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OS X 10.5.6 Update Feedback and Tips
Reports last Updated: 12/23/2008

This page has reader reports on specific improvements, problems or compatibility issues with the 10.5.6 update. (Note: I usually do a clean Reboot before applying the update and do not use the Mac for anything until the update is completely installed (including Optimizing/prebinding phase). Cautious users (including me) generally prefer to update using the "Combo"/Download updater (not software update) and some even suggest running RP before and after the update as well. Checking the disk for errors, disconnecting any connected devices (FW/USB) and checking the author's site of any 3rd party haxies, drivers, addons, etc. you have installed before applying a version update is also highly recommended. I'd never tried it before personally but one reader in the past has ran updates from a "safe boot" (shift key down). And BTW - not to preach on this but remember having a bootable backup (or at least time machine backup) of your current boot/OS X drive is worth the cost of an external FW/USB case and hard drive. (If your time and data are worth anything at all.) I keep a CCC clone of my boot drive, updated before I run any OS X version update.)

Here's the 10.5.6 info from Software Update window. (See below for links to download updaters)

"The 10.5.6 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.
For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3194 ("About the Mac OS X 10.5.6 Update" - w/details on Address Book, AirPort, Client management, iChat, Graphics, Mail, MobileMe, Networking, Printing, Parental Controls, Time Machine, Safari and General improvements).
For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website:
http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222 (Apple security updates)."

The Apple security updates page has a link to a doc with details on the security content of Security Update 2008-008/Mac OS X v10.5.6 - so apparently there's a Security update (2008-008) for OS X Tiger (10.4.11) also.
As always I'm going to use the Combo updater download (and restart the mac before updating from it). If you see any pros or cons (including any broken addons, apps, etc.) let me know the details and include a note if you used a download updater or Software Update. Thanks. (See later post above for some initial feedback including mine.)
Here's links to download pages at Apple:

Note: See below for links to later 10.5.6 related Apple docs and a Mail update for 10.5.6 (for those that had Mail problems - possibly due to the 10.5.6 software update not completely updating Mail.)

Reader Reports on 10.5.6: (later reports first)
If you find any pros or cons with the 10.5.6 update let me know the details and include a note on your mac model, any addons and if you used SU or a download updater. (Remember as with any OS X version update, check your 3rd party addons first for any updates or developer notes on 10.5.6 compatibility. If you see a problem, include the version(s) of any 3rd party software addons/drivers, haxies, startup/login items, etc. you're using. (Cautious users typically do a clean reboot first, use a D/L updater, check for updates to any 3rd party addons/login/startup items, codecs, etc. and have a current backup of your 10.5.x drive is highly recommended.)

If any reader has a suggestion, softwre update link, tip or confirmation of any problem reported below - send a note. Thanks

(added 1/6/2009)
" I rebuilt my old G4 for my sister to use for web surfing/email/papers/iTunes a few months ago (Digital Audio G4: 1.33 Ghz/flashed PC Radeon 9800 128MB/1.5 GB RAM/120 GB drive via SIIG ATA/133 card).

The power supply just died on me a few weeks ago so I ended up saving some headaches by ordering an ATX --> G4 cable from here: http://atxg4.com/gige-da.html and picked up an Antec 400W PSU for cheap from a closing Circuit City (hard to beat 50% off).

During the build, I had updated it to 10.5.5 and while everything ran smoothly, one gripe was that it wouldn't deep sleep: it'd start to power the drive down, shut the fans, but then as soon as it sounded like it was there, it'd just fire back up. Frustrating, I told my sister to just shut it down if not being used.

Today, I happened to be at her place and installed some other (non-Apple) software updates on it along with 10.5.6.

We let it download/install and went out for lunch; I get back expecting the thing to just be churning the fans for the past 2 hours. Nothing....deep sleep! Light on the front panel pulsing away. Now she can just set it to sleep if she's going to use it again during the day. Not sure what changed in the 10.5.6, but figured I'd pass this along regardless.

iUSBCam v2.2.5 Update released (for 10.5.6 iChat issues)

(added 12/23/2008)
"I saw a post on your 10.5.6 feedback page about iUSBCam not working with iChat after the OS X 10.5.6 update. (Ed's Dec. 16th reader report below)
So I just wanted to let you know that we just released iUSBCam v2.2.5. The new version adds support for using a USB webcam with iChat in Mac OS X 10.5.6.
Have a great holiday,
Glen & Ken

I sent Ed a heads-up on this update - he replied it solved the problem.

