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Reader Feedback on OS X 10.4.6 Update
Reports last Updated: 4/13/2006

On April 3rd, Apple released 10.4.6, available via software update or download via the pages below for PPC/Intel/Server delta and combo versions. Here's the info from the software update window (but also see the linked kbase doc before you install the update).

" The 10.4.6 Update is recommended for all users and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for the following applications and technologies:

- login and authentication in a variety of network environments
- file access and byte range locking with AFP file sharing
- network access when using proxy server automatic configuration files
- connecting to Cisco VPN servers using IP/Sec
- using Bluetooth wireless devices
- searching iWork '06 and Microsoft Office documents with Spotlight
- saving Word documents automatically when using a network home directory
- creating Automator workflows for iPhoto 6
- synchronizing contacts and calendars to .Mac and mobile phones
- mounting and unmounting iDisk volumes
- compatibility with third party applications and devices
- previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:
For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:

Note: Although I think it should be in the Software Update text, the Linked 303411 doc includes a note (underlined for emphasis) for iSync users that some may miss (Matthew did - I don't use iSync personally):

" If you use iSync, you should perform a full sync with your devices before installing this update. Mac OS X 10.4.6 Update includes a later version of iSync with several improvements. For more information and before-you-install steps, see
iSync 2.2: Read before updating to Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later, or before first sync. "

Apple 10.4.6 related Docs: (see below for a free iSync repair utility)

If any readers 10.4.6 fixes or breaks anything, let me know. Thanks.
(BTW - Matthew called to say on his two (PowerPC) updated systems after applying the update and restarting at the prompt, they did a sort of double restart (startup tone, then a few seconds later another startup tone/restart before loading the OS) and that Disk Utility shows a clean slate for repair permissions afterwards. I saw the same thing on a 2003 G5 here after applying the update. This is mentioned in the Apple kbase doc with more info on 10.4.6:
"With the Mac OS X 10.4.6 system software update, PowerPC-based Macs will restart twice, instead of once, after the initial installation.")

10.4.6 Breaks CPU Director 2.3b3: I don't use CPU Director personally (I returned the loaner PL upgrades after the review) but wanted to post a FYI that (as with every Tiger update so far), the current version (2.3b3) was broken by the 10.4.6 update. (Thanks to Mike A. for the note/reminder.) On 4/13/2006 OWC sent word that CPU D version 2.3b4 was released for 10.4.6 compatibility.

Reader Reports on 10.4.6:
(If you've updated to 10.4.6 and it fixed or broke something, let me know the details.)

CPU Director 2.3b4 update for OS X 10.4.6 released (4/13/2006)

" CPU Director for 10.4.6 is out:
Jamie Dresser
Product Manager & New Product Development
Other World Computing "

See the included readme for more info.

First feedback on the free "Sync-Repair" Utility mentioned below:

"It doesn't repair the Sony Ericsson K700i functionality, it is for phones having "red X" near their icons, not the K700i which was working perfect without any hacks and Apple broke.
It is of course mentioned on the site (Nova).

Free Sync-Repair utility for corrupted iSync 2.2 installations:
I don't use iSync personally but several readers reported problems after the 10.4.6 update (even those that followed the Apple "before you update" instructions) so I can't say if this will help everyone but Novamedia sent an email they've posted a Free Sync-Repair utility for corrupted iSync 2.2 installations. (The email also included a direct download link - http://www.novamedia.de/programme/sync/nm_sync_repair.dmg.) Here's a clip from their PR:

" Many so called iSync hacks render iSync useless after Apple has released iSync 2.2. It can be a real pain to have to reinstall isync 2.2 and look for a working plugin. Fortunately, nova media comes to rescue and released nova media sync-repair, a small 50 kbyte program to return iSync 2.2 into its original state.

"nova media sync repair installer replaces the current MetaClasses file in iSync 2.2 with the original one. It thereby reverts the changes several hacks are doing to it resulting in corrupting iSync 2.2.", states Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. "nova media phone plugins for iSync 2.2 do not touch the iSync application itself, placing new mobile phone definitions in the appropriate folder in the Mac OS X system instead. Thus the nova media phone plugins for iSync 2.2 is a clean way of expanding the capabilites of Appleęs iSync software." "

I think some had problems even with devices that were natively supported before, but if this helps with your iSync/10.4.6 problems, let me know the details. Thanks.

