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Reader Reports on OS X 10.3.5
Posted: 8/10/2004
Reports last Updated: 9/13/2004 (G5 firmware update for sleep issue)

Here's the info from Apple's SU (read reports below however)

" The 10.3.5 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and is recommended for all users.
Key enhancements include:
  • improved support for NTFS formatted volumes
  • improves reliability for user logins and mounting of home directories in a networked environment
  • updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
  • improved Bluetooth compatibility for Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and Bluetooth phones
  • additional FireWire and USB device compatibility
  • improved font management
  • updated Mail and Image Capture applications
  • improved compatibility for third party applications
  • previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n25791
For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website: http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n61798"

I welcome feedback on 10.3.5 (if you find it fixes or breaks anything) let me know. Include system info and details on any 3rd party software/hardware in reports. Thanks.

Here's some links to downloads of updaters/combo updates. (Just in case - a common tip for odd problems with updates is to reapply a "Combo" updater.)

I've updated two machines here and so far they seem fine, but if anyone finds 10.3.5 fixes, improves or breaks anything - let me know. Include system info and details on any 3rd party software/hardware in reports. Thanks.

Summary of Specific Problem Reports/Tips and Improvements:

NOTE: As in the past, some have noted that odd problems were fixed by using the "Combo" updater (see download links above) and the usual repair the disk/disk permissions, clearing caches or even a PMU rest.)

  • Several notebook owners reported that 512MB SODIMMs were reported as 256MB in 10.3.5 (some noted it was intermittent - one reader said about 1 in 10 reboots would show the correct 512MB size, another said his two OEM 256MB sodimms would sometimes have one stop being recognized while using the OS - bizarre.)
  • Many reports on different Memory module type/timing (by ASP) in 10.3.5 vs 10.3.4. (For instance PC133 vs PC100, CL3 vs CL2, etc.)
  • At least 2 readers with Firewire drive mounting problems said a PMU reset helped.
  • For those with Disk Images not mounting, Repairing Permissions (from disk utility) was said to help (2 readers reported that) Also in general reapplying the Combo Update is a common tip for odd problems with the delta/software updater.
  • USB (broadband) Modem kernel panics
  • Many Single G5 1.8GHz owners reported not being able to deep sleep the system after the 10.3.5 update. (apple forum thread also on this) Resetting the PMU, combo updater reinstalls, Repairing Permissions, clearing caches, etc. has not helped per owner reports. Apple posted a kbase doc Mac OS X 10.3.5: Power Mac G5 1.8 GHz computer fans run in sleep mode.
    *Update* (9/13/2004) Apple posted a Apple PowerMac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update 5.1.5f1 to address this problem.
  • Sonnet's cache enabler extension for their 745x G4 upgrades (G4/700-1GHz ZIF and CPU card models) causes kernel panics/hangs after booting to 10.3.5. (See info below on beta update and how to remove it. Using Powerlogix's CPU Director software with this upgrade also avoids the problem.)
  • Some Firewire drive problems
  • DVD Player artifacts with 9700/9800 ATI radeons fixed

Reader Reports on 10.3.5: (most recent first except for replies/updates to previous reports.) I welcome feedback on 10.3.5 (if you find it fixes or breaks anything) let me know. Include system info and details on any 3rd party software/hardware in reports. Thanks.

Apple PowerMac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update 5.1.5f1 (for sleep issue w/10.3.5) (from a reader mail at appx 9PM on 9/13/2004)

" Apple fixes the G5 1.8 SP Sleeping issue... Finally.
After a month of powering down my machine Apple fix the issue with a firmware update.
Note to the firmware, I've seen a few people say it does not work.

When I did the update, I first made my machine sleep from the Apple menu, but when I tried to sleep from the button, nothing worked. I opened up the Energy Saver settings and under options I noticed the"Allow power button to sleep computer" was no longer selected, once that was selected again everything worked like it used to a month ago.
-Andre R.
Related links:

  • Apple PowerMac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update 5.1.5f1 (kbase doc/download)
  • Apple forum thread on G5 uniprocessor firmware update "
  • Apple previously posted a Kbase doc on the sleep issue that many single 1.8GHz G5 owners reported after the 10.3.5 update (many reports below and at apple's forums in the past).

    Changes in Apple System Profiler Reported Memory Timing/Type:

    Another Powerbook owner reporting memory size reporting problems (even with OEM memory from apple apparently)

    (added 8/26/2004)
    "I have a pb 1.25 ghz 15.2" with the stock 2x256 DIMMS from when I bought it. I have been dealing with the memory issue since i upped to 10.3.5.

    The hardware test gave me the error that others have posted about the lower slot not being recognized.

    I have popped open the ram and switched them around repeatedly. When I reboot, it goes back to 512mb and then after about 10 minutes or so, the system hangs, and when I check, sure enough it says "256 mb."

    I'm taking it in to apple tomorrow. I just moved and I can't find my damn install discs.
    Alan P. "

    See father down for more separated reports on memory size errors - where some 512MB SODIMMs were reported as 256MB in 10.3.5 also.

    (added 8/19/2004)
    Beige G3/500 MT Rev A 10.3.5
    768MB RAM 3 x PC100 256MB (125 MHz, 8 ns) CL2 Crucial

    System Profiler shows a single line -
    Memory Slot Size: 768 MB Type: unknown Speed: unknown

    Doesn't even report that there are three slots and 256MB in each.
    Gregory "

    Bizarre... I asked if he tried a reinstall of a combo updater (and the usual troubleshooting tips/repairs, etc.) Panther (10.3) doesn't officially support the Beige G3 (won't install on one w/o Xpostfacto) I guess 10.3.5's reporting/ASP is really buggy on some older system configurations.

    (added 8/19/2004)
    Mike, I have a G3 FireWire PowerBook (pismo) with 2 512MB DIMMs. Prior to installing 10.3.5, both DIMMs showed up as PC100-222.
    After installing 10.3.5, one of them now shows up as PC133-333 and the other as PC100-222S. I haven't noticed any performance difference, but I thought I'd pass this information along.
    Regards, Jeff "

    (added 8/19/2004)
    Mike, Thanks for the site. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have referred back to the site just for old news archives. Definately one of the best (if not the best) hardware sites on the internet for the mac.

    The following is for a 15" Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz, 768MB RAM, 10.3.5, Boot ROM Version: 4.8.6f0

    I have found under 10.3.5 that I have had no degredation in performance over 10.3.4. I also have found that my memory upgrade (corsair 512MB) is also reporting its full amount of memory, as well as benchmarking negligibly the same. The only major difference between 10.3.4 and 10.3.5 was the "text" benchmark under "Quartz Graphics Test" in XBench -- in
    10.3.4 it was "224.06 3.65 Kchars/sec"
    10.3.5 it was "347.21 5.66 Kchars/sec"

    Hope this may help others. I may also mention that I have recently reset the PMU and PRAM (in hopes of alieviating the "hissing" noise common in these powerbook AL's)
    Any more questions, please feel free to email me back. -Matt R. "

    Knock on wood I've not had any memory size/reporting or other problems so far in 10.3.5 here (PB G4 AL 17in and MDD G4).

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Mike, I decided to get out my B&W and update it to 10.3.5 just to see. My RAM is all Crucial PC133 CL2 (from the page for Yosemite), but OS X System profiler shows "unknown" type and speed for all four 256MB modules.
    I don't 'think' it showed unknown before.
    My MDD (Mirror Drive Door G4 Tower) is unchanged, still shows PC2700 as PC2600. (Apple Hardware Test 2.1 shows correct information though, oddly.)
    Gregory "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Some of my RAM also shows up as PC133 now. I haven't noticed any changes in RT performance in FCP. No other noticeable slow-down either. The idea of this is annoying though.

      Size: 512 MB 
      Type: SDRAM 
      Speed: PC133-333 
     Size: 512 MB 
      Type: SDRAM 
      Speed: PC100-222S 
     Size: 256 MB 
      Type: SDRAM 
      Speed: PC133-333 
     Size: 64 MB 
      Type: SDRAM 
      Speed: PC100-222S 

    -Nils C "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I'm glad to see that 10.3.5 recognises my PC133 type RAM.(G4 733)
    I too have a mixture of 2-2-2 & 3-2-2. I read somewhere in Apple's help files some time ago that when you have even "one" RAM module that is a CL3 type the other faster CL2 types will default to the slowest timing RAM module. (that is what I mentioned in reply to the report yesterday - the memory bus is run at the timing of the slowest dimm installed. So if even one CL3 dimm is installed with other CL2 dimms, CL3 timing is used for all dimms. However some PC133 CL3 dimms can run at CL2 timing at 100MHz bus (at least in a PC where you can adjust the timings in the bios) - the question is for 100MHz bus mac owners that had PC100 CL2 reported in 10.3.4 and now PC133 CL3 in 10.3.5 if the memory is running at CL3 or CL2 now.) It's possible that this might be causing the 3-3-3 for all PC133 types installed for mixed RAM systems. I will try and test my PC133 2-2-2 by it's self to test this theory.
    Cheers Geoff. "

    There's been discussions/questions on the accuracy of ASP reporting in past news pages here going back as far as OS 9.x. 3rd party utilities (dimm first aid for instance) also report/read out the SPD timing info from the dimm. (No utility may be 100% accurate will all dimms though -as some dimms have been reported in the past to have non-std SPD info.)
    Back in August 2002 here there was a post by the author of a utility called "Grackle Probe OS X Utility for Beige G3/B&W G3 Macs, last update was v1.3 for 10.2.x compatability - not tried it under 10.3.x. It will report the memory timings acutally used by those systems. (Grackle = Motorola MPC/XPC 106 memory/pci controller used in Beige G3/AIO/B&W G3/Yikes G4/PCI, iMac 233-333MHz and PB G3 wallstreets.)

