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Reader Feedback on OS X 10.4.10 Update
Reports last Updated: 7/27/2007 (FW cardreader problem)
(Updated 7/31/2007 for Security Update 2007-007)

This page has reader reports on specific improvements, problems or compatibility issues with the 10.4.10 update as well as links to Apple downloads and Docs on 10.4.10. (Note: I usually do a clean Reboot before applying the update and do not use the Mac for anything until the update is completely installed (including Optimizing/prebinding phase). Cautious users generally prefer to update using the (correct type) "Combo" updater and some even suggest running RP before and after the update as well. Checking the disk for errors, disconnecting any connected devices (FW/USB) and checking the author's site of any 3rd party haxies, drivers, addons, etc. you have installed before applying a version update is also highly recommended. I'd never tried it before personally but one reader said he ran updates from a "safe boot" (shift key down/single user mode I assume) If you haven't already seen it in the past, Unsanity has an article on How Installing Apple's Updates can Render Your Mac Unbootable and How You Can Prevent it - that stresses *leave the mac alone until the Optimizing (pre-binding) is completely finished*.
And BTW - not to preach on this but remember HAVING A BOOTABLE BACKUP of your current drive is worth the cost of an external FW/USB case and drive. (If your time and data is worth anything at all...)

Here's the 10.4.10 update info from the PPC updater page:

" About Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update (PPC)
The 10.4.10 Update is recommended for PowerPC and Intel-based Mac computers currently running Mac OS X Tiger. This update includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes or compatibility updates for the following applications and technologies:
- RAW camera support
- Mounting and unmounting external USB devices
- Support for 3rd party software applications
- Security updates

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n305533 (About the 10.4.10 delta Update)"

They also have a doc About the security content of the Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update.

If you find 10.4.10 fixes or breaks anything, let me know the details. Thanks. (BTW - CPU Director users may want to wait for an updated release, as every update to tiger has required an update to CPUD.)

Apple Docs on 10.4.10: (later added docs first)

Security Update 2007-007 (July 31, 2007) For details, see About Security Update 2007-007

Security Update 2007-006: Available via Software Update or these download links:

See About Security Update 2007-006 for details on WebCore and WebKit fixes.

(NOTE A couple 10.4.10 users said this update did not appear in Software Update/would not apply using the download, but it does show up in Software Update/applies on my G5 running 10.4.10 (as well as a friend's Intel-CPU macs w/10.4.10). The Apple docs for the PPC download and "About" the update note 10.4.9 or later, although the Universal D/L page says 10.4.9 (not "or later" - I thought that was a typo/omission). One of those saying it would not install in 10.4.10 also said he installed the Safari 3.0.2 beta (which has Webkit security fixes) but one reader that said it wouldn't install on 10.4.10 said he had not installed Safari 3 and was running a CP upgraded G4 tower. He later wrote that installing/removing Sarari 3.0.2 beta resulted in the Security Update appearing in SU. Bizarre...)

Reader Reports on 10.4.10: (later posts first)
If you find any pros or cons with the 10.4.10 update, let me know. (Remember as with any OS X version update, check your 3rd party addons first for any updates or developer notes on 10.4.10 compatibility. If you see a problem, include the version(s) of any 3rd party software addons/drivers, haxies, startup/login items, etc. you're using. PL CPU Director users note that every Tiger update has broken the current version. (See notes at top of page regarding what cautious users do before applying an OS version update (clean reboot, no 3rd party addons, use Combo Updater) and remember HAVING A BOOTABLE BACKUP of your current drive is worth the cost of an external FW/USB case and drive if your time and data is worth anything at all and especially worth doing before an OS X version update.)

"Upgrading to Mac 10.4.10 seems to have broken Image Capture on both my PowerBook G4 and my PowerMac G4. I used to be able to use Image Capture to get my photos via my Lexar Firewire CompactFlash card reader. Now it doesn't mount at all and Image Capture says "No Image Capture device connected." for the first time EVER on either computer. Strange thing is that the card reader still shows up in System Profiler under FireWire as "CF type II" ...

I saw that there's been a fix regarding FireWire audio issues, but can't seem to find any information about this scenario anywhere.

I'm really at my wit's end. I need to be able to get my photos off of my card with my card reader! I'm going to dig up the USB cable and try that, but ... *groan!*

(It may not help but have you tried)

Disconnect the device, reconnect it (while OS running)
Many times - no dice.

If you regularly use only one CF card, does another CF card mount?
No, but I have been able to read the card by connecting the camera (Canon 20D) via USB - which sucks, but hey.

Tried reapplying a "Combo" updater?
I haven't tried that yet, but I have tried the PPC (delta) updater. Also, I've updated all the Canon drivers and programs. Everything works through the camera via USB, nothing works via FireWire. Very strange.
I'll keep you posted.
-Donald A."

Apple posts doc w/Tip for 10.4.10 Firewire Audio Interface Problems
There's been a lot of Firewire Audio interface users that reported the device wasn't recognized properly after the 10.4.10 update and finally Apple has posted a doc on it with a 'solution':

" Mac OS X 10.4.10: No sound from some FireWire audio interfaces

Issue or symptom
After updating to Mac OS X 10.4.10, some FireWire audio interfaces may have no sound output.

Products affected:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.10
  • FireWire audio interfaces

To resolve this issue, install the FireWire SDK 24 for Mac OS X from the Development Kits page.

Note: This download requires an Apple Developers Connection (ADC) account. If you are not an ADC member, you can create an account at no charge.

This document will be updated as more information becomes available."

One reader's previous workaround was reinstalling 10.4.9 fw audio driver using Pacifist (worked twice he said).

