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Reader Feedback on OS X 10.4.9 Update
Reports last Updated: 5/4/2007 (CPU Director update for 10.4.9)
Updated 6/22/2007 for Security Update 2007-006 info/links

This page has reader reports on specific improvements, problems or compatibility issues with the 10.4.9 update. (Note: Rebooting clean before applying the update is worth doing and I do not use the Mac for anything until the update is completely installed (including Optimizing/prebinding phase). Cautious users generally prefer to update using the (correct type) "Combo" updater and some even suggest running RP before and after the update as well. Checking the disk for errors, disconnecting any connected devices (FW/USB) and checking the author's site of any 3rd party haxies, drivers, addons, etc. you have installed before applying a version update is also highly recommended. If in doubt - remove 3rd party haxies/addons, etc. before updating. I'd never tried it before personally but one reader said he ran the update from a "safe boot" (shift key down/single user mode I assume) Some have noted that resetting the PMU helped with some odd problems also.
FYI - Unsanity has an article on How Installing Apple's Updates can Render Your Mac Unbootable and How You Can Prevent it - that article stresses *leave the mac alone until the Optimizing (pre-binding) is completely finished*.
And BTW - not to preach on this but remember HAVING A BOOTABLE BACKUP of your current drive is worth the cost of an external FW/USB case and drive. (If your time and data is worth anything at all...)
For details on the update see About the Mac OS X 10.4.9 Update (delta) and About the security content of Mac OS X 10.4.9 and Security Update 2007-003

If you find 10.4.9 fixes or breaks anything, let me know the details (include mac model info also - thanks)

Security Update 2007-006 (6/22/2007) Available via Software Update or these download links:

See About Security Update 2007-006 for details on WebCore and WebKit fixes. (NOTE A couple 10.4.10 users said this update did not appear in Software Update/would not apply using the download, but it does show up in Software Update/applies on my G5 running 10.4.10 (as well as a friend's Intel-CPU macs w/10.4.10). The Apple docs for the PPC download and "About" the update note 10.4.9 or later, although the Universal D/L page says 10.4.9 (not "or later" - I thought that was a typo/omission). One of those saying it would not install in 10.4.10 also said he installed the Safari 3.0.2 beta (which has Webkit security fixes) but one reader that said it wouldn't install on 10.4.10 later said he had not installed Safari 3 - and was running a G4 tower. He later wrote that installing/removing Sarari 3.0.2 beta resulted in the Security Update appearing in SU. Bizarre...)

Apple posts 'version 1.1' of Security Update 2007-005 for Tiger: (May 30th, 2007) Apple released a "version 1.1" of the 2007-005 Security Update for OS X Tiger ( Security Update 2007-005 v1.1 (PPC) and Security Update 2007-005 v1.1 (Universal)) and revised the related About Security Update 2007-005 today with this note on v1.1:

" Note: Security Update 2007-005 v1.1 was released to remove a configuration file that prevented the BIND service from automatically starting after applying the security update. The BIND service is not enabled on default configurations, and is mainly used with a Server system. For systems using BIND which applied Security Update 2007-005, manually re-enabling the BIND service will correct the issue.
Security Update 2007-005 v1.1 made no changes to the security content of Security Update 2007-005. Systems that have applied Security Update 2007-005 do not need to apply Security Update 2007-005 v1.1. "

They also have a related doc Mac OS X Server 10.4: DNS Service does not start automatically after installing Security Update 2007-005 (v1.0).

Security Update 2007-005 (May 24, 2007) Available via software update or the download pages below. For detailed information, see Apple's About Security Update 2007-005 doc. (Also available for OS X 10.3.9 client/server.)

As mentioned in the docs, the previous Security Update 2007-004 has also been incorporated into this security update.

Security Update 2007-004 version 1.1 On May 1st, 2007 Apple posted a 'version 1.1' of the previously released (April 19th) 2007-004 Security Update. It's available via software update (see note below) or at these download pages:

Apple's security updates page also has a link to a doc About Security Update 2007-004 v1.1. That doc notes:

" Mac OS X 10.4.9 (client) and Mac OS X Server 10.3.9 systems that have installed Security Update 2007-004 do not require Security Update 2007-004 v1.1. If the security update has not yet been installed on these systems, then they should be updated using Security Update 2007-004 v1.1. "

(There's also a Security Update 2007-004 v1.1 for 10.3.9 Client.)

Apple Docs on 10.4.9: (later added items first)

Reader Reports on 10.4.9: (later posts first)
If you find any pros or cons with the 10.4.9 update, let me know. (Remember as with any OS X version update, check your 3rd party addons first for any updates or developer notes on 10.4.9 compatibility. If you see a problem, include the version(s) of any 3rd party software addons/drivers, haxies, startup/login items, etc. you're using. PL CPU Director users note that every Tiger update has broken the current version
Keep in mind there's probably thousands of users ok for everyone that reports a problem but that's little consolation for those that do see problems. FYI - Unsanity has an article on How Installing Apple's Updates can Render Your Mac Unbootable and How You Can Prevent it - *leave the Mac alone until the Optimizing (pre-binding) is completely finished*. (See notes at top of page regarding what cautious users do before applying an OS version update and remember HAVING A BOOTABLE BACKUP of your current drive is worth the cost of an external FW/USB case and drive if your time and data is worth anything at all and especially worth doing before an OS X version update.)

CPU Director Updated for 10.4.9 Compatibility: (5/4/2007) Jamie sent word that CPU Director 2.3b6 with support for OS X 10.4.9 is available now at http://www.powerlogix.com/products/cpudirector/.

I've not seen it personally and don't think it's common but there were a couple reports of Display Corruption/Artifacts after the 10.4.9 update. See these news page posts:

As a FYI (keep a current backup of your boot drive to avoid having to do this), the April 12th, 2007 news page had some notes on 10.4.9 User Accts not preserved when reinstalling 10.4.0 (archive/restore).

Patch for external drive DVD Movie playback with no internal DVD drive The Oct. 4th, 2006 news page had info on a 10.4.8 (Manual) Patch for external drive DVD Movie playback (w/no internal DVD drive). Here's the info on patching 10.4.9 (using Hexedit or Resorcerer, etc.)
Note: The offsets below are from the PPC code (not the Intel version, but all intel-CPU Macs shipped with at least a combo drive inside.)

"The file to be changed is: (backup before editing.)

and the changes are (in red):

Offset 674A0:
    4082 0020 80A1 0040 3860 0000 7CA4 F430
-> 4082 0020 38A0 0000 3860 0000 7CA4 F430

Offset 9E2C0:
    4E80 0020 7C48 02A6 429F 0005 BE01 FFC0 7FE8 02A6
-> 4E80 0020 3860 0000 4E80 0020 BE01 FFC0 7FE8 02A6

Editing the file needs naturally Admin rights."

You may also want to run repair permissions after editing an OS file like this.

I had the problem where the unit does not boot up this morning, and have found a fix.
The 10.4.9 installer does not always clean up properly after itself and due to that the install does not complete and it gets stuck in a loop. To fix this reboot your mac and hold Command+S at the chime
When you get the prompt type: mount -uw /
then rm /etc/rc.installer_cleanup - type reboot and then you are sweet.
Hope you can post this so it may help other people.
thanks, Matthew H."

Apple doc on FCP 4.5 (and earlier) and FC express 3.0 (and earlier) issues w/10.4.9 Apple has a knowledge base doc on problems (dropped frames on capture) with FCP 4.5 (and earlier) and Final Cut Express 3.0 (and earlier) in OS X 10.4.9, saying "Currently, Apple is recommending against running Final Cut Pro 4.5 or Final Cut Express 3.0 in Mac OS X 10.4.9."

(added 3/21/2007)
"I have not been able to restart (gray screen, spinning thing) since Last night. I went from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 on a G4 733/(upgraded cpu to 1.83 years ago) 1gb ram.
(1.83GHz CPU? (7447A?) ever had any problems (freezes, KP's, crashes) with that speed/upgrade? (as 7447's are almost always overclocked and sometimes may not be 100% rock solid reliable, at least in heavy use)-Mike)
I can not start up from another disk, or from an internal slave drive with system software on it, or from an install disk as the key board is not responding at all (can not reset PRAM or any other keyboard related function). Holding mouse button during startup will open cd tray door for putting in osx install disk, Disk Warrior, home made boot disk but I can not access any of them due to keyboard not responding. I have tried Fire wire target disk mode with my MacBook to no avail. Aside from ripping out the hard drive and putting another one in there to boot it up I am at a loss. Gray screen and spinning icon goes on forever (left it on for 14 hours to see if it would finally start but it did not).