(added 4/11/2006 from 4/8 mail)
" Just installed 10.4.6 Power PPC Update Combo on my main 10.4.5 boot drive while booted from a external firewire 10.4.6 Utility drive. After installation re-booted and held down Command+S to go onto AppleJack single user mode (I had it installed previously ). Let AppleJack do it's whole routine (Applejack-AUTO-reboot), and no double boot as I have seen with others with this update.
(Note - the double boot is normal for PowerPCs (per Apple's doc, mentioned above) after the 10.4.6 update and I'd -not- interrupt that - some think it's checking for a airport card firmware update? Regardless I'd not interrupt the normal update process.-Mike)
On my Firewire install it double booted before starting up. Maybe AppleJack got rid of some troublesome files ? Now the update is smooth and everything is working (keeping fingers crossed !!). Hope this helps.
-Rob B.
Mac G4 Gigabit / Dual PowerLogix 1 ghz CPU / 2 Gigs of Ram / 2X 80 WD / 1X 40 IBM"

(added 4/11/2006)
" HI Mike, I have a Power Macintosh Dual 1.25 GHz G4 MDD with 2 MB of RAM after updating to 10.4.6 my ViaVoice dictation program " version 3" no longer works and the message "The Microphone Is Been (being?) Used Exclusively By Another Application" appears even though no other audio application is running, the problem seems to be in the new AppleUSBAudio.kext ??? (What type of mic are you using? (USB or audio jack) may not help but disconnecting/reconnecting devices after an update sometimes helps.-Mike)

I had to use the Activity Monitor.app to Kill ViaVoice as the program became inresponsive and did not appear to the Force Quit application, I then used Carbon Copy Cloner to revert to 10.4.4 which works fine with ViaVoice. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and am very dependent on voice dictation software I have tried 10.4.6 with iListen "version 1.5.1" and it works OK!

iListen is faster but ViaVoice appears to have a larger vocabulary and is better at certain operations, " single word inserts instead of sentences" any ideas on a fix would be appreciated...
Sincerely, Ray "

If IBM is still doing support on ViaVoice I'd write them on this, but if any reader has a suggestion let me know.

(added 4/11/2006)
" ...After updating to 10.4.6, my PMG5 stopped playing sounds of my QuickTime movies. I was able to watch movies and QT Player's tiny equalizer was acting properly, but no sound came through. I tried updating M-AUDIO driver, to v1.7, and it solved the problem. Also, they now have a beta driver for IntelMac. So if anyone has trouble playing sounds via audio interface, check for the newes driver.
(I asked what M-Audio product he had as M-Audio had driver updates for FW and USB devices last month-Mike)
I'm using M-AUDIO FireWire Solo. I guess their Firewire products are using the same driver. I saw one reader reporting sound problem after 10.4.6 on his iMacG5, so I would ask if he is using any (M-Audio) audio devices.
-Satoru (from Japan) "

I posted info/links on the M-Audio driver updates for USB and FW products (w/updates for Intel Macs) in the March 23rd, 2006 and M-Audio's comments on them in the March 24th news.

10.4.6 fixes Bug with DVD Player, SystemUIServer and Digital Optical Out? (late posting this, really behind on mail)

(added 4/11/2006)
" Greetings Mike, I have an original 20" iMac G5, and have been plagued by the bug with the digital audio output that hangs various applications and system services (as noted here in the Feb. 3rd, 2006 news page - Bug with DVD Player, SystemUIServer and Digital Optical Out)
I've tried it off and on since the bug showed up. After installing the 10.4.6 update, it appears to be working as it should: encoded digital audio passes through without hanging apps.
Hope this helps, Dennis "

I don't have any optical compatible speakers/audio system but hopefully others that reported this problem also see if fixed in 10.4.6 - he had sent a mail on this last week (April 5th) but it got missed in the backlog (sorry):

"In reference to previous : (SystemUIServer crashes using optical out with DVD player) http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/archives/feb06/020306.html
I Had identical problem with my dual core G5 but after many test DVD's using the optical out after upgrading from 10.4.5 to 10.4.6 using the combo updater the problem appears to be solved. I thought I would mention this to get other feedback.
Machine Name: Power Mac G5
Machine Model: PowerMac11,2
CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (1.1)
Number Of CPUs: 2
CPU Speed: 2 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB
Memory: 2.5 GB
Bus Speed: 1 GHz
Boot ROM Version: 5.2.7f1
Video cards:
NVIDIA GeForce 6600LE
NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT

(added 4/11/2006)
" after updating to 10.4.6 (having followed every step of Apple's instructions on the web, regarding iSync, very carefully), iSync doesn't work with my SonyEricsson K700i anymore.

