it is working OK after the upgrade to 10.3.3. I did, however, repair permissions and run DW immediately prior to the update.
    (Although I'd normally guess the 10.3.3 problems were driver related, due to mixed reports I asked what firmware version the card had)
    What firmware am I using? Thanks for asking.
    As Apple System Profiler does not show the firmware of this card in either OS 9 or OS X I went through the process of running the installer which is the only thing that I am aware of which displays the firmware on the card, just before presenting the opportunity to install the firmware version on the installer. You are supposed to disconnect the drives and set the dip switches for the "just a bunch of drives" mode instead of the RAID 0 mode and then run the installer (from OS 9). (see the readme file included with the acard firmware update)

    I already had the installer in the downloads file I keep and I have a specific recollection of running the v2.44 installer to find out what firmware I had installed, and then installing it, when I first installed Panther. To my surprise the installer said that v2.43 was installed! How can that be? I do not know. At the very least, it would appear that there is some question as to whether I had the v2.44 firmware installed. I can only conclude that, if I did install it, it was not present when I just now ran the installer. In any event, I ran the installer and then ran it again to the point of it showing that firmware v2.44 was installed.

    Upon rebooting things went noticeably more quickly than before. "It only so happens" that I had timed the startup time of both the RAID drive and a utility drive before and after upgrading to 10.3.3. Actually, the utility drive was my lab rat as there is not much on it and if there were any big problems with 10.3.3 I would just erase it and have the RAID drive "safe". I first installed 10.3.3 on the utility drive last night and, "as advertised" it booted quicker. There was not really much difference in the boot time of my primary (RAID) drive when I did it today. After running the firmware update the boot time of the RAID drive was in the same speed range as the other drive even though I have a bunch of things on the desktop in it which take some time to load. I rebooted several times just to be certain that it was not a one time fluke or my imagination before commenting about it to you.

    So the answer to your question "what firmware am I using?" is that I am *now* using v2.44 even though it appears I was using v2.43 at the time of the 10.3.3 update.

    I suppose that I need to look into one of the utilities which say they provide more information than Apple System Profiler to find out if they can "see" the firmware version on the Acard controller.
    Best, Richard "

    I've received another report from a 6880M owner noting no problems in 10.3.3 also (never updated the card he said). So far the AVID SCSI extensions are a common cause of these problems.

    Here's the first 6880M report noting a problem in 10.3.3:
    (Update - see below for his reply to the tip regarding removing Avid SCSI extensions that solved the problem)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Mine's a Sonnet Tempo Raid 133 (Acard 6880M) in a Dual 1GHz Quicksilver. The drives show up perfectly fine when booted from a 10.3.1 partition. I guess it's just an issue of drivers being broken.
    Monte M.
    (he later wrote)
    Just to follow up on this. I tried a few times to upgrade the firmware with the OSX util. Unfortunately, it doesn't report firmware versions (the 9.x version does) and ASP misreports this. So, I installed 9.2.2, ran the flasher, and lo-and-behold, it's 2.44. Still no drives."

    On Mar. 17th, I wrote him to ask if he had any AVID software installed and if so to remove the AVID SCSI extensions (kext files) noted in the reader tip.

    "I have Avid Xpress Pro 4.1.1 and sure enough removing both Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext and Avid_SCSI.kext returned the drives to my desktop.
    Thanks very much for the tip, Mike.
    Regards, Monte"

    Not everyone that had the problem said they had installed Avid software but I asked them to check for other 3rd party SCSI device drivers that may also be a factor in their problems.

    I had previously asked what firmware version was in the card (i.e. did he update the card to v2.44 firmware available at acard.com) - he previously sent a screenshot from Apple System Profiler (selecting the root scsi bus shows the Acard 6880M as "revision 1.00".) There was an update for this card noted in the news page here in the last month or so - see http://www.acard.com/eng/support/mac.html. v2.44 is the latest firmware shown there for the 6880M card model. See the readme first for important notes/info on updating. (may not help but just a FYI.)

    Flashed PC Geforce2MX PCI card Problem:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " 10.3.3 killed my PCI-PC-GeForce 2MX..
    I use a flashed PC-Geforce 2MX (PCI) card. Though I had some problems before (9.1 eg), the card worked without problems with 9.2.x and 10.2.x till 10.3.2
    Symptom: grey/dark screen when starting the GUI and system stalls. Older drivers (from 10.3.0) won't work (error after booting). Removing the drivers works, but with 640x480 resolution only (on my 24".. :D)

    Though this card is not an original Apple-card, it worked.. :(
    Guess I have to get me an ATI now..
    Hermann S. "

    Flashed PC Geforce2MX AGP card/Older AGP Tower Here's a report from an AGP model flashed PC Geforce2MX card that mentioned the 10.3.3 update helped:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " The 10.3.3 update fixed big issues I was having with my flashed PC GeForce 2 MX. (AGP card) Before windows in OS X would not update when dragged, and I was forced to go back to my old video card (Rage 128). Now Everything works perfectly with the GF2MX, I wonder how I survived so long without Quartz Extreme. I know two other people who had the same problems with their flashed GF2MX's, 10.3.3 fixed those issues for them as well.
    (I asked what system he had since early G4/AGP towers had problems even with some OEM/original Mac Geforce4MX/2MX cards. 10.3.2 fixed that for many OEM card owners as noted in the FAQ and news pages here previously.-Mike)
    Actually, 10.3.2 did not fix the problem for me, or the people I know with the same problem. Sorry, I do have a Sawtooth (first model G4/AGP tower) "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Hi, Mike-
    Tried to run the UT2004 demo in 10.3.3. No dice. Quits without any warning at first splash screen. Reinstalled over previous game. No dice. UT2003 runs fine.
    G5 2gig, 9800 OEM, 4gig memory.
    frank "

    I asked if he had previously applied the UT2004 Demo patch. I tested the UT2004 demo (updated version) here and it runs fine on literally the same system (Dual G5, OEM 9800 Pro, 10.3.3, 4GB RAM.)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Hi Mike, Just to let you and your readers know that I've installed 10.3.3 on a 500 MHz Titanium PowerBook G4 with an Emagic EMI 2|6 USB audio output device and everything (including DVD player, iTunes disc importing, safari and keyboard volume buttons) is working just fine.
    keep up the great work, Harry. "

    Mail Improvements:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " hi, great site!
    the mac os x update fixed a really annoying bug i had in mail whenever i had an incorrectly filtered email dropped into my junk mail box and i hit the "this is not spam" button the program would crash.
    Now, after the update, it doesn't!
    Adam "

    Lacie 160GB Firewire Drive + iPod DaisyChain Problem Fixed:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Upgrading to 10.3 introduced a painful problem for me. I run an iBook 600mhz, and due to my burgeoning music collection, I purchased a Lacie 160gb firewire drive (Porsche design model). Since the iBook only has one firewire port, I was forced to connect my iPod via the second connector on the Lacie drive in order to update it. In 10.2 this worked pretty well, but upgrading to 10.3 made it a painful process. I continually had difficulty getting the iPod to mount, and trying to manually do it through the disk utility often resulted in an unending beachball (that disappeared immediately after disconnecting the iPod from the Lacie drive). It was completely hit-or-miss.I'd have to try various combinations of plugging in the iPod and Lacie drive before getting both to mount.

    Anyway, the 10.3.3 update appears to have essentially resolved the issue. The Lacie drive and iPod mount almost immediately, and updating the iPod through iTunes is not a problem. The only drawback I noticed is that the iPod will at times unmount itself with any command. Still not perfect, but much better than 10.3.2.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.
    Michael W.
    P.S.-I forgot to mention that the problem I described is mentioned by a few others in the Apple support forums who keep their music collection on an external firewire drive and connect their iPods to that drive-so I'm not the only one who experienced this problem.