(Have you tried resetting the PMU? (normally a small button near the motherboard battery - press it down (firmly) only once (not twice in a row as apple says that can cause rapid battery drain). If it's an old battery while you're in there check the voltage on it (in ckt/under load). I've several times had resetting the PMU fix systems that would not even power on (even stock systems that had not had an OS X update applied) But from the comments below, the boot drive was corrupted it seems.-Mike)

PS: That is what I had to do. Made the bad hard disk the slave and started up from a second internal drive.
(FYI - If the slave drive had a bootable OS on it, booting with the Option key held down at boot will show 'buttons' basically of all bootable disks it finds, and you could select the slave drive to boot from, without needing to change master/slave jumper settings.-Mike)
Info'ed the bad disk and it shows only 39 gb space left out of 120 gb total. The 39 is empty. Used disk utility to repair (repair disk, not just permissions right?) and fix permissions but only 39gb available. Needless to say this is not a hard drive that I would trust. The rest of the data is gone! I had a recent backup so I tried erasing the disk to see what would happen. It only recognizes 39gb.
(Have you tried repartitioning it to try and get everything, including a new partition map written? I once had a drive (many years ago) that crashed and the only way I could get it clean was to format it for a PC, then reformat back to a Mac. However if the drive is physically damaged (head crash, electronics failure, etc.) that won't help of course.)
Tell folks that just because it has not happened to them does not mean the rest of us are crazy.
John P. "

With every OS X update (many many many many times) there's always been users that saw problems where others didn't. I wince at every OS X version update, as I know a certain percentage of users are going to have problems (sometimes major ones). See above for an article from unsanity on what may be one reason for this - failures during pre-binding. Although the old tips above (top of page) can help minimize the chance of problems, I think one reader had a good idea - installing from a 'safe' boot. (I'd never tried that personally, but I rarely have had OS X update problems knock on wood...)

(added 3/19/2007)
"I have successfully updated 2 laptops (15" PB G4 1.64 GHz, 1.5 MB, and 12" PB 867 MHz G4, 640 MB) from 10.4.7 to 10.4.9 with no problems. All apps. open and run as they should; printing works for all apps; CanoScan toolbox works with LIDE 25 scanner; no problems with Keynote or PowerPoint files.

Followed this procedure:

  • First create a backup of your startup volume.
  • Drag the folder com.apple.SoftwareUpdate located in /Library/Caches (the Library folder at the root level of your hard drive) to the trash.
  • Download the combo updater of Mac OS X 10.4.x and save it for later.
  • Launch Disk Utility and perform a "Repair Disk Permissions" operation.
  • Startup (restart) from the the Disk Warrior CD and use it to "Rebuild Directory/Repair Disk". Restart when finished.
  • Run Tiger Cache Cleaner -> Caches -> Light -> Local & System Caches
  • Again restart, this time booting from your normal startup volume, while holding the "Shift" key to boot in Safe Mode (this may take a minute or two).
  • Apply Mac OS X 10.4.x and restart when prompted, this time without holding the "Shift" key.
  • Restart twice, then launch Disk Utility and perform a "Repair Disk Permissions" operation. Restart once again, another restart or two may be needed until the loading speed of menu bar items returns to normal.
    Everything is working well.
    -David B, "

  • (added 3/19/2007)
    "I have a G5 Dual 2.7 GHz with 8 GB of ram, a 500 GB nd a 750 GB HD, and a Radeon X800 video card with 256 MB of vram. This Mac has always been rock stable, although a couple of months ago I tried booting it from its original OS DVD (10.4.0) and oddly got a kernel panic for the first time ever. This also happened with the retail DVD for OS 10.4.0, but a 10.4.3 DVD boots the G5 fine. Apple has been unable to figure out a fix and I'm due for a service call. Anyhow, I have not had any previous problems with Apple updates and figured that I'd be OK with proceeding with the 10.4.9 update from my current 10.4.8. I was wrong.
    Of course, I repaired permissions first, and used the combo update. After the usual double restart, the G5 booted OK, but my menus were missing from the right-hand side of the menu bar. These include Spotlight, the clock and all other System Preferences, and the third-party apps Alias Menu and ASM. (Note: there's now a v2.1.8 update to ASM (Application Switcher Menu ) for 10.4.9 compat.-Mike) Checking the "Show in menu bar" checkbox for the various System Preference had no effect and the check boxes reverted to unchecked status after any restart. So I repaired permissions and restarted, but without any effect upon the problem. I tried zapping the PRAM and also booting into Open Firmware and doing the usual (reset-nvram, set-defaults, reset-all) without any benefits. I tried redoing the update using the incremental update--no help--then retried the combo update--no help.
    So I then replaced my entire user preferences folder with a known good one from a backup. No help again. Then I went to System/Library/CoreServices/MenuExtras and double clicked the Clock.menu, a step that should have signaled the SystemUIServer.app to put the clock in the menu bar, but that didn't help. In fact, none of the menu extras affected anything when double clicked. I played with the Alias Menu app to no avail. I did note that the Timbuktu icon showed up OK and had been showing up OK. I tried Tiger Launch and that worked fine as did MenuCal. So some things would present working menus in the right-hand portion of the menu bar and others, including all the System Preferences, did not. I tried extracting several files from the disk image of the OS 10.4.8 combo update and installing these in their default locations. And then I repaired permissions and did the prebinding, but nothing helped. I also tried extracting a considerable series of replacements for the potential culprits, but must not have hit upon the right replacement. I ended up doing an archive and install to OS 10.4.3 and then updating to 10.4.8. That went OK once I dug out several things that needed to be moved from the "Previous System" to the new one (including certificates) and reinstalling some 3rd-party drivers. After reading about the many difficulties encountered by others, I figure I'll stick with my working 10.4.8. Along the way, and while I was still having problems, I found a firmware update to my X800 video card, but that didn't seem to help anything. This whole episode may be a case of there being a hardware problem, but my original OS 10.4.0 DVD did boot to the hardware test OK, and my G5 passed that test perfectly just a few days ago. I guess that I'll know a bit more after getting my Apple service, but I am certainly puzzled to say the least.
    Oh, I forgot that I also tried installing "menu extras helper", but it didn't make a difference.
    Best, Tom "

    (added 3/19/2007)
    "I finally got around to updating my 12"PB G4 1.5G with 1.25 GB ram, DL Superdrive and 120BG HD. All went well. One reboot. No issues at all.
    Cheers, RW "

    (added 3/19/2007)
    "Someone wrote on 3/15:
      "The biggest differences are that it runs much slower (around 2 mins until login appears, used to be around 20 seconds) (reboot a few times as sometimes this is kext cache related), hotter (about 5 degrees just idling), and now the internal airport card doesn't work properly. It hangs, drops connection, or only connects very slowly (like 1mbps but don't quote me on that). I have also tested with the other 5 PCs at my house (all but 2 are Apple and all are wireless) and they work fine on my network as did my Powerbook before the update so I can't blame the router/modem."

    I have exactly the same problem now with my G4 Powerbook; wireless connectivity, even when in the same room with my Airport station, is very poor now after installing the update, and it often has trouble even finding my home page. My other two computers (an eMac and G5 iMac) are fine.
    -Don "

    (added 3/19/2007)
    "I've tried my webcam (VEO Stingray) with 10.4.9. It does not work. I get a "camera nor connected" message in iChat (and Skype). Is there a list of supported webcams available from Apple?
    -Raj "

    Not that I know of. I've had several Logictec webcam users report their models worked (see reports below).

    4th Logitec Webcam user to report it worked in 10.4.9 w/o drivers (although again users of other brands so far haven't been as lucky)

    (added 3/19/2007)
    "I know it's been sort of supported ever since webcams appeared in Macbooks, but now it seems it's really robust support. I just went out and bought a Logitech Fusion webcam and now my g/f in California get's to see me as well :)
    I wrote to Logitech thanking them for supporting standards and asking them to write some software for the webcam.
    -Rob D. "

    I had 3 Logitec Ultra Vision webcam users say it also worked in 10.4.9.

    (added 3/19/2007)
    "Just installed 10.4.9 and everything is fine, but the volume control from the keyboard was not working. So I reset the MAC PRO
    Press and hold the power button on your Mac Pro until the power indicator light flashes repeatedly, then release the power button to begin. This fixed it.