Everytime I try to sync, I get an error message saying, that the phone disconnected during transfer and that the sync couldn't be performed.
I have tried to switch bluetooth on and of on both my PB and the phone, as well as pairing them again.
Nothing has solved the issue.
Any suggestions are most welcome!

There's been some other problem reports with the update/isync 2.2. I added some apple kbase doc links above on iSync 2.2, but if anyone has a fix/suggestion let me know. (I don't use iSync personally.)

(added 4/11/2006)
" I just installed 10.4.6 and have run into an issue. If I change screen resolution (with the Displays Control panel in System Prefs), my main screen goes blue and stays that way.
I have an ATI 9800 with a 19" LCD @ 1280x1024. I have tried repairing permissions, and even installing the old(er) ATI video driver (and current ATI Displays control panel) with no luck.
(I would *not* reinstall older ATI drivers in a later OS version (even ati has mentioned not to do that in the past).-Mike)

I have a second ATI (PCI) video card, a radeon 7000 connected to a 17" CRT screen. It seems unaffected. I can change the resolution in it and as I do that, the main display flashes, but returns ok. If I change the main screen resolution (to any setting - even known good ones) it goes blue. The finder continues to work, and although I can't see it, the dock is active, as I successfully launched a program or two from it.

I can use the "gather windows" button in displays to get the main display preferences control panel window up on the second monitor, but as soon as I click on ANY of the shown resolutions - the main screen again goes blue.

So again - I am unable to change the resolution on my main screen display. I have a Mac Quicksilver with an accelerator (1.8 ghz) and a Mac ATI 9800 card (AGP), along with a Mac ATI Radeon 7000 (PCI).
Any Thoughts?
Thanks, Lance "

I'd reapply a combo update and do the usual voodoo if problems persisted (clear caches, reset nvram, etc.)

(added 4/11/2006)
" Updated my iMac G5 to 10.4.6 yesterday. Now, the computer goes to sleep and will not wake up. Then, a very loud fan noise starts. (that sounds like the system has either not fully gone into deep sleep or is failing to wake fully - without the OS running the fans usually default to a "fail-safe" (fast) mode.-Mike)

The only way I could get going was by turning off the power at the power bar. Everything started up again, only to have the problem crop up again on sleep.

I can get around this by turning off the sleep mode, but that's a bit of a pain. Any suggestions?

I asked if there were any 3rd party devices connected or 3rd party addons installed that could be a factor in this. (If so disconnect/remove them as a test - if that doesn't help I'd reinstall a combo update and do the usually voodoo - reset nvram, permissions, etc.)

(added 4/11/2006)
" Mike, I have a 2001-era G4 Cube (my wife's machine, currently at 10.4.4) which has been acting flaky. Since the computer was bought used in 2004, with OS 10.3 on it (and has been successively upgraded since then) I suspected some system file corruption so I backed up all documents using Backup 3.1 to a server, completely wiped the disk using Disk Utility, did a fresh install of 10.4.0 from CD, and used software update to get it to 10.4.6. I then reinstalled all applications and drivers from scratch (CD or disk images), and reinstalled the documents using Backup's Restore function.

In general things went smoothly except for one weird thing. Every time we boot, we no longer get the grey apple screen with the swirly thing down below. Instead the screen (Radius 17" LCD connected by VGA adapter) turns on and turns off repeatedly. We also don't get the bootup progress bar -- it flashes a few times, but the screen goes blank before it can really be seen. Since we don't force a user login the computer just continues to boot normally (except for the display) and when the desktop gets drawn the screen comes on and stays on. The machine is definitely more stable than before, and (seems) faster, but the screen thing is weird.

Not sure what's going on here, but have searched the Apple Knowledge Base and am not seeing any other reports. Have repaired permissions (no effect) but wondering if a PMU reset is appropriate.

If anyone else has, or has solved, this problem, I'd appreciate knowing.
Thanks in advance,

If anyone else sees anything like this let me know. (Also as a general FYI - for any 3rd party drivers, addons, etc. you have installed, check for updates from the developer.)

(added 4/11/2006)
" I have had a lot of random crashing after the 10.4.6 update - usually during saving from Adobe PS CS2. (I think someone else mentioned a similar problem earlier/below) I have tried rebuilding prefs , repairing permissions, Disk Warrior. Etc. - but the issue persists. Looks like I will have to re-install, and return to 10.4.5, unless Apple releases a fix. Never any issues before this update.