    I asked if this was a FW400 or FW800 drive (lacie had an update for FW800 drives to fix the common issue seen by many FW800 drives with the first 10.3 release. Some FW400 drive owners also reported problems with 10.3 previously, although they were more rare than the FW800 problems)
    It's a FW400 drive, and I ran the Lacie firmware update which reported that my firmware was up-to-date and required no changes.
    As an aide, 10.3 killed the first Lacie drive I bought. I tried everything in the book to bring it back (Diskwarrior, Norton, Techtool), even attempting to zero the data (which started but then crashed Disk Utility), but it apparently sustained a "low level formatting error" and could not be brought back to life. Thankfully, the place I bought it at accepted the return and gave me a new one no questions asked. The second drive has worked perfectly, except for the iPod problem I mentioned."

    BTW - there is a previous report here on a Problem with Lacie Large (400/500GB) Firewire Drives in 10.3.3 by one owner, another 500GB user said he's fine. (The one reader with the problem later said running the 10.3.3 "COMBO" updater fixed it.)

    TurtleBeach USB MIDI adapter no longer recognized

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " I had been using a TurtleBeach USB MIDI adapter (came with a Voyetra USB MIDI PC Kit) that was recognized and working just fine.
    Since the upgrade - the system doesn't recognize the interface at all.
    Brian d. "

    I asked if he had tried the usual tips (disconnecting/reconnecting the device, checking settings in Apple USB/Midi utility, etc.)

    Internet Explorer Cookies: (I use Safari now in OS X so can't verify this issue personally.)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Hi Mike, installed the update on both machines: G4 MDD 1.25DP and Pbook G4 633Mhz. I've not seen problems except this one on Internet Explorer on both computers: I can't delete cookies that were already there before the update that means that apparently they are deleted but when I choose preferences/cookies again and activate the option "ask for each site" it shows the cookies previously deleted. Instead booting with the other hd in 10.2.8, same IE version, no problem at all. Tried repairing permission, but no success
    That's all by now,
    Piero "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " The Sony UW-D14A 4x DVD+/-R drive (external case) is not supported in 10.3.3 but still works great with Patchburn II profile. My goodness, Apple System Profiler opens so fast now!
    Thomas "

    For anyone that missed it in the past (FAQ, drive db, news page links, etc.) - there's a page here with download link and Reader reports on Patchburn II for Panther.

    iSub Comments:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Aloha Mike, Looks like Apple fixed some long standing problems that existed even in 10.2. My iSub would never work on my MDD 867 after sleep. I would have to unplug and plug in the USB cord for the iSub to work again. With 10.3.3 iSub works fine after sleep. No issues. Finally! Also another big fix is when you press the mute button on the keyboard, it also mutes the iSub. In the past the iSub would stay on while the other speakers muted. One problem still exist, when you plug in headphones on the front of the machine, the iSub stays on. By the way this is the stand alone iSub.

    Another earlier iSub report:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " It fixes problems with the iSub under Panther on my G4 Cube. Before the iSub would appear under System Info but not under Sound Pref , unless I installed and chose a Giffin iMic as the ouput device. Now my normal default USB "Speakers" output includes the iSub volume slider and mute checkbox when chosen.
    Peter R.
    (I asked if the keyboard volume keys control the iSub ok as two readers (below) with USB speakers (not an iSub and not Cube owners) said the keys do not work with their usb speakers. Granted the Cube's standard speakers are USB though.)
    My keyboard speaker keys, volume up, volume down and muting on/off work fine with the combined speakers and iSub audio output. "

    There was some other iSub problem tip in the past here but I can't remember it now.

    New UPS Control Panel

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike, One of the neat additions to 10.3.3 is control for UPS devices under the Energy saver preference pane. (mentioned in apple's kbase doc on 10.3.3 improvements)
    If you have a UPS connected, Energy Saver recognizes it and allows you to set parameters for it -- it also provides a battery meter. Seems to work well with my APS UPC -- better than their Power Chute preference pane, which in my experience hasn't been quite right since Panther.
    Regards, Julian W. "

    Non-USB equipped UPS users may not benefit:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    "I installed 10.3.3 on a G4 and use a UPS w/ serial cable and keyspan USB to serial converter. I do NOT see any UPS functionality in Energy Saver. (10.3.3 adds a separate UPS control if one is detected) Makes sense I guess, only USB UPS devices have any chance of working.
    I think this functionality is good, but PowerGuardian is a better product.
    Scott D."

    iTunes Import Problems: (Note - I don't see any problems importing songs from CDs here on two macs with 10.3.3. My prefs are set to not play during importing and using MP3 format/192KB setting and my library is located on the boot volume.)

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I tried importing songs to my itunes playlist. Itunes crashed everytime (in fact it hard crashed the computer) dual 800 G4 with lacie 160GB and 200GB firewire drives. Before importing I was playing my catalog and much of the music was skipping/cutting in and out. My music catalog reads and writes from the Lacie 160GB firewire drive.
    Thanks, Anthony B."

    I wonder if the location of the library is a factor. (no problems here on 2 macs importing songs from CD - but library is on the boot OS X volume.) I'd write Lacie tech support to see if they have any suggestions or updates.

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " After updating to 10.3.3, my iTunes crashes constantly when trying to import music from cd's. This has never happened before .... Strange.
    sal "

    I wonder if his library is on the boot OS X volume. (No problems here importing tracks to itunes, with my library of songs on the boot volume.) If anyone else sees this problem in 10.3.3, let me know. Please note the location of your itunes library also.

    PB G4/12in Trackpad problem: (updated with reader suggestion and fix)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " bad news for me! Just updated to 10.3.3 on my 12" 1Ghz Alubook and the trackpad isn't usable anymore. The pointer is completely erratic, vanishes when I try to move it (just like it does in the DVD Player but when you don't move it). (don't see this problem here with 10.3.3 on a PB G4 17in)
    Plugging a mouse in doesn't help, changing the trackpad's settings neither. No problem with using the mouse though, it really seems to affect only the trackpad. Tried trashing preferences, didn't help either. Maybe it's a local compatibility problem but I'm rather surprised that such a bug could go unchecked through testing...
    Johannes S.
    (I sent him a copy of the reader suggestion (below) and he replied:)
    Good guess it seems. Well, I tried starting up with disabled extensions (shift key) and got rid of the problem. I do use Side Track, but a friend who uses it too didn't have any problem with it when updating to 10.3.3. Strange. Anyway I removed it and everything has been working fine since. Thanx a lot !
    Best regards, Johannes "

    No trackpad problems here, but a reader sent some suggestions for Joannes:

    " I haven't had a chance to install 10.3.3 yet, but here's a wild guess: Does Johannes S. have Raging Menace's SideTrack installed? If it's installed, to find out if this is causing the problem, Johannes should start up with Shift key down and then determine if it's working.
    Additionally, starting up in Verbose mode (holding down Command and V) and/or running dmesg in the Terminal yield useful results.
    Chris G. "

    Pioneer DVR-107D reports: Since 10.3.3 has native burn support for the DVR-107D (aka A07) drive, remove any installed Lacie or Patchburn II profiles. (Since you have to manually install the lacie profile you know how to remove it.) To remove patchburn II's profile, use the "Expert" mode. The "Expert mode" toggle is in the upper right corner of the Patchburn II main window (toggle arrow - opens up a panel). Once the Expert Mode is opened - see the button at the bottom of the "Advanced Settings" section that says "remove all Patchburn driver". (the profile is normally installed in the /Library/DiscRecording/DeviceProfiles folder if you want to manually remove it - but try Patchburn II's "expert" mode first)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " My Pioneer DVR-107D bought today in Akihabara, Tokyo, for 14,900 yen ($134) worked straight out of the bubble wrap with 10.3.3--recognized as pure Apple drive.
    Robert "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Hi Mike! I'm writing on a Digital Audio G4 733MHz with the stock superdrive replaced by the Pioneer DVR-07D. "drutil list" in the terminal said the new drive had "none" support. After applying the 10.3.3 update, it changed to "Apple Shipping". I can write CD-R and DVD-R medias with the Finder, iTunes, iDVD 4.0.1 and iPhoto (iLife04) without problems and without the "hacked driver" I used for about one week since I got the new drive. --> Clearly improved user-experience with this update.