More on MacBook Optical Drive Clicking (follow-up to his original report)

(added 12/22/2009)
"Found this tonight. (Apple forum thread) 10.5.6: (macbook) Optical drive making random noises. I have NOT tried the fix jhatton1980 suggests... (see bottom of page) Yet.

BTW - I had a Mac Pro (2006) owner write he's seen this before 10.5.6 with his Samsung SH-S202N and SH-S223F drives, but not with his Pioneer or Sony drives.

(added 12/23/2009)
"I find that I'm unable to enable the Guest Account on a machine which has 10.5.6. It works fine on another machine running 10.5.5. What I've been able to deduce is that after I click "Allow guest to log into this computer", I'm unable to start any other applications, and CrashReporter keeps re-spawning with a new PID, reporting a different (random) application is failed with an access violation.
Running iMac 24", used Software Update. Thanks for a great site.

I just tried this here (AL iMac, 10.5.6 - I used "Combo" updater, not software update or delta) After authorizing (unlock) I can enable Guest acct OK (I had it disabled before). BTW - I had disabled the Leopard Guest acct long ago (many versions ago) - but noticed after enabling it today (temporarily, then disabling it right away) that there's a Guest folder now in my user directory (Guest folder was dated today - the time I enabled the acct). After your failed attempt, do you have a guest folder in the User/yourusername/ directory? (wonder if that folder/directory creation failed)

(FYI - I've been ill the last last week and really backlogged on 10.5.6 related mails in the last week. Sorry...)

10.5.6 related Troubleshooting Docs/Software Updates (later added items first)

(Dec. 17th - updated earlier posts on (not common) TM problems (fixed by applejack run), monitor calibrating (not common to other 10.5.6 install), and audio pops.)

(added 12/16/2008)
"Combo Update on a 2.4GHz MacBook Pro. All went perfectly well.... and an issue I was having now it seems to be gone. I used to get a short 3-4 second buzz from my speakers any time I sent an iChat message, or generated a sound from the OS. That is now gone.

(added 12/16/2008)
"10.5.6 feedback - energy settings on laptops
Confirmed that yes, Apple has removed this from the battery menu. (an earlier reader also was not happy about this feature being removed.)
This is a feature I used EVERY DAY and I am really angry that Apple removed this, even if it was a mistake on their part and not intentional.
I'm also noticing shorter battery life after the update. Will see how much over time. I have a Santa Rosa 2.2GHz MBP 15" w/4GB of memory.
-Mike K."

Update/FYI - Apple has now posted a doc on this - OS X 10.5.6: Battery menu does not display Energy Saver options.

(added 12/16/2008)
"Updated 11 machines (QS Tower through MBP Unibody) so far w/o issue. As always, using combo updater. Thanks for the great site.
-Andrew "

Time Machine: (I'm not having any TM problems here personally. Several other readers have also written they've had no TM problems with 10.5.6. Update: IF you are seeing this problem, see below for info on how to use the terminal to chg ownership or delete the file.)

(added 12/16/2008)
"I just tried to run the TM and Apple has a major Fubar in the 10.5.6.
(he sent a screenshot showing TM error dialog box that said
    You do not have appropriate access privileges to save file ".001b639dc2fb"
    in folder "Time Machine iMac"

    To view or change access priviliges, select the item in the Finder and choose File > Get Info

I posted the issue to the Apple discussion group and I am not alone. (TM Error Question - 2 reports of this problem there so far - one posted a duplicate reply, but later another thread link added After 10.5.6 update Time Machine Backup fails) Others have the same exact error and had to trash their TM backups. Let me know if your Time Machine works after 10.5.6?