    ASM - Apps Switcher Menu 2.1.8 Update for 10.4.9

    (added 3/19/2007)
    "10.4.9 finally broke ASM 2.1.7 (Apps Switcher Menu - ala the OS 9 Apps menu item that I sorely missed in OS X. ASM has been one of my favorite (and most productive personally) addons for OS X-Mike) as 10.4.8 hadn't affected it's operation one bit...The Dock Items menu is no longer funcitonal...Just love this haxie...I've emailed Frank, but so far, no updates on the website...
    Still irks me that my G5 Quad won't play the Startup Chime through external speakers... Guess Apple has it's reasons.
    Otherwise, with proper maintenance (Applejack or Onyx) the 10.4.9 Combo Updater (PPC) created no other problems with my Quad, or my aging Pismo...Startup times and App launching seem to be a bit faster...Guess this is the last till Leopard...
    (later in the day he wrote)
    ...Clicked the ASM icon (in SysPrefs > About) this afternoon, and was taken to... http://www.vercruesse.de/software - ASM 2.1.8 came immediately after clicking 'Downloads'...
    Frank is really on the case, as all is fixed on the Quad, now in 10.4.9. Uninstalled 2.1.7 from the Pref Pane. Just love the Dock Menu, allowing navigation to specific windows in any app...also use ASM to keep track of the StartUp drive..."It's Your Choice" naming convention.

    Used Applejack before install, and always Repair Permissions after...always do the Combo Updater regardless...Fans seem more stable, in fact, GPU (nVidia 7800) is running almost 12 degrees cooler - on Automatic. Aperture still spins up those fans and temps go 20-30 degrees higher - CPU B Core 2 is always 15 degrees (Farenheit) higher than the others. I still think there is a thermal sensor bug in these Quads. Apple has closed most threads in Discussions, on the subject.
    Best, John "

    3rd QuickCam Ultra Vision user to say it was PnP in 10.4.9 (although owners of some other webcams were not as successful)

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "I just bought a Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision webcam and plugged it into my MacPro 2x3 GHz Dual-Core Intel which had already been upgraded to 10.4.9.

    It worked at once without a problem, both video and audio.
    I have tried it with iChat video, QuickTime Pro record -- no problem.

    I have not figured out how to get access to the controlling software (Rightlight for lighting control; RightSound for audio control; other features advertised for the QuickCam Ultra Vision) and maybe I cannot: these could be only Windows features in this regard requiring the Windows drivers. Don't know. Will keep researching.
    -Jack T. "

    Just like the basic support for USB audio cards/devices with CoreAudio, I think you'd need addon/vendor specific software to use the advanced features/controls.

    (added 3/16/2007)
    " Have updated 12 systems so far without the first problem. The units range from G4 AGP's with upgrade cards to G5 DP.

    (added 3/16/2007)
    " I just upgraded from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 on my Mac and Idefisk (Asterisk Free SoftPhone running under IAX protocol) is now unable to receive calls.
    Idefisk is seen UNREACHABLE with de CLI command "iax2 show peers" of Asterisk (qualify = yes in the iax.conf).
    Prior to upgrading, everything was working AOK.
    I checked firewall settings, but this one is stopped. Looks like UDP port 4569 on the Mac is locked for incoming traffic.
    Machine is Intel MacPro 2.66GHz with 4BG of RAM.
    Did you receive any other report?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "As noted in another (earlier) user report, my APC UPS was no longer recognized after updating to 10.4.9 (the PPC delta version). This was true for each of the 3 systems I updated (Two G5 iMacs and a G4 Mini). While unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable caused the UPS units to be again recognized by the Energy Saver, a subsequent shut down and power up would result in another loss in communication with the UPS device(s) (forcing yet another disconnect and reconnect of the USB cable).
    APC UPS models are Back-UPS XS 800 (same as Eric's) and Back-UPS LS 700 (x 2). I have not tried to install and test APC's control software (since OS X worked fine in controlling the UPS units prior to this update), nor have I tried to reinstall the update with the delta or combo. Other than this glitch .... the update was uneventful with all three of my PPC systems.
    -Dennis H. "

    I wrote Eric, who had reported a similar UPS problem earlier (disconnect/reconnect solved it) to ask if he'd try a shutdown/restart to see if the problem reappeared. He said it didn't:

    "No problems after a power cycle. UPS still shows up as does the icon on the menu bar.

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "I too got stuck with the grey Mac screen after the 10.4.9 combo updater. Ran repair permission before and after the update. Computer restarted fine after the update and I continued working on Thursday. On Friday morning, computer would not start at all. Got to the grey Apple screen and just sat there. Would not boot with the shift key down either. Re-installed the OS and am back running 10.4.8 where I was happy to be anyway.
    (what mac model??)
    G5 Dual Core 2.0 4.5GB ram all else stock.
    -George O. "

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "I have a new MAC Mini (1.83GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM).
    After performing the 10.4.9 update I've noticed that Preview will no longer save an image in its rotated (e.g. "rotate left") view.
    -Robert "

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "Follow-up to my failed 10.4.9 install on my PowerMac G5 1.8 DP. (earlier report)
    After my data sync finished, I CCC'd the backup disk to the original and then re-downloaded the 10.4.9 update, re-applied and rebooted. All was well. It seems that maybe I had an actual problem with my original disk that the new CCC corrected on my backup disk (since if formated before it copied).
    (FYI - I had a friend with a MacBook report major problems last week with CCC v3 beta 5.-Mike)

    Anyways, I guess my process will from now be:
    1) Dup original disk to backup disk BEFORE applying any update
    2) Make sure that the original and backup disks can both boot
    3) Make sure both disks pass a permission and disk verification.
    4) Apply the update to the original disk
    5) Validate the system boots to the new update
    6) Wait a couple days before imaging to the backup disk!
    -troy "

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "I tried installing this on my Clamshell iBook (G3/366) which was running 10.4.8 perfectly and it hosed it up completely. I used the 10.4.9 combo updater.

    Part way through the installation it said there were errors during the installation and to try to install it again. I could not however as it would kernel panic on each restart. I also tried booting with the shift key held down but that did not work either. The odd thing was that disk utility did not report any problems with the file system.
    I am currently erasing the HD and I am going to reinstall 10.4.0 and then try the combo updater again. I am doing this in target disk mode as the iBook only has a CD drive.

    I took my ibook back to 10.4.0 and reapplied the 10.4.9 combo update and it now boots and is working normally. I also ran software update and installed the remaining updates for QT, iTunes and some java updates and all is well.
    -Dan "

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "Hello, I installed a clean system and after the instalation I rebooted the computer, (What Mac model???) installed the 10.4.9 update from System Update and the system neved started again. I can see the apple logo while system loads and then a blue screen, I can move the mouse but anything else. I tried to repair the disk and the permissions but nothing works.
    I had the same problem trying to upgrade from 10.4 to 10.4.8, and upgrading from 10.4 to 10.4.9 via combo installer. Now I have reset nvram and PRAM but I get the same unexpected problem.
    (What mac model???)
    I have a PowerMac G5 DP 1,8GHz, 2Gb DDR and Two 300GB HD working separately (FW drives??). Today I have been running Apple Hardware Test, with no errors, and an hour before I tried to format again, install OS and update the system installing one actualization per one. When updating iTunes, Software Update crashes... it's very strange. -"Mac" "

    There's another iTunes update today (7.1.1).

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "I used the 10.4.9 Combo PPC Updater to update from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 on my Power Mac G4 Digital Audio. Everything seems fine EXCEPT that my eject key (on the keyboard) is not as responsive. (This (delay) was mentioned in an earlier report. Update - Apple now has a kbase doc on this - see OS X 10.4.9: Media Eject key delay-Mike)
    Before the update I could tap the key and the optical drive would eject). Now I have to hold the key down briefly.
    Yes, I tried my spare keyboard, and got the same results. Both keyboards are Apple Pro Keyboards, not off-brands. I'm not aware of any software that I am running that could interfere with the eject key.
    Anyone else seen this issue?
    -Justin M. "

    Yes, see comments below.

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "I'm running 10.4.9 on a 15" 1.67 Ghz PPC G4 with 1.5 GB RAM.
    I'm noticing that when I launch an application and then try to hide the application, the "Hide" choice is greyed out until I click on the Finder icon in the Dock and then click back on the application. Annoying...
    Anyone else experiencing this quirk?
    Thanks, Geoffrey R. "

    Not that I've heard mentioned yet (most others writing on problems mention more serious ones.)