    Networking hasn't changed much for me. I've got a 802.11b network with an Airport Extreme Basestation (11g compatibility switched off since no Macs here in house have Extreme support, and AEB-output power set to 10% of full power as I don't need the extra range). It seems like the overall speed has decreased a little, from about 0.5MByte/sec to 0.3-0.4MByte/sec in Finder copying.

    Also little has changes speedwise: Finder windows open/close, menus, etc. is the same as before. I use "Onyx" to switch off several effects, like the animation of the info-window and normal windows, and the "explosion" when you double-click an app or a file.

    Xbench 1.1.3 shows a record of about 92, decreased from 96. I'm not sure where I lost these points. (there's always been some variation in run/run with Xbench here) So far, it's a nice update for me because of the native support of the (Pioneer) DVR-107D.
    Regards, Julian (Switzerland) "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " As previously noted, I have a Pioneer 107D (flashed to firmware 1.10) mechanism and had successfully patched it with PatchBurn II and was able in 10.3.2 to burn from Finder, iTunes, iDVD and Toast 6.03 with no issues.

    Out of curiosity I left the PatchBurn II profile installed and ran the updater to 10.3.3 and the System Profiler reported unsupported but was able to burn from the Finder, iDVD, iTunes and Toast 6.03 with no problems.

    Used PatchBurn II in expert mode to remove the PatchBurn II profiles, restarted, launched System profiler and drive shown as Apple Supported/Shipped.

    Was then able to burn with no problems from Finder, iTunes, iDVD and Toast 6.03 with no problems.
    Mark F. "

    " Mike, I just wanted to let you know I just upgraded my dual 1 GHz MDD computer to 10.3.3.
    Last week I had installed a Pioneer DVR-107D drive and used the Lacie plug-in to enable support (which worked good).
    Before I upgraded my machine I removed the plug-in, updated, and now how full Apple native support.
    Great site, and keep up the good work.
    I've include a screen capture from Apple System Profiler.
    Jeff "

    His screen capture of ASP shows the drive listed as "Apple Supported/Shipped".

    " Hi Mike, Just a quick note to confirm full Pioneer 107 support in 10.3.3. I bought this drive a week or so ago and have upgraded the firmware on a PC. Here's the output from ASP on an unpatched install of 10.3.3:

    Manufacturer: PIONEER
    Model: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D
    Revision: 1.10
    Drive Type: CD-RW/DVD-RW
    Disc Burning: Apple Supported/Shipped
    iTunes and Finder burning work fine. sorry, I don't have iMovie or iDVD installed to test.
    Cheers, Ben "

    " Just applied 10.3.3 and my DVR-107D (in an external Firewire enclosure) still shows up in System Profiler as "DRDeviceSupportLevelUnsupported" (i.e., post-PatchBurn status). Maybe native support is enabled with an unhacked system?
    (he later wrote)
    After deleting the PatchBurn file from Library>DiscRecording>DeviceProfiles, my DVR-107D (external Firewire) now shows up in System Profiler as "Apple Supported/Shipped".
    Kurt "

    If using the Lacie profile - remember to also remove any copies in the (username)/library/DiscRecording/DeviceProfiles folder also. (Their readme file mentioned installing in either the root library directory or the user/library locations.)

    " So far so good, all is working great. I like having a ups preference panel under the energy saver preference pane, it even recognizes my aps model ups system and gives me the status and settings of it.

    As for my pioneer dvr-107d, the system profile shows the following:

    ATA-3 Bus:
    Manufacturer: PIONEER
    Model: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D
    Revision: 1.05
    Drive Type: CD-RW/DVD-RW
    Disc Burning: Apple Supported/Shipped

    I have not had a chance to use it yet, but it looks like it is fully supported now. I'll let you know if there are any problems. I deleted the patchburn II driver before the update, and then installed 10.3.3
    Jeff M. "

    " Seems to start up more quickly, and now recognises the pioneer 107D as burning supported/shipped. the drive must be in the next G5s??
    david J. "

    That's been my guess for some time now - waiting to see if that happens with the next rev G5s (with 90nm CPUs and perhaps a speed bump...)

    " Hi, I just got in today a DVR-107D I had ordered from OWC and installed it and updated to 10.3.3. ASP shows it as supported and I have not installed the LaCie profile or PatchBurn
    Brad "

    This is the only DVR-107D owner report so far that noted 10.3.3 didn't show it supported (I asked to make sure he had removed any Lacie or patchburn II profiles)

    " I have a Pioneer DVR-107D and I can tell you that it is NOT supported in 10.3.3. System profiler shows it as "Not Supported" for Disc Recording. (every other 107D owner reported native 10.3.3 support as shown above)
    Back to the hacked LaCie driver for me.
    (he later wrote)
    I've done a little more testing now, which gives even stranger results:
    I can burn DVD+Rs and CD-Rs fine from the Finder, and from iPhoto. iTunes will not recognize the burner though, nor will Disk Utility. I don't have iDVD to test. (even some unsupported drives will get a burn prompt in the finder which is why I asked to check iTunes burning prefs selection, etc. No idea why his 107D isn't supported though - others noted it was in 10.3.3.-Mike)
    I wonder if it has anything to do with the firmware version. I don't have a PC or external enclosure to flash with though.
    - kalleboo "

    USB Soundblaster MP3+ Comments/Tests:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " For a good while now, I've been using a Sound Blaster MP3+ USB sound "card". ($39.xx)
    It sounds better than the built-in sound out. However, it's unsupported and has no drivers, using a rudimentary set of generic USB audio drivers within OS X. That means that neither the digital or analog line in would work. Only the audio headphone jack and analog line out worked.

    Until now. After upgrading to 10.3.3, the sound Control panel now shows this:

    First, in the list of devices, all three inputs available on the Sound Blaster are now listed. Before, it was only listed as a single generic USB device. (Above "Line In" is the built-in Microphone of my iMac.)

    Also of note, on the "Output" tab, there is "USB Audio" which has always been there, and is what I usually have it on to use the Sound Blaster. The bootylicious difference is that the volume slider now works. Before 10.3.3, the slider and the Mute button where grayed out when going out through USB. The menubar slider works now also. Groovy.

    The Apple "Audio MIDI Setup" app in the Utilities folder also now recognizes and can manipulate the Sound Blaster.

    I have tried before to run audio into the Sound Blaster's inputs just to see what I'd get, and got nothing, nada. Now, when I have a sound source going into the Sound Blaster's analog audio in, and it's selected in the Sound Control Panel's Input tab, the meter accurately reflects the signal coming in, and is affected by the input level slider. Sweet!

    I have not tried any sound recording apps to actually hear the incoming stream, but the levels are reflected in the Sound Control Panel level meter, so the sound is definitely coming in. (I haven't any digital audio gear, so I cannot test the digital in/outputs. Soon, very soon. Especially now.)

    Only gotcha, hopefully solvable through software: I can't hear the stream coming in, i.e. it's not being mixed with the outgoing stream. (see below for more on this)

    What I want to do: The Sound Blaster is plugged into the USB on my G4 iMac. I wanna be able to play iTunes on my B&W G3, and run it's headphone out into the analog line-in on the Sound Blaster. Have that mix with the outgoing stream from the iMac, so I can, say, play UT on the iMac and hear UT as well as the iTunes music coming from my stereo, which is plugged into the analog line-out on the Sound Blaster.

    It seems doable, if only the Sound control panel had a "Play Through" widget like it did in OS 9. The "thru" box in the Audio MIDI Setup program does nothing.
    Nonetheless, this is very promising. Thanks Apple! Love ya babe.
    Drewstre "

    Another reader posted a suggestion for the input stream issue but Drewstre said it did not help.

    " To solve your stream not being heard with the outgoing stream (the input stream that is), have you tried checking the lefthand "thru" box? Enabling that (remember, on the LEFT panel), you should then hear the input along with any output. (using Apple Audio/Midi utility)
    - Chibi D."