Apple Doc w/Tip for Safari 3 Quits: A FYI for the reader that reported this problem earlier (below) - see Safari 3 Public Beta: Unexpectedly quits when opened in Mac OS X 10.4 (Delete the Safari History.plist file from ~/Library/Safari/)

(added 7/9/2007)
" All my USB camera's no longer work, iPhoto will not see them any more!
(It may not help but did you try disconnect/reconnecting the USB cables from the Cameras? (while the OS is running) - and reboot a couple times?
Other old tips are reinstalling a "Combo" updater (from a download at apple's support/downloads page - see links to them above).
And just for the record please include info on your cameras used and Mac model, etc.-Mike
It's a 1.8GHz 20" PowerPC iMac.
It was my Nikon CoolPix and my Olympus C-3000 that it did not want to recognize.
I re-downloaded the update and after a few reboots it now seems to be ok again. That surely was weird.
Thanks Dave"

Problems with Older version of Piclens (Safari addon)

(added 7/9/2007)
"I've found the cause for Safari (2.0.4) quiting after startup. It happened to me after the last security update. The reason was Piclens, situated in the /Library/InputManagers directory. Removing the Piclens dir solved the problem.

I ask in Red above to include versions of 3rd party addons if you see a problem (and check for updates at the addon's website), Marc later replied he didn't know the installed Piclens version number but it had a date of Oct. 2006, so it was not the current version (1.5.4 beta) at http://www.piclens.com/safari/, which reportedly -does not- have the problem.

Microsoft Messenger 6.0.2 crashing (not common)

(added 7/9/2007)
"I have just come back from vacation and I have noticed the Microsoft Messenger 6.0.2 keeps crashing suddenly, all I have done is install 10.4.10 when I got back. A friend also reports the same issue, have you seen any mention of this?
Thanks, Neil C. "

Not that I recall but I don't use it personally. Another reader (w/PPC Mac) saw this and wrote he's running it OK in 10.4.10:

"Hi Mike, I just tried MSN Messenger 6.0.2 on my G3 B&W running Mac OS X 10.4.10. No problem so far.
(Neil's problem) Corrupted preferences? Damaged application? Not completely compatible with Intel?
Regards, Ronald "

Another 10.4.10/Sonnet E4P SATA card report:

(added 7/9/2007)
"I, too, have had problems with my Sonnet E4P card - using a Promax enclosure - after the 10.4.10 update.

Machine will hang and not shut down. Freezes, and other odd behavior after restart, such as a loss of connectivity temporarily.

I have emailed Sonnet and will see what happens. They are pretty good with customer care.
-Paul "

A follow-up from a previous Sonnet E4P owner had said he was sent a beta firmware update for the card that helped.

Tip for USB Mic Issues w/10.4.10

(added 7/9/2007)
"After Browsing the net, i found this which has sorted my Plantronics USB Audio Problem but not my "line in" issues.
Hope it Helps,
Simply involves looking in AUDIO MIDI SETUP and unchecking a mute box.

"Microphone Unresponsive After Updating To Mac OS X 10.4.10"
SYMPTOMS: After updating to Mac OS X 10.4.10 the microphone becomes unresponsive and no dictation will appear in any application. In addition, the microphone produces no signal in the Sound or Speech System Preference panels.

PRODUCTS EFFECTED: At this time, we know this issue affects the USB adapters that are shipped with the Plantronics .Audio 85 and Plantronics DSP-200 microphones. We have also had reports of it affecting microphones from Logictech, as well as other brands of USB microphones, some of which may show up as "C-Media" or "Unknown USB Device."

CAUSE: There is an issue between the firmware in the Plantronics USB adapter and Mac OS X 10.4.10. Since MacSpeech does not produce either the hardware or system software, we cannot provide more information at this time. Both Apple and Plantronics have been notified and we are assisting with their investigation as to the exact cause.

REMEDIES: We have determined the following procedure addresses this issue:

1). Launch "Audio MIDI Setup.app" (You will find this application inside the folder named "Utilities" inside your Applications folder).

2). In System Settings, select "Plantronics Headset" as the default input.

3). In "Properties For:" select "Plantronics Headset."

4). In the area below "Properties For:" uncheck the "Mute" check box. (If it is not checked, check it and then uncheck it.)

5). Test the microphone to verify it works in the Sound and Speech System Preference panes.

6). Launch iListen and select "Set Up My Microphone" to recalibrate your microphone. (This process takes only about a minute.)

If the above does not work, or you prefer not to do the above for some reason, you have the following additional options:

- Downgrade to Mac OS 10.4.9. This involves using your original install disk that came with your computer, performing an Archive and Install, then downloading and installing the 10.4.9 combo updater from Apple's web site. (Do NOT upgrade to 10.4.10!)

- Purchase a VXi USB adapter, which we have confirmed does not have the issue with Mac OS X 10.4.10.

- Purchase a new microphone.

- Wait for either Apple or Plantronics to address this issue.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We are caught in the middle since it was not something that could have been foreseen by MacSpeech. "

Cocktail 3.8.1

    : Version 3.8.1:
  • Addresses an issue in which Cocktail may fail to gather disk information
  • Fixed minor Mac OS X 10.4.10 (v1.1) compatibility issues
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

(added 7/4/2007)
"I have a 20" Intel mac and have been using a USB external Yamaha DP-U50 for sound output all along. With the (Audio Update 2007-001) software update the device is still recognized for audio input but does not show up for audio output (which is what I want to use if for). Audio update has not fixed this problem so still have to run off the internal speakers. Hopefully this will get corrected soon.
(He later wrote)
I did try rebooting and plugging in etc. to no avail. It shows up in the audio INPUT but not the audio OUTPUT so that tells me it is software related.
-John C."