    (added 3/16/2007 - updated 3/17)
    "20in iMac 2.0GHz Core Duo, 512MB RAM, iSight no longer works within Photo Booth. Haven't tried with iChat. (take a second to try that, just to confirm the camera is working with something-Mike) Anyone else have this issue?
    (he later wrote)
    Resetting the PMU fixed it.
    Thanks, Steve S. "

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "Installed the 10.4.8 -> 10.4.9 update via Software Update on my 20in iMac (2GHz Intel Core Duo) and the machine no longer boots; it just sits at the gray pinwheel screen. No startup chime, no POST error beeps or LED activity, no single-user mode, no target disk mode, no boot from CD, :-( The only effect from resetting the SMC is that the fans now run full-speed while the machine doesn't boot.
    (he later wrote)
    After more trying, I did get into target disk mode (yay :-)
    -B. "

    (added 3/16/2007)
    "While I haven't yet tried the Combo update to repair the situation, the incremental update certainly crippled the shortcuts for reboot/shutdown/poweroff (Cntl+Cmd+Eject = reboot).
    The update also breaks the functionality of the keyboard's "disc eject" button. (Did you hold it down for a second? An earlier report mentioned a less responsive/delay in Eject key function. Apple now has a OS X 10.4.9: Media Eject key delay doc with info on this.-Mike)

    I frequently boot between Debian's "Etch" and 10.4 on both Macs.
    Same keyboard behavior on MDD Dual 1Ghz G4 as well as G4 Mini 1.5Ghz (Silent update).
    Keyboard shortcuts are broken whether the keyboard is connected to a dedicated USB port, or USB hub/card.
    (he later wrote)
    You are correct. Seems to take a second or two more these days for "keyboard shortcuts" to be executed. Thanks! And thank you for maintaining such a respectable Mac resource for the community!
    -Bill "

    Logic user Tip for Audio Unit Validation problems w/Univ. Plugins on PPC Systems
    Yesterday's reports had comments on 10.4.9 and Audio Unit Validation problems with Universal Plugins on PPC Systems. A Logic user wrote with a tip:

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "I had the same problem in Logic Pro so I ran the Logic AU manager (in Logic preferences) and in the Logic AU manager window I was able to check (turn on ) the non-working plug-ins. You still get a incompatible message but you just click OK and they all show up and they work !! Hope this helps.
    Regards, Rob B."

    I sent a copy of the above to "Juno" (the Waves plugin user) and he said that he used that tip to 'sorta enable them' so to speak - and that the Waves support page now has a warning on this:

    " Mac OS 10.4.9 is not supported and causes Waves plug-ins to malfunction.
    Do not install Mac OS 10.4.9 until further notice"

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "Performed an uneventful update from 10.4.8 on my Pismo yesterday afternoon. The only "special" preparation was to start the update from a "Safe Boot" configuration. My perception is that everything is noticeably more responsive under 10.4.9 for this older generation hardware.
    -Jon H. "

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "I ran the 10.4.9 update last night from 10.4.8. I am using a Powerbook G4 2gHz, (2GHz PowerBook?? Are you really using a MacBook/MacBook Pro?) 1GB RAM, and no third party apps that would run on startup to conflict (they shouldn't be running in the background either).

    The biggest differences are that it runs much slower (around 2 mins until login appears, used to be around 20 seconds) (reboot a few times as sometimes this is kext cache related), hotter (about 5 degrees just idling), and now the internal airport card doesn't work properly. It hangs, drops connection, or only connects very slowly (like 1mbps but don't quote me on that). I have also tested with the other 5 PCs at my house (all but 2 are Apple and all are wireless) and they work fine on my network as did my Powerbook before the update so I can't blame the router/modem.

    I think the one thing they need to add/fix with the Mac OS is a function to roll back updates. (agreed, even something like Windows' 'restore point' feature, but also remember that if your data and time are worth anything, having a current Backup of your boot disk is one of the best (and basic) rules to follow - and can be priceless. I see tons of people send much more $$$ on other devices, addons, software, etc. and yet won't spend the money (or time) to keep a current backup. But at times I have also been guilty of not taking the time to backup every work system.-Mike)
    That way instead of doing a restore I could just go back to the way things were before the update broke my machine's functionality. As much as I hate to say it that is one thing Microsoft got right (well, as right as they can I guess.).
    Good luck to everyone else. I will not install updates anymore until researching the results other people have experienced. Now if you will excuse me I have to go buy a USB wireless adapter so I can use my paperweight laptop again.
    Best Regards, Adam M"

    (added 3/15/2007 - updated 3/19/2007)
    "I installed 10.4.9 on my iMac Dual Core and the system no longer allows me to login (but all background services such as SSH are working properly.) I tried the Software Update version first with the results above, then tried the Combo update (after restoring 10.4.8 from my backup drive) and the results were the same. The login screen never appears, but the system is working in the backend. For a third time, I restored 10.4.8 and removed all startup items and Application Support files that were not included with the OS, tried installing the Combo update and still get the same results (I removed these thinking that Parallels or VMWare might be the problem.)
    I am now restoring 10.4.8 again, but will try to install onto my backup drive from now on, until I can find or someone else finds a fix.
    (Update - on 3/19 he wrote)
    After going through the issues I had on my original update install , I decided to try the following, which has worked perfectly:

    1. Used original system disks (10.4.4) to install OSX on the main drive, told the installer to keep user settings

    2. Installed combo updater on 10.4.4 system as installed by original disk

    3. Tested all applications and moved any necessary application files from the 'previous system' into the one in use.

    This worked fine for me, plus got rid of any of those hacks I had done in the past (didn't miss any)

    This process might be a good solution for others that need their system working asap.
    Best regards, Luis"

    FYI on Main Menu and Toast 8 Updates:

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "Mainmenu (system maint. menu) now at 1.7.1 with 10.4.9 support. (Note: v1.7.2 released shortly afterwards to fix 10.3.9 issue w/1.7.1)
    Also, Toast has released update to 8.0.1 which one of the IMPORTANT fixes is that my designers can now have helvetica dfont disabled by font manager without Toast 8 crashing on launch. (you have to have registered email with Roxio to get the update)
    -Ed "

    I missed this yesterday but here's the Roxio page with Toast Titanium X 8.0.1 and their version history page has a list of change notes.

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "After the iTunes+QT update and the 10.4.9 update, I got about 200 songs on my iTunes library that are not recognized by iTunes (they have the little !). If I try to browse for the song and update, it take out the album cover. My machine seems quite a bit slower and even hangs up with only iTunes open which never happened before.
    I have a Mac Mini, Intel Duo, 1.83 GHz, 2Gb RAM, 160GB HDD.

    (So you had not updated to iTunes 7.1 and QT 7.1.5 before the 10.4.9 update? Did you have any 3rd party iTunes plugins installed?? Are the songs that will not play all in a certain format? (audio format) (did you try using the Intel Combo 10.4.9 updater? and run it after a clean reboot and after checking the disk for errors, permissions, etc.?)
    There's an apple doc about recovering missing itunes library after an update (not exactly your problem but just a FYI)-Mike
    I updated the iTunes and QT before the 10.4.9. I rebooted and installed the 10.4.9 I think the day after. I had the album cover in the iTunes via Clutter. No other 3rd party stuff and virtually no playlists. All songs are converted to MP3's using iTunes. The video stuff in it comes from Handbrake, and I have 1 audio book from Audible. The funny thing is that the songs are there in the library, if I browse for them they will play OK. It just takes off the album cover and the "!". I just don't want to do it 200 times. and then rebuild my album cover (but I guess I have no choice).

    My iTunes library is not on the Mini itself but on a LaCie mini external HD. But his should not make any difference, as my entire Library is on that disk (connected USB and FireWire to my Mini).

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "I just installed OS X 10.4.9 and after reading that a couple of your readers mentioned that their Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision worked with that upgrade, I hoped that my Zicplay TalkCam VX6 would do the same. Unfortunately, it does not work. Just the sound but no picture. It works with Skype (video and sound) and with iChat (but for iChat you need Ecamm's iChatUSBCam). (The Ultra Vision users said they did not need iChatUSBcam any more - the first user said he removed it after updating to 10.4.9)
    I have also try to plug and unplug the usb with no result.
    I have a Powermac G5 - 1.8 Ghz - bus speed 900 Mhz.
    I have only tried the front usb slot.
    I don't get a "camera in use' error message. Just an icon saying that the camera is shutted off but the sound works.
    The latest iChat (3.1.8) still have a video prefs section (right downside of the video window). If I click on this preferences tab, I get a new window where I can choose Microphone : usb camera (in fact it's the Zicplay TalkCam VX6). This usb webcam works in QuickTime and Skype. But it already did in 10.4.8. It doesn't work with iMovie 6.