    But Drewstre later posted he found a fix:

    " I got passthrough working. I grabbed Rogue Amoeba's free LineIn http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/ and like magic, once it's enabled and set to route the USB audio appropriately, I have music from the G3 playing through the Sound Blaster through the iMac. Now that's cool.

    At first I thought maybe the USB couldn't handle the simultaneous up/down streams, or maybe the Sound Blaster itself couldn't mix line in->host->line out with host->line out. But then I ran Sound Studio, and it was able to pass the audio via software (the hardware passthrough button was grayed out, hmmmmm) and it worked, so it was possible.

    I remembered apps like Audio Hijack and Detour that deal with rerouting audio streams, and hit their site. Booyah, their freebie LineIn, in combo with 10.3.3, gets the job did. Incoming stream mixed with game audio, out through USB to stereo.
    The Sound Blaster MP3+ can be had for minor dunkets ($39.xx) these days, and I believe its value to Mac owners has just increased.
    Evaluation of the digital ports is next on the list.
    Drewstre "

    Another SB MP3+ user wrote:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike, the 10.3.3 update enabled much improved support of Creative Labs' USB SoundBlaster MP3+ device.

    It worked well enough before, but now it's output is controllable from the Sound control panel and keyboard volume keys; the balance is also adjustable. (Before, there was a "there are no controls for this device" message) Also, now there are 3 separate input options for the device: Microphone, External Line Connector & External SPDIF Interface.

    I've been using it on my Dual 533 G4. It's about the same price as an iMic, but has many more inputs & output options, especially now.
    Joe "

    Divx User Notes/Tip:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mac OS X 10.3.3 update breaks DivX, VLC, MPlayerOSX. Divx encoded videos play but audio doesn't. If you have DivX.com's codec installed to play thru QuickTime, you hear nothing but distorded audio. VLC presents you with an coreaudio error. And in MPlayer's case, it just freezes.
    (he later wrote)
    Oh boy, that report I made is entirely false. The 10.3.3 update reset my output audio to Digital Out that's why I experienced the problem. Putting it back to "Internal Audio" solved my problem.
    Sherwin "

    Improved Safari (1.2.1):

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike, Upgraded to 10.3.3 tonight with the hope that it will improve the Windows networking and browsing and sometimes inability to see my USB memory stick. Everything is working well so far, but I'll know more tomorrow when I hook up to the networks at work.

    In the meantime Safari has been improved allowing me to view a couple more image web pages which used to come up blank. (1.2.1 was also to fix a security issue noted on the web recently that was not fixed in a previous security update)

    The big little item is that there is now an option in the System Preferences Keyboard & Mouse panel to switch the function keys from their defaults to actually being used as custom function keys without requiring that 'Fn' be held down first. This was a long lost feature from OS 9 whose lack made many programs more difficult to use. Hooray.
    -- Harold "

    Problem with Lacie Large Firewire Drives? (these 400/500GB models are two HDs in one case. However see the 2nd owner report noting no problems in 10.3.3. The reader with the problem later said running the 10.3.3 "COMBO" updater fixed it on two systems.)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " 10.3.3 cannot see, detect, load, or identify large fire wire hard disk volumes such as the LaCie 400 or 500 gig drives. Updating 3 of our G4 Dual 1.25 macs and non of them can find either our 400 gig or 500 gig LaCie firewire drives. They can all find and load it when reverting back to 10.3.2.

    Under 10.3.3 nothing can find them not even Disk Warrior 3.01 or disk utility. All updated using software control panel
    Art B. "

    Art later wrote:

    " I have been able to resolve (so far so good) the Lacie Big Disk issue with both the BigDisk 400 and the Big Disk 500 and the G4 Dual 1.25 tower and the dual G4 500 with the dual 1.2 gig upgrades.
    On the Big disk 500 gig unit attached to a dual G4 1.25 Mirrored door unit the issue was resolved by installing the 10.3.3 combo updater. (running the combo update is an old tip in the past that helped with some odd problems) Both Big Disks now work on this computer now the way they should, even after doing a permissions repair.

    I ran the combo updater on this machine too but it did not work on this G4 however. To fix that one I took more hints from other people's problems on your site and did this 1) found and deleted 3 preference files for a Kensington mouse that I used to use on that machine 2) upgraded my current Logitech mouse software to version 1.21
    Restarted and the Big Disk showed up instantly.
    Go figure.
    Art B.
    Canpro Inc. "

    Strange (not sure why the Logitech prefs would have affected the drive mounting.)

    Another lacie big drive owner reported no problems in 10.3.3.

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " I have a 500 GB Big Disk FW800 and have so far experienced zero problems accessing this drive after upgrading to 10.3.3.
    It's attached to the builtin FW400 port of a 2001 QuickSilver Dual 1 GHz G4...
    (I asked if the previous Lacie FW800 firmware update for panther was applied)
    The update was already applied to the drive when I got it brand new about a month ago; the updater informed me of such. "

    More G5 Owner Comments on Fan Control/Speeds:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike, This is the OS update I've been waiting for! Remember my submission to you a few months back concern the overheating of the G5 hard drives? (See Systems page G5 section for article on G5 HD cooling/sensor relocation.-Mike)
    Well, with 10.3.3 we finally have evidence that Apple has recognized they did in fact have a hard drive heat problem in the G5. If you remember I moved my drive bay sensor from the roof of the case to the rear of my G5 to better detect drive bay heat and thus force the drive bay fan to spin faster and provide adequate cooling. Well, now it appears that modification is no longer necessary, as Apple has provided for much better cooling in that bay with 10.3.3.

    At the time of my article, I predicted that Apple would probably produce a software update to reset the threshold temperature for the drive bay sensor in order to correct the overheating issue and avoid huge numbers of premature hard drive failures. Well, I can't say how many hard drive failed in the end, but they certainly took note of the problem, because 10.3.3. adjusts the threshold temp substantially as I predicted.

    Here's the new data: with my sensor still in the new (hotter) location, the fan now spins much faster and much louder. Originally, the sensor in its original location would never reached the threshold temp, so the fan never kicked in above a slow twirl. In the new location, the fan works moderately to hold a target 104 degree temp.

    Well, now the drive bay sensor has been reprogrammed for a much lower threshold to compensate for the poor original placement of the sensor. I've found that the new target threshold is about 87 degrees - 17 degrees lower than before! Clearly, Apple determined that the sensor in it's old location couldn't detect enough heat to cool the drives properly, so they lowered the threshold temp enough to force the drive bay fan to spin faster.

    Of course, this means that my fan is now spinning TOO fast since the sensor is still in the new location. By leaving it in the new location, I will simply get even better cooling (the drive are actually cool to the touch), but the drive bay fan is actually very loud and annoying, so I will likely return the sensor to the original location. Hooray!

    No doubt Apple probably saved a bunch of hard drives from premature failure in the coming hotter summer months.
    Steve "

    BTW - another reader sent a note Apple has released a G5 Fan Control Update for 10.2.7 and later (perhaps included in 10.3.3) at http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/fancontrolupdate.html

    Another Report on Keyboard Audio Volume Keys Not Working (with USB Speakers) (3 macs here with 10.3.3 work fine but I'm not using any USB speakers).

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike:
    Just read your reports to see if anyone else is experiencing what I am, and sue enough there was at least one report (below). But basically after upgrading to 10.3.3 on my TiBook 667 I have lost the ability to control the volume of USB speakers. With the speakers plugged in I either have full volume or mute. None of the software or keyboard volume controls have any affect other than the mute.
    Worst part is that if not muted the volume is at the max (they volume sliders graphics do not match the output as they seem to be functionless).