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I am using PC 133 CL 2-2-2 RAM and the system profiler reports now:

       Size:	512 MB
       Type:	SDRAM
       Speed:	PC133-333
       Size:	512 MB
       Type:	SDRAM
       Speed:	PC133-333
       Size:	512 MB
       Type:	SDRAM
       Speed:	PC133-322

    Greetings from Munich,
    Michael. "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    " After updating to 10.3.5, System Profiler reports for memory timing have changed. I'am running it on 450MHz Sawtooth.

    Earlier versions of 10.3.x reported correctly one 3-2-2 module (old 128MB PC-100) and three 2-2-2 modules (3 x 256MB, one PC-100, two PC-133). 10.3.5 reports two 3-3-3, one 3-2-2 and only one 2-2-2. Two of modules have also -S letter (3-2-2S). Fortunately, size is still correct, 896MB. Haven't noticed any changes in real performance.
    Weird, since earlier versions reported, what the stickers on the module said.
    -Miksu "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I second the ram issue. All of mine was 133/CL2 (orig from Apple, 2 from OWC). Now, the 2 OWC sticks show up as PC100-322S while the Apple stick shows up as PC133-333. Hmm... Not encouraging.
    Dual QS 1.0 Ghz - 133MHz bus "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "My QuickSilver 867 (original - upgraded to 1.47Ghz OWC) indicates ram is PC100-222S across the board (one 256MB OEM, one 256MB OWC PC133/322 and one 512MB OWC PC133/322). AFAIK - this has always been the case. I did notice my Halo FPS seems lower than some other equivalent systems ... but I have not investigated beyond this. I do not run Mac OS 9 either.

    I have not measured my xBench in a while - but I will try to do so before the upgrade. This could be some time as I need to get my drives organized ... I am quickly running out of space :-)

    I would suspect that a security update or other routines have been changed in 10.3.5 and this could be causing the perceived change in performance ... not sure if it would affect real world applications - since OpenGL performance seems to be a bit better with the update.
    Dx "

    (Since that Sawtooth G4/AGP owner's report (below) listed more of a drop than what I'd consider CL3 vs CL2 timing difference would make, I wondered if there was some 10.3.5 background processes that may be the reason for the lower benchmark scores. Something other than the actual memory timing at least.)

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Mike, my Sawtooth with 1.5GB installed shows 2x512MB PC133-333, and 2x 256MB PC100-222S, under 10.3.5. I believe that that is exactly what is in the machine. No problems that I can feel or see. Processor is a single G4 Sonnet 800 upgrade. No problems of any kind with 10.3.5.
    Best, Dick M. "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "If users can boot from OS 9 native, they can use the tool DIMM Check, which reads out the SDRAM values out of the SPD-ROM of the DIMM. What the open firmware (first) and the OS X afterwards make with that is an other thing.
    The DIMM CHECK, search at versiontracker or macupdate, (DimmCheck was rolled into dimmfirstaid I think some way back - the link I had on the 2001 Firmware Update 4.1.7/4.1.8 "Lost RAM" Issues/Tips page here to DimmCheck no longer works and VT or MU searches don't show it. DImmfirstAid link there still works though-Mike) output gives detailed information about the RAM-Timings of each found SDRAM module.
    Mitch "

    DimmCheck was linked in the 2001 article I mentioned yesterday but it was rolled into DimmFirst Aid (link to dimmcheck no longer worked on that page, although DimmfirstAid link still does). As I mentioned yesterday, DimmFirstAid was used to fix SPD issues with some dimms and an Apple firmware update from several years ago (mentioned/linked on the 2001 Firmware Update 4.1.7/4.1.8 "Lost RAM" Issues/Tips page here). There was another utility for reporting SPD timing that some readers used years ago when this issue came up back then but I can't remember it now.

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I have Crucial CT64M64S4D7E.16LT PC 133 CL2 and at best it shows PC 100 3-2-2. Other brands show PC 133 3-3-3. it remained unchanged from 10.3.4 to 10.3.5 Once again Great site! I will take the time to run realworld tests on my Gigadesigns Dual 1.4 when it gets here. Regards, Bruce "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    Even though the Crucial Ram has a PC 133 and a CL2 timing rating, the Profiler has always shown: PC 100 3-2-2 for the timing in my AGP Graphics machine. It did not change after the 10.3.5 update. I have OWC Ram which did exactly what the other reader had said. It went from PC 100 2-2-2 to PC 133 3-3-3 after the update. So, at least the Crucial Ram is unaffected. I will take the time to run realworld tests on my Gigadesigns Dual 1.4 when it gets here.
    Regards, Bruce "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I am also having the memory problem: My G4 Sawtooth had two 512 MB DIMMs that were PC100 CL2 that now show up in the system profiler as PC133-333, so it's not recognizing the correct speed or class.
    Thanks, MM "

    PC100 dimms in general have not been made anymore by most mfrs for quite some time (since usually PC133 is backward compatible).

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Just to add to XLR8(yourMac) news on memory speed/misreporting.
    I also have what are clearly marked as 2-2-2 512MB and 256MB PC100 chips in an AGP Sawtooth that are now being reported as PC133-333s and PC100-322s.

    However, my Xbench score shows a marginal increase in speed, not a decrease. (I mentioned yesterday Xbench scores can vary from run/run even in the same OS/no changes, although the B&W G3 owner reported consistently lower scores in 10.3.5, I don't consider it that reliable a benchmark really) OTOH, since 10.3.5 I've noticed a slow down with some apps, namely Safari which now takes twice as long to launch.
    I really hate mixing ram like that, now something's gone and mucked it all up. :( anyways, all the best to you, and thank you for having THE BEST Mac tech site around!
    Russ "

    Thanks. I suggested Russ try some of the usual tips for slowdowns after an os x update (RP, etc.). may not help but worth a try.

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "After updating to 10.3.5, I have run the (Xbench) benchmark many times, including with only my CL2 sticks, and after restarting, zapping PRAM, even resetting the PMU, and it is consistently 8-12 points lower, which equates to 9.6-14.3%. Most remarkably, system fill rate has dropped from around than 700MB/s to around 550MB/s. All other scores in the memory section are also nominally lower, but fill rate saw the biggest drop. Sorry, don't have any real-world tests to provide, except that the system is not noticeably slower, at least not to me.

    All of my RAM is PC133, a mix of CL2 and CL3. In 10.3.4 and previous, it all showed up as PC100 2-2-2, and in OS 9, it shows up as PC100 2-2-2 and PC100 3-2-2. Now, in 10.3.5, it shows up as PC133 3-3-3.

    I thought that the Sawtooth did run PC133 CL3 RAM as PC100 CL2 automatically. I know what you mean though, Steve's not big on users configuring those kinds of things... (I had mentioned that some PC133 CL3 can run at PC100/CL2, at least with PCs where you can tweak the bios' memory settings)
    Thanks, Jordan "

    I don't consider Xbench to be the final word on testing (and have seen more variation at times in run/run scores even w/same os/same system with it in the past). However maybe 10.3.5 is running the memory at CL3 where previously it was running with CL2 timing. (As mentioned before, If there's even one CL3 dimm installed then all dimms run at CL3 timing, however some PC133 CL3 dimms can run CL2 speeds, but with the Mac you're not in control of that.) Not sure if v1.3 is 10.3.x compaible, but for B&W G3/Beige G3/G4 PCI (Yikes) models, (iMac 233-333 and PB G3 wallstreet also use the "Grackle" controller), Grackle Probe can report the memory timing actually being used. It was last updated for 10.2.x use though - no reports on using it with 10.3.x yet Grackle Probe can report the memory timing actually being used. It was last updated for 10.2.x use though - no reports on using it with 10.3.x yet
    Still the fill rate scores show more of a drop than I'd expect from that. I wonder if 10.3.5 background processes are a factor perhaps but if any other reader has seen similar drops in memory performance let me know the details.

    Some Memory not Recognized as Proper Size under 10.3.5:
    The last time I saw something like this was the 2001 firmware update from apple that didn't recognize any dimms that didn't have CL3 timing in the dimm's SPD. (All my memory was ok, although some readers did see the problem with some dimms - usually fixable with dimm first aid as mentioned on the Firmware Update 4.1.7/4.1.8 "Lost RAM" Issues/Tips back then. But the entire dimm wasn't recognized, not just 1/2 of it.)

    Another (3rd so far) notebook owner report on 512MB SODIMM being shown by ASP as 256MB. (Not all PB G4 AL owners reported this however - see later report above.)

    (added 8/18/2004)
    I have a PC2700 512MB ram chip, SODIMM DDR 64X64 installed in a G4 ibook 800mhz.

    On about 1 of every 10 restarts, it reads as 512 in my System Profiler. The rest of the time it shows as 256.

    When I run the TechTool Deluxe that came with my AppleCare, it detects no problem with the physical RAM either way (when it shows 512, TT shows 512 MB of good memory...when it's reading 256, TT shows 256MB of good memory.)

    It's very perplexing to me...I've never had this kind of issue before.
    Duane N."

    BTW - This reminded me of some past mails (months ago) from an iBook G4 owner that bought a kingston PC2100 sodimm per the manual (and Apple's ibook tech specs page) that did not work he said, so he bought a (generic) PC2700 sodimm replacement.