Machine Name: Power Mac G5
Machine Model: PowerMac7,3
CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (2.2)
Number Of CPUs: 2
CPU Speed: 2 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
Memory: 3 GB
Bus Speed: 1 GHz
Boot ROM Version: 5.1.8f7

Video card - Mac Ati Radeon 9800 128mb ram
Thanks, Andrew "

(added 4/11/2006- updated)
" It killed Palm Desktop and Support. If a reminder comes up when I launch Palm Desktop, the support routine crashes as well as Desktop. I can no longer sync. I get a -1 error.
(I asked what version he was using now (in case there's an update later)-Mike)
It may have been a coincidence that my Palm software died the same day that I loaded the security update. I was able to fix the problem by trashing my palm users file and doing a sync from my Treo. Must have been a corrupt User Data or some other Palm data file.
-Dennis "

More Flashed PC 9800 Pro card reports:

(added 4/5/2006)
" Hi Mike,
I have a flashed PC (new EPROM) 9800 in my DA (OWC Mercury 1.33Ghz G4, 1.5 GB RAM) and updated to 10.4.6 without issue (got the double boot as well).
I'd question the quality of the EPROM replacement as I know some are more "shoddy" than others.
Just some FYI
Dimitrios "

(added 4/5/2006)
" Mike, I also have a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro that was flashed from a PC card; however, mine has 256 MB of RAM and a 128K EEPROM.
Now, I had already connected the power supply connector when I first installed it.
No problems that I'm aware of since installing 10.4.6.

According to System Profiler my ROM version is 113-A07525-130 and I've got ATI Displays 4.5.7 (0002).
My Mac G4 is a Digital Audio with a FastMac 1.47 GHz accelerator and 1.5 GB RAM.
-Fabian "

(added 4/5/2006)
"I got the double boot on a PPC G4 733 MHz DA PowerMac reboot BUT after the first auto-restart, I got a black firmware screen with a red icon showing my 9800Pro graphics card with a flashing Amphenol connector which seemed to be indicating a power problem at the card.
(that appears if the Pwr Supply connector for the card isn't connected or there's insufficient power. Maybe the power warning was due to a temporary dropout from the double restart? I wondered if that double-restart on Powerpc macs was some sort of firmware check - one reader said it's an Airport firmware check/update.-Mike)

It did not progress beyond there and I had to power-off and then checked the card seating and Amp connector. At the next power-on, it went thru the double reboot again and got back to the normal desktop OK. This is on a very assiduously maintained system that had permissions repaired before the 10.4.6 combo update.
The 9800Pro is a hardware-modded PC card (new large EEPROM) with the latest ATi bios for Macs and has been working well for 18 months since the mod was made. Very odd but now working fine again.
-Robert H. "

An earlier report from another Flashed PC 9800 Pro card user said he had no video after the update.

(added 4/5/2006)
"Mike, Downloaded updates for PB G4 15 inch Al and 1.25 Dual MDD Power Mac and problems with both. Dual MDD failed the update (message saying there was a problem with it appeared during the update) and would not restart (Apple logo screen and spiral remained constant). Eventually got the powerbook to work (lost Airport settings which had to be reset and did a repair of disc permissions) which allowed me to download the updater file again.
Put the MDD into target disc mode (I use a bluetooth keyboard which wouldn't work so had to dig out an old hardwired keyboard) and installed the update from the powerbook.
Worst software upgrade process from Apple I can recall, indeed never had a previous problem. Machines appear to working fine now though.
Excellent site; keep up the good work
Best wishes, Paul "

Thanks. I only have one machine with Tiger on it (2003 Dual G5 tower) but the update went smoothly on that one, but some have had problems.

(added 4/5/2006)
"Mike, 10.4.6 broke Missing Sync for Palm 4.0.6 on my PM G5 dual 2GHz. Worked perfectly through 10.4.5. I really hope Mark Space will release an update and not require upgrading to 5.1, but I won't hold my breath. I don't know if 5.1 was broken too. Not happy!
-Jonathan S. "

(added 4/5/2006)
"MacBook Pro 2.0... seems fine... there was no dual restart for me. (Apple's linked doc notes the dual restart only happens on PowerPC Macs, not Intel Macs.-Mike)
-Dave C. "

(added 4/5/2006)
"After updating to 10.4.6, my Sony DVMC-DA1 doesn't work anymore. Im using Final cut Pro 4.5. The unit will not capture or play back. On Toast 7.02, If the unit is turned on, Toast will mount for a few seconds then disappear off the screen. The Sony unit works with iMovie 3. Any idea whats going on?
-James K. "

I asked if he tried the usual (nvram reset, reinstalling a combo update, etc). Anyone else see this or have a suggestion?