    I also have a Canon movie camera (dv) model MV400i that works with iChat, Quicktime and iMovie 6 (it also worked in 10.4.8) but there's a glitch : it shut off every two minutes for saving the battery and I found no work around except that starting and stopping it recording with the remote control every two minutes.
    Thanks for your great site and all you bring the the Apple's community.
    -Pierre "

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "I also have the Keychain Access crash bug after updating from 10.4.8 latest to 10.4.9. This on a 2.16GHz MacBook Pro. This has not made me very happy with Apple as of course is affecting my wi-fi conectivity big time.

    I'm going to be very annoyed if Apple doesn't push out a fix for this by the end of the week. It's one thing to introduce lots of lovely new consumer toy products, and that's all good... but for @#$@'s sake, please try not to break things which affect the productivity of people who use your gear for WORK!

    If anybody from Apple reads these comments, I might calm down a bit if you would actually also get around to fixing the nasty Kerberos framework @#$@-up you introduced a few updates back which necessitates using Pacifist and an older update to get ssh logins to remote servers to work. Again, totally unacceptable from the 'I use your expensive shiny stuff to do work with' perspective.

    Of course, perhaps Keychain has only become broken on systems where people who use ssh regularly (probably the only ones to notice the Kerberos framework problem) have patched the the Kerberos framework bug? Who knows? Nightmare.

    And, on a good day, I'm actually a fanboy! Hard to believe, I know.

    I guess going to have to get a lot more pro-active and follow websites like this more closely rather than just blindly installing updates. Lesson learned. However, this is not what Apple is supposed to be about. Not quite Insanely Great, is it, Steve?
    -Peter G. "

    Not everyone saw a keychain problem but some did. (as well as some other problems - but then that's par for the course for version updates it seems. I wince at every OS X version update, although few problems are 100% common, that's little consolation of those affected...) And remember having a BACKUP of your internal drive is priceless.

    (added 3/15/2007 - see above for his later report)
    "I have a Powermac G5 1.8DP. After downloading the combo update, I applied it and rebooted. After the reboot, it came up and sat there for a few minutes then shut off. I powered the system back on and it did the same exact thing.

    Fortunately, I have a second disk in that system that is a CCC version of the original disk. I usually make sure that they are nearly the same (weeks). Rebooted again with the Option key down, selected my second disk and booted into 10.4.8. After firing up disk utility, it said that the disk needed repair (after a verify) and failed to repair. I reapplied the 10.4.9 to the problem disk, fixed permissions and restarted. After booting to the initial drive, the system came back up.

    I'm in the process of copying my home directory over to the backup disk now and I'm going to boot to it and re-CCC the backup disk back to the original disk to bring the system to a "trusted" state. After which, I'll be reapplying the update to the original disk again to see if I can get this resolved.
    -troy "

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "I installed the OS 10.4.9 update via Software Update and my system just "hung" at the Apple Logo. I was lucky to have a recent backup performed the day before and simply used Carbon Copy Cloner to get all my system back. I then tried it again via Software Update and the same "hang".

    I then downloaded the Update from Apple Download via your link, thanks, same "hang" same place. (Did you use the "Combo" updater? And reboot/check disk or errors, RP, disconnect any connected devices (FW/USB, etc.))
    I am now reinstalling everything from scratch. I have never EVER had this happen. I searched the Apple Discussions to see if anyone else had the same problem. NONE!
    Will keep you posted on what happens or does not happen.
    -William R. "

    Someone else replied he saw the same thing:

    " I had exactly the same problem with my MacBook (Hangs at restart as William did above)
    I did not use the Combo updater, rather the 99 MB Intel updater. Nothing worked to get it back—resetting PRAM, PMM, fsck, deleting plist files—using a Firewire cable and Target Disk mode. I eventually had to totally erase the MacBook drive, reinstall OS X, and then run the Combo updater. The Combo updater worked fine. 
    -Greg D."

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "I ran software update to install 10.4.9 and now I can't run photoshop or illustrator cs 2, it crashes everytime I try to open either one. InDesign CS 2 works fine, better actually and acrobat 6.0 professional seems to run fine, as well as Quark 6.5. My computer is an intel Mac Pro, Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor model. If anyone else is having this trouble and you know a fix for it, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Have updated the permissions, tried running without suitcase fuision, tried re-installing the update, and re-installing both photoshop and illustrator, and it doesn't matter. Won't even start either program, just crashes.
    (she later replied to my comments below)
    Thanks for the advice, tried all of your suggestions to no avail unfortunately. Am resorting to wiping out the whole hard drive and starting over (groan). If you hear of anyone else having the same problem who has a better fix, I'd love to hear it though.
    thanks, katie "

    (comments on the original report) Did you try reinstalling using the Intel mac 10.4.9 Combo updater? (not the delta update download - an older report here from someone with similar Adobe apps (rosetta) problems said that fixed it.) It's also worth checking the disk for errors, permissions, etc. before an update. (and apply it after doing that and a clean reboot), One reader with Protools said he had to trash the prefs to get it to open after 10.4.9 update.

    Pro Tools User Notes:

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "Pro Tools 7.3.1 needed the Digi'/DAE pref's trashed before it would open in 10.4.9.
    (Just for the record I asked if he had seen any keychain problems or problems with keyboard function keys, etc.)
    No, I haven't seen any problems yet. It's been stable, FCP 5.1.4 and Pro Tools 7.3.1 seem to like it. Every port including the DVI & PC 34 express is being used, The only problem is with Seagate 7200.x drives and the FirmTEk SATA/PC Express. The power saving settings are all off.
    I lose the Seagate late at night after running the computer for 12-14 hrs.
    I saw your article on the Hitachi Enterprise class drives, bought one from OWC and it's never dropped off the desktop.
    MacBook Pro 15" (2.16GHz core duo) "

    (added 3/15/2007)
    "Just to report that my Fuji S5500 digital camera in webcam mode doesnt work with ichat, it gets a 'Camera in use by another application' error.
    This doesn't happen in quicktime, and I can now record a movie in real time. I suspect Apple need to still do a little work with the new USB functionality, as nothing is using the camera and ichat just gives this error, when starting a video chat.
    System Profiler sees the camera as a webcam.
    (I asked him several questions (that error was seen before in the past with isights even IIRC - apple had some docs on it)
    - Did you ever install ichatusbcam? (if so remove it)
    - was iphoto set to open when the camera was connected?
    - were any other apps open that can use the camera?
    (iMovie 6, Comic Life, PhotoBooth, etc.)
    - Assuming no to all the above, did you try rebooting and disconnecting the camera then reconnect it?

    Never installed ichatusbcam, Iphoto not set to open when camera is connected, or any other app. Nothing else running that uses camera. Disconnect/reconnect didnt work, also I did a reboot and it still said it was used by another app.
    This was on my G5 dual 2.0, i've since tested on my macbook core duo 1.83 and it also doesnt work with ichat, giving the same error, but in addition quicktime doesnt work giving 'failure to create movie' error.
    -Andrew C. "

    I had two earlier reports on Logitec QuickCam Ultra Vision models working OK (one reader noted he had previously used iChatusbcam, but removed it.)

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "PowerMac G5 late 2004, Dual 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 6800 ultra
    M-Audio Revolution Card works fine on encoded signals, but PCM stereo is mixed up and my Yamaha reciever does not recognize the format. Sound plays back sounding like 8-bit 22khz audio. Uninstalled/reinstalled started from scratch with combo update, etc...
    Btw, this is the NEWEST mid 2005 1.4.1 driver from M-Audio
    -Mike "

    Audio Unit Validation of Universal Plugins on PPC Systems: (Updated 3/15 - see below)

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "some friends of mine have reported that 10.4.9 could break Audio Unit validation on PPC systems.
    It seems that some Universal Plugins (installed on PPC) which validated fine in 10.4.8 are no longer accepted after applying the 10.4.9 updater.

    It would be interesting to hear, if there are other people experiencing this too?
    Also, it might be good advice for PPC owners who use DAW software to be a bit careful here...
    kind regards, Tom "

    Shortly after posting this a reader replied:

    " Yes, this is true. I have Waves SSL bundle (version 1.1, Univ. Binary) installed on Dual G5, and after 10.4.9 update it is no longer validated.
    -juno "

    A later tip from a Logic user:

    "I had the same problem in Logic Pro so I ran the Logic AU manager (in Logic preferences) and in the Logic AU manager window I was able to check (turn on ) the non-working plug-ins. You still get a incompatible message but you just click OK and they all show up and they work !! Hope this helps.
    Regards, Rob B."