Update - see below for tip on deleting the file from the terminal. (Apple has a doc on Time Machine: Troubleshooting backup issues, but it doesn't mention this specific problem.) FYI - he later wrote his problem was solved by running AppleJack 1.5 (which runs from a single user mode boot and runs scripts for disk repair, permissions repair, cache clearing, prefs checking, etc.) - but the next morning wrote the problem was back again.

Time Machine in 10.5.6 works fine here - I've ran a TM backup (update) several times since the 10.5.6 update. (AL iMac - TM is one of 3 partitions on my FW800 connected Ministack drive w/1TB hard drive inside) I had unmounted the TM volume before the update and the first TM run after the 10.5.6 update took awhile ("preparing") but I knew what that was (deep traversal of backup, confirmed by opening console and looking at the log). As I've mentioned in the past - I have TM turned off as I don't want hourly backups - I just use the "Backup Now" from the menu bar (and then open TM prefs to watch/confirm the backup).
Update: If you see this problem with TM, here's info on how to delete the file (or change ownership) TM says you don't have priviliges (ownership/permissions) for:

"How to delete the file (or chg ownership) referenced in the TM error:
  • Open the Terminal App (it's in your Applications/Utilities folder)
    Quotes on commands below are shown just to highlight them)
  • In the Terminal window type "cd /Volumes" (press enter/return)
  • type "ls -al" (space between ls and -al, then hit return) and look at the name of your backup volume in the listing.
  • Type "cd " and your volume name (then hit return)
  • Type "ls -alF" (then hit return) and take note of the file with the name that matches the TM error.
  • Type "sudo rm " and the file name listed in the TM error (example above was .001b639dc2fb but yours will likely be different)
    Note: Another option is just to change ownership of the file instead of deleting it, as the .00xxxx file in the root of the backup drive here is dated from the first day I did a TM backup - I assume it's basically an ID. (I'm listed as owner, group is staff)-Mike The command to change ownership is:
    sudo chown (a space, then your user name, a space and then your specific .00xxxxx filename) - for example:
    sudo chown mike .001abcdefg97
  • When prompted for your (admin acct) password enter it and hit return.
  • (If you chose to delete the file) Verify file is deleted by entering another "ls -alF" (return)
  • Quit the Terminal app.

    Time machine should complete a backup now without the error message. -Ed"

  • I asked Ed to confirm all was OK (including after a restart), but he replied he didn't have the problem - just sent info on how to remove the file for those that had a problem. Not sure it mattered in my trouble-free 10.5.6 upgrade, but from day one I have always kept TM off and used the "backup now" option from the menu bar (once or twice a day as needed) - as I've never wanted hourly backups.

    iUSBCam for iChat not working: (UPDATE: On Dec. 23rd they released iUSBCam v2.2.5 to address the 10.5.6 compatibility problem. See http://ecamm.com/mac/iusbcam)

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "This is probably a minor issue that will affect a tiny portion of your readers, but I noticed that eCamm's iUSBCam program was broken by the update on my machine. This program allows one to use many USB webcams with iChat. (It was mentioned here many years ago - going back to the first iChat release (which at that time really only supported the original FW iSight IIRC.-Mike)
    The camera is a Philips SPC900NC, using the IOXperts 1.2 webcam driver.
    Note that the driver is working, as other non-iChat programs are displaying video from the camera as normal.
    Early-2008 MacPro 8-core/2.8GHz
    Updated from 10.5.5 using the "Delta" updater

    I wrote Ed about the iUSBcamm 2.2.5 update - he replied:

    "Thanks for the heads up - they hadn't gotten back to me directly... (installing...)
    That did the trick! Thanks for your help in this.

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Minor hiccup with the Combo updater and a Power Mac G5 Dual 2.0 PPC machine as well. After updating, all the desktop icons were gone. The only thing showing up was the wallpaper. I could move the mouse around, but nothing else was responding to either launch a software or shut down the PC. I did a hard reboot and it went back up to life. I checked the OS version and it said 10.5.6. However, just for precautionary measures, I applied the Combo updater once again in case it was not applied properly and this time everything went smoothly just like the previous Combo updaters I've applied in the past.
    By the way, I have an nVidia 6800 Gefore Ultra DDL as well as a Sonnet Tech eSATA PCI-X 4+4 card attached just in case this someone else has any of this card and may have added to the hiccup.