    Here's the 2nd report from a 15in AL PB G4 owner that a 512MB SODIMM was reported as 256MB under 10.3.5. (The first report at the bottom of this page said his dimm was from an Apple store)

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Hi Mike, Just FYI-
    I have a 1.25Ghz Al Powerbook and after the update to 10.3.5 the 512MB sodimm from OWC is now showing up as 256MB. The bottom slot with the OEM 256 is still correct.
    I've contacted OWC. I'll let you know if they have any more info on the problem.
    (he later wrote)
    I had already tried the nvram reset and that didn't help. I did the whole removing, reboot, reinstalling, reboot process and that didn't work either.
    I didn't think to try the combo update until you mentioned it but I also just did it and it still is reporting the memory incorrectly. "

    The first report on misreported RAM size:

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "I upgraded from 10.3.4 on a 15.2 Aluminium 1.25Ghz powerbook, and the amount of RAM the system recognizes immediately went down from 1GB to 768MB. For what it's worth, the RAM came from the Apple Store where I bought it, and was installed by Apple before I brought the machine home. The upper RAM chip is still 512MB, but the lower one now reads 256MB. Until I installed the upgrade, it listed both as 512MB.
    Any suggestions?!
    Thanks! Dharmadas "

    Odd that it still shows 256MB of the 512MB dimm. (In the past the entire dimm would be listed as incompatible/not shown.) If the usual OS X update problem tips don't help I'd contact Apple to get the dimm replaced personally. I'd also try removing the dimm (power off/battery out, etc. first), boot up the system without that dimm installed, then shut down and reinstall it (also with power off/disconnected of course). My AL PB G4/17in with transintl 512MB Sodimm (plus the OEM 512MB) are both still recognized OK in 10.3.5.
    If anyone else seems missing/misreported memory in 10.3.5 send the details on your setup/memory.

    G5 USB Problem w/M-Audio keyboard after 10.3.5 Update
    (Updated w/other replies)

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "Mike, Not sure where to file this one, but I think this is a 10.3.5 bug. After updating to 10.3.5, I recently plugged my M-Audio keyboard into my Rev A G5, and found that it wasn't being recognized. It wasn't just a MIDI problem, since the device itself was never detected on the USB bus. I tried every USB port with no luck. I rebooted, cleared PRAM, etc. Still no luck. The keyboard worked fine on other Macs I own, so I know the keyboard wasn't the problem.

    Then I remembered that I had a copy of 10.3.4 on a backup firewire drive, so I booted the G5 from 10.3.4 and sure enough the keyboard worked just fine. I looked through the 10.3.4 extensions folder and found that AppleUSBAudio.kext file was a earlier revision than the same file in 10.3.5. For the heck of it, I copied the 10.3.4 version into my 10.3.5 Extensions folder and then booted from 10.3.5. Sure enough, the keyboard works fine again. I don't like the idea of mucking around in the innards of the OS, but at least the keyboard works again.

    I preserved a copy of the 10.3.5 kext file in case I need to go back to the original state, but have you heard about anything like this from anyone else?
    Steve "

    Disconnecting and reconnecting USB devices is an old tip for problems after an os x update, but that didn't help it seems. Were any of the other macs you tested it OK with running 10.3.5? Any other USB devices affected?
    Did you try (the usual knee-jerk tips) of running Repair Permissions on the drive before replacing the extension? (common troubleshooting tips with OS X updates are to run RP from disk utility, and even reapply the update from the combo updater download)
    Several other readers replied to this:

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Just thought I'd let you know that I'm using the M-Audio keyboard with 10.3.5 and having no problems. It's recognised fine in System Profile and works as usual with GarageBand. This is on an original G5 2Ghz dualie.
    PS FYI I *did* have a problem with my soundsticks after the 10.3.5 update, fixed it by plugging them in on the LCD monitor's USB hub instead of the keyboard ones... "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Mike, I am using a Rev A PowerMac G5 2.0GHz Dual with an M-Audio Keystation 49e. I plug it into the USB port with Garageband open and it works fine.
    Perhaps the other user has a permission error.
    Michael "

    I asked him yesterday if he tried the usual tips (disk repair/permissions, combo update, disconnect/reconnect device, etc.), but he's already replaced the 10.3.5 USB kext with the one from 10.3.4.

    This reader isn't using 10.3.5, but commented on 10.3.4 use with an M-Audio Oxygen 8 MIDI keyboard.

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I just plugged my M-Audio Oxygen 8 (25 key Midi USB keyboard) into 10.3.4 and it's not pretty.
    Most of the time, have since been hot plugging it, If the computers screen goes to sleep it seems to crash an app or two when I wake screen. It even presents a dialogue screen to report bug to apple. If the computer goes into deep sleep- well forget about it waking up -forced to hold power key. And I've had one total finder freeze forcing me to hold power button. Finder was totally locked up, completely non responsive-no mouse NADA.
    gotta love it-Stu "

    HP DesignJet 800ps Printer Problems: (printing to my Epson R300M is ok in 10.3.5 here - it's connected to an AE base USB port.) updated with other reader replies/tips.

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "Hi Mike,
    I just spent over 4 hours on the phone with HP technical support, and it's official. Mac OSX 10.3.5 breaks all printing to the HP designJet 800ps large format printer. We tried everything imaginable (firmware updates, driver downloads, usb or network connection, changed the printheads, deleted preferences, 3 different Macs, removal of the JetDirect card, re-seating the memory, etc.), and then finally they tell me they haven't installed the 10.3.5 update yet.
    So they did, and as expected they could no longer print either. If anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
    Jon K.
    Art Director "

    I assume he tried the usual tips (disconnect/reconnect the device, repairing permissions, reapplying a combo update, etc.) but if it's a driver compatibility problem that won't help.
    Several readers replied to this, not all HP 800ps users said they had a problem after the 10.3.5 update, although some did. Included in the replies are tips (printer repair utility) and one reader saying a fresh install of the OS helped.

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Mike, 10.3.5 broke the printing from my Dual G4/1.25 to my HP800ps at work. It did not however break the printing from the various other Powermacs (G4s & G5s) that I upgraded. After trying to track down the issue, I did a complete hard disk erase and reinstall up to 10.3.5 on my Powermac and it solved the problem I had (Error code 61:05 Parsing Error Warning. Task: BG file ../sources/canguro: line 775).
    Ryan S. "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Has Jon tried Printer Setup Repair from Fixamac software at http://www.fixamac.net/software/psr/ ?
    I gotta send this guy the shareware fee -- this is Mac software well worth supporting. If it saves your bacon just one time, like it did me, you really should send these folks the cash.

    I had some problems when I migrated to Panther when I ended up cloning my original 10.2.8 Jag drive to a new 200 GB Seagate on a FP iMac. Printer Setup Repair fixed what it needed to fix, and problems with my trusty old HP Deskjet 840c went away. (BTW - I posted a note here (and fix) on a bug in the 10.3.0 CD installed that resulted in printing problems (and mail problems) due a bug in the installer/updater script. That tip was added to the FAQ's OS X and Printing sections last year. It looks like that repair utility would also fix that problem.)

    I'd have to say HP's drivers haven't been all that great lately, but there are some excellent ones over at the Gimp-Print site, which is something else for Jon to try.
    Thanks for the site, Mike -- it's a real gem. Glad to help.
    -Kurt W. "

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "I am printing from a G4/1.4Ghz w/ 768Ram w/ OSX 10.3.5 to an HP800PS via ethernet and it works fine. I would say there is nothing official about 10.3.5 breaking printing to an HP800PS. I suspect there is some other software incompatibility that is affecting your setup. From what application are you trying to plot?
    Patrick "

    It was not me reporting this - a reader (Jon) did - and I don't have any info other than what he reported (copy of it below).

    (added 8/18/2004)
    "Regarding the printing to the HP800PS under 10.3.5, we too had the same problem. HP now understands that it is a problem not an isolated case. We have a firewire cloned bootable hard disk with 10.3.4 which we booted up on. The HP printer works correctly with this OS version using the same computer printing the same file.
    Michael F. "

    Another FW Drive Problem Report: (knock on wood ok here with the FW drives I personally own - but none are lacie cased.)

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "Hi Michael, I recently updated to 10.3.5 on my Powerbook G4 15".
    I purchased a LaCie D2 160GB FireWire 800 Extreme hard drive from the Apple store yesterday. I wanted to use it as storage for a video project. It seemed to be working fine until I plugged a Canon Elura 40MC digital video camera into the FW 400 port. iMovie would not recognize the camera and at times, the Lacie Hard Drive disappeared (during multiple restarts).

    I called Apple and after a couple of tests, they suggested reinstalling my system software. I was hesitant to go through this, so I found another Canon DV camera and plugged it in... this time with the Lacie HD disconnected. Everything worked fine, except I can't use my hard drive.

    From earlier posts, it seems that the problem is with 10.3.5. I'm going to contact Lacie and if I can't resolve the problem, I'm going to return the drive. Any suggestions? Can you reset the PMU on a powerbook?
    Thanks, CvE "

    Two previous reports mentioned resetting the PMU helped but no guarantee it will for everyone with this problem. How to reset the PMU on PowerBooks and iBooks is mentioned in this Apple kbase doc (also linked in the FAQ here).

    Another G5 1.8GHz (Single CPU) owner reporting no deep sleep support in 10.3.5. (Even apple acknowledges the problem in a Kbase doc)

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "I have a G5 Single 1.8GHz. Only mod from stock is it runs on a 36GB WD Raptor. I formatted and installed Panther from scratch, ran all of the "Software Updates" including 10.3.5, and I, too, suffer from the lack of Deep Sleep now. It behaves exactly as the Apple knowledgebase article describes.
    (Mac OS X 10.3.5: Power Mac G5 1.8 GHz computer fans run in sleep mode )

    I haven't noticed any other differences. It seems to run pretty much the same as 10.3.4. (I knew I shouldn't have done it!)
    Cheers! Jeff K. "

    Update - see Apple PowerMac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update 5.1.5f1 (kbase doc/download) which was released to fix this issue.