(added 7/4/2007)
"I've got the (firewire) Behringer FCA202 and have installed the latest audio update, but the device still isn't recognized by the audio/midi setup. It is visible in the Apple Profiler however. Behringer has acknowledged this problem, but Apple say they haven't heard anything.
-Rick N."

Another reader (Egil) had originally thought the Audio Update solved the FW audio problem, but later wrote it does not (no FW audio kext update) - so the only fix he has found is reapplying the 10.4.9 FW audio driver (see beow). Rick later wrote that did not help for him (although Egil said it worked for him twice w/10.4.10.) HOWEVER Rick later wrote that even a reinstall of 10.4.9 did not help, so I asked he test the FW device with another Mac.

" Tried the workaround, no luck and then some problems getting back to OSX 10.4.10. Received this link from Behringer:
(apple forum thread where other FW audio device owners noted problems w/10.4.10)
Thanks, Rick "

Rick later wrote even Apple's SDK tip or a reinstall of 10.4.9 didn't help, so he must have some other issue (I asked he test the FW device with another Mac.) There's earlier posts on FW audio problems w/10.4.10 which linked to another Apple thread with reports on FW Audio Device not recognized after the update.

Workaround for 10.4.10 Firewire Audio Device Problems: Egil wrote with a workaround (reinstalling the 10.4.9 Firewire audio driver in 10.4.10):

(regarding FW audio device problems w/10.4.10)
"... try doing the following:
- Download Pacifist (www.charlessoft.com) and open the program
- Download the 10.4.9 combo update
- Drop the 10.4.9 combo update package onto Pacifist
- Search for AppleFWAudio.kext
- Select it and choose install
Then, after reboot, see if that makes any difference. That will bring the audio component back to 10.4.9 state, which as I mentioned also worked for me. But as you pointed out, your mileage may vary here as well...
Cheers, Egil"

(Update - Apple now has a doc w/tip on this - see Mac OS X 10.4.10: No sound from some FireWire audio interfaces)

Apple posts Audio Update 2007-001 and OS X 10.4.10 v1.1 for Intel-based Macs Apple has released an Audio Update 2007-001 for Intel-based Macs that had audio issues (popping, etc.) with external speakers after the original 10.4.10 update. (They've also released a v1.1 of the 10.4.10 update for Intel-based Macs that includes this fix - see below)
BTW - a reader said this also fixed a problem he had with a FW audio interface. (Lots of reports on FW audio device problems w/original 10.4.10 release.)

"This update is recommended for all users running 10.4.10 on Intel-based Macs and resolves an issue with audio.
(more details are in the About Audio Update 2007-001)
The Audio Update 2007-001 addresses an issue with version 1.0 of the Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update in which a "popping" sound might be heard with some external speakers on Intel-based Mac. This update is recommended for all Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.4.10.

Installing Audio Update 2007-001
This update is available via Software Update, and as a standalone update from Apple Support Downloads.

This update can be installed only if the Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update client (or Universal Server) update is already installed.

Note: Version 1.1 of the Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update is not affected by this issue and does not require the Audio Update 2007-001 update."

They've posted download pages for Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update v1.1 (Intel) and a Mac OS X 10.4.10 Combo Update v1.1 (Intel).

SoftRAID 3.6.2 released: Fixes 10.4.10 issue, improves Leopard Support (6/29/2007)

Notes/Tips on "Black Box" Issue

(added 6/27/2007)
"Something very weird has happened to my MPB Core2Duo after 10.4.10. I get one black box around a part of a window (right now it's around the area in this mail where I'm writing) and it occurs on OS X windows, Apple sw windows and 3rd party sw windows, so everywhere. I also installed Parallels Desktop 2.5 Build 3214.0 just after the os x upgrade, maybe that screwed things up.

Also, the right-click-pop-up-menu (whatever it's called..) now includes bonuses like "Always Open With" and "Show Inspector". Weird. I've attached a screen dump (of a screen dump) showing the black box around the file and then also around the Drawer icon in Preview. (no screenshot was attached, maybe forgot?)
Anything you've heard of?
(This rang a bell so I did a site search and found past notes/tips on this in the 10.4.8 feedback page. Black rectangle around cursor area due to Universal Access Zoom Setting. Check the the Universal Access prefs for Zoom options and uncheck "show preview rectangle when zoomed out". (Apple later posted a kbase doc on this - OS X 10.4.8: Black rectangle may appear after installing Mac OS X 10.4.8 update)-Mike)
It was related to it, but not the way the apple doc stated. As you can see in attached images it was the VoiceOver function that was on and which caused the black rectangle. The "Show preview rectangle when zoomed out" box in options was un-ticked all the time.
The black rectangle only follows the mouse when I click.
Thanks a lot, it started to bother me :)
-Ludvig "

No Problems:

(added 6/27/2007)
"I am printing just fine with Microsoft Word 2004 so that problem is not universal. (re: earlier report from someone that could print in other apps but not Word 2004) I am also one of the lucky ones with no audio pops.
My old Garmin 45xl connects just fine using my old Keyspan USB adapter. I have NOT applied the Security Update. I have had zero problems so far, but one of my external hard drives has my 10.4.9 system waiting just in case...
-Bud K. "

re: Older Sandisk Cruzer Mini problems solved

(added 6/27/2007)
"Before the 10.4.10 update, I had a mounting problem with one of the Sandisk Cruzer Mini USB drives I own (an older 256MB unit) on an Intel MBP (2 GHz Core duo, summer 2006). The problem was that the Cruzer Mini would either mount slowly (about 1 minute, with several bus timeout issues noted in Console before a mount was accomplished), or not mount at all (also with timeout issues in Console).
The same drive did not have a problem mounting on either a G5 Mac Pro or a Ti-Book, both running 10.3.9. Oddly, other 256 Mb Cruzer Minis, and an old 128 and a newer 512 Mb Cruzer Mini I also have did not display this problem on the Intel MBP. I zeroed and reformatted the offending 256 drive several times, in several different ways (FAT, MS-DOS, Journaled, etc.) in attempts to resolve the problem, to no avail.