(added 4/5/2006)
"installer froze 1/2 way through, had to reinstall using another mac, target HD mode, and the standalone installer
-Alex O. "

Just for the record I asked him what Mac model he was using.

(added 4/5/2006)
"My newly installed Pioneer DVR-111D did not change it's status - still listed as unsupported in my Dual 1Ghz MDD. After reading several posts regarding the DVR-110 drives becoming "supported", I had high hopes...
In fact, I find it interesting that System Profiler doesn't list the DVD-ram support, DVD+R, nor does it list Double Layer support...
-Michael B. "

I think other DVR-111D reports in the database here noted DVD+R DL support and DVD+R (SL) write support. But the lack of DVD-R DL support (for drives that support it) has been mentioned before from owners of other DVD-R DL capable drives also. But 10.4.6 didn't make the drive "apple supported" like the 110/D. Here's one from a 10.4.6 user (firewire cased drive) that listed his ASP info:
CD-Write: -R, -RW
DVD-Write: -R, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL
Burn Underrun Protection CD: Yes
Burn Underrun Protection DVD: Yes
Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO
Sometimes DVD-RAM isn't listed on some drives that support it (the 110D didn't but the 110 did). Maybe try installing a Patchburn 4 profile (it sometimes can help with this sort of thing)

(added 4/5/2006)
"The update went fine on my Raptor "Time Bomb" 150.
Ran Disk Warrior immediately following the update and it got the spinning beach ball so I decided to give it another whirl and it worked just fine after that. Repaired permissions as well and the Raptor 150 was on its way again.

Once again, I don't dare moving huge files back and forth off this drive (I only use it to boot anyway).
Have you heard any reports about Apple fixing the SATA controller with this latest update?
Take care, Niko "

No word on that. (He's referring to the problems with onboard SATA and some Western Digital drives like the Raptor 150GB and WD4000 series - earlier this year WD finally posted a Western tech note about it. There's also a previous page here since fall 2005 on WD4000 / Onboard G5 SATA Problems.)

(added 4/5/2006)
"One thing that the 10.4.6 update did NOT fix is Safari's tendency to crash when viewing a webpage with a particular type of graphic (article available at http://www.macnn.com/articles/06/03/29/new.flaw.crashes.safari/). I tried to visit the page linked to within the article and Safari still crashes when loading the page.
-Patrick T. "

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"Mike, It took me about 4 hours to repair my P.M. after applying the 10.4.6 update last night. I did the repair permissions thing and then tried the update from the software update panel. Near the end the update failed due to an unexpected error and said the package was in the trash and that I should try installing it manually. I checked the trash and it was empty and then I checked About this mac which said 10.4.6 keeping in mind that I had not restarted yet and that the installer failed.
I restarted and it booted twice as it should have and it appeared to be working ok but I was still a little concerned so I decided to DL the combo update from Apple's site. I could not mount the image (device not configured error) nor any other .dmg file I had on the computer including my Super Duper backup dmg. I ended up doing an archive and install from the tiger dvd and then the combo update after that. All is working well finally including the .dmg's.
I did find some threads on apple's site with similar problems including disk utility not working at all after the same unexpected error message on the original update attempt. I thought your readers might find this useful if they are planning the update and have decided to use dmg files as a backup method.
-Jeff "

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"Dear Mike,
I just wanted to let you know that the new update (10.4.6) seems to fix the rather annoying Intel iMac problem where the USB keyboard and/or mouse would cease functioning. The workaround for the problem was to either petition Apple for a new keyboard (something people were doing on the Apple discussion boards), plug the mouse directly into the iMac (and lose a USB port), or to simply unplug/replug the mouse and/or keyboard. (several readers mentioned this problem in the news page last month)

Pretty annoying bug in the new Intel iMac (and something that was noticed pretty much right-out-of-the-box) but since applying the 108mb update this morning I have yet to see the powerless mouse or keyboard. I hope that this report helps some of your readers. Keep up the excellent work with the site! Thank you very much.
-Chris "

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"I can report no problems after the 10.4.6 update on a Pismo 550Mhz G4 and a B/W G3 with 600Mhz G4 upgrade. Still no Time Remaining on the Pismo battery (I guess that's gone for good!) but everything else works ok. Nice not to have all those "Special Permissions" reports in Disk Utility.