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "I've had a problem with hard freezes (a dual g5 owner mentioned this in an earlier report - fixed by removing 3rd party addons/reapplying the combo update/Reparing permissions on his system.) (the cursor moves, but you can't ping the machine nor ssh into it) since I installed 10.3.5.
    They seem to be related to network activity--in particular, I've had three freezes while using BitTorrent to download large files (using both Tomato Torrent and Azureus) and another one a few minutes ago while moving some large files from a Windows box using SMB. In all cases, these freezes have happened while using AirPort. In case it matters, I have a PB G4 667/DVI, and I'm using classic AirPort to connect to a linksys wireless router.
    -Kiran "

    Another reader with Firewire problems reported the past tip on resetting the PMU solved it

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "Resetting PMU worked! I first tried resetting nvram and pram, but a logic board reset was what I needed. I don't know why this happened, but I know now that it's best to disconnect firewire devices before updating software.
    Thanks for your help!
    Frank P. "

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "Experienced quite an oddity last night with a recently updated 10.3.5 iBook 2001 (dual USB). My wife put the machine to sleep last night as she always does by plugging it in to AC and closing the lid. This morning (over 12 hours after putting it to sleep) she picked up the iBook and said "Is this supposed to be this hot"... so I felt the underside of it and it was blazing hot. Probably well above what the internal temperature should ever exceed. The machine was also completely unresponsive - not waking from sleep. I force rebooted into single-user mode then:

    • deleted /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache and /System/Library/Extensions.mkext
    • performed fsck -y
    • deleted all cache files in /System/Library/Cache, /Library/Cache, /Users//Cache

    Prior to this event my wife was seeing some random freezes. I am hoping this solves the problem. The whole heat issue is VERY distressing and could be considered a fire hazard as far as I am concerned.

    The scenario I used to upgrade the system from 10.3.4 to 10.3.5

    1. Update via Software Update Preferences Pane
    2. Repair permissions with Disk Utility
    3. Reboot

    -C. Posey "

    (added 8/17/2004)
    "Since I have installed the update, I'm getting a lot of 'spinning beachballs', to the point that I have to shut my system down and restart.

    I used to have this system running all the time, but now it's like a Windows machine, and needs a restart everyday.

    I'm running a Sawtooth G4, with a Sonnet 1.4GHz upgrade, 1GB Ram, Sonnet ATA133 card running a 200GB HD, with a 120GB on the main drive chain.

    I have run repair permissions and Macjanitor, and it helps for a while, but then I get the beachball gain later.
    Though I'd add my problems to the mix.
    David P. "

    Maybe try reapplying the combo update (may not help but it's one of the usual routines to follow)

    From a reader post:

    " ... there's a reference to the X800 Pro in a 10.3.5 ATI kernel extension. Also the Radeon 9200, but we already knew that.
    Now when is a good question, but at the rate it's going, maybe before the 9200 ships! "

    The Mac radeon 9200 PCI (128MB) was officially announced Monday (8/16/).

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "Mike, Problem with 10.3.5 and Kodak Pro14n camera...
    G4/800mhz 10.3.5, 1-Gig RAM, 120GB HD
    Kodak DCS Pro 14n (Kodak Firmware version 5.0.1)
    Kodak software (DCS PhotoDesk 3.1)

    I had critical errors (freezes, finder restart, spinning wheel..) trying to copy DCR (kodak) files from a 1GB CF card to FW card reader (both were Lexar brand). No problems before 10.3.5 COMBO update. It seemed to freeze once the file copy exceeded 9MB.
    (I won't go into the frustrating time I had trying to find out what was wrong. Needless to say, it was luck the fixed it...and the ever specter of "what else needs updating?")

    Resolved by updating the camera firmware (Version 5.1.2 is latest) and SECURE FORMATTING the CF card after firmware update via the camera CF slot. Something to do with the camera's past format of the card was locking up the file system/finder when copying files from the card via the Firewire card reader.

    Kodak Photodesk is also updated to And there is an update for the DCS plugin for photoshop. (Kodak requires registration to get login for software)
    (link gives a 404 for me-Mike)
    Ed- "

    I had no problems reading/copying large files from several previously formatted CF cards (256MB and 512MB) from Canon and Nikon cameras (w/latest firmware) here in the PB G4 w/10.3.5.

    Latest G5 (single) 1.8GHz Feedback on Sleep Problems: I had hoped a PMU reset may help (since all the other usual tips didn't) but so far two owners with the problem said it didn't.

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "The PMU reset does not solve the 1.8ghz G5 sleep problem with MacOS 10.3.5. I tried it the day I installed it.
    Steven M. "

    And another report of no help:

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "I've got a SP 1.8GHz G5 tower that won't go into deep sleep after the 10.3.5 update. The monitor will cut off and the hard dive will spin down, as others have reported, but the machine won't fully sleep. I took the advice on your website and reset the PMU, but it made no difference. A shame, since I use the sleep function every day.
    Thanks, James B.
    (he later wrote)
    System is running top-notch otherwise. As far as 3rd party devices go, I've got a Logitech keyboard and mouse, an HP All-in-One, and a dual monitor setup. The update was definitely the trigger. Ran permissions repair after the install as a routine. "

    If there's no addon 3rd party hardware/drivers installed or connected and every other tip has been tried (and disk checks ok, no problems/corrupted prefs, etc.) not sure what to suggest.
    NOTE: Apple now has a kbase doc Mac OS X 10.3.5: Power Mac G5 1.8 GHz computer fans run in sleep mode, which has no solution yet, but acknowledges the problem.

      " After installing the Mac OS X 10.3.5 Update, a Power Mac G5 1.8 GHz single processor (SP) computer's fans can continue to run in sleep mode.
      When the computer goes to sleep with Mac OS X 10.3.5 installed, these things happen: The display goes dark, internal Apple disks spin down, internal third-party disks may spin down, internal fans continue to run.
      Changing Energy Saver settings or resetting PRAM does not affect the fans."

    Another report of USB modem problems (a previous report below was regarding broadband USB modem problems from a network tech support person)

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "I updated my Mom's iMac Snow 500 MHZ. Her US Robotics USB modem will dial, but it will never connect to her ISP after applying the 10.3.5 update. I am at a loss. I have tried to change it to a generic modem, no dice. You hear the handshake and everything sounds normal, but no connection. I always hangs for about 2 minutes then says disconnecting. Any help would be great.
    -Steve P. "

    With any USB device problem, did you try disconnecting/reconnecting the device? (Prefs/settings look ok?, tried the other general tips here?)

    Another report on Firewire drive mounting problems:

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "I'm running Pbook 17 1.25 1gig Apple Ram 60HD
    Since 10.3.5 my Firewire HDs are all over the shop.
    I have, Lacie P3 FW400 80GB, Lacie D2 FW800/USB2 250GB, Lacie D2 FW400 80GB and two optical drives, Lacie P3 DVD-R and Lacie D2 CDR.

    Prior to update I could daisy chain these via the 800 drive and 800 FW port on the Pbook. Or I could plug the 800 direct to the Pbook's 800 port and feed the rest in via a Belkin FW hub and the Pbooks FW400 port.

    Now, either configuration provides patchy results with all, several or one of the drives failing to report for duty. Alternative configurations, like just daisy chaining the FW drives produces the same patchy behaviour.

    The opticals seem happy even if chained behind a HD that isn't showing. But the HDs and OSX are on the brink of divorce. As I spent most of last week berating a colleague as he tried and tried to mount a USB2 drive on his Windoze laptop. He upgraded to XP and everything was hunky dory, I 'upgraded' to 10.3.5 and now my laptop and drives all fall out.
    Don't they test this stuff at Cupertino?
    LeSaint "

    It may not help but I asked if he'd tried resetting the PMU which helped two other readers with FW drive mounting problems, as well as the usual tips (reinstalling the update using the "Combo" updater (D/L link above), running disk utility repair/repair permissions, clear caches, etc.) If none of those tips help, I'd also write lacie to see if they have any suggestions or firmware updates.

    And another FW drive owner reporting problems (solved by resetting PMU):

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "PB G3 Firewire (Pismo)
    Lacie 160GB external drive

    After the update, PB refused to recognise any firewire connection. Tried all the remedies suggested here and on other sites (upload update again using the Combo Updater, Disk Utility, Repair Permissions, Repair disk, delete various cache files and extensions.... reboot each time....).
    What finally worked was resetting the PMU. (one of the earlier reports mentioned that also solved his FW drive problem-Mike)

    Can't say I notice any visible improvement after the update in any area otherwise (though that's not to say there aren't any, of course). Still having a longstanding problem in which all system and other Apple applications (TextEdit, Keynote) crash when I use the Open command. (I.e. instead of accessing the finder dialogue box to select what file to open, the application quits.) Non-Apple applications are fine (MS Word etc.). Was hoping the update might fix this, but no such luck. (It must be a root-level problem, since this happens in all accounts.)
    Anthony B. "

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "10.3.5 works on Wallstreet/CrescendoWS G4/500 (but reintroduces video weirdness, fixable by:
    "Removing the ATIRageProGA.plugin file to solve the video problems on Wallstreet PowerBooks running Panther installed via XPostFacto."

    For 292 MHz Wallstreet 1 this works, but it really slows down the video performance.
    To really fix the problem, I replaced the following two files with the ones from 10.2.8 (this almost rings a bell from the past)


    This solves the video problem and it cut my scrolling speed in MORE from 12 seconds to 7 seconds for a section of an outline.