After the 10.4.10 update, the offending 256MB Cruzer Mini now mounts quickly on the MBP and without reports. So it seems Apple is truthful when they said they improved the mounting of some USB devices.
-Peter "

re: Sonnet E4P PCI SATA card (Beta Firmware) (follow-up from an earlier report on problems)

(added 6/27/2007)
"Sonnett was fast to get me a non-released beta firmware to upgrade the card and so (far) it seems to have helped. I must complement Neal and Sonnett for the fast reply and quick fix.
Thanks, Jim "

(Apple Doc) Final Cut Pro 6: "Media Manager File Trim" issue resolved by OS X 10.4.10 Update

Re: Diskwarrior 4.0, ViruScan 8.5, CS3 Version Que

(added 6/26/2007)
"Hi Mike, FYI After 10.4.10 update

DiskWarrior 4.0 won't replace directory from an e-drive anymore, the replace button is greyed out. The e-drive is located on an external FW/USB HDD enclosure. It will do it from a clone of the hard drive [on the same enclosure] if the clone is used as the start up drive, but not if the e-drive is used as the start up drive.

The e-drive was created by TechTools Pro 4.5.2
Regards, Barry R.
Ps. follow up on VirusScan 8.5 now works Ok after 3rd download and reload.

PPS. Seems their might be big bug in Adobe CS3 Version Que. Don't work on G4 and reading lots of the same on everything else! Strange that i can get Version Cue 2.3 to work fine! "

Re: Kensington Keyboard Driver 1.8

(added 6/26/2007)
"Kensington Keyboard Driver 1.8 is broken in OS 10.4.9 and 10.4.10. I've contacted Kensington to no avail. Also, let it be known that their "E" Mail Support staff is off shore and they seem to have little technical knowledge or real desire to help.
-Lou S. "

Re: Word 2004 Printing Problems:

(added 6/26/2007)
"After upgrading my Mac to OS X 10.4.10, Microsoft Word 2004 will not print any docs. I can print from other programs without a problem. I get the following error message:

"WORD cannot print due to a problem with the current printer. Make sure you have a printer selected in the Print Center. You may need to print again or adjust your printer settings."

Here are the things I've tried
I have the printer selected and have made the adjustments to the settings.
I have repaired permissions on my Mac.
Used ONYX X reset and clean up all caches.
reloaded the print drivers, and rebooted a couple of times to no avail.
I see this on my MBP LED 2.2, not on my iMac CD.
Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
-Sunil P. "

Tried disconnecting/reconnecting the printer? (USB direct connect or networked printer?) Delete any Word print jobs in the Que? (FYI - Apple recently updated their support doc on Troubleshooting printing issues in Mac OS X.) Another Word 2004 user later wrote he had no printing problems.

Re: MOTU 828 Problems (Note: On July 2nd apple released an Audio update for the issue of popping w/external speakers on intel-based Macs, but it does not help with FW or USB audio problems.)

(added 6/26/2007)
"Just a quick note... After 10.4.10 My dual G4 MDD no longer recognizes my MOTU 828 firewire interface at all. I am bummed but fortunately do not need it for work. I was so happy when I first read they had fixed some firewire audio issues, causing me to update sooner than later. Well, looks like they broke a few too.
(I asked about drivers/any info from Motu)
I called MOTU and reloaded drivers after deleting the old extensions etc per their instructions. Still no luck.
Jules R. "

The first FW audio report (June 21st) was postive, but the next day (last Friday - 22nd) I posted notes on FW Audio problems others saw. (Update - see Apple doc w/tip titled Mac OS X 10.4.10: No sound from some FireWire audio interfaces)

Audio Pops w/Ext. Speakers (Intel-based Macs): PCworld has an article about (Some) Macs have audio pops After 10.4.10 Update. (UPDATE - see see above for info on Apple fix for that.)

Re: Apple Remote Desktop: (Update - Apple now has a kbase doc on this - Remote Desktop reports Mac OS X 10.4.9 after Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update is installed)

(added 6/25/2007)
"Thought you might want to add this to your 10.4.10 update page.
I installed 10.4.10 on my PowerMac G4 MDD Dual 1.25Ghz machine which is also an Apple Remote Desktop client (version?) to my PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5Ghz machine.

After the update, the Remote Desktop (the list of remote machines) shows that my PM G4 is still running 10.4.9 (the version prior to updating) but the Build version is the correct version (i.e. The version showing on the PM G4 when you select Apple Menu > About this Mac then click on the Version number to display the build number - in this case the build number is 8R218).

I updated the PM G5 to 10.4.10 also then checked again but it still is showing the PM G4 as 10.4.9 (but with the correct Build Number for the 10.4.10 version actually active there).

Not really an issue for me but could be for others who use Remote Desktop (especially in large environments with lots of machines).
Regards, Ralph P. "

Some other apps (including SoftRAID 3.6) had (major) problems with the .10 numbering scheme (which SR noted as violating the numbering guidelines).

Re: Sonnet E4P external Sata PCI-E card, Ext. FW Drive

(added 6/25/2007)
"10.4.10 broke a Sonnet E4P external Sata PCI-E card (firmware 2.1.1) working with a Sonnet Fusion 5 bay enclosure. (See later comments on beta firmware update helping) The machine is a Quad G5. After the update the Sonnett card causes a Kernel Panic. Luckily I have my bootable backup and rolled the machine back to 10.4.9.