    Another Report on having to reinstall Intech Hi-Cap Driver:

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "10.5.6 PPC broke Intech Hi-Cap 10.5 driver, Reinstalled all is well.
    -Charles "

    A sawtooth owner using this drive also said he had to reinstall it after the 10.5.6 update. (earlier report below - Hi Cap driver adds big drive/48bit addr support for older mac's onboard IDE interface.)

    Networked Shares Problem:

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Since upgrading our iMac 3.06 Ghz machines at work with the 10.5.6 Combo Updater, we are no longer able to search network (PC-based multiple server) shares. This problem did not exist until the update was performed. This is a huge problem for our users. Thought your readers might be interested.

    Another PPC user note on problems w/Combo updater (I used it OK on an AL iMac, later today will use it (saved the DL to ext. drive) on a G5 tower here.) I'm tempted to apply the 10.5.6 updater on my G5 tower booted from its 2nd drive w/OS X Tiger and then updating the Leopard hard drive - that way there's no open leopard files in use.)

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "I maintain a lot of Macs. I updated my main office machine, a dual 1.8GHz G5, using the combo updater. After it restarted, it stalled at the gray screen with the apple.
    I did a hard reboot, then booted from an external drive. I re-applied the combo updater from there, ran disk tools which showed no problems, and all seems well now.
    Updates to two other machines (both Intel) were uneventful.

    Notes from a Pystar User:

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "I downloaded the ComboUpdater 10.5.6 at work, because at work it can download in the background, so I'm not wasting my time waiting. It took about 1hr and 45 mins for the 670MB updater to download.
    I then transferred it to my 2GB USB Stick so I could install the update on my 2006 MacBook (Black), my 8-Core Mac Pro 2008, and my Psystar Open Computer. All computer updates went almost exactly the same. All computers loaded and updated at about the same speed. Sometimes I think I have fewer problems with the Psystar than the Mac Pro.

    Hopefully, this update will correct my failed shutdowns with the Mac Pro. Instead of shutting down, on occasion, the Mac Pro fails to shutdowm and revs it's fans to full speed. The other problem I have is it's failure to properly wake from sleep. These idiosyncrasies are reported to Apple when they occur, and hopefully this update will fix these problems.

    The MacBook has been a very reliable computer since June of 2006. It's a joy to use on the road. Thank God it has FW400, unlike some of the new MacBooks. I totally need FW400 for my recording projects, which this inexpensive Mac handles flawlessly.

    As far as the Open Computer from Psystar is concerned, it continues to perform perfectly. I continue to be amazed at how well OS X runs on a PC. 6 months and no problems.

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Two things I noticed with the 10.5.6 update:
    CS4 Dreamweaver seems to have stopped a random crash that has appeared since installation.
    I threw some stuff at my commercial animation package that would normally close applications, and this time it continued working ??? ...but we'll see...
    (Early 2008) 17in MacBook Pro 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo"

    Audio Pops on Headphone Jack:

    (added 12/16/2008, updated w/later comments)
    "I updated an Intel 20" iMac (2.33GHz) to 10.5.6 using the Combo Update. The only bug I have found so far is an audio pop when starting up either cold or a restart. The pop occurs just after the gear stops and the gray screen disappears. The pop occurs only by way of the headphone out jack thus affecting external speakers and is not dependent upon speaker volume setting. If the plug for the external speakers is pulled there will be no pop from the internal speakers on startup. The problem doesn't exist when starting up into Safe Boot.

    I opened a case with Apple and was advised that they have had several calls on this. If memory serves me correctly there was a similar problem with one of the updates to Panther, I believe it was 10.3.5. Replacing the AppleAudio02.kext file with the one from the previous update fixed the problem. It was fixed in a subsequent update. 10.5.6 does not replace the AppleAudio02.kext file, but it does replace a number of audio files, so it is hard to tell at this point just which file is causing the problem.