    Make sure you also chown the files to root:wheel and remove the Extensions.mkext and Extensions.kextcache files when modifying the /System/Library/Extensions folder or your changes won't be noticed by the system." (this latter can also be achieved by doing the fix as root and repairing permissions in disk utility)

    Info also submitted to CPU upgrade section: / wallstreet v1 rageLT c/w Sonnet CrescendoWS G4 500
    Thanks for your site
    tim m. "

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "I have a dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4. I have devices on both firewire ports: an original 10 gb iPod, and a 120 gb external drive made by Granite Digital. After installing 10.3.5 yesterday, the Mac sees neither device. I haven't tested the iPod on another machine, but I plugged the drive into a Mac with 10.2.x OS and the drive appeared on the desktop as it should.
    Frank P
    (I asked Frank if he had tried the usual tips (repeated above - including resetting the PMU which solved this for some other readers with FW problems after the 10.3.5 update).)
    Resetting PMU worked! I first tried resetting nvram and pram, but a logic board reset was what I needed. I don't know why this happened, but I know now that it's best to disconnect firewire devices before updating software.
    Thanks for your help!
    Frank P. "

    A followup from a Dual G5 owner that reported total system freezes after running 10.3.5:

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "Hi Mike, I removed all 3rd party add ons as you recommended, and my freezes went away. I've reinstalled them one at a time, and so far no freezes. The only thing different, is I installed menumeters preference pane in my User library, instead of the system library.
    Thanks for your help!
    Rick. M. "

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "I have a B rev 1 with an external lite-on 52x24x52 cd burner in a OWC firewire enclosure. I updated to 10.3.5 and also installed a original mac DVR-103 internal at the same time. Repaired disk permissions and zapped PRAM. The external drive doesn't show up in system profiler, toast titanium 5.2.3 doesn't see it. Not that it bothers me that much, but I still want that external drive for faster cd burns. . . I cant tell if this is the DVR-103 "shutting out" the external or if it is the 10.3.5 update. . . Help me please!
    Best regards, Rick L.
    (he later wrote)
    I did another permission repair and did the same procedure with Cocktail and restarted again. All the dock items settled down and the system seems stable again. No more video glitches. Couldn't get the external burner to show up until I checked the connection. I'm embarrassed to say that I had connected the printer to the CD burner with the firewire cable instead of both of them to the computer. . . Just wanted to follow up with you to tell you I solved my issues. . . Thanks for taking the time to reply to my email. "

    (my comments to the original post follow)
    Also remember with toast when you have an internal and ext. drive it defaults to selecting/showing the internal drive usually. That can be toggled from the menu.
    If Toast's drive menu does not see the drive (I assume it worked before and still shows up in OS 9.x) try resetting the PMU and doing the usual tips mentioned above. (The Optical drive on the IDE bus should not affect the FW ports.)

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "Got a small problem since the 10.3.5 update.
    PowerBook G4 867 connected via AP Extreme to a G4 server running 10.3.5 Server with automounted home folders. After waking from sleep, it won't login...it will usually accept the username and password but will have the progress bar for ages. A G5 connected via ethernet to the same server exhibits no problems.
    Additionally battery life seems to be slightly lower.
    Cheers, Dunc
    (I asked if he had tried the usual tips..)
    Yup, I've taken to always using the combo updater and repair permissions regularly. It might only be that it's taking slightly longer to reconnect to the network then 10.3.4 did as if I leave it for a minute or so before attempting to log in, it will generally work. "

    Another single 1.8GHz G5 owner reporting sleep problems. (Only one of about 6 reports from single 1.8GHz G5 owners mentioned this problem.)

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "I have a G5 sigle 1.8 Mhz and since I have installed the 10.3.5 update the computer does not sleep. When I put the computer to sleep, the HD spins down but the motherboard and fans do not.
    Thank, Jean
    I have reset the PRAM, and repaired disk permissions. I have also done the sudo periodic daily, weekly dan monthly in the terminal. The machine still doesn't deep sleep. I did not reinstall from the combo updater. I will try it. "

    Not sure why this is happening to so many owners of this model. I'd try the usual - including a PMU reset - the reset button is near the last dimm slot on the G5 motherboard at least on a rev A model. I can't find an Apple doc on resetting the G5 tower PMU, but here's one with the procedure for Resetting the xserve G5 PMU. (2 later reports from G5 owners with sleep problems said it did not help though.)

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "Have problems with the update - now no disk images or USB memory sticks will mount! Tried repairing permissions and mac janitor but its still not working!
    Iain C. "

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "The only problem I seem to be having after the update is that my Sandisk mini cruzer will not mount. I can't mount it in disk utility or anything else. I repaired permissions and reset the pmu switch with no change. When the drive is inserted into either a usb 2.0 card (Belkin) or the keyboard and disk utility is started it simply "gathers disk information" indefinitely. As soon as the drive is unplugged, disk utility proceeds as normal. Same thing happens if the computer starts up with the drive plugged in. When the white progress window appears, it stops at the point when it is accessing local disks. If I unplug the drive, it proceeds as normal. Not sure how to fix this.
    BTW, I have a B&W rev.2 with a Powerlogix 900mhz G3 ZIF, 576MB Ram, 120 GB HD, Radeon 7000.
    (he later wrote)
    I emailed last night about the mini cruzer problem. I have been able to mount the drive if the drive is locked. If the drive is unlocked, it will not mount. Also, I forgot to mention that I used the combo updater twice and the same problems with both installs.
    (I asked what format it was)
    It is Fat32. I have fixed this problem. Reformatting the driveo a PC as Fat32 resulted in a mountable drive. I have to format it this way because I use it to take files from work (PC) to home. "

    My PowerBook G4 w/10.3.5 mounts my Mini-Cruzer USB flash drive 128MB fine (unlocked) - although I had previously reformatted it to Mac OS extended shortly after I bought it since I didn't need to use it with PCs and I had some problems with it once in FAT32 format.

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "The only goofy thing I've noticed about the update is that screen resolution was set to 800X600 72 Hz on restart. I've got a Dual Gig G4 MDD (1st generation) 768 MB ram
    My Adaptec 2930 SCSI Card still works perfectly.
    -Mikel "

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "Have a 700MHz iMac here, from the first generation of LCD iMacs.
    My wife upgraded off of software update. She did not do a "repair permissions" or "repair disk" beforehand. During the update the machine had a kernel panic and was rebooted. Now gets to the grey screen with the Apple logo and spinning circle and sits that way for hours. Won't boot in safe mode either but OS 9.2.2 comes up just fine.

    Some things I tried:
    Boot off of Panther install CDs and did a repair permissions (lots of problems) and repair disk (no problems). System still will not boot. I backed up all the user data in 9.2.2 on a FW drive and am reinstalling Panther now.
    Robert W. "

    (added 8/13/2004)
    "After the Software Update of 10.3.5, when attempting to mount a .dmg image I get error -536870208
    I have attempted repairing permissions (tip some said helped) using the Disk Utility, but images still fail to mount giving the same error.
    Cannot update OS using Combo 10.3.5 because it too is a .dmg file.
    :-) Fun update.
    Bobby "

    If you have another mac - use it to update this one by putting this system in firewire target disk mode.

    Tip for Disk Images not mounting: 2nd reader to report repairing permissions (Disk Utility can do this) helped:

    (added 8/11/2004)
    " Re: Disk images not mounting properly under X.3.5.
    I found that repairing permissions fixed that problem for me. All my .dmg's now mount again.

    PMU Reset Fixes Firewire Drive Mounting Problem:
    In reply to an earlier report from a reader with maxtor FW/FW cased drives that would not mount after the update.

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Mike, I had a similar problem with mounting external drives in 10.3.5. The WiebeTech ComboGB 3 port drive would not mount on a mirrored door 1.25 Ghz G4 PowerMac.
    The WiebeTech support staff person was very helpful. I had to reset the PMU switch on the motherboard to fix the problem.
    David "

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Lacie 160GB external drive (firewire 400) doesn't mount anymore. OS X says it cannot read the filesystem. Disc Utility can activate the drive. But after reboot the same error occurs.
    Regards, Norbert
    iMac 800 MHz "

    I'd write Lacie to see what they suggest. They released a firmware update for some of their drives previously. (Although most drives that had major problems originaly with panther were FW800 models - there were some FW400 drive owners that reported problems also, although not me personally.)

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "I am actually having an external USB drive problem.
    I tried connecting a NTFS formatted drive to my dual 1.8 tower, and the drive shows up as mounted.
    When I go to click on the drive I get a beachball. My entire system locks up. This happened twice with the same drive. I had to shut down and restart.
    -Raj S.
    I only mentioned it as the OSX 10.3.5 update mentioned an increased compatibility with NTFS formatted drives. "

    One of the bulleted items for 10.3.5 did say that. I've never used NTFS formatted disks with a Mac personally, but I have used FAT32 formatted drives sometimes. Here's info from an Apple Kbase doc on NTFS disks (that was posted before 10.3.5 was released):

    " (from http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=75320)
    ...It is only possible to read FAT and FAT32 formatted drives in a Macintosh. Do not use NTFS formatted drives in a Macintosh computer.
    Mac OS X 10.3 Panther works with local NTFS-formatted volumes. The volume will be read-only.