    If I detach the USB speakers the internal speaker and volume controls work as expected. I'm not using any special drivers or sound software of any sort. I tried all the usual suspects such as the Audi/Midi Utility, unplugging, etc but everything is set just fine and should work as it did before the upgrade.
    - Jeff "

    Another Volume keys/USB Speaker problem report:

    " Just updated my Quicksilver 2002 to 10.3.3, and instantly recognized that the volume key on the keyboard seems to be not working (except for the mute button).
    I wonder if others have the same problem. Regards, Taro
    (I replied I've not not seen this problem in 10.3.3 with a PB G4, Dual G5 or MDD G4. (all updated tonight). The G5 has two powered speakers connected to the headphone jack - others used the internal speaker(s) only so far.)
    I must add that the issue appears using USB connected stereo speaker (mine is Kenwood's, using Burr-Brown PCM2702 )
    The speaker installed in the mac is fine. "

    I suggested he check the Sound prefs output setting to see if the speakers are selected. (If there's any addon/3rd party audio drivers added there's always the chance they are not 10.3.3 compatible I guess.) Also sometimes unplugging/reconnecting a USB device can help. (The Apple Audio/Midi utility is another thing to check - see if the Audio for that USB port is set to 16bit vs. 8Bit.) None of these tips seemed to have helped.

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Hi mike, I just updated to 10.3.3 and now my iDisk access is very slow. Most of the time the finder just hangs up when I try to access the idisk and I have to force the computer to reboot (not even the force-quit dialog box or keystroke combinations work). I dont know if this is just my configuration or what, but I was able to access the idisk flawlessly before the 10.3.3 update, and now I cannot.
    -Christopher K.
    PowerMac G3 B&W (G4 at 600MHz upgraded)
    384MB RAM, 2x80GB Hard Drives, Radeon7000 PCI "

    iDisk has always been slow for me (maybe just heavy server loads when I used it - which was -very- rarely. As a FYI - I'd want more than 384MB of RAM with OS X though. (I like to have 512MB at least with OS X systems.)

    DVD Player Problems: (I don't see the problem here with an OEM/BTO 9800 Pro/G5 or PB G4/17in Radeon 9600 mobility, but do see blocky artifacts in DVD movies with a retail 9800 Pro card in a MDD G4 system. Copying the DVD Player v3.2 from a 10.2.8 volume solved it.
    Update: on April 15th, 2004 ATI released a "Hotfix" for the DVD player issues in 10.3.3 with 9700/9800 Pro cards. See http://www.ati.com/support/infobase/4539.html))

    This retail 9800 Pro owner said the DVD player 4.0 blocks/artifacts are not seen in DVD player 3.2.

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " QS upgraded Giga 1.33MHz/1.12RAM/2WD80GBHD/Retail ATI 9800 Pro/19inCRT
    DVD Player 4.0 displays occasional video blocks. I downgraded to DVD Player 3.2 (from OS X 10.2.8), no blocks yet.
    Everything else appears good!
    Bob "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Dear Mike,
    The DVD also seems to be having a problem after the 10.3.3 update: the picture shows frequent blocky images. First time ever to see such a glitch with MAC OS X update.
    Thx, Taro "

    I just tested a Dual G4 MDD system with retail 9800 pro and 10.3.3 (Using Raiders of the Lost Ark WS DVD) and see the problem (blocks appear in playback frequently). My 9800 Pro retail card has a ROM version of 113-A07525-114. I don't see the problem with an OEM/BTO 9800 Pro in a G5 system (or a PB G4 w/9600 mobility graphics chip).

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " After installing 10.3.3 on my Pismo G3/500 my DVD Player does not work, all I get is a green screen/window where the video should be, the audio plays as normal.
    Regards, John C.

    Although some others reported DVD player problems (below), it seems ok in a quick test with a DVD movie in my Dual G5/9800 Pro OEM card.

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike, I am using a PowerMac Dual 1 GHz system with a Radeon 9800 (retail) card as well as a Revolution PCI card (with the latest drivers). I have tried 2 different DVDs and blocking artifacts appear in each one when played through DVD Player. I turned off Norton Autoprotect since it was using quite a bit of CPU time. I also rebooted. So far nothing has worked. Maybe the ATI folks have some ideas.
    Thanks, Steve "

    Another 10.3.3 user also reported DVD Player issues:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " So 4.0 was released with 10.3.3 and ive just finished writing on an apple forum about this issue. I'm having this problem and apparently so are a few others. It is: DVDs are playing choppily or we are being told by the app that the discs are damaged.
    I have a led zepellin dvd (the second disc) with In My Time of Dying on it. Yesterday, the track played fine, today at the end of it, in the same place each time, it gets choppy and then reports the disc must be damaged. This would make sense except for the fact that the disc is less than a week old and when held under a light is clearly prestine. Can people check out a dvd or something to see if they encounter this problem?
    -eli "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " after updating the "DVD Player" does not work any more (no valid DVD drive found [-70012]). I use a Cube with internal CD-RW and an external Sony DRU-500.
    After the update the version number of DVD Player is still 4.0.
    Before the update I was able to launch the DVD player without problems (and play DVDs from the external drive or such stored to my hard drive).
    The Jaguar patch (for external drive support) does not work for Panther :(
    YE "

    With an internal DVD compatible drive the player didn't need any patches in the past but without one it did. (there was an older tip long ago about mounting a toast disc image to enable external DVD player drive support, but I can't remember the details now.)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike: I wanted to share some initial observations about 10.3.3 in the hopes it might help others in making the decision as to whether or not they should upgrade their Macs to the latest-n-greatest...

    Earlier today, I installed 10.3.3. First, I installed it on my single 1.8GHz G5 which I use at work. Installation went without a hitch. I haven't had time to play with it (as the download came in just as I was about to leave for the evening), but will continue to monitor it over the course of the next few weeks. Incidentally, my previous record uptime (under 10.3.2) was 21 days without a reboot on that machine.

    Installation also appeared to be smooth on my wife's Pismo 400 MHz G3 laptop. Having had a chance to play with it shortly after the update was installed, I could feel that the machine had a bit more responsiveness to it than with 10.3.2 (which wasn't too shabby either). Faster video redraws and general window manipulation were definitely noticeable.

    Where I did encounter problems with 10.3.3 was with my Dual 2GHz G5 (my current workhorse). It took three installation attempts before the OS was installed. (odd, the Dual G5 here updated without a hitch-Mike) The first two resulted in a strange error that resulted from improper permissions on a folder under /tmp/, which I thought was rather odd. (Perhaps I should have run a disk utility program to fix permissions before running the update?) A dialog box notified me of this error, and the Software Update program cleanly quit without installing the update. This happened twice.

    The third (and final) attempt rewarded me with the thermometer reaching the optimization phase, achieving 99% completeness and staying there for over 10 minutes without any further progress. I force-quit the software update, rebooted the Mac, and came up in 10.3.3. I immediately ran Onyx to re-prebind the OS and fix permissions, etc., then follwed that up with rebooting the Mac.

    Things are now running great on the Dual 2GHz G5 (1.5 GB of RAM), I'm happy to report. The OS feels a lot more responsive overall. A few apps have 'unexpectedly quit', such as Kung Log, but it's still to early to tell what effect the OS update will have on the rest of my applications. Fan noise appears to have gone up slightly, too, under 10.3.3.
    Keep up the terrific work!
    Stay 'tooned,
    Creator of "The PC Weenies" Cartoon
    http://www.pcweenies.com "

    Lexar Cardreader Problem:

    Update: One of the readers that reported a problem with his Lexar Jumpdrive CF reader after the 10.3.3 update sent a screen capture of chat comments with Lexar tech support about the problem. Basically Lexar said they discovered a problem with 10.3.3 and their Safe Guard software for the Jumpdrive Secure reader - an updated version solved the problem.

    " Hi Mike, I just noticed that Lexar has posted the updated OS X 10.3.3 driver for their JumpDrive that we have been discussing recently. It is on the page you referenced on your web site (http://www.lexarmedia.com/drivers/index.html), but it's somewhat hard to find. It is not listed under the "USB JumpDrive" heading where you might expect to find it. However, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a heading for "Safeguard". The download is titled "Product:SafeGuard 1.0 Mac OS 10.3.3 Updater".