    I also removed several extensions or replaced them with the copy from 10.5.5 and removed the QuickTime plugins but so far no success. Hopefully Apple will come up with a fix.
    (he later wrote in reply to questions I had)
    I am still working on this trying to figure out just what causes it. There is a considerable amount of discussion on the Apple forums about this. I am going to remove some of my third party extensions. I have to look to see which software places items in the Extensions folder. Perhaps there is a conflict.

    Apple did not mention which computers are affected. I have receive information from others with external speakers that do not have the problem, so that thickens the plot.

    I also notice that the first time a sound is called upon after a lengthy sleep I will get the pop. I will keep you posted.
    (he later wrote)
    I also notice that I get the pop on the first use of audio after the computer has been asleep for a while. This would lead me to believe that it is the switching of the audio chip that is causing the problem. If I remove the external speaker plug and run on only the internal speakers there is no pop. There is no pop when using unpowered headphones. The pop occurs only with powered speakers. And it does not seem to be a universal problem. Some users have the problem, some don't.

    On a separate partition I did a clean installation of Leopard from the original 10.5.0 disk. I followed up with an update using the 10.5.6 combo update. I did no updates from Software Update. The pop was there.

    Since the problem does not occur with a Safe Boot, I removed one by one, or replaced with the equivalent from 10.5.5, several extensions which seemed to be relevant. After 11 extensions I gave up. I also removed the QuickTime plugins to no avail. I must say that, subjectively, the sound quality in iTunes has improved.

    Well, I found the offending extension, AppleHDA.kext. Replacing it with the one from 10.5.5 reduced the speaker pop to a trickle, as it was under 10.5.5. After replacing the extension with the one from 10.5.5, rebuilding permissions and clearing the kext cache, all is well.

    I recalled having a similar problem with earlier operating systems. I researched my notes and found that 10.4.10 had a similar problem and someone had come up with the solution. Hoping that the solution would work for 10.5.6, I tried it and it was successful. The later extension apparently has more aggressive power management and can cause pops in some hardware that lacks noise suppression circuitry. Great for a portable, but I am not worried about battery life on an iMac.


    Menu Bar Energy Saver Feature Gone:

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "I've got no problems with the update so far on my Powerbook G4. But I can't change the energy saving profiles via the menu bar icon anymore. I do miss that feature and don't know how to get it back.

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Applied the 10.5.6 update via Software Update on my two Macs. No issues on my G5 Tower Dual 2.0 GHz. My year old MacBook however decided to play the Setup Assistant video introduction (Do, do, do.) after the double re-start, at full volume. Then I started Safari and went to the Apple website... where the new animated Apple vs PC adds were featured. Mysteriously, no sound even though the slider still indicated full volume. Ran the video again and this time volume was normal. No problems since then.
    (he later wrote)
    I was hoping the update would solve a minor annoyance with the wireless card in the G5 Tower (I'm using a Sonnet Aria Extreme G in a G5 which is not supported, but it works because of the Broadcom chipset, however it routinely crashes the WirelessConfigurationService on startup and wake from sleep, then resets itself ) but the problem persists.

    Also I've checked the system log and discovered the Adobe CS3 apps I have are still causing multiple "*** Break on _NSLockError() to debug." and " *** -[NSLock unlock]: lock ( '(null)') unlocked when not locked." messages to appear. Same as before the update, though Photoshop and Dreamweaver still function normally. I just did an update via Software Update on my neighbors Intel Mini. No issues to report. No sound problems, unlike the issues I had with my MacBook that I reported earlier. One more thing to report: All the Macs I just reported on are now syncing to my .Mac account every minute when I'm writing emails. As I type this email to you it automatically syncs the "draft" to my .Mac mail account. When I stop typing it waits. Interesting. Never happened before, and I don't know if it's a good thing or not - Ha! Norbert Regards, Norbert"

    In OS X Mail, I've watched the activity window and don't see this happening here. I never (ever) wanted anything to do with Mobileme (or .mac) syncing... (just verified that 10.5.6 didn't change that in Mobileme system prefs - it's disabled)
    Is your system prefs for MobileMe set to enable syncing?=

    Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter: (anyone else using one of these OK in 10.5.6?)