    Warning: NTFS formatted drives cannot be used in a Macintosh (except as read-only with Mac OS X 10.,3 as noted above). If you attempt to use a NTFS formatted disk, upon starting up the Mac OS will prompt you to format the drive. Do not format the drive, doing so will erase the contents of the drive. If you have an NTFS formatted disk, you must use another method to transfer the data from the PC to the Macintosh. "

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Dear Mike, 10.3.5 runs like a dream and in fact has easier networking than before. This on all my and my business partners Macs. This includes highly upgraded ones.
    Someday sooner or later if people do not apply all the necessary updates AND have a steady process of running diskwarrior 3.x.x in Panther or Jaguar, and preferences repairs, as well as a good speed tools defrag now and again they are going to have weird problems with ANY updates.
    Chris "

    Like any update, you're more likely to hear about problems than all ok. So far here on 2 Macs no problems seen.

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Hi, I'm not sure if this has been supported in the past, so correct me if I'm wrong. After applying the 10.3.5 update, my buddy and I were iChatting, and we realized animated gifs work in iChat windows. It turned into an animated gif war. I don't ever remember them working before, so if it's a new feature then I'm glad to let people know about it!
    - Johnny "

    USB Modems: (Cable modems?)

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Have you had any other reports of the 10.3.5 with external usb modems? Our modems are causing a kernel panic in 10.3.5 and it worked fine in 10.3.4
    Aaron Q.
    Sr. Administrator, IT
    (I asked if he'd tried the old tips (disconnect/reconnect a usb device, reapply combo update, run RP, etc.) and also if these were broadband modems or 56k devices. (and what mac models were used with the modems just for the record.))
    Tried all of the standard stuff, no luck. Unfortunately it kernel panics the system and you have to reboot, it is not just not detecting. Only thing to fix is to do an archive and reinstall and don't do the update. I was just curious if you had heard from anybody else that has external USB modems.
    The modems are manufactured by us and only work on the Ricochet Network, which you can only get if you live in Denver or San Diego. And it's universal across all hardware platforms. I was mainly just curious if you had heard any other USB issues since our customer base is relatively small. "

    If anyone else has seen a similar problem (or not) let me know the details.

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Hi Mike, I have loaded 10.3.5 on a Pismo, a 12" G4 BP 867 and a G4/533Mhz upgraded to a PL G4 1Ghz, and my loaded G4 MDD DP 1Ghz (with all PCI slots loaded, and many USB/Firewire things sprouting out).
    No problems whatsoever. A couple of passwords had to be re-entered due to security update no doubt but that's it...
    Thanks! Jim "

    OpenGL Gaming Improved:

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Hey Mike. Just wanted to let you know that 10.3.5 fixes the problems that 10.3.4 had with the Unreal Tournament games. (the 10.3.4 reports page had some readers reporting lower opengl game performance after the 10.3.4 update)
    I installed it on my iBook G3 900 and Beige G3 750FX 917Mhz/Radeon 9100, then ran the benchmarks. Performance was the same as it was in 10.3.3. Halo also came out the same in the results. If it ran any faster it was only by a fps or two. If you want the benchmarks I can add them but they don't really show anything special. Just the same results I had posted back when 10.3.4 came out.
    -NC "

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Hi Mike, Great site ... My girlfriend's Lombard has had a sleep problem ever since I took her to 10.2.8 about 6 months ago. Last month, I moved her to 10.3 and then on to 10.3.4. With the 10.3.5 update not only can she sleep, but it has started to recharge the battery again, something I had just diagnosed as broken or a PMU problem.

    Before 10.3.5, she wasn't able to sleep at all - the machine would just cut off and it would require the three finger reset to turn it on.

    Also, I reinstalled her G4 upgrade and now VLC Video player plays DVDs perfectly. This is the only way that i know of that the 333Mhz models could play DVDs that I know of - by having OSX-VLC-G4 processor.
    Philip "

    There's an older page here on the misc/OS topics page on non-Apple DVD Players that mentions VLC/Videolan and Mplayer.

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "10.3.5 broke my firewire drives!
    I have a Prolific PL3507 (CompUSA stuff) with a Maxtor 250GB drive and an official Maxtor 40GB external drive. Neither of which will mount anymore. The Prolific starts up and X says it cannot read the filesystem. Disk utility reveals that it now thinks the disk is 892.6PB! Yes Petabytes! Obviously that's wrong (but I'd kill for that kind of storage!) The Maxtor unit just sits around and acts confused with the disk activity light on nigh constantly. OS does not acknowledge the connection of new hardware.
    So much for "enhanced firewire drive compatibility."

    One good fix- system profiler now recognizes RAM at correct PC133 speed, not PC100. (other reports on this below)

    The patch also took it upon itself to change my screen resolution. Whatever. Easy fix.
    System is a 2001 Quicksilver... 867MHz, 3x256MB RAM, Radeon 9000
    Derrick P.
    (he later wrote)
    Update on the firewire weirdness:
    I took the Prolific drive with me to work to hook it up to my coworker's G5 just to make sure the disk was fine. It was. His G5 is also running 10.3.5.

    When I got home I tackled the problem again (except I deftly left that one drive at work,) plugged in the Maxtor drive and went and got a sandwich. The drive mounted.
    It sat there confused for quite some time, and then eventually mounted, with no noticeable performance problems. Even though it took forever to mount, the drive still moved skippy as ever.
    Just now, I was able to test the Prolific again. Mounted nigh instantly. Just like it should. Works fine.

    No permissions check was required. And on the night of the weirdness I of course restarted the drive, and the system several times.
    I guess the Quicksilver and Panther.5 just wanted some "alone time." It doesn't make any sense really.
    It does however, seem to handle NTFS volumes pretty well, just read only. Previous attempts at this have resulted in data corruption and sudden dismounts.
    Derrick P. "

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "My Dual 2Ghz G5 w/BTO 9800 and 2.5MB ram and 23" cinema display, freezes completely after 35 minutes of being turned on since upgrading to 10.3.5. This is not an application freeze, the entire Mac freezes, something I have not experienced since OS9. I have to hold the power key on the monitor until the Mac powers off.

    I've tried cleaning everything with OnyX, running disk repair, and the problem persists. The only apps open at the time of the freeze are Mail, Safari, and AlchemyTV. I'm also running MenuMeters, IntelliPoint 5, and WeatherMenu. Please Help!
    Rick M
    (he later wrote)
    Hi Mike, I removed all 3rd party add ons as you recommended, and my freezes went away. I've reinstalled them one at a time, and so far no freezes. The only thing different, is I installed menumeters preference pane in my User library, instead of the system library.
    Thanks for your help! "

    I'd try removing any 3rd party addons and applying the 10.3.5 Combo Update. (sounds like you've done the other tips)

    Followup from the B&W G3/Sonnet G4 800 owner that ran into the boot/kernal panic issue with the original sonnet cache enabler. (See info below on removal of it and where to get the beta update and a list of beta version changes/improvements)

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "(Sonnet) Tune Up 1.3beta1 is working like a charm. I don't think it ever ran with the cache enabled under 1.28 as my XBench results have significantly improved.
    Thanks, Ben "

    Reports in the CPU review database here from Sonnet 745x G4 owners have mentioned the L3 cache didn't seem to be enabled (which is why some used Powerlogix's CPU Director.)

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "After updating to Mac OS X 10.3.5, I am no longer able to watch my "Monsters, Inc." DVD. Well, that is not exactly true. The DVD plays but the content is horribly distorted. The images waver and shimmer with a lot of ghosting. This did not happen upgrade pervious versions of Panther.

    My PowerMac:
    Gigabit Ethernet PowerMac G4 w/ GigaDesigns 1.3 GHz Dual G4 CPU 1.5 MB of CL3 PC 133 RAM
    Pioneer DVR-105 drive
    Mac OS X 10.3.5
    nVidia GeForce 2 MX video card
    (NOTE: My PowerBook G3 and PowerBook G4 both are running Mac OS X 10.3.4. They play this DVD fine. I will upgrade both and see what happens. I will fololw-up.)
    William H. "

    Not a common problem based on this reader reply;

    (added 8/11/2004)
    " I have the Monsters Inc. DVD and it plays fine under 10.3.5 on my 12" Powerbook.

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "Updated my MDD 2x1.25 at work from 10.3.4 to 10.3.5 at work. Now when I tell the machine to shut down (from both the apple menu or the multiple-users login pane, doesn't matter), machine shuts down momentarily, then immediately powers up again. As the machine reboots, the fan(s?) go on full blast for 5-10 seconds - sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
    Matthew K.
    (he later wrote)
    I've discovered there may be a different culprit for my problems;
    I'd updated from Software Update (I think it was patching files) & then repaired permissions. This morning, I downloaded & applied the combo updater, repaired permissions again, then tried to zap the PRAM. No change. (also noticed that the machine won't sleep now, either)

    My coworker, on an identical machine, didn't install the 10.3.5 update. But he started having similar problems with the fan yesterday. What else changed? We both just hooked up new Viewsonic p95f+ monitors.
    So, I apologize for posting what appears to be unrelated to the software update - it's probably related to the monitor.
    Thank you for a wonderful resource!
    Regards, Matt "

    I updated a MDD DP 1.25GHz here to 10.3.5 - it shuts down ok (the fans always spin up higher when shutting down or rebooting - where the OS isn't running to regulate the fan speed). Don't have the reboot problem though. Try the usual tips (applying a combo updater, removing any 3rd party addons, etc.)

    Yet another single 1.8GHz G5 owner reporting sleep problems (see below for older reports including a link to an apple forum thread on the problem)

    (added 8/11/2004)
    "G5 1.8 (single CPU), I installed the update for 10.3.5
    Now my machine will not sleep.
    Fans just run away.
    -Andre "

    Try resetting the PMU (button near the last dimm slot on the G5 motherboard). I can't find a doc from apple on resetting the G5 tower PMU, but here's one with the procedure for Resetting the xserve G5 PMU that notes the steps involved.