    USB Webcams with iChat in 10.4.9:

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "The new update included "Added support for USB class video cameras" into iChat, according to the update note. Does this mean that quickcams and the like are FINALLY supported in iChat? (without, of course, 3rd party software) I won't be able to test until later tonight, have you had any other reports on this?
    -Alex "

    See the next 2 reports below...

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Mike, I think 10.4.9 is good news for most third-party USB webcam users. I have a Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision on my 3.0 GHz Mac Pro. Up to 10.4.8 I have had to use Ecamm's iChatUSBCam to use the Logitech with iChat. I also have had no luck getting it to record video in Quicktime. It goes through the motions but the resulting movie file would be blank, but audio is successfully recorded.

    Now with 10.4.9, I first uninstalled iChatUSBCam to see if it would work with the Mac OS drivers. It sure does.
    And Quicktime video recording as well, even at the native resolution of 640 x 480.
    -Tony A.
    TLC Graphics "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I had a quick read over the list of fixes and enhancements provided by 10.4.9. One thing that caught my eye was a reference to USB webcams. A customer of mine has spent the day trying to convince a Logitech Quickcam Fusion to work with his iMac G4. He had not yet downloaded the ichatusbcam shareware that is supposed to help out. I am just done with a video conference with him after he ran the 10.4.9 update. The Logitech cam now works natively with iChat with no drivers/shareware installed. I wonder if anyone else can provide feedback on USB cameras before and after 10.4.9? With the loss of the iSight, this info could be very useful to people. Thanks.
    With Regards from, Kevan G. "

    Reminder on USB Devices Tip:

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "On a 24" iMac (2.13 Core 2 Duo) with an APC Back-UPS XS 800: under 10.4.8 my energy saver system preference had several options for the UPS including when to shut down under battery power, etc. With 10.4.9, I've lost all preferences associated with the UPS, as if it's not even there, even though it shows up under system profiler. Anyone else notice UPS's missing?
    No APC software installed.

    (Tried disconnecting/reconnecting the UPS's USB connection? (has helped with some USB device problems in the past after OS X updates.-Mike)
    Haha, what do you know. That worked. Unplugged the USB cable and moved it to a new slot and it shows up again. Figured the restart after the update would have taken care of it...

    (A later report from another APC UPS user said he had to do the disconnect/reconnect again after a shutdown/restart, so I asked Eric to do a shutdown/restart test-Mike)
    No problems after a power cycle. UPS still shows up as does the icon on the menu bar.
    -Eric J. "

    Cooler running MacBook Pro?

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "10.4.9 feedback - POSITIVE for heat reduction on MacBook Pro
    Prior to 10.4.9, I have had to actively manage my fan speeds to keep my MacBook Pro (Core Duo, 2.16ghz) within tolerable limits.

    I've tried every 3rd party mini-app for controlling fan speeds, and finally settled on smcFanControl, version 2.0. I have the fan settings at 2500rpm minimum, with a 4000rpm speed when the battery is charging.
    But the temp always hovers in the 60-degrees-C or higher range. Sometimes much higher, for an entire working day: like 75+. Ouch! It buuuu-uuurns!

    With a Combo install of 10.4.9, straight over the top of 10.4.8, plus a couple of reboots, a "repair permissions", and all that "voodoo": my MBP is, right at this moment, hovering on 45 to 47-degrees-C, while charging from a totally flat battery. The smcFanControl menu item/app is still running the fan at 4000rpm, which I don't mind at all when running on power, but the nett result, to the touch and by measurement, is cool.

    So cool, that I have it on my bare legs as I type now: a benefit of summer here in Australia, is being able to wear shorts, I suppose.

    Obviously SMC re-"borging" occurred in 10.4.9. My MBP has never been this cool.
    Cheers, Ben "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Hi Mike, Just writing in to let you know that after installing the Combo update, my 2.0GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro restarted twice (the first time it booted till the apple logo screen with the system activity icon running for around 5 minutes). I'm upgrading from 10.4.5 directly - here's what I've noticed:

    (1) Most applications, including Office v.X 10.1.9 work fine. I've noticed that browsing in Safari seems to be a bit quicker. The scrollbars are more responsive... the slight lag seems to have been fixed.

    (2) My Apple USB Modem's performance has improved greatly. Authentication happens within 10 sec, as against a whole minute earlier. Data throughput's also more consistent - the receive buffer remains at 90% throughout the duration of a download; before, it used to show data coming in bursts with a 2 second interval in between (observed in the graphical representation of the send/receive buffer in Internet Connect). My throughput in LimeWire is also more consistent at 5kbps, as against 3-4kbps earlier.

    (3) The update killed audio output in QuickTime Player, Divx Player, and in the column view preview of audio files, although VLC & iTunes were playing movies/audio fine. I noticed that the QuickTime components had been updated to 7.1.5 in /System/Library/QuickTime. After restoring 7.0.4 from the install dvd using Pacifist, sound has been enabled again in QuickTime.

    (4) My speakers sound louder than before, and I have not noticed any clicks or gaps during playback of MP3 files. (some others noticed a volume increase also)

    (5) The MBP seems to be running a bit cooler - fans have not kicked in and CPU usage is around 30% as I type this in Entourage, with Safari open, iTunes playing music in the background and Software Update downloading Java

    Barring the audio glitch, I think Apple has gotten this one just right!
    Regards, Hemant K. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "10.4.9 seems to have fixed the slow speed problem I had with my macpower taurus external sata enclosures connected to my mac pro 2.66 with fw800.
    Before I could not top 20MB/s, while after upgrading speed jumped to 50MB/s!
    -Alfo "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "(In reply to 2 earlier reports on 7300 display rotation finally working in 10.4.9)
    I can confirm some support for rotation on a MacPro, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 card, with the latest firmware. However, the screen is very blurry when rotated, especially the fonts, making it unusable if you are picky about that sort of thing. In addition, the screen-edge targets seem to be a few pixels off, affecting windows that snap to the edge, for example. Hopefully someone can chime in with a fix.
    -Will "

    LCDs are not as sharp (most noticeable on text) if running at other than their exact native resolution but if the rotated mode does match (H/V) the native panel res, maybe check the Display AA/text prefs setting. (Other 7300GT users didn't mention noticing that on their rotated displays.)

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I updated 2 Macs here to 10.4.9 and tried to scan using an OS 9.1 Mac today using ColorRight Pro 2.0.
    At the end of a scan I would get a lost network connection error. The file would show up on the 10.4.9 computers drive but was empty.
    I tried the exact same thing to a Mac running 10.4.7 and didn't have that problem. The 10.4.9 box worked fine with 10.4.8.
    Furthermore when I tried to copy with the OS 9.1 finder I got the same error.
    -Doyle "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "(In reply to one reader that had problems with rosetta running MS and Adobe apps)
    I've had no such troubles-the whole of Microsoft Office seems to run fine so far, in fact I have noticed absolutely nothing amiss with this update. (Dual 1.8Gig G5, 1Gig Ram, 6800Ultra).
    -Dwight G. "

    I had suggested that reader try reapplying the combo updater and he later wrote that fixed it.

    FYI - Unsanity has updated their Application Enhancer to v2.0.3. It's used by some of their 'haxies' and they note some improvements in v2.0.3 for 10.4.9 (especially for Intel-CPU mac users). (Personally I avoid installing this sort of thing though but just a FYI for those that are using it.) They also released FruitMenu 3.6.3 and WindowShade X 4.1.2 updates.

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "After installing the update on my black MacBook 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo model, I found out that iSync is updated to version 2.4, and it supports a lot of new devices, including my Sony Ericsson K800i. No more 3rd party plugins needed! Screenshot here:
    Reference: http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/isync/devices.html
    Regards, Charles W. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I'm seeing 17% performance increase in hardware OpenGL testing with Cinebench R9.5. (MacBook Pro w/X1600 128MB vram)
    That 10.4.9 update definitely has better OpenGL drivers.
    -Nick "

    (added 3/14/2007 - updated w/fix)
    "The 10.4.9 update broke all Microsoft and Adobe apps for me. My guess is that it broke all PowerPC apps. (you mean nothing runs under rosetta for you now?-Mike) I'm on a MacBook Pro. I get two bounces on the dock and then nothing.

    None of the apps will launch either directly, through the dock, or by opening a file. I ran Disk Utility (repaired permissions) and Onyx (everything)--didn't help.
    (Did you try reinstalling using the Combo 10.4.9 updater? (quit all running apps, maybe even reboot before running the combo updater to run it from a fresh reboot)-Mike)
    Yes, and that worked, thanks. I wonder why Apple has these problems with Software Update?
    Update: Well at least Word works. I just realized that Adobe's stuff is still dead. (Photoshop manages 10 dock bounces--the splash screen never appears.)