Interesting thing about this is that I have an external FW drive I use for running Disk Warrior, Drive Genius, etc, so it is a MINIMAL OS, nothing that could cause a problem, 10.4.10 also caused the same KP I am getting on my main HD, so I can confirm not a specific problem, it appears to be 10.4.10.
(he later wrote)
I updated it (FW drive) to 10.4.10 to run as a test to confirm the issue from a known good minimal OS-issue confirmed.
I have emailed Sonnett support and will update IF they reply.
Regards, Jim S. "

Jim later wrote with Sonnet's reply:

" Jim, Apparently 10.4.10 breaks the numbering scheme rules that Apple put in place and a few folks are getting zinged by it. I know that SoftRAID posted something about it last week as their software broke. So I asked the engineer who wrote the firmware about it and he hasn't had the time to upgrade any of his machines to 10.4.10 for testing. So he'll try to get to that this week and see if something has broken by the change.
So you'll have to wait to update to 10.4.10 for now.
I have a feeling something must be broken since we saw a spike of problem reports last week with the SATA products. And we haven't upgraded any of our Tech Support machines to 10.4.10 yet ourselves.
Sonnet Customer Service"

The card required no addon drivers correct? (Unless Jim is using SoftRAID for his drive setup.) I could understand a driver or addon software checking for an OS version but didn't know of any card firmware (already in the card) that did that.

Re: Garmin Zumo 450 USB:

(added 6/25/2007)
"After installing 10.4.10 on my 17 mbp I can no longer attach my Garmin Zumo 450 USB.
Mac now says "Disk Insertion The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer initialize, Ignore or Eject"
It attaches perfectly to XP laptop.
I've been using the Garmin POI loader for awhile now and it worked fine before 10.4.10
(Tried disconnecting/reconnecting the device? Rebooted since 10.4.10 install?)
Yup did both of those and nothing seemed to help.
What is funny thing is that the device presents two drives to the system the 2GB drive in the garmin and the 8GB SD card in the garmin expansion slot. You can see the expansion slot fine. I've been doing a lot of research over the week end and it looks like Apple must have some bugs in the USB disk support in 10.4.10.
-Mark "

X11 Problems?

(added 6/25/2007)
"I don't know if 10.4.10 caused it because I don't use X11 often, but I can't run X11 anymore after the update (I always apply the combo update). X11 quietly crashes as soon as one moves the X curser. The app just goes away without an error message.
My German isn't too good, but this guy seems to have the same problem:
One reply saw the same, another guy said he didn't. Usual suggestions (reinstall combo updates, reinstall X11).
I could only re-install the Nov 2006 update (1.1.3). The 1.0 installer won't run once the update has been applied at any time. Re-install didn't do any good. Any feedback from your readers?
Thanks!!! - Paul "

If anyone else has seen this or has a tip for Paul, let me know. Thanks.

Tip for Modem:

(added 6/25/2007)
Merlin XU870 HSPDA Modem Problems (earlier report below)
Was the same with 10.4.9
/Library/Modem Scripts/WWAN Support
/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/WWAN.menu
/System/Library/Extensions/IOSerialFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ AppleWWANSupport.kext
/System/Library/Extensions/IOSerialFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ AppleWWANVerizon.kext

Worked for me in .9 and now with .10
Don't install any drivers, remove and reboot is enough!
greetings from Austria
-Bernd S. "

Re: Microsoft Silverlight Plugin

(added 6/25/2007)
"Microsoft Silverlight Plugin can not be installed on 10.4.10, it reports an error stating that it must be installed on OS version 10.4.8 or higher. (it recognizes 10.4.10 as 10.4.1, a bug many 3rd party apps are having because of apples version number scheme hack)
-Adam W. "

SoftRAID 3.6 problems are also related to the update numbering. (SoftRaid 3.6.2 update was released on the 29th.) I wondered how many other 3rd party products would be affected by that.

(added 6/25/2007)
"MacBook Pro 17in 2.33GHz
After I installed the 10.4.10 update I cannot use My MacBook Pro from battery. The battery is full loaded, the machine is switching on, but a half seconds later it switching off. When I disconnect the MagSafe the machine switching off too.
(Maybe try the Intel-mac equiv. of resetting the PMU. but he later wrote)
The "Security Update 2007-006" (released 6/22) resolved this.
-Szollosi "

Sounds like just another reboot solved it. (The webkit/webcore updates in the security update should not have affected battery/PMU operation.)

(added 6/25/2007)
"I have the "LaCie 8 in 1 Media Reader" and it is no longer working on my Macbook since the 10.4.10 update. I installed from a fresh boot, didn't do anything whilst installing and rebooted immediately afterwards. The only thing I haven't tried yet is repairing permissions (I ran out of time). I'll let you know if it makes a difference.I dual boot Mandriva Linux on my Macbook so I verified the device was still working by booting up Mandriva and it did still work so I'm certain it isn't any kind of hardware issue. It has always worked faster (in terms of mounting the cards) on Linux than OS-X but this is the first update to OS-X that has stopped it completely.
(I asked if he had tried the old tip of disconnecting/reconnecting USB devices)
Thanks for the tip, but I have connected and disconnected it many times. Since it is a laptop computer, you pretty much have to 8^). (But some just write immediately after seeing a problem. As a FYI - the multi-card reader built-in to my Dell 24in LCD still works fine in 10.4.10.-Mike). I have noted that you emphasise with the OS running but I have tried that too.
This used to be a problem with linux and sometimes by trying with a card inserted before plugging-in, or by leaving varying times before inserting the card, you could eventually get it to work so I have tried a lot of combinations but so far no luck. It's ironic that just as my favoured version of Linux gets it right, I can't get it to work in OS-X. 8^). Thanks again for the tip (and the many others from the site).
Regards, Tim "