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Seems to break Apple USB Ethernet Adapter on non MacBook Air computers. I've tested on a G4-500 (it was working fine in 10.5.5, and yes the machine is using LeopardAssist) and also happened to this guy (apple forum thread) on a 12" G4 PB 1.5GHz which wouldn't be using LeopardAssist. (Leopardassist fakes out the Leopard disc's installer CPU speed check to allow installs on sub-867MHz macs.)
    I always use the combo updates, was a big night last night as I had a houseful of Macs to do (6).
    -Paul S."

    Does apple system profiler show the adapter in the listing? (I don't know the driver name for this adapter but ASP has a list of extensions loaded also)
    It may not help but have you tried old tips like disconnecting/reconnecting the USB connection? (even to a different USB port - sometimes has helped after updates with USB connections from UPS, Printers, etc) - he later wrote that didn't help.
    Clearing the system kext (driver) cache is another thing that comes to mind (although you'd think apple would do that as part of the update...) There's a way to do that manually but there's utilities also like Leopard Cache Cleaner (but not sure the current LCC version works with 10.5.6.) He later wrote:

    "The Adapter just worked before (natively supported). Yes I tried connect, reconnect, different port, remake the USB Ethernet preference etc., the symptoms were that on reboot(s) the machine seemed to have come up OK but no network connectivity, but as its a server I hadn't a monitor or keyboard in to see. I attached those then restarted and found no network from the inbuilt or the USB, I tried opening the Network panel and it just beachballed, I pulled out the connector and the beachball stopped and the inbuilt eth came up, plugged it back in and tried to alter network again and it beachballed again until I unplugged again. and so on and so forth.
    Have to go to work soon, will try the other suggestions this evening.
    -Paul S."

    Fixed G5/X1900 graphics problems:

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Checking in to give you an update on 10.5.6. I want to confirm that the latest Leopard release fixes the video problem I had with my G5 and the Radeon x1900. (See the Nov. 24th news page post on OS X 10.5.5/ATI X1900 OpenGL Video Display issues (DVD Player, EyeTV).)

    The About the OS X 10.5.6 Update listing of changes has a Graphics section that mentioned "Includes fixes for possible graphics distortion issues with certain ATI graphics cards" as well as claims of "general improvements to gaming performance" and "graphics improvements for iChat, Cover Flow, Aperture, and iTunes".

    MacBook Pro Optical Drive Clicking: (anyone else notice this?)

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Oddity since updating my MacBook Pro (Last gen 17in 2.6GHz) to 10.5.6. My internal optical drive makes the open/close noise like when you're rebooting every 5 minutes or so since the update. Whirr-click click. (Like some process/task accessing the optical drive? I wonder if activity monitor or the Console log would show anything related.-Mike)
    Interestingly enough I kept track of it for about 15 minutes
    • 9:14:05
    • 9:16:35
    • 9:19:09
    • 9:24:17
    • 9:29:22
    • 9:31:53

    Totally random unless I missed some.
    The new MacBook Pro 15in I had installed the dev betas on does / did not do this. Strange to say the least. (I asked if he had tried any of the usual voodoo tips - (resets, cache clearing, reinstall from d/l updater, etc.)
    Have rebooted, but not done any voodoo other than that.
    (he later wrote)
    SMC reset did not fix it FWIW. Still clicking away...
    Found this post on the same topic, but well before 10.5.6. Too strange IMHO to have happened only after this update though. See "Empty drive, repeated eject noise" (archived apple forum thread from Sept. 2007)

    Intech Hi-Cap Driver Notes (reinstalled after update)

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "A few comments on my upgrade to 10.5.6. I was very careful with my two machines: a Sawtooth G4 upgraded to 1.8GHz that runs my Intego home automation setup and my SecuritySpy camera server and my all purpose MacBook Pro 2.16GHz (17").

    I ran Disk Utility and DiskWarrior on both machines prior to updating. The MacBook Pro updated without a hitch with the Combo updater. The G4 failed to update with the Combo updater on multiple occasions...even after re-downloading the updater (the installer simply said install failed).