    -Thomas A. "

    Always safest to use the Combo updater (and again I'd not have anything running and do a clean reboot first - as sometimes I think open files, caches, etc. are possible factors in problems - and unsanity has an article that major problems can be due to failures during pre-binding.)

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Sorry for the delay in replying to your question about 10.4.9 and the Dell 1500 card, This was due to me having issues with the update but not wanting to give a reply before establishing whether this was a problem with the update or due to something I had done to the system.

    The good news is that 10.4.9 does not seem to have broken the 11n patch when using the Dell wireless card.

    Whilst establishing where the problem was ( on reboot after initially installing 10.4.9 I got an error saying that the BCM4311 kext was not installed correctly - this disabled airport completely) I did a fresh install (10.4.6) on an external drive and updated it, the results showed some interesting results - it also looks as though I was wrong in my earlier email about driver versions.

    10.4.6 - Card not recognized
    10.4.8 - Card recognized as Netutil shows 802.11g
    10.4.8 with AE2007-002 - Card recognized as BMC43xx 1.0(
    Netutill shows 802.11a,b,g
    10.4.9 - as above
    10.4.9 with 11n enabler - Card recognized as BMC43xx 1.0(
    Netutill shows 802.11a,b,g,n

    Of note, this time rather than use Pacifist to install the enabler, I hacked the enabler package to accept the Early MacBookPro as a valid hardware platform (can't remember where I saw the instructions initially - See March 5th news page here on Editing Apple 802.11n Enabler installer System ID check-Mike)
    Nigel "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "As usual nothing to report everything is fine with the new 10.4.9 update . The only thing that stopped working is the Powerlogix CPU Director as usual.
    I can honestly say that it feels a little snappier (very subjective) . Thanks for the great web site.
    G4 Gigabit Dual 1.1ghz (overclocked 1.0) with 2 g's of ram , RME MultiFace and pc card, Pioneer DVR 110D , 3X 80gb WD drives
    Regards, Robert B. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Mike, Main Menu 1.7 needs update (not compatible with 10.4.9).
    Also, make sure that if you are in a Xserve environment, that your server and workstations run the same flavor of OS (Server 10.4.9 ...).

    Lastly, I recommend (hefty download) the combo over the delta. My install went well (repairs run BEFORE updating) except the booting is taking 2x longer...I suspect either the Dell USB hub in my 24" ultrasharp and/or the APC UPS connected via USB.
    Keep up the great site and work!
    -Ed S. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Just upgraded an Intel C2D iMac to 10.4.9 using the combo updater. The only glitch that I have found so far is that, on a cold start or restart, the sound level is set to a predetermined level no matter what its previous setting. (two 24in iMac owners noted much higher volume levels in 10.4.9 than 10.4.8 - i.e. where a lower volume setting was louder in 10.4.9 than a higher setting was in 10.4.8)

    I had a similar problem in Panther and found that using an earlier version of the extension Apple02Audio.kext solved the problem. It does not in 10.4.9 as the extension is not replaced. Nothing I tried could solve it except installing Psst a piece of freeware that, upon restart, sets the sound level where it was at time of shutdown. It is really designed to control the volume of the startup bong, but serves an additional purpose.
    I would be interested to know if others experience the same problem.
    -Ken "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Mike, I have a 2.66 Mac Pro with 7GB ram and running 10.4.9 and I can rotate my 23" Apple display now with no problem. (2nd 7300GT user to say 10.4.9 finally enabled display rotation) The display resolution changes to 1200 x 1920 instead of 1920 x 1200 when rotated 90 degrees. When going back to standard format some windows are in different places before the resolution change though. I have the GeForce 7300 GT card.
    Thanks, Lonnie R. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I noticed with the new update that OS X finally supports screen rotation in Mac Pros with Nvidia 7300GTs.
    I had been waiting for this to support a vertical widescreen for reading documents. I guess Apple finally updated the drivers.
    cheers, K"

    I don't have a Mac Pro but in the past a couple readers with both Nvidia 7300 and ATI X1900 cards noted problems with both brands of cards installed. Anyone running this setup with 10.4.9 to see if that's still a problem?

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I can chime in with Dominic (comments yesterday) here: 24" iMac, updated over SU, everything went fine, no 3rd party conflicts, no boot problems.
    The speakers had to be set to level 1 though to get the same output level as with 3-4 before in 10.4.8.
    -Luc "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "to date, no problems with 10.4.9 on the non-intel mini and no apparent problems with the 10.3.9 security update on the non-intel g4; however, the 10.3.9 update seemed to spend more time optimizing in volumes, than it did to download via dial-up, which i assume ;-) is a good thing.
    best2u, ~@~ "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I've got a MacMini 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo 1 external lacie HD, 2 DVD writers external.
    After installing the Intel 10.4.9. update not with Software Update (I downloaded the standard, and the Combo one and installed the standard first), the external driver (Lacie) no longer starts up automatically.!!!??
    Then i installed the Combo Update and all went ok.
    Regards Conny
    Sweden "

    Using the "Combo" update version is an old tip that many swear by. (I think it's worth rebooting clean before installing a version update also, not just quitting all running apps.) Some even go so far as to run repair permissions before a version update (and after).

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Major problem with frontrow enabler (putting frontrow on pre-intel macs). Will not start up after applying 10.4.9.
    Solution is same as it was for 10.4.7-10.4.8: Apply combo update from another mac. There does not appear to be an update for frontrow enabler yet.
    (what version of FR enabler are you using?-Mike)
    I think I had 1.3.5
    The manufacturers website (andrewescobar.com/frontrow) has been updated and states that there is no problem. However, that differs from my experience.
    Powerbook G4
    -Alan "

    Eject Key Delay (Update - Apple has now posted a kbase doc on this, see OS X 10.4.9: Media Eject key delay)

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I just wanted to let you know that with 10.4.9 (the Delta update on Dual G5 1.8 PPC and Combo on Mac Book Pro 2.26) there is an undocumented update done to the Eject button on keyboards.
    Apple has seemed to have implemented a delay on the Eject button with the 10.4.9 update. I can't find any Apple documentation on the change.
    -Terry R. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "I'm contacting you regarding issues with the 10.4.9 update. I was the person that contacted you back in early December regarding the wake from sleep issues with 10.4.8 and ExpressCards.
    (noted in Dec. 1st 2006 news)
    I thought I'd let you know that I updated to 10.4.9, and found that, just like Chris M. (earlier report yesterday), 10.4.9 does not fix this issue.
    Once you put the system to sleep with an ExpressCard installed, it will refuse to wake properly, and you will have to hard reboot. There is at least one other instance of the same noted in the 10.4.9 update posted on the Apple Discussion board.

    I installed the 10.4.9 Combo updater over a 10.4.7 system. The ExpressCard used is a NitroAV Firewire 800 card, connected to two Wiebetech TrayDocks.
    -Marlon R "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Just updated my B&W Sonnet G4 500 to 10.4.9 with no issues at all.
    Only one restart rather than the 2 that others have reported. The restart process too well over 5 minutes to complete.
    Tomorrow I will update the 12" PB 1.5GHz and will report in on that as well.
    -Robert W. "

    (added 3/14/2007)
    "Hi Mike, Here we go again ... DVDs won't play on my external DVD drive. I figured it would probably happen again so I saved a copy of the patched "DVDPlayback.framework" from 10.4.8 before I applied the update. (there was a post on this last year in the news page)
    Last time this happened some kind soul sent you a patch for the 10.4.8 framework which has worked flawlessly these last 5 months.

    I have not yet tried putting back the 10.4.8 framework or applying the 10.4.8 patches to 10.4.9.

    I have an old Sawtooth still doing great service with the upgrades listed below. I did treat it to a Revolution MX mouse recently and retired the MX1000 for Windows PC work. I am still delighted at how well this old Mac runs and use it in preference to my P4/3.2 GHZ with Vista for Web surfing, email, and Dreamweaver. It's not so great for DVD movies as it uses pretty much the whole CPU. I was hoping to have a movie running on the Mac this evening while I was working on the PC, but the urge to install 10.4.9 was too great even though I knew it would almost certainly screw up DVD playback again.
    Regards, Clive E.
    Sawtooth G4, 1.5GB RAM, ATI 9800 Pro
    Modified 350W ATX PSU
    GigaDesigns 1.4 GHz accelerator
    Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 card
    Generic USB2 card
    Pioneer 109 DVD +/- RW Drive (external ... no room left for it with 6 internal hard drives)
    Netgear GA311 Gigabit Ethernet
    ATA/100 disks in RAID 0 and 1
    LogiTech Revolution MX "

    SMS Issue w/WD Scorpio Drives fixed? (previously for those with this issue, disabling the built-in SMS (terminal command "sudo pmset -a sms 0") was the workaround. Some WD Scorpios didn't have built-in SMS sensor. WD calls it a "free fall" sensor IIRC.)