(added 6/25/2007)
"Don't know if anyone else reported this but after the 10.4.10 upgrade, I lost the Tiger unified theme on my MacBook Pro.
-Jeff "

Firewire Audio Problems: (UPDATE: See Apple doc on this w/Tip titled Mac OS X 10.4.10: No sound from some FireWire audio interfaces)
Although an earlier report on FW audio from an Apogee Ensemble interface user said 10.4.10 was an improvement, others have reported problems:

(added 6/22/2007)
"Hi Mike! It seems Apple's longstanding amnesia towards certain firewire audio devices is still in full force - owners of certain 'class compliant' devices (using Apple's own internal drivers) will still experience huge CPU spikes when such audio interfaces are connected (e.g those based on the DM1000 chip). Moreover, Mackie posted a notice in regards to the update:
    "We have found that this update will break functionality, and recommend NOT to update until further notice. We are actively involved with Apple in getting a resolution to this promptly."

This has been a long standing issue that Apple doesn't seem able to resolve.
Regards, Jose. "

I've also had reports on 10.4.10 breaking compatibility with a Behringer FCA202 FW soundcard with a link to an Apple forum thread on FW Audio Device not recognized after the update. (I assume they tried disconnecting/reconnecting the device after the update. Helps with some USB devices that are not recognized after an update, but this may be a different issue. A couple readers said this did not help with their FW audio problems in 10.4.10. Some are reverting back to 10.4.9.)

"I have tried both rebooting, disconnecting/reconnecting to no avail. System profiler shows that the FCA202 device is found and identified, but there does not seem to be a way of getting the device back online unfortunately. Some people have reported downgrading to 10.4.9 worked out though.

Problem w/USB Drives in Parallels after Update

(added 6/22/2007)
"Hello, until yesterday I had much fun with an all new MacBook core2duo OSX.10.4.9 in german, bought only two weeks ago. Then I installed the operating system update to 10.4.10 and had to understand that now I can't any longer use my external USB harddrives under windows 2000 (SP4) running in parallels (Version before the 3.0). When connecting to the USB port the virtual machine states that the drive is already in use by another program and can not be connected for that reason. It proposes to stop the concurring program but does not say which program actually is the reason. Simple unmounting from the OSX desktop, which I tried at least, did not help. Wondering if I did something wrong I used various models having however each time the same result...
best regards from Berlin - Axel "

I'd write Parallels support about this also (to see if they can confirm it as a known issue). Is Spotlight indexing the drive? (you can disable that in Spotlight prefs/privacy section) - but not sure even if it was if that would cause that problem. I don't own Parallels (no intel-cpu mac here) but in the past have seen some USB device problems after an OS X update where disconnecting/reconnecting the USB device helped but that was with printers, UPS' etc. and cases where a USB device wasn't recognized.

Re: Missing Sync

(added 6/22/2007)
"On my new MacBook Pro 2.2, My Missing Sync (v1.0.1) for Blackberry is not working after the update.
Sam B. "

Halo 2 (OpenGL) Gaming (see reply below)

(added 6/22/2007)
"I just tested Halo 2.02 with 10.4.10 update and my Max Frame rate went up from 49.7 to 52.9 (appx 6%) I have never broken 50 before.
Digital Audio Tower upgraded w/Giga Designs 1.8GHz G4/7447 single Cpu
1.5GB Ram, PCI IDE ATA/133 with Maxtor 200GB
Flashed XFX Nvidia 6800 GT with the stock settings
with the regular Rom from Strange dogs (Thanks Guys)
20 inch Viewsonic LCD wide.

When I just tried Halo 2.02 with 10.4.8 it actually went down slightly from the 2.01 Halo update to 49.2 Max ( 3 tries each time max score)

I then tried to use the hack from Strange dogs that uses the NVIDIA drivers from the Intel 10.4.9 update and it crashed my machine on reboot. No Go so had to do an archive and reinstall of OS 10.4 and update right to 10.4.8 combo update and tried it again. Same thing. Reinstalled OS 10 again what a pain. I know no back up. Usually I do. So I gave up and updated everything again from a new install and thought I see if 10.4.10 had any improvements. I figured maybe Steve jobs felt sorry for us hackers and leaked us the NVIDIA driver updates for the Intel machines so they would work on the G machines. Checked with open GL extension viewer. Nope nothing different still the 3 of 9 extensions not supported in Open GL 2.0.
BUT low and behold Halo 2.0.2 is slightly faster now. (Halo 2.0.2 was said to improve performance on PPC Macs also) And its repeatable.
Maybe the 2.02 release of halo needed 10.4.10 to bring out its best.
Maybe somebody else can verify this slight performance gain. A solid 3.2 FPS In Halo 2.02 everything set at min 640x480 etc and tested on my reg 1680x1050 desktop. I have not check anything else yet. Lost all my old xbench scores before the fiasco above.
I'll have to try it now with my other 733 digital audio with a ATI 9800 pro 128 and with the 5200 128mb 64 bit PCI card and see if 10.4.10 helps there at all with halo 2.02.

A reply to the above:

" I was reading the post (above) about the Halo performance improvements with 10.4.10 on a user's old PowerMac. 10.4.10 does not include any new video drivers or OpenGL framework for PPC machines. If anything the new improved benchmarks may be due to reinstalling OS X and everything else.
Ciao! A.J."