    Fix for Sonnet 745x G4 Cache Enabler/10.3.5 problem: (updated again w/sonnet tech support comments/readme file info)
    It looks like my first guess was correct - the Sonnet cache enabler software was the reason for the problems (boot kernel panics) reported by a reader earlier today. (G4/800 ZIF in B&W G3 - not sure if that enabler is also used with their older 7400/7410 Upgrades but it is their enabler for the G4/700 to 1GHz models.) A reader using Powerlogix's CPU Director with his Sonnet G4/800 also said he had no problems, so that's another option. Removing the installed sonnet kext/extension is still required though.

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Hello Mike,
    I'm also running a B&W with the sonnet G4/800 upgrade processor. (I'll give you the full specs at the bottom of this email)
    I also had the kernel panic at reboot after installing the 10.3.5 update , the security update and the iphoto update. After speaking with Sonnet's tech support via the telephone, here's the problem and the fix:

    The problem is the sonnet kernel ext , or better, the 10.3.5 updates issue with it.
    Here's the fix: follow these instructions to the letter:

  • Since you can't boot into OSX, boot in 9.x.x.
  • Go to http://www.sonnettech.com/downloads/beta/ and download the new beta SonnetCache.kext
  • Go to your OSX system files and go to system/library/extenstions.
    Remove the file: SonnetCache.text - trash it and empty the trash.
    You will now be able to boot into OSX. Control panels > startup disk > your OSX system. It may take few minutes for your computer to boot back into OSX, be patient...
  • Now install the new beta SonnetCache.text per the installers instructions.

    When you're done, close everything out and restart your computer. Viola! you'll be back up and running 10.3.5 no problems. now don't forget to go back to the sonnet site and give them a BIG thank you and some feedback on the beta kext ext.
    Hope this helps everyone with this problem.
    Also a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to you Mike for this site, I've been a fan for a long time and it's been a HUGE help. Glad I could contribute.

    Full System Specs:
    B&W, Rev 2, Sonnet G4/800, 1 gig ram, 10 gig on the internal IDE for OS9.2.2, Sonnet ATA133 card with a 60 gig (OSX) and a 120 gig (for photo/file backup) each drive is on a separate bus of the ATA card. 64meg radeon video card (flashed for mac), TDK CDRW in place of the 32x CDR (works great with toast, but not bootable) and the internal zip 100 that came with the machine. The only issue I have is the artifact things when waking from sleep caused by the flashed video card, but I never use sleep anyways so it's not really and issue for me.

  • Thanks for the note and link on the sonnet beta update.
    Sonnet tech support sent a note about the beta enabler update also:

    " Mike, Just to clarify the posting about this, SonnetCache.kext isn't just a bug fix for 10.3.5. It's been in development long before 10.3.5 was even seeded to our programmers. From the Read Me file that folks can preview on our site:

    Bug Fixes:
    All previous versions of SonnetCache.kext were delivered as part of Sonnet's X Tune-Up or PCI X Install, which also had additional functionality beyond simply installing SonnetCache.kext. This additional functionalitly led to some of the problems, though not directly SonnetCache.kext issues, which are now solved in this beta software since this installer only installs SonnetCache.kext. Specifically:

  • Sonnet X Tune-Up 1.2.7 would install additional files for the "unsupported" Mac OS X Macintosh systems that were incompatible with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).
  • Sonnet X Tune-Up 1.2.8 installed SonnetCache.kext 1.2.8 which could cause a boot crash for some Sonnet Encore/ZIF 700 MHz and faster processor upgrades.
  • All previous versions of SonnetCache.kext would fail with any G3/G4 processor upgrade that was 500 MHz or slower under Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).

    SonnetCache.kext now correctly enables Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) to identify the caches in System Profiler and throughout the system.

    Got any questions, email me back. If folks want to read the full Read Me, here's the link:
    Sonnet Customer Service
    support@sonnettech.com "

  • This is the 4th G5 1.8GHz (single CPU) owner to report no deep sleep support in 10.3.5

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Hi, Sleep is broken for me too after the update - on a G5 1,8 Single too. No hardware addtives, i'm gonna check the software situation later. But i can tell that i have a dual 2 ghz with the same software on it which had no probs with the update. Greetings, Henrik "

    Not sure why this seems so common. (Try the usual tips - disk repair/combo update, resetting the PMU, clearing caches...)

    Another single 1.8GHz G5 owner with the deep sleep problem:

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Mike, I installed the 10.3.5 update last night. Everything seems to be okay with my machine except deep sleep no longer works. I don't know why this would be because nothing changed from 10.3.4 hardware wise in my machine. Although I don't put my computer to sleep often I do find this odd.

    My machine:
    Single G5 1.8
    1.5GB Apple & OWC RAM
    160GB Seagate drive (stock)
    Thanks, John W."

    John later wrote he's using firmware 5.1.4f0, the last public release from Apple last fall. G5s shipping this year usually have later versions though, but 5.1.4 is probably what most of the first revision G5s are running and the duals are not reported to have the problem generally. One of the two earlier reports on this below includes a link to an apple forum thread on this problem from other 1.8GHz G5 owners. (I'd try the usual tips and also a PMU reset since sleep is affected.)

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Mike, I installed 10.2.5 (assume he means 10.3.5) on my PM9600 with Sonnet's G4 800 last night and have no problems with it yet. I have rebooted 4 times just to see if I would get a kernal panic but it is booting without issue. My drives are connected via a Sonnet ata 133 pci card.
    -Douglas G
    (I asked if he had Sonnet's cache enabler installed or was using another (like PL's CPU Director or some other enabler) )
    I am using the Powerlogic's Cache control software at this time. "

    I asked if he means their "CPU Director" software (they also had an older Cache Enabler) and if it was CPU Director version 1.5f6 linked in the July 16th news page. (He later said yes, it was the latest CPU Director.) The first Sonnet G4/800 ZIF report (B&W G3 owner report below) mentioned startup/kernal panic problems. he was using sonnet's enabler, so I wanted to know if their software was a factor perhaps.

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Hey Mike, Got some information on the results of Mac OS X 10.3.5.

    Here is my System Info:
    Power Mac G4, Quicksilver 2002
    CPU: GigaDesigns 1.47Ghz CPU (7455B)
    RAM: 768MB PC 133-CL3
    HDD: 1 60GB IBM, 1 40GB Seagate, 2 50GB Seagate Ultra2 Wide SCSI's
    Firewire: 1 External Firewire Drive case with 52X CDRW
    USB: Various Devices, Printer, etc, too many to list :)
    PCI: Adaptec 2940U2B Ultra2 Wide SCSI Card (Single Channel)
    AGP: Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB (Retail) With Dual monitors

    First of all since I am a heavy user of SCSI, as shown above my my dual 50GB Seagate's, I checked the Apple System Profiler's Extension tab to see if the IOSCSI Extensions were updated, indeed they were, I noticed an immediate improvement on SCSI Transfers both between SCSI Drives and Between IDE and SCSI Drives, this is a much welcome improvement.

    Second thing I noticed was a few problems I was having, most notable of which was when I would double click a PDF, or Image file, document, the appropriate application would launch but not open the file, which was irritating, this was fixed, to my relief. Another small issue was Safari crashing repeatedly, this has also been fixed on my machine.

    An issue repeatedly noted by users with Apple System Profiler, the RAM Speeds on SDRAM Macs was always PC100-222, now it has been corrected for machines that use PC133 Memory and shows up correctly. (another reader also noted this improvement.)

    The update noted improved Drivers for ATI/NVIDIA Cards, I put this to the test with my retail Radeon 9800 and found that in Sim City 4, Halo, and Unreal Tournament 2004, performance has increased massively, I have not run any benchmarks, since I have non to compare from before, but I can tell you, I am running halo on all the highest settings, and not once has it became choppy, this is a very very very welcome improvement. OpenGL Performance has increased incredibly, this was my biggest surprise.

    Overall performance has noticeably speedier and more fluid, I run Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver MX 2004, and Imageready CS and all are much more responsive, also a little thing, it recognized a few new resolutions on my 17" CRT and added some new Hertz ratings, which was nice.
    Let me know if you want me to test anything
    Machowto.com "

    (added 8/10/2004)
    OS X 10.3.5 and Security Update 2004-08-09
    After running these updates my Sonnet G4/800 upgraded B (Beige G3? B&W G3?) won't boot. CPU error text appears over the grey boot up screen. (kernel panic I suspect) Looks like the init log entry style information one would see when booting a Linux system. I'm sure it's all there in OS X I just don't normally see it. It did say Darwin Kernel 7.5. I thought they were on 7.0.
    (he later wrote in reply to the questions I had)
    Sorry I forgot to mention it is a B&W (200W power supply making it a rev 2 motherboard I think).
    (I didn't notice any PS wattage change on my rev 1/rev 2 models, but the most important change was the IDE chip revision. See my summer 1999 article on rev 2/rev B B&W G3 features.)

    After the install mine also just hung at the grey screen, so I rebooted into OS 9 and then reinstalled the Sonnet OS X software thinking it had been written over. Only after that reinstall did I get the init log data on my screen over the grey screen. (as a test i asked if there was a way to remove the sonnet cache enabler software to see if that is the cause.)
    I already wrote to Sonnet and have not heard back from them. In all fairness the update has been out for less than 24 hours.
    I'll try some of the Apple suggestions tonight. (using links below) System is at home, and I am at work. Thanks for the suggestions. If you hear anything else please let me know. I'll of course do the same."