    After opening this disk image file and beginning the installation process, you'll find that you have the "Lexar STUC driver 1.0.6", which I described in an earlier email. For anyone interested in the details, the file installed is a Lexar kernel extension (IOSCSILexarCommandsDevice.kext) file which gets installed inside of the System/Extensions folder.
    Best Regards, Bob "

    Previous problem reports follow:

    (added 3/18/2004)
    " I read your report from 3/16/2004 (below) about Lexar readers not working anymore. I have a Powerbook 800MHz with 10.3.3, and the only problem with the update is that my 1Gb Lexar 40x card will no longer mount with the bundled "Jump Shot" card reader.
    I don't have another card reader to test, but it does show up in the system profiler just as the other contributer said. Once the card is inserted, the green light flashes and the hard drive clicks but the card no longer mounts. On 10.3.2 and earlier it would mount almost immediately.
    I have no USB hub, and it was working just prior to update. As you might guess, this is a major inconvenience...

    I'd write Lexar to see if they are aware of this problem or have any suggestions. (I wonder if like the Acard IDE card problem - if there is some other installed extension/driver that is causing this problem.)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " my lexar reader isn't mounting any more... sounds like a personal problem, I know... But seriously, I'm not seeing the 1gb card that the reader came with.
    Curiously enough, the reader is seen in the profiler..

    USB Bus: 
      Vendor Name: Apple Computer, Inc. 
      Product ID: 32773 ($8005) 
      Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec 
      Bus Power (mA): 500 
      Product ID: 37144 ($9118) 
      Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec 
      Bus Power (mA): 500 
      Vendor ID: 1452 
    CF  CARD: 
      Vendor Name: LEXAR MEDIA 
      Product ID: 129 ($81) 
      Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec 
      Serial Number: 1101312338919 
      Bus Power (mA): 500 
    USB Receiver: 
      Vendor Name: Logitech 
      Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec 
      Product ID: 50443 ($c50b) 
      Bus Power (mA): 500 
    Studio Display: 
      Speed: Up to 1.5 Mb/sec 
      Product ID: 37400 ($9218) 
      Bus Power (mA): 500 
      Vendor ID: 1452 

    Go figger that one!
    (I've seen some USB problems in the past fixed by just disconnecting/reconnecting the device - but that may not help in this case. Also asked if the reader was connected through a HUB (if so try connecting it directly to the Mac.))
    I tired it on my PBG4 too, no luck. I did unplug/replug it a couple times. It's formatted fat16 I think from the camera. "

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Just a word from the frontline ...
    7600 with Sonnet G4 800, 16 MB ATI, RATOC USB/FW card and Acard ATA 66.
    10.3.3 goes on just fine using the Remarkable Ryan's XPostFacto 3.0a.

    First boot did not hit the desktop but clearing the PRAM and rebooting from XPostFacto worked just fine. Nothing obvious broken.

    The Ratoc card recognised and working, Toast and Dragon burn recognise a Lite-On DVDRW LDW-451S in a LaCie case. Apple System Profiler sees it as a LaCie CDRW.

    Patchburn II breaks and on trying to re-install crashes out with a NilObjectException error messages, so Disk Utility cannot burn. (this is the first report I remember on 10.3.3 problems with Patchburn II - some readers used it to reinstall a profile under 10.3.3, but they were using more modern macs. Some users of earlier 10.3.x versions saw that error also - mentioned on the patchburn II reports page here.-Mike) However, it does read CDs and DVDs (but not play them back ... DVD player doe snot see a valid - External - drive).

    Safari reads as 1.2.1 (v125.1), Mail as 1.3.4 (v614/613),
    Disk Utility also balks at verifying disks,
    InCrease still works for Stanford Edu's Folding CLI client - big shout for Team MacOS X,
    Network SF still shows ethernet cable as unplugged when it is plugged and works. Appletalk Off and File Menu still saying Open despite what they say!

    I think that my big disappointment is that the *visual* aspect of networking is still unclear and unnecessarily confusing - especially to non-techies ... Can they really not separate user's Homes with HD to use different icons, colours or spacial references. How many times do I hear folk being confused about all these places to chose ... Why!!! This is the least *Mac* bit of OS X. Everyone says to me that Chooser was *much* better.

    Speed Run down 3 points - down across the board except for RAM which was up hugely to 689 from 639

                        10.3.3   10.3.2
    Graphics    - 16            20
    Hard Drive - 163         206
    Processor  - 200         217
    RAM           - 689         639
    Total            267        271

    No real world tests.
    Crazy I know ... but not bad for a 8 year old machine.
    One day will buy a new Machine ... Maybe.
    John A. "

    Acard 6280M PCI Card Reports: (Updated for more reports I asked each of the readers for their card firmware versions in case that is a factor, although since it was working in 10.3.2 I'd suspect drivers usually - but like many OS X issues, this one isn't 100% common from all users. There's some other factor/difference in the various user configs/systems that is a cause. For those that send reports - also note if your drives are running OS X RAID mode or not.)

    TIP for Acard IDE Card/10.3.3 Problems: For the few readers that had problems with an Acard IDE card after the 10.3.3 update - did you install any AVID software in the past? Or did you install any 3rd party SCSI device driver?

    Here's a tip from an Acard owner that solved his problem with the Acard drives mounting after the 10.3.3 update:

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I thought this would help... writing back about my ACARD (IDE Card - seen as SCSI) issues and maybe other SCSI card issues after upgrading to 10.3.3.
    I have a ACARD 6880M card with stripe (RAID) 0 setup (two 80GB drives), after upgrading to 10.3.3, it disappeared , same with all my SCSI drives connected to ADAPTEC 29160 card. the drivers for those card are all up-to-date. Tried different things (repair permissions.....) didn't help.

    Finally looking into the extensions folder, tried to find any sort of conflict. Deleted two extensions (Avid_SCSI.kext and Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext) from installing AVID DV EXPRESS (also installed by some other Avid software versions) and rebooted.
    Everything is fine now. All my drives came back.

    Note these files are also installed by other Avid software (not just the free version.) If anyone that reported a problem in 10.3.3 with an Acard based card finds this helps (removing a 3rd party SCSI driver), let me know. (Ditto if it helps with any SCSI problems.)

    Update - one of the Acard owners that reported problems after the 10.3.3 update (no drives mounted) replied to this tip that he had installed AVID software and removing its SCSI drivers solved the problem:

    "I have Avid Xpress Pro 4.1.1 and sure enough removing both Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext and Avid_SCSI.kext returned the (Acard IDE card connected) drives to my desktop.
    Thanks very much for the tip, Mike.
    Regards, Monte"

    Not everyone that had the problem said they had installed Avid software but I asked them to check for other 3rd party SCSI device drivers that may also be a factor in their problems.

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Mike, I have 3 Beige machines with G4 upgrades, each running 10.3.3, by the grace of XPostFacto (v3). Each machine has an ACARD based adapter, one a retail 6280M SIIG (ATP865-7 chip, firmware 2.15), and two hacked ACARD 6880 PC cards (ATP865-3 chips, one with firmware 2.15, the other with firmware 2.44). Two machines have both channels connected to drives with multiple partitions and versions of MacOS, the third machine has one drive connected with multiple partitions. Each has a combo USB/Firewire and R7000 based video card.

    Prior to 10.3.3 and XPostFacto 3.0a14 there existed a SCSI mounting bug that would cause random partition mounting failure, or a no boot condition. Starting in Verbose mode would make startup more reliable, but not foolproof. Adding Apple Developer USB drivers coupled with Verbose booting made startup reliable.

    Prior to XPostFacto 3.0a14 I was able to try a beta version of 10.3.3 (7F32) on an external firewire drive. Booting became 100% reliable with the new code, apparently fixing the SCSI mounting bug.

    Using 10.3.2 with XPostFacto 3.0a14 also fixed the SCSI mounting bug (no more Verbose booting).
    Now with 10.3.3, all the household Frankenmacs boot reliably.