No problems with iSync and my Sony Ericsson K700i either.
-Clive W. "

(added 4/4/2006 - updated 4/5/2006)
"Sony Ericsson S700 no longer syncs.
On the mac that's still at 10.4.5 no problems at all.
(I asked if he followed the "before you upgrade" iSync notes which I wish Apple had put at the top of the SU notes and not in a linked doc.-Mike)
To the letter.
If you look on discussions.apple.com isync forum, you can see it's affecting lots of phones, K700, S700 (ok they are nearly the same slightly different firmware.)
But also some Nokias Motorolas. K700
Nokia 6230
But 10.4.6 seems to have added support for the likes of the 6021, not that I can get that to work either!
-Ian "

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"I updated two Macs yesterday to 10.4.6. One was a Intel Mac mini. The update went smoothly and everything worked well. The second system (my primary desktop) was a disaster! It is a dual G5 2.5GHz Tower. When I finished downloading the update and rebooted, my system would NOT start up. I then attempted to boot off a MacOSX DVD. I did this and ran the Apple Disk Utility on my startup volume. It came back and said the volume (200GB) was unrecoverable!

The update somehow rendered my entire desktop unusable. I have never had this happen before with an update.

I don't know if something on my hard drive was already corrupted (but working for me), or if one of my third party utilities caused the problem. In any case, I had to download DiskWarrior and install it on a different Mac. I then booted my desktop in Target Disk mode and ran a recovery (about 12 million files later) DiskWarrior recovered the volume, but it still would not boot. I had to reinstall MacOS X 10.4.0 and then it would boot. Luckily, I was able to preserve most all of my data. This was about 6 hours later! Not exactly what I had planned on doing that night!

One other problem, the original attempt to install MacOSX 10.4.6 put a copy of iSync 2.2 in my Application folder. When I re-installed MacOSX 10.4.0 off the DVD and then updated to 10.4.5, iSync would not work. It would not let me install iSync 2.1, because it said a newer copy was already installed (but not working, unfortunately!).
-Scott "

(added 4/4/2006 - updated 4/5/2006)
"Hi all, just after having upgraded my iMac G5 20" 2.1GHz to Mac OS 10.4.6 (from 10.4.5), Bungie's Halo quits unexpectedly in a few seconds after the splash screen, Nanosaur 2 has no sound effects (but the game's background music still plays!), and F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom refuses to start the simulation environment telling me that there is either a problem with the sound hardware or DirectSound is missing (a multiplatform error message:-).

Sounds like the 10.4.6 upgraded messed up the sound resources of my iMac...

(I asked if he tried the usual voodoo (including reinstalling using a Combo updater)-Mike)
I tried the combo update, but the situation unfortunately haven't changed.
It's terribly annoying to have to reformat and reinstall all just for playing occasionally a couple of games - and without being sure it will work!
I want to add that probably it's a problem with OpenAL.
I tried Nanosaur 2, Marble Blast Gold, Halo, Enemy Engaged, F/A-18 OIF, and all have problems with the sound.
Halo instead quits unexpectedly after the splash screen.
Of course, all these games were perfectly working with 10.4.5, and I didn't do any other change to the Mac than upgrading to 10.4.6.
Ciao from Italy, Roberto "

Anyone else have similar problems?

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"I installed 10.4.6 and for the first time in at least the year since Tiger was released, my menu extras (both Apple's and third parties) didn't go away after the restart. I've also had no problems with Default Folder or Fruit Menu, nor with my FireWire hard drives mounting after the update.
-Kiran "

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"The time in the menu bar does not show anymore...can not fix it...
-Kevin "

Corrupted prefs?

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"I ran it on two machines. PB 1.5, and a PB 400. I did both from a downloaded combo version for PPC. Backed up, rebooted to the backup, and then installed from there. Restarted twice (first one was slow on both machines), and went about my business with absolutely no problems. I think this is a stable update in all regards. Almost zero problems mentioned in the Apple forums.

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"I have installed 10.4.6 Combo Updater on a external 10.4.5 Firewire drive. It did the double restart and extra long boot, but it finally works (I had to run AppleJack after the re-boot because it seemed to take foreever to re-boot)!
I did notice that Disk Utitlity can now repair premissions on any OS X Volume whether it is the current boot or not. I don't think you can do that in 10.4.5. I will try the 10.4.6 Update on my main Boot Drive after I check all the issues. Hope this helps.
-Rob B "

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"Hi. I applied the 10.4.6 upgrade in the hopes it would update ATI drivers among other things so that the long awaited OpenGL 2 support would appear for my 9800 Special Edition ATI card. No such luck. The ATI drivers remain over a year old and there is still no Open GL 2 support for applications like After Effects 7 and others. ATI has no new drivers either.
Sigh...This is a great sales tool for Windozzz side as they seem to have their Open GL act together.
-Kurt W. "

Problem with Flashed PC 9800 Pro Card

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"My 10.4.6 update has been a friggin' disaster. On my 2005 Dual 2GHz G5, the video has cut out on me. I get absolutely no video from my video card after the update.