    Update: See the later report above - my guess that this was an issue with 10.3.5 and Sonnet's cache enabler was correct.).
    (I'd also write Sonnet tech support to see if there's any issue with their L3 cache enabler in 10.3.5.)
    On a MDD system I applied just the security update to 10.3.4 and on the first reboot after it completed the system hung at the gray screen with the circle/slash (shown in this Apple troubleshooting OS X kbase doc). I powered down and tried again (cold start) and it booted fine however.
    Apple has a page with other OS X startup troubleshooting guides that also would be worth reading.

    (added 8/10/2004)
    Hi - in 10.3.4, iChat AV could not detect the internal microphone on the iBook 500 (original dual USB iBook). This was documented on many boards. This has now been fixed in 10.3.5 - at least on my iBook.
    Thanks, Jareer K"

    (added 8/10/2004)
    My hack to enable Quartz on a PCI Mac with a Radeon card has been disabled. The old trick of editing the configuration file doesn't seem to work anymore. I hope come enterprising person will figure out a new way to turn it back on.
    (he later wrote)
    False alarm Mike. Quartz is working after all, but you do need to re-edit the configuration file to re-enable Quartz again (no surprise, I guess). "

    There's an older page here on PCI Radeon Quartz Extreme mods that included the original file edits (before the utilities were relased to do that for you).

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "10.3.5 Update has changed Sleep for me. Now when I hit the power button on my 20" Cinema (1st gen) the drives spin down, the screen shuts off but my G5 1.8 won't go to sleep. The light on the Cinema stays steady too - it doesn't pulse as it would in Sleep. Tried repairing permissions before and after install, tried the Combo installer as well.
    I'll let you know if I figure it out.
    Matthew B.
    (I also asked if he had any 3rd party PCI cards or connected devices or OS addon/haxies, etc.. (if so try removing them))
    Wacom Graphire 2 (I asked what driver version was installed - if all else fails i'd remove that driver a test)
    M-Audio keyboard (the one Apple pitches for GarageBand)
    ShuttlePro V.2
    Microtek Scanner 3800
    D-Link Bluetooth module
    D-Link 4port USB2.0 Hub
    Lacie External FW800 200 gig
    OWC External FW400 80gig
    Internal SATA 160gig (stock)
    Internal SATA 200gig (Western Digital)
    I don't have any PCI cards currently installed.
    I have not tried to disconnect all equipment yet.
    I don't use any OS haxies!
    Matt "

    I've not updated a G5 yet, but sleep works fine with 10.3.5 on a PB G4. Re-applying the combo update is an old tip to try when you see odd problems with the delta updater. (Disconnecting any addon devices and Repair Permissions is also a common tip - although on my PB G4 it showed nothing but the usual IS09660, etc. notes after the 10.3.5 update.) Maybe a PMU reset would be worth trying since it's power/sleep related.
    If anyone else sees this (or has a tip/fix) - let me know. Include system info and details on any 3rd party software/hardware in reports. Thanks.

    Another G5 owner reported the same thing:

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Hi, I have a G5 single 1.8 with 2.5 GB RAM. After the 10.3.5 update my G5 won't go to sleep, the harddisks spin down, the display goes to sleep but the machine is still on. The fans are still blowing. I haven't found any other problems.
    (I asked if he had any 3rd party PCI cards, connected devices, os addons/haxies, etc. installed)
    I have no 3rd party pci cards. I do have a Wacom tablet but I tried disconnecting and rebooting but that didn't help.
    All that is connected now is an 20" Cinema display, standard Apple keyboard and a Logitech MX310. To be more specific on my machine specifications, I have 2 harddisks (standard 160 GB and a 26GB Raptor) and an ATI9800pro BTO.

    I don't have any haxies loaded. I do have USB Overdrive installed. I also run Quicksilver B27 (turning one or both off doesn't seem to help) Sometimes my mac won't recover from this zombie sleep state and I have to force a shutdown.
    I have repaired permissions since some people see that as the holy way to fix broken stuff but that also didn't help. (It's a common tip, 2nd to the Combo update reapply, but it's not a cure-all for sure.)
    I hope this info is of any help, it's a really annoying problem.
    Thank you, Tony
    (he later wrote)
    I also just noticed a HD spinning up even though I have turned HD sleep off in the Energy Saver prefpane.
    There is a discussion on the Apple forums, Not sure if the link works, but it seems that so far the G5 single 1.8 users are having these sleep issues. "

    If you try a PMU reset, let me know if it helps.

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Just installed it on my dual 1.8 G5, w/stock 160 HD. Everything seems fine, except I can't seem to mount disk images. They just won't open, but display the attached error message. I think the numbers are different for different files. I used an external disk to mount 10.3.4, and the images mounted without problems. I'll keep investigating, but it appears to be an issue with the update. I used SW Updater, maybe i'll try again with a combo...
    Al C.
    (I asked if he had tried the usual tips - reapply combo update, run repair permissions, etc. and he later wrote)
    The updater/permissions scheme seems to have done the trick. I'll know better next time than to trust Software Update. "

    I asked if he saw any deep sleep problems also and he said no. (Seems to have only affected single 1.8GHz owners for some reason.) There were some reported problems in 10.3.4 mounting disks/images from 256MB 9800 card owners (like the special edition 9800 pro and BTO 9800XT) in apple's forums but 10.3.5 was rumored to fix that.

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "I have a Gigabit Ethernet PowerMac G4/Dual 500 MHz with 1280 MB RAM. It seems that after updating to 10.3.5, Menu Meters no longer displays my CPUs' temperatures. I also tried Temperature Monitor, and it confirmed that no temperature sensors exist. I had one for each processor earlier today (just installed Menu Meters as I read about the availability of 10.3.5). Can any of your other readers confirm this? Thanks.
    Nathaniel "

    XResource graph still reports temperatures on the PB G4 here, but I don't have any other temperature utilities installed to try. (And the later mac models have temperature sensors that are not in older macs.) I'd check the websites of the utility to see if they have any notes or updates. (if not try removing and reinstalling it perhaps. I had a canon scanner plugin for PShop stop working in 10.3.4 but reinstalling it helped.)

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Mike, Quick note! The 10.3.5 update doesn't read the temperature sensor on my Cube (450 Mhz 1.5 Gb RAM). Tried two programmes: ThermoInDock (beeb and quit) and Termperature Monitor (shows error message: No Temperature Sensor Found).
    Mervyn "

    See my comments above.

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Hey Mike, Updated to 10.3.5, everything works flawlessly. Noticed that the 9800 driver is still the 9700 driver, if that makes any difference. (I didn't expect them to change that though but it the drivers were supposed to be updated versions).
    I am running a Quicksilver/867 2001 with a RADEON 9800 pro retail. As a side note, Aliens vs. Predator 2 multiplayer STILL does not work. (I asked if the DVD Player problem (blocky/artifacts) with 9800s was fixed. ATI released a 10.3.3 hotfix for that but it reappeared in 10.3.4 and the patch would only run in 10.3.3. Old tip was to copy the DVD player version from 10.2.8 (renaming or backing up the original 10.3.x DVD player first just in case.)-Mike)
    MacPlay blames it on the OS and as of now, it has not been fixed.
    Sincerely, Edward S. "

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "I just installed 10.3.5. I had the Safari 1.3 beta installed before upgrading (I've had it running for probably a month now).

    After the install, I was disappointed to see I still had the same Safari beta version installed, and that there were Safari patches in the 10.3.5 patch bom in /Library/Receipts. So I'm stuck with this buggy beta Safari, for now.

    I'd love it if you could post this on the site, in case anyone knows a way around it.
    --Philip J. "

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "It seems that the System Profiler has more detailed data about various parts of the Mac. I noticed that my ram was previously reported at PC100-222 and now shows up as PC133-322 ram. There are 3 512MB chips, a 333 speed chip from Apple and two 222 aftermarket chips.
    Jon "

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "As far as I can tell, I seem to be the only one having problems with this update.

    My yahoo messenger "emoticons" are no longer visible when chatting. Quicktime now refuses to play any video or audio files that it previously recognised. iTunes now bounces in the dock once and then fails to load.

    However, i'm pretty sure this is because i've been using TinkerTool on the Finder as well as my many failed attempts to download and compile GnuCash through Fink.

    I've repaired permissions and rebooted twice to no avail.
    I'm doing this all through my 12" Rev. A Powerbook G4, which has been upgraded (well before I got 10.3!) to 640Mb RAM.

    As a plus point though, the OS response is now really quick! I originally thought my mouse speed settings had been altered, but that isn't the case at all.

    However, i'm now off to back up all my data and then i'm going to reinstall and reapply the patch. I'll let you know my results.
    Richard. "

    (added 8/10/2004)
    "Michael, I upgraded to OS X 10.3.5 last night, and noticed this detail, this morning. I'm running a customized Sawtooth with a Gigadesigns processor upgrade. Before, L3 cache wasn't viewable, now it's displayed in the About This Mac window. Also, I don't recall -- CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (3.3) -- appearing the System Profile before, either. (was it there, and I just didn't notice it?) (I know that info is reported in the ASP screens before)

      Machine Model: Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics) 
      CPU Type: PowerPC G4  (3.3) 
      Number Of CPUs: 1 
      CPU Speed: 1.2 GHz 
      L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB 
      L3 Cache (per CPU): 2 MB 
      Memory: 1.38 GB 
      Bus Speed: 100 MHz 
      Boot ROM Version: 4.2.8f1

    Michael D.
    www.michaeldougan.com "

    I welcome other feedback on 10.3.5 (if you find it fixes or breaks anything) let me know. Please include system info and details on any 3rd party software/hardware in reports. Thanks.

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