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "Received a report from Apple Engineering that the bug I reported (and that you had covered) involving Western Digital Scorpio drives causing Kernel Panics when the Sudden Motion Sensor is triggered has been fixed.
    (This was mentioned last year in the news page and in the drive reports database)
    I am currently downloading to confirm.
    Regards, James E. "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "I have a MacBook 2 GHz Core 2 Duo. After installing the 10.4.9 update with Software Update the machine started up. After the progress bar disappeared the screen went black. On the screen I saw:
    Darwin/BSD (computer-van-willem-nijenhuis.l) (console)
    Login: Mar 14 00:15:46 computer-van-willem-nijenhuis kextd[25];
    kextd_watch_volumes: couldn't set up diskarb sessions

    finally: giving up on diskarb; auto-rebuild disabled.

    I restarted the machine only to come into the same black screen but now with a cursor after the login: I typed my name and was asked for a password. I gave my password, but the machine did not accept that password.
    I had to reinstall system 10.4.8 from my Install Disk.
    -Willem N. "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "I did the 10.4.9 update on my Quicksilver 2002 Powermac and iBook G4 with no issues.
    They both did however do a dual boot after installation.
    No problems found so far.
    Thanks, Dan "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "iMac G5 1.9ghz, 1.5GB ram. Installed 10.4.9 rebooted and the hard drive started running fast and loud and the fan started running louder than I've ever heard. this lasted for approx 15 minutes before the drive quieted down and another 10 minutes before the fan slowed down. Everything seems to be OK now. (and no keychain problems)
    -FRW "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "I have a Core Duo MacBook, and I update using SU from 10.4.8, 2GB of RAM, and a 160GB HD.

    The update seems to have screwed up the Keychain frameworks somehow. Keychain access crashes on launch, as does any other app once it tries to access the keychain. Deleting all keychains and associated prefs does not fix it. It first showed up as the airport 'antenna' icon blinking - it would kill the airport process as soon as it tried to access the keychain for my stored network password. I fixed that by deleting the reference to the network in the airport preference file.
    Installing the combo update did not fix it.
    (He later wrote)
    I found a fix in an Apple discussion, that opening Keychain Access under Rosetta works. After restoring my original keychains from backups, other apps like Camino and Mail seem to be working correctly now too. So suffice it to say that it's screwy, but seemingly settled down...
    -eric "

    Nobody else mentioned this problem so far but I wrote a couple 10.4.9 users to verify that.

    CoolBook Tip:

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "Just thought i would let you know, updated my Macbook 1.83ghz Core Duo to 10.4.9 and it stopped coolbook starting but telling it to deactivate the original driver again in the prefs and restarting sorted it out.

    i haven't found any other issues yet but still have a B&W G3 and a G4 DA to update yet so there is still time.
    -Adam "

    I wrote the reader below to mention trying the tip above.

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "I've got a MacBook 2GHz Core 2 Duo.
    After installing the Intel 10.4.9. update with Software Update (the standard, not the Combo one), the CoolBook driver (v1.1) no longer starts up automatically - I guess Apple must have written a new CPU speed throttling driver and so they've switched it on in 10.4.9.

    Haven't tried telling CoolBook to re-instate itself, just in case my mac won't boot up,... I'll let some other brave soul try that first and report on it. :-)
    Other than that, I haven't seen any differences (yet).
    Cheers, Nicole
    Adelaide, Australia "

    (As a FYI - Tiger updates often break kernel extensions. And PL's CPU Director has required an update for every Tiger update to date.) As I mentioned above, it's a good idea to check the developer's/author's website of any addons/haxies, etc. you're using to see if they've noted any 10.4.9 issues or have a later version. (But some authors may not have had access to pre-release versions of 10.4.9 to test and Nicole said the Coolbook page hasn't been updated in 2007 yet.)

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "I installed the OS X 10.4.9 Update from the "Software Update..." menu just now. It downloaded, installed, and rebooted my PowerBook. But after the reboot, my two screens went uniform blue and the rebooting stopped. This occurred after the initial spinner but before the usual progress meter comes up. There was disk activity for 30 seconds, then nothing at all. I waited about 3-4 minutes, shrugged and powered it off.

    After that it came up fine, as far as I can tell. No damage, nothing missing. Seems good now.

    System: PowerBook 1 GHz G4 12" Al, 1.25 Gig RAM. Attached 20" Dell DVI LCD. USB Mac keyboard and mouse.
    -Bruce W. "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "To any of you intrepid upgraders out there:
    If you have upgraded the Airport card in a MacBook (Core Duo) with the MacPro "n" card AND installed this 10.4.9 OS update, do you still retain the "n" functionality? There was a single report by an ADC member on another site a couple of weeks ago that installed the BETA 10.4.9 and said that he lost the "n" functionality.

    Before I upgrade, I want to make sure this was either an anomoly or something related to it still being in BETA.

    Anyone with this specific situation taken the plunge yet? Please provide feedback when you have it.
    (After seeing a reply that noted all OK, he later wrote)
    Thanks for letting me know. I've installed the update myself and everything seems to be just fine!!
    -SirROM "

    I wrote a reader that had done the Mac Pro kit card and one that used a Dell 1500 card to ask (I'd be surprised if 10.4.9 affected that...) A reader using a Mac Pro kit card in his MacBook Pro replied all is OK:

    " nothing changed. firmware is the same, 802.11 a/b/g/n is still available;-)
    (keychain works. no issues whatsoever)
    Regards, Frederic "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "Hi Mike, Again, IOUSBFamily.kext has broken printing for one of my apps that I need to run in Classic. I put up a page about this for prior updates, it's here http://www.hatsuon.net/macstuff/kernel-panic.html
    Please tell readers to ignore any info on the page about kernel panics.

    Summary: How to re-enable printing from Classic OS9 Apps in OSX 10.4.9.

    1. Download OS X 10.4.6 combo updater and using Option + Right mouse button, Click select examine package ("show package contents").
    2. Copy "IOUSBFamily.kext" from Sydney/Library/Extentions - copy it to a flash drive for safe keeping if possible.
    3. Enable Root User in NetInfo Manager, set a non trivial password.
    4. Reboot into SafeBoot (hold down the Shift key as you re-boot).
    5. Login as root using the above new password.
    6. Copy the OSX 10.4.6 version of IOUSBFamily.kext to Sydney/Library/ Extentions.

    8. Startup Disk Utility, repair permissions twice.
    9. Reboot, Run NetInfo Manager again and disable the Root User.
    10. Enjoy being able to print again (if the problem had affected you).

    Michael, Japan. "

    My primary work machines do not run OS X tiger but if anyone else -doesn't- see this problem in 10.4.9 let me know.

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "Just want to let you know this update doesn't fix the sleep issue for my MacBook Pro 2.16GHz. The system fails go to sleep and restarts when the power button is pushed. All of this still happens when my SIIG firewire ExpressCard is inserted. I had hoped Apple would have fixed this. I even sent them a bug report. Oh well...
    (I asked if he had ever called apple support about the problem)
    I never did because I thought it was a software problem. It never did this in Mac OS 10.4.7. I guess it wouldn't hurt to call Apple Care. I don't know how much help they'll be. Thanks
    -Chris M. "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "Very interesting change on my 24-inch iMac. I kept my speakers at level 3 or 4 during regular use in 10.4.8. With 10.4.9, Level 1 seems to be as loud as what 3 or 4 used to be! So I have my speakers just barely turned up, as far as OS X is concerned, and it's PLENTY loud.
    I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's an extremely noticeable change.
    -Dominic "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "I won't give full details just now, but if you get reports of broken .Mac after 10.4.9 please let me know. I had this issue but have solved it.
    Kind Regards,
    www.fixmymac.co.uk "

    (added 3/13/2007)
    "Just want to let you know that i had a kernel panic at the end had to shut down and restart everything seems ok. 10.4.9 on about that mac.
    -Stefx "

    If you find any pros or cons with 10.4.9, let me know the details (include mac model, info on any addons/upgrades, etc.) Remember as with any OS X version update, check your 3rd party addons/login items, etc. first for any updates or developer notes on 10.4.9 compatibility. If you see a problem include the version of any 3rd party software addons you're using. Thanks.

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