I have tried a few things, such as zapping the PRAM, resetting the PMU, removing the video card; booting; and rebooting. I have also tried using both the VGA and DVI ports, and only the VGA port gets a brief signal at the beginning of the boot, then promptly cuts out. The DVI gets no signal at all.

Prior to the update, everything worked flawlessly. I'm not exactly sure what the issue with this is, but it's pissing me off to no end.

Dual 2.0GHZ G5
Radeon 9800Pro (PC Flashed card)
-Stephen A. "

Update - a later report from another flashed 9800 pro user mentioned some initial problems with the update but he's got his working.

(added 4/4/2006 9PM)
"After updating to 10.4.6, Photoshop CS2 unexpectedly quits after saving
-Peter R. "

(added 4/4/2006)
"Since I have updated 10.4.6 (PM G5 Dual 2,5 GHz) on my Sun-Servers (Volumes) are all Folders write-protected. Cannot disable write-protect.
-Michael S. "

(added 4/4/2006)
" Ever since I installed the 10.4.6 update, my PowerBook no longer wants to synchronize my addressbook nor my calendar with my Sony Ericsson K700i.
On the PowerBook side I get the following message:

    Tuesday, 4 April 2006 10:53 PM
    [K700i] There was an error getting data from the phone. The synchronization may have been cancelled on the phone. Device "K700i" synchronization failed

On the phone side I get:

    session failed
    Communication interrupted

Aaargh, help! I can't live without my phone and computer synchronizing. What's worse is that I thought that perhaps I just needed to reset things, and so I reset my phone (losing all data from it). That wouldn't have been a problem if iSync allowed me to sync things, but even after setting everything up it still fails. I can do data transfers between the computer and the phone, but I just can't sync.
Anybody else found this problem?
Cheers, Nicole "

I asked if he followed the Apple notes for iSync users before you upgrade - see above. (See below for other notes/tips for those that had done mods for unsupported bluetooth devices in the past.)

(added 4/4/2006)
" 10.4.6 breaks Mail Stamps 2.1 (http://www.andrewescobar.com/mailstamps/

(added 4/4/2006)
Yes, my DVR-110D now shows up as Apple Shipped/Supported.
Lots going on under the hood with this OS X update. My G4 tower double rebooted, i.e. after the installation when I restarted the reboot seemed to be rewriting a lot of drivers while displaying a low res (640x480?) version of the swirly startup screen (the initial one before the blue apple boot progress bar screen). After several seconds (almost a minute) of swirly the system rebooted before ever getting to the actual boot progress screen.
That following reboot was at normal resolution (for me 1344x1008) and booted all the way through, albeit more slowly than normal as the desktop was rebuilt. I'm guessing all new video drivers as well as the new drive support...
"Yup, definitely new video drivers. Fixed a display bug I had with Diablo II Carbon and my 9600 pro card.
-Joseph S. "

(added 4/4/2006 from 4/3 mail)
"Hi Mike, Just updated to 10.4.6.
As of right now, it has killed my 600 mhz iBook.
I'll keep puttering, but wanted to get the word out.
I updated my iMac Intel, no problem. The download thru SU was 108 mb. As noted on Mike's front page, repair permissions showed 0. It booted on one try.

I updated the iBook 600. The SU download was 45.3 mb. Upon booting, it took two reboots and went to sleep. I could not wake it from sleep.
I finally pressed the whatever little button (PMU/reset button) with a pen (30 secs or longer) and it left sleep and shut off.
Now when I press the power button nothing happens. Nada. I will play around and post back. Just wanted to post a heads up.

(I asked if he removed the battery and disconnected the AC adapter before pressing the reset button.
(from apple's kbase doc)

iBook (Dual USB), iBook (Late 2001) and iBook (14.1 LCD)
1) If the computer is on, turn it off.
2) Disconnect the AC power adapter.
3) Remove the battery.
4) Press and release the reset button (shown here) located above the Audio/Video port on the left side of the iBook (Dual USB) computer by inserting the end of a paper clip into the small hole and gently pressing the switch once.
5) Wait 5 seconds.
6) Reconnect the AC power adapter.
7) Put the battery back in the computer.
8) Press the Power button to restart the iBook computer.