Merlin XU870 HSPDA Modem Problems

(added 6/22/2007)
"I updated my MacBook Pro (15in, 2.16ghz core 2 duo) to 10.4.10 and it seems to have messed up my Merlin XU870 HSPDA express card. (purchased from 3rd party and I use it with Cingular/ATT)
I keep getting connection errors, and when I went into system pref and network prefs, it was no longer listed in the list of modems.
I downloaded the drivers from the Novatel website, and it is listed in the modems now, but still no connection. Do you have any similar reports?
-Scott S. "

Update: See reader Tip above

"Lost" (unrecognized) RAM

(added 6/22/2007)
"Related ? (ref past 10.4.7 update reports of'lost ram')
I updated today to the latest 10.4.10 on my PB G4 (1.25 GHz). Before on 10.4.9 (installed a few months ago) it was OK. After the ugrade I noted that the memory in the lower slot (256MB) is not seen. The upper slot (1GB) is still visible. Didn't check right before the update. But since the motherboard is relatively young (start 2006), I (still) assume that the m'board did not die.
Reseating the modules and resetting the PMU did not fix it. I still assume it may be a bug (feature ?). Noted on several forums similar issues on 10.4.10 and the http://lowermemoryslot.editkid.com/ Frequent reports on loss on memory with upgrades. Clear: maybe that's the time that you check it.
But the number of reports appear statistically too frequent to be meaningless.
Apple owes us an explanation, but I fear that 'silence' is a planned strategy here. Will run an image backup now, before backgrading to 10.3.9 and checking whether 10.4.10 can be cause. If so, Apple should better go after it. Assuming that 10.4.10 is the portal to Leopard.
Cheers, Rolf "

Re: Safari 3 Beta Quits:

(added 6/22/2007)
"after upgrading to OS X 10.4.10, Safari 3 Beta quits. I've trying to uninstall it and reintall, but nothing.
I'm running on a MacBook Core 2 Duo 2GHz with 1GB of RAM.
Kind regards, Alessio "

Update - Apple has a doc titled Safari 3 Public Beta: Unexpectedly quits when opened in Mac OS X 10.4 (Delete the Safari History.plist file from ~/Library/Safari/)

SoftRAID 3.6 Issues w/10.4.10: (Update: Softraid released v3.6.2 to address this on June 29th.)

(added 6/21/2007)
"SoftRaid 3.6 does not recognize 10.4.10, and will not allow access to preferences for changes or statistics. The only option is to close the software. To paraphrase the error message, it says that I don't have the proper OS installed and that I should install 10.4.X.

I sent an inquiry to SoftRaid, LLC about this and I received an answer back in under 5 minutes as follows:

    "Either go back to 10.4.9, wait until 3.6.2 is out, or ask to be on the beta list for 3.6.2.

    This is caused by Apples hack to make a 10.4.10 possible, which violates their naming standards."

I haven't determined if mirroring still works, that'll have to wait until later in the day. I assume from the response that this is not a machine-specific error, but my specs are listed below:
PowerMac G5 2x2.5GHz (late 2004), 2GB ram,
2X160GB HDs; single partitions (Raid1), 9800 Mac Pro SE graphics
-Jay R. "

Re: Apple Wireless Keyboard

(added 6/21/2007)
"This update fixed an anoying thing with my MacPro and the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Since I bought them (8 months ago) I always waited around 10 to 30 seconds in the login prompt of OS X for the keyboard to start working. The mouse always worked instantly.
Now after installed 10.4.10, the keyboard is discovered quickly and soon as the login prompt appears I can type my password. That made my day!

My configuration:
MacPro quad-core 3GHz
Aiport + Bluetooth
8 GB Ram, 4x150GB Raptor HDs
ATI Radeon 1900, 2xApple Cinema Displays 30"
Apple Wireless Keyboard
Logitech Revolution MX Mouse
-Fernando "

Re: VLC and Ext. Drive Problems:

(added 6/21/2007 - updated 6/22)
"I have seen two weird problems with the 10.4.10 update, although I have taken all the required precautions before installation.
I am on an iMac G5, 1.8 Ghz, 17in, 1GB RAM and 160GB HD.

Problem 1) I cannot read any DVD anymore using videolan. (Version? There was a recent VLC media player 0.8.6c update w/security related fixes.-Mike) There's an I/O error, although that same DVD plays nicely using (Apple) DVD player.
(he later wrote) I have not hacked or done anything special on this system. I use the very last version of videolan - VLC 086c. I've had some testing on 10.4.10 VLC and on this other system, it ran ok, meaning something went bad on my computer.

Problem 2) My external firewire HD I used for permission repairs and system check is recognized by the system, mounts, no problem. But I simply cannot boot on it anymore. Selecting this drive from the prefs or during the booting leads to a white screen. Eventually the system finds the internal HD and boots on it.
(What bridge board is used in the Case? (ASP may list that but if not let me know if you know the brand of case/bridge board model, etc.)

- Was it connected when you did the 10.4.10 update?

- Does it show as a bootable drive if you hold the Option key down at startup? - What OS is on the FW/USB drive? (10.4.9?))

Last I have tried to "repair" the problem by reinstalling the update, using the combo one. I haven't done it in the safe mode though. and yes it did not help. Did you hear of anything similar?
(he later wrote)
The brand of the enclosure is... Ultra (well not known!). Here's the product description from TigerDirect
I opened it, but couldn't find any information. I looked in several forums and found this: 'The USB/1394 bridge chip inside is the "beloved" PL-3507.' This makes suddenly a lot of sense! I've found many website talking about this chipset problem. Here's the manufacturer website.
The other questions you had:
It was not connected during the update to 10.4.10
It is seen as a bootable drive (selectable) in the pref pane. But upon booting and pressing option, I only have a grey screen...