    The only remaining anomaly with the ACARDs is that each non-boot partition shows up as ejectable in the Finder Toolbar (Sidebar). You can toggle the hard drives in and out of view by selecting / deselecting "Hard Disks" in the Finder Preferences Sidebar dialog, which is as expected. However, the hard drives will appear on the desktop independent of the Finder Preferences General dialog "Hard Disk" selection, but will toggle in and out of view when changing the "CDs, DVDs, and iPods" selection. This feature is Panther specific. I just leave the drives in view on the desktop all the time. Hopefully our "missing" drive problems can be explained by something as simple as this.
    Hope this wasn't too boring. Thanks for all your help. Bob S. "

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I own a B&W G3 with powerlogix G4 600 (overclocked) and SIIg Ultra ATA 100 (Acard 6280M). I have installed 10.3.3 and now the computer doesn't boot anymore (it asks me to reboot just after the apple logo appears). Obviously my boot disk is attacched to the PCI ATA card.
    I have then tried to put this HD in the internal ATA, but it still doesn't work. Data is not lost, because booting from an old HD (with 10.3 installed) everything is OK and I see all the HDs.

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " I have a 1.25Ghz MDD Mac with 1.25 Gig and an ACARD 6280M IDE card with two drives on it, no RAID.
    I had no problems at all with the 10.3.3 install.
    I DID repair permissions prior to the install as a precaution.
    Thank you Apple
    Michael W."

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Regarding the ATA IDE Acard 6280M , i wantto share my exp/problems with 10.3.3. I installed 10.3.3 yesterday morning.

    I have an Acard 6280M with 4 disk hooked. 2x120GB as master and two 40GB as slave.
    My main boot sytem disk is on the first 120GB Master. I have a 9.2.2 sys on the slave of the other channel.
    I experienced the failure twice, first yesterday, and today morning.

    My config:
    G3 Beige rev1, Sonnet G4-1Ghz, 768Mo, Acard 6280M
    Panther 10.3.3 et Classic 9.2.2, OrangeMicro USB (DeskJet 940C, ScanJet 5300C, Palm)+ FireWire iSight et HD40, RadŽon 7000 Mac Edition, ADSL partage Eci B-Focus Ethernet, Switch Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA, Ibook Bleu + PS2, Boitier et Alim MoyenTour ATX.

    While surfing, I had a finder freeze, no way to go to the force quit option. I had to restart (Apple-Control-Start) . OpenFirmware boot option from XpostFacto is inoperant and the system end up booting under OS9.2.2

    Both channel one disk are offline for the OS9 finder and other disk utilities.
    Same thing today.

    In order to regain authority on my Acard, I had to shut down and perform a cold start.

    I performed a check and the disk affected seems to be OK (structure and permissions).

    The (6280M card) firmware is the latest 2.14
    The disk where formated via Apple disk util when hooked to the Acard.
    I reinstalled the Acard 1.5.2 driver update after the second crash. All seems OK for the moment but I'm waiting.
    Marc "

    Although one reader (previously) said reinstalling the Acard 1.5.2 driver in 10.3.3 didn't help - if anyone else with an Acard problem in 10.3.3 tries that and it does help - let me know.

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " Mike; No problems with my SIIG ATA PCI card.
    I have a SIIG Ultra ATA 133/100 Model CN2490 (not the RAID card) Firmware 2.14. (this is a rebranded Acard 6280M card) It has only one drive attached, a Seagate 200GB that is currently my OS 10.3.3 boot. Update was fine with no problems and I can still boot with the drive. I also have a 40gb (Maxtor) and 80gb (Maxtor) on the internal IDE bus and a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D (completely recognized by system and apps)

    Name:	ACARD,6280M
       Type:	scsi
       Bus:	PCI
       Slot:	SLOT-4
       Vendor ID:	0x1191
       Device ID:	0x0009
       Subsystem Vendor ID:	0x1191
       Subsystem ID:	0x0009
       Revision ID:	0x0006

    Quicksilver 2001 800MHz DP, 1.12 GB SDRAM, GeForce4 MX
    Excellent site, I visit everyday.

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " the Acard issue is not as simple as it sounds.
    I fear I lost data on my SIIG (acard chipset) ATA 133 card.
    I had two drives on one bus, and two more drives on the other bus of the card (I THINK they were on the card at that point, but they may have been on the system bus -- I've been up all night working on it and I can't remember) but I've since moved my working bus of two drives to the IDE card, and the non-working 2 drives to the system bus. I've tried just about every possible combination. I've even plugged the now non-working drives into an oxford chipset and it's still not recognized. OS 9 does not recognize them.

    When I have both problem drives plugged in to the same bus, the OS asks me what to do with this no filesystems disk. Once it told me the capacity was >600GB, the other it recognized one of the drives, and told me it fixed it. it lied.
    I really need that data from at least one of the drives!! ---Alex
    (He later wrote in reply to my original comments below this post.)
    In answer to the question on your page of reports, I formatted all 4 disks with the OS X drive utility. Each disk has now been at one time or another the master or slave of it's bus, the busses have been swapped with both channels on the card, the onboard ATA and a firewire drive.
    Now I'm just praying for a utility that will be able to repair the directory that diskwarrior will not. "

    BTW - If those 2 drives were originally formatted on the onboard IDE bus with OS 9's drive setup - they will not mount if moved to the acard IDE card. (if formatted in OS X's disk utility they usually will.) I asked Alex if he had ever updated the firmware of the card (since 2 reports of all ok and 2 not - I just wonder if the firmware in the card could be a factor - but maybe not.)
    The first problem report on this card follows (below are 2 OK reports however)

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " Mike, I'm using an ACard 6280M PCI UltraATA card on a Blue & White PowerMac G3 (PowerLogix 900MHz G3). The startup drive is attached to the PCI card and a second hard drive is attached to the internal ATA bus. Both drives are recognized without problem - no different than with OS X 10.3.2. I know one of your readers (Jason) reported (earlier report below) that his ACard-connected drives are not mounting, but I do not see the issue here.
    Cadaver "

    NOTE: Jason later wrote that the tip on removing Avid SCSI extensions (from a previous Avid software install) solved the problem. (see his updated report below)

    Another 6280M owner noted no problems running 10.3.3 server:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " I have an Acard 6280M in a Blue & White with a Sonnet G4/500 upgrade in it. I have upgraded to 10.3.3 Server with no problems. It is the only hard drive installed and it works fine after the update.
    Douglas T.
    Here is a copy from the ASP report:
      Name:	ACARD,6280M
      Type:	scsi
      Bus:	PCI
      Slot:	J11
      Vendor ID:	0x1191
      Device ID:	0x0009
      Subsystem Vendor ID:	0x1191
      Subsystem ID:	0x0009
      Revision ID:	0x0006

    (I asked Douglas if he had ever updated the firmware in the card.)
    I received the Acard about 6 months ago, installed it and have not touched it since. I popped open the case and the Bio's information is on the card It is Version 2.14. Anything else please let me know! "

    The first reader report on the 6280M card (and only one so far) that noted a problem:

    (added 3/16/2004)
    " 10.3.2 has been working fine on my Dual 1 GHz QS G4 with 768 MB RAM. I also have 3 internal HD's hooked up to an ACARD brand 6280 PCI ATA/133 card. After installing 10.3.3, the drives no longer show up on my desktop, and are not listed in Disk Utility either. System Profiler recognizes the PCI card, and the drives are listed as being on the SCSI bus (which is normal, the ACARD mimics SCSI even though the drives are ATA), but there doesn't seem to be any way to mount the drives. Even after repairing permissions and reinstalling the ACARD 1.5.2 drivers, still nothing...
    I'm just about 100% sure the data is all still good, it just seems that 10.3.3 breaks the ACARD drivers. If it means anything, the partitions that were attached to the ACARD were always shown as removable volumes (with an eject icon next to them) in the Panther sidebar on 10.3.0-10.3.2. Anyone else having problems?