He later replied-Mike)

Just fixed it.
I plugged in the AC adapter and it booted.
Upon booting, it showed the battery level at 2%. Prior to the install, the battery level was approximately 50%.
After the successful boot, I got the following alert message:
"Your computer's clock is set to a date before March 24th, 2001. This may cause some applications to behave erractically."
It was set to 1969. (due to reset)
Did a repair permissions and saw the same as the intel. 0.
All seems well now. Just freaked me out for a while.
-John M."

(added 4/4/2006)
"It appears 10.4.6 makes the Pioneer 110D I upgraded my Dual G5 2GHz with officially "Apple Shipped/Supported".
I keep hoping that one of these updates would fix the fans intermittently going to full blast on my Dual G5, but alas the problem is still there and I have to resort to setting Processor Performance at Highest to keep them under control as well as turning off processor nap to keep the chirps away.
Regards, Karl "

It may not help but I asked if he tried resetting the PMU (shut down, disconnect AC power cord for a few minutes). That problem though has been seen by others in the past (toggling ES settings was an old tip - I always keep my option at highest on the 2003 DP G5 here. I don't use CHUD for Nap anymore - just got used to the occasional PS chirping/squealing...) Do you have any addon PCI or upgraded graphics card installed? (current draw in the slots also increases fan speeds)

10.4.6 iSync Update breaks previous Device Support Mods

(added 4/4/2006)
"For those of us who had to hack the Metaclasses.plist file to get phones like the Motorola V710 working over bluetooth, this new version of iSync breaks it. I tried editing the plist file again, but this time the BT Setup assistant never shows iSync services as available. reference this article i'm pretty sure this hack originated on xlr8yourmac though...

(he later wrote)
After examining the metaclasses.plist file of isync, i noticed that just underneath the below referenced "profile" for the V710, a new bit of code is inserted that specifically disables bluetooth support. i didn't save a screen shot of the code so you'll just have to take a look for yourself, but it would follow the code featured in this article.
all you have to do to get the phone up and running again is delete that section of code. "

(added 4/4/2006)
"Mike, Just upgraded my iMac Core Duo 20" to 10.4.6. Now, my Pioneer DVD-110D (In an external firewire enclosure) does show up as "Yes (Apple Shipped/Supported)".
Best Regards, Hugues "

The Pioneer DVR-K06 is also Apple supported in 10.4.6 (see earlier report from 4/3 below)

(added 4/4/2006)
"My Pioneer DVR-110D with firmware 1.39 also shows "Burn Support: Yes (Apple Shipped/Supported)" after removing Patchburn 4 profile.
Thanks!, Matt "

(added 4/4/2006)
"Here is something that may be of interest! I am still running ILIFE 5 When I went under IDVD. (iDVD 5.0x) I now have dual layer burn support where I didn't have that before even with the patchburn patch installed.
(iDVD 5.0x only shows the 8GB project option for "Apple Supported" drives unless a hack/patch was applied. iDVD 6 reportedly has the option for most DL drives even if not apple supported-Mike)
This would of been nice about a month ago when I did a family reunion/Christmas. DVD. oh well...
-Gary "

CPU Director 2.3b3 broken:

(added 4/3/2006)
"Of course, CPU Director (current version 2.3b3) is broken again.
-Mike A. "

10.4.6 update makes Pioneer DVR-K06 and DVR-110/D drives 'Apple Supported'

(added 4/3/2006)
" With 10.4.6 on my PowerBook, there's now native Apple support for the Pioneer DVR-K06 slot-in superdrive. I replaced the original Matshita UJ-846 with the better drive from Pioneer.

(OS X tiger has basic burn support for most drives including the K06 so I asked if he meant it's now reported by ASP as "Apple Shipped/Supported"-Mike)
that's right! It is now listed as "Apple Shipped/Supported"...
Best Regards, Gordon"

I think the K06 has been used as an OEM drive in some Macs. One benefit of this is that iDVD 5.0x will show the 8GB Project option for dual layer drives that are "Apple Supported" without needing any hacks. (iDVD 6 reportedly has DL support for most drives, not just "Apple Supported" ones.) I asked if anyone with a DVR-110D updated to 10.4.6, to let me know if ASP lists it the same (the 110D was shipped in some Dual core G5s in the past) - within seconds literally several readers replied it did. Here's the first reply:

" Mike, I just got through looking at ASP, and yes... my Pioneer DVR-110D (cross-flashed to a regular 110) is listed as Apple Shipped/ Supported.
- ctj "

Although several other 110D owners have written they also saw this change, one reader didn't but he noted using a Patchburn 4 drive profile. (I suggested he remove it and he replied back that worked.)
If anyone sees any other drive support changes, let me know. Thanks.

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