Yes I mounted and unmounted it several times. I tried booting from the USB2 port too and from the second firewire port.
The OS on the drive is 10.4.8. It's basically my "rescue" drive.
Thanks, Nicolas"

If anyone else has seen this let me know (include details on drive/bridge board, etc.)

Re: Firewire Audio: (Note - see later post above about problems some others have seen with 10.4.10 and FW audio)

(added 6/21/2007)
"I just installed 10.4.10 and it fixed a nasty bug with firewire audio, the Apogee Ensemble interface and my MacPro.
When audio was playing through the Ensemble, every time a new process started a short dropout occured. I had this problem since I first installed the Ensemble and it has been very annoying.

Bringing up dashboard for the first time after a restart for example resulted in so many clicks and pops that in most cases the interface lost the digital sync and I had to reset it.
Thanks Apple for fixing this!!!!
Best regards, Matthias "

Re: Expresscards/Sleep

(added 6/21/2007)
"I have some semi-good news. I've been having the sleep issue on my MacBook Pro when a Firewire ExpressCard was installed. I just checked, and sleep does work if you first eject the card, and then put the system to sleep. Before if didn't matter. it would never properly sleep, whether a card was installed, or if you first ejected the card then put to the system to sleep. Sleep still doesn't work if you attempt to sleep and the card is inserted. When I tried, the screen went black (with the hard drive still running) and I was unable to wake it up. When I removed the card, the computer restarted by itself. I'm interested to see what others report.
-Chris M. "

See the next post below on the same subject:

(added 6/21/2007)
"Just applied the 10.4.10 update and the behavior regarding expresscards and sleep that I reported back in December (Dec. 1st, 2006 news post) is still present.
A new wrinkle is that ejecting and powering off the card before sleep now seems to prevent the crash, but it's still not back to what it was back in 10.4.7. At least one other user is seeing identical behavior (Apple forum post).
Thanks, Marlon R. "

Re: NT Universal HD Adapter

(added 6/21/2007)
"the 10.4.10 update fixed an issue where when using 2.5in IDE drives with the Newertech universal drive adapter when using a macbook, now i can format succesfully and copy data to my laptop drives without getting errors or the drive disappear like it did before the update. I nothiced it wasnt just my issue when i saw a recent review on macworld where they had the same issues with a macbook.
(I asked which version of the adapter he had, the earlier model w/LED or later model w/o LED)
Mine has a red LED and the sata connector built-in. I've seen others that have a small sata connector extended from the adapter.
thanks, Joe R.
Low End Mac "

There were two models of the Univ. Adapter that I've seen, one had an LED on it (first model I saw) and the later model didn't. (The first model was reported to have problems with some 3.5in SATA drives IIRC, although desktop drive owners should check the 3.5in HD's power draw to see if it exceeds the AC adapter/PS rating of the NT adapter - for instance the Seagate 7200.9 and 7200.10 drives are spec'd at 2.8A/12V max, higher than many AC adapters.)

Re: Deep Sleep Widget v0.8 broken (Update - v0.9 is now out and works he said)

(added 6/21/2007 - updated 6/22)
"just to let you know, 10.4.10 seems to break the Deep Sleep Widget by 'M. Beaumel' for laptops (http://deepsleep.free.fr/ - current version 0.8), it will not work with 10.4.10, hopefully there will be a new version shortly.
the widget is great though, i can put my first gen macbook pro to sleep and come back a day later with no reduction of battery power, general sleep still uses a fair bit of battery compared to my old dual usb ibook. great site, thanks for all the info...
(the next day he wrote there's an update to Deep Sleep Widget)
just a heads up, yesterday i posted to say that the deep sleep widget was broken under 10.4.10, a new version v0.9 is released and is working under 10.4.10 again.
-Ed "

PL CPU Director and 10.4.10 Warning: As expected, Powerlogix's CPU Director page has a warning that OS X 10.4.10 is not compatible with the current version of CPU Director and links to a status of CPU Director Support for Apple OS 10.4.10:

"At this time we do not have a definite release date for the next update of CPU Director required for 10.4.10 compatibility. Rest assured that the next CPU Director version will be released as soon as such a release is possible.

Please do not e-mail asking when this release will occur and rather please visit this site for such update as it will be posted here first when the update is approaching release and/or is posted for download.

PowerLogix G4 7447, 7455, and 7457 single and dual processor upgrades do not require CPU Director for proper operation or performance. Upgrading to 10.4.9 will not cause loss of settings or performance, but will disable CPU Director and it's temperature view pane as well as Dynamic Frequency Switching feature (DFS is a 7447 only option).

Owners of certain PowerLogix G3/800MHz to G3/1.1GHz PCI, Pismo, and ZIF upgrades may require CPU Director at startup to enable the higher processor speed of the PowerLogix G3 750FX or 750GX based upgrade. If your are using OS X, we highly recommend waiting for our next release prior to installing the 10.4.9 upgrade.

Your patience and support is appreciated. Please visit this site for updates to the CPU Director software status."

(added 6/21/2007)
"iPhoto acts strangely. Shows dotted line squares in place of photos most the time, Quits if I click on a slideshow.
If I Click on a Folder under Source nothing but dotted line squares in place of photos.
I just installed a new HD and installed 10.4.4 on it and then did a software update to 10.4.10 and transfered everything from my HD with 10.3.9.
-Charles E. "

If you find any pros or cons with 10.4.10, let me know the details (include mac model, info on any addons/upgrades, etc.) Remember as with any OS X version update, check your 3rd party addons/login items, etc. first for any updates or developer notes on 10.4.10 compatibility. If you see a problem include the version of any 3rd party software addons you're using. Thanks.

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