    (Update: Jason replied the tip posted in the 3/17/2004 news page (removing the 2 Avid SCSI extensions) solved his problem)

    (added 3/18/2004)
    "Mike, That did it! I never did install Avid Free DV because of other documented problems, but I did have Avid Express DV 3.5 installed on my system. Never used it though, in favor of FCP, and now it goes in the trash.
    For other readers with similar problems, here's the deal: (a repeat of the same info/tip post)
    there are 2 files installed in /Macintosh HD (or other renamed boot disk)/System/Library/Extensions/ called Avid_SCSI_RBC.kext & Avid_SCSI.kext. Pulling these two files out of the Extensions folder solves the issue.
    Unless running as root, the user will need to authenticate to move these files. I guess the ball is now in Avid's court to fix the problem, not Acard's. I'll forward them the same info. Thanks for all your help!
    Jason "

    (reports added 3/15/2004 follow)

    " Just wanna let you know that OS X 10.3.3 still doesn't support the NEC ND-2500A 8x dual-format DVD writer. (I saw the same thing here - so I reinstalled the Lacie profile again.)
    DVD Player under OS X 10.3.3 can now play DVD movies burnt unto DVD+R media though. Very nice since all of my DVD movie backups are on DVD+Rs. :-)
    ~Henjie "

    After the court ruling, I picked up a copy of the original DVDXcopy for $19.95 at a local Best Buy and a DVD+R backup of one of my DVDs from it now plays in 10.3.3, where it would not in 10.3.2. (never made it to the into "backup" screen under 10.3.2).

    Safari 1.2.1 Tabs Problem: (not sure this is common though)

    " I want to thank you for taking reports in regards to the 10.3.3 update. I have contacted you in the past after system updates and your help has always been greatly appreciated.
    I applied the update a couple of hours ago and I have not been able to test all features as of yet. I am experiencing a major problem with Safari after this update. Safari seemed to be working properly at first, but the application is now having a major malfunction.

    I generally browse with several windows opened with tabs created in a folder of bookmarks. The web pages open as normal and seemed to be fine. I had four or five windows open with their respective tabs all opened. This is normal for the way I use Safari.

    I was working in a window, and was refreshing one of the tabs in the middle of the list. Suddenly this window lost all of it's open tabs, except for the first tab opened in this window. Safari did not act as if it was closing each tab, one-by-one, suddenly the window just had one open page. At first I thought I had just opened a new window by mistake. I closed this window, and I soon found out that this was the original window, but had lost all of the open tabs.

    By now I could see the other open windows, (which had all had many open tabs also). All of these windows had also lost all of their previously open tabs except for the first tab opened in each window.

    I do not know what is causing this, and would really appreciate any information or ideas you have for fixing this problem.
    I look forward to hearing from you. I hope this information is helpful to you.
    Thank you very much!
    Michael N. "

    I don't use Safari that way but so far have seen no problems with 10.3.3/Safari 1.2.1. If any other reader has seen problems like this or has a suggestion, let me know.

    G5 AppleOnBoardAudio.kext problem fixed (never saw this problem where with my Dual G5 though)

    (added 3/17/2004)
    " 10.3.3 Actually works on my G5 which was one that suffered from 10.3.2 AppleOnBoardAudio.kext problem.

    The system fans on the G5 are spinning a little faster in idle mode, however dont seem to spin up as much under heavy load. Before it sounded like a jet under 100% CPU (Dual 2ghz).

    G4 Cube 10.3.3 fixed a problem where my GeForce3 would blink a LOT during boot when QE was enabled (Blue screen before boot window, where it usually flashes once)
    Stacy P. "

    (added 3/15/2004)
    " Hi, Mike. At least one thing was fixed in this Panther update. On my 2x2 G5 there's no longer the need to replace the AppleOnboardAudio.kext file with the pre-10.3.2 version. No more freezes. This fix is not documented by Apple, I don't think. I don't see it mentioned anywhere. (I never had this problem personally on a Dual G5 here, but not using any addon audio devices other than some powered speakers using the headphone jack.)

    One thing that they did mention is the improved fan performance in the G5. I was beginning to think that I would have to take mine in because the fan(s) seem to be getting louder and developing strange noises. Now, after the update, those sounds are gone... just the normal purr audible when you come up really close.
    Tony A.
    TLC Graphics "

    " Just a sad FYI to pass on to you...
    After installing 10.3.3 and removing the custom Patchburn driver, my Plextor PX708A drive is still "Not Supported." (sigh) It's really too bad Apple doesn't add support for the current crop of high speed burners... it's not like there are a ton of them. :-)
    Manufacturer: PLEXTOR
    Model: PLEXTOR DVDR PX-708A
    Revision: 1.06
    Drive Type: CD-RW/DVD-RW
    Disc Burning: Not Supported
    Scott "

    I was hoping for native burn support for the NEC ND-2500A also but tests here (after removing the Lacie profile) show 10.3.3 still has no native burn support.

    First G5 Owner Comments on Fans (see above for other G5 owner reports noting improved fan support/HD cooling)

    " Machine: Dual 2.0 GHz G5, 2.5 Gig RAM ATI Radeon 9600 Pro

    I have moved the heat sensor by the hard drives as described on your site (article from last fall on the Systems page, G5 section), in order to allow the sensor to properly read the temperature. Other than that, the machine is unmodified. The machine has successfully been running cooler since I moved the sensor.

    Just installed 10.3.3, after opening Photoshop and doing a small amount of image processing, the fans have kicked on and are spinning LOUDLY. The machine now sounds like my old Dual 867 G4.

    I've shut down all programs, the fans have not returned to their normal, quiet running state. I've also shut the computer down and used ThermographX to monitor the temperatures of the various sensors. The fans seem to slowly ramp up to full throttle as the U3 Heatsink reaches 138 degrees - after that temperature they stay on permanently. It hasn't dropped below that temperature yet, so I'm not sure if the fans will quiet down when it does. I doubt it will run below that temperature anyway.
    Joe R "

    I've not noticed any worse fan behavior with the Dual G5 and 10.3.3 here (so far). I asked Joe if he had disabled NAP mode using CHUD tools (which makes the fans into high gear sooner than if NAP mode is enabled in my experience, but frequently used in the past to silence the G5's PS "squealing/chirping" noises.) He later wrote he wasn't disabling NAP mode (had never read the page on CHUD Tools/Nap mode fix for G5 PS Squealing/Chirping here.)

    " Everything seems fixed with 10.3.3. I had one of the evil 10.3.2/Dual 2.0ghz G5's that had a spinning beach ball of death when i opened system preferences.
    Crossing my fingers...
    Greg "

    USB Printing to Xerox 3550B Fixed:

    " The update fixed a problem I had with USB printing and a Xerox 3550B printer. It would hang when you send multiple jobs to the printer. It now works correctly. I have sent multiple jobs and it has printed everything perfectly.
    Also, it seems to print much faster when printing with Postscript 3.
    Russ "

    " hi there, running 10.3.3 on a G4 533 DP, Radeon 32mb, Firmtek S-ATA controller, Digidesign AudioMedia3 pci card, 768mb RAM. Everything still works.
    My main app ProTools LE 6.2.3, still works. other apps tested: Virtual PC 6.1 (win98), RealBasic, Toast 5.2... no problems.
    david "

    " seems to run very smoothly on an upgraded (500 MHz G4 w/Radeon 7000) Beige G3 (courtesy of XPostFacto)
    Dick "

    On two 10.3.3 updated systems I'm initially seeing what appears to be a repeat of the slow startup issue seen with 10.3.2 (where it almost stalls at the 'starting login window' status message - FAQ here has past tip to fix that which I have not tried yet with 10.3.2.) I'll reboot a few more times to see if it's a cache issue.
    BTW: The ATI extensions and Nvidia HALs all showed v1.3.8 and 3/7/04 dates per ASP

    If any other readers have seen fixes (or problems) with 10.3.3, let me know the details. Thanks.

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