    I then tried to do the update via the Software Update on the G4 and it worked but with one issue. I use the Intech SpeedTools ATA Hi-Capacity Driver (the one updated for 10.5). (Driver to add big drive support (48bit addressing) for older macs onboard IDE interface) When the machine rebooted, the extended partition of the disk did not show up. I didn't bother to look into the problem (ie I didn't check to see if the driver was there). I ran the installer for the Hi Cap driver and when the installer program ran it indicated that the driver was not present on the boot drive. I proceeded with the install and rebooted with no further problems. I don't know why the upgrade to 10.5.6 would delete or otherwise eliminate this driver but it appears that it did in my case. All is functioning well now after the driver update.
    Best Regards, Jorge"

    G5 PCIe tower w/SeriTek SATA card/RAID:

    (added 12/16/2008)
    "Wow, where do I start? What a mess! I just spent the past 6.5 hours thrashing to save my 2TB SeriTek 2eEN4 RAID, (G5 PCIe system - ref: his previous article from Dec. 2006 on Seritek 2eEN4 Enclosure/Seritek 2SE2-2 PCI-e Controller RAID Tests) that has been a fine little bootable Raid system for 35 months, and counting, until tonight that is.... I did the usual preps, as I did for every Mac here tonight, closing all apps, restarting the machines, doing the AppleJack routine on the boot before I updated each Mac here...the usual stuff, but then it happened.

    I downloaded the Delta updater, 372.8MB to be exact, and the RAID didn't like any of it! First it wouldn't start up at all....I tried all the tricks I know with Macs to get that volume over the double-restart hump, but it just refused to mount, instead...I got the spinning World!

    Haven't seen that one in many years, ever since a PPC Mac Mini I bought off eBay gave me that message, a spinning World in the center of the blue screen, and that's all she wrote!

    DiskWarrior struggled with that RAID volume for an hour and a half, finally saying "The volume's Directory was too badly damaged for DiskWarrior to be able to replace it"...oh great, I thought, I'm gonna have to do a Time Machine Restore, my favorite Apple Science Curse (Course) and resigned myself to figuring out where to start that movie, a really bad one if you've ever had to do it...! (I don't run RAID but I keep a current TM backup as well as a CCC Cloned boot drive, updated before any OS X update just in case.-Mike)

    Finally, I ran Disk Utility on it no less than 5 times, the first couple times even it refused to repair the volume, saying it was "unable to repair disc" and other trilogies, and then finally, after trying with DiskWarrior on a static volume in the G5 running, get this 10.4.6 (!) OS, anyway I installed the latest DiskWarrior from the CD ROM onto that Maxtor 250GB OEM HD, and it also failed to be able to repair the RAID... it flickered in the background, little blue activity lights off, then on, then off...

    In an act of desperation I tried to boot the drive one final last time before going to bed, after a desperation PRAM ZAP x 4 about 2:20AM by then, and it restarted no less than 4 times, then, by God it started to boot... And voila! She lives! I could NOT believe it, after all those hours where it wouldn't respond to anything at all, everything rejected it, it suddenly booted right up and was fine, apparently. Go figure!

    All 7 of my other Macs here, being Intel Macs of one sort or another but for my iBook G3/600Mhz, my little old gem of a notebook, just ate up the Delta Update of 372.8MB like water to wine, no problems at all...but that poor PPC RAID 0, oh my Gosh, I'd given up hope of ever seeing any of my applications, years worth of email, all my bank and accounting passwords and passport data for travel...I could just see myself struggling for days trying to get it all back together from a Time Machine backup off my 1TB backup volume in an AMS Venus FireWire 400 case/Oxford 924 bridge board in that thing...
    Later, David C."

    (The Following are initial reports (including mine) from the Dec 15th news page.)

    I've applied the 10.5.6 update using the Combo updater download (download links at top of page here) - after rebooting the AL iMac first. After the (usual) double restart, it seems fine so far. Just as a test I ran a force rebinding from the terminal ( sudo update_prebinding -force -root / ) and a Verify/Repair Permissions from Disk Utility afterwards (only some minor permissions differences fixed w/some images that were part of Apple Airport Utility). I'm in the process of checking my apps (iTunes 8.0x, EyeTV 3.04, Safari 3.2.1, FF 3.0x, etc.) but so far no problems seen. Here's some initial reader mails on the 10.5.6 update - some noting problems initially after using Software Update. (I used the Combo updater download OK on this Intel-based Mac, but have had a couple readers with PPC macs say they had problems with the Combo updater - if you do try the standard/delta updater instead. Or apply it while booting from a drive other than the 10.5.x one, which avoids any issues with open files/files in use, etc.)

    "running 2.5Ghz MacBook Pro. Tried initially with via software update. hung for almost an hour.
    Tried the 10.5.6 Update (372MB) download. worked like a charm without any delays.

    " I'm attempting to run the Combo 10.5.6 package on my Powerbook G4. I did a clean reboot, and quit all programs. I ran a SHA1 checksum and it checked out. However the update has failed twice, once with a message saying the source was damaged, and then with a message saying the package couldn't be verified. I'm going to try to repair permissions and reboot again, and give it another go.

    I asked if he'd tried the standard (delta) 10.5.6 updater (assuming he had 10.5.5 previously).

    "It appears that DDC monitor calibrating software is broken under 10.5.6.
    Lacie Blue Eye Pro V4 will not run at all and ColorEyes Pro (version?) says DDC initialization failed. None of this happened with 10.5.5.

    It won't help if the software is really incompatible with 10.5.6, but asked if he tried disconnecting/reconnecting the USB cable for these (old tip for some USB device problems after OS X updates). I searched for product pages for these to see if there were any recent updates - the Lacie Blue Eye Pro support page had a download link dated Jan 1st, 2005 (no version listed) and the ColorEyes Pro page I found listed Mac v1.42, but the demo download page listed Mac v1.5.0. I asked what version he was using. UPDATE (Dec. 16th): He later wrote the problem wasn't common to his Mac Pro 10.5.6 install, only with his G5:

    "Did a test on a backup partition on the MacPro. DDC seems to be working with Lacie Blue Eye Pro and Color Eyes Pro. Looks like something with the G5 and 10.5.6 is not compatible.

    One weird thing though. Both front USB ports quit functioning a week or so ago. On 10.5.5 I get one message about them when I first boot up. With 10.5.6 I get constant messages. So much so I could get any work done if I wanted to. I have no idea why that is different.

    Several G5 owners have mentioned updater problems (reinstalling 10.5.6 from a D/L updater after booting from other than the 10.5.x HD is worth trying). But if the G5 has USB port problems, it won't be a fix for that.

    " FWIW, I tried the Software Update route (190MB), it seemed to hang in the Safe mode, only a 1/8in progress bar that didn't move for a half hour - so I bailed and am downloading the Standalone (372MB) Updater to see how that goes. The full Combo is over 650MB (669MB, but worth it IHMO - plus I save a copy of it to an ext. drive to update other Macs and in case I reinstall Leopard from my 10.5.0 DVD.-Mike)
    (he later wrote)
    Updated my iBook G4 using the download updater in just a few minutes, so I think there may be something going on in Software Update. 10.5.6 does do a double re-boot in the process after the Restart (that's normal and seen with some previous updates) but all is well so far.
    Entourage took awhile to fire up, but it never went into that Safe Mode. All seems well.

    " Minor hiccup installing 10.5.6 on 2005-era Powerbook G4 (1.67GHz, 1.5GB RAM, 250GB HD) -- after installing with software update and allowing system to reboot, built-in audio did not work, and no sound came out of the external audio (headphones) jack. Audio sources tested included iTunes, Slingplayer, and system sounds (Sounds control panel). Control panel showed audio at maximum.
    After a full shutdown, 30 secs wait, and restart, audio returned normally. Probably a minor startup problem, but thank goodness it resolved by itself.

    If you find any pros or cons with 10.5.6, let me know the details (include mac model, info on any addons/upgrades, if you used Software Update or a download updater, etc.) Remember as with any OS X version update, check your 3rd party addons/login items, etc. first for any updates or developer notes on 10.5.6 compatibility. If you see a problem include the version of any 3rd party software addons you're using. Thanks.

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