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Reader reports on OS X 10.2.2 Update
Reports last updated: 11/15/2002 12:20 PM EST

Norton Utils 7.03 Update: This update available via LiveUpdate as of Dec. 2nd, 2002 reportedly solves the problem of no partitions/volumes being shown in 10.2.2. (Per a reader email.)
*Note* A reader reported major problems w/NU 7.03 if you've enabled Journaling in OS X 10.2.2:

"I updated Norton System Works 2.0 via LiveUpdate.
Norton Diskdoctor / Speed Disk / Unerase crash after the update if you enable the apple HFS+ Journaling!
Disable it and the Norton Utilities work!
Come on Symantec put more energy in your MAC products!
With Kind Regards
Andreas Goiczyk "

As of early Dec. 3rd, I've had at least 2 other problem reports from NU 7.03 users w/10.2.2 but don't know if they had Journaling enabled or not.

10.2.2 Update Info: (from the Nov 11th, 2002 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page)
It's available via OS X software update. Build is shown as 6F21. Here's a list of changes noted in the Software Update window:

" The 10.2.2 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the following applications and technologies: Address Book, iChat, IP Firewall, Mail, Print Center, Rendezvous, Sherlock and Windows file service discovery. The update also includes the updated services previously delivered in Security Update 2002-09-20.

For detailed information on this Update, please visit
(Has a long list of changes/fixes/improvements in several areas as well as links to a Kbase doc on the Combo 10.2.0->10.2.2 update. -Mike)

Download Links to 10.2.2 Updates: (thanks to Rod)

If this update fixes any past issues for you - or causes any, let me know. Include system details in reports. Note - I'm especially interested in reports from CPU Upgrade owners that are using L2/L3 cache enabler software (if it's compat. with 10.2.2) and if anyone with wake from sleep issues in the past see any improvement with 10.2.2.

As I normally do after any OS X update, after the reboot I ran Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions which showed:

    "2002-11-11 17:16:02 -0500 - Repair of privileges has started
    We are using special permissions for the file or directory
    ./System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/hfs.util. New permissions are 33261
    Group differs on ./private/var/run/utmp, should be 0, group is 1 Owner and group corrected on ./private/var/run/utmp Permissions corrected on ./private/var/run/utmp
    2002-11-11 17:23:14 -0500 - The privileges have been repaired on the selected volume. "

(The utmp permissions change has been typical in OS X after every reboot.)

Modified Files Note: Remember OS X updates usually overwrite files like the "modified" drive plugins from the FAQ's CDROM/CDR section. You'll need to reinstall them if your drive isn't supported after the update. (Assuming the 10.2/10.2.1 plugin file format is compatible with 10.2.2. 10.0/10.1 files were not compat. with 10.2/10.2.1 for instance.)

There's also a forum thread on 10.2.2 that comments on file system journaling in some later posts there - some of the comments on journaling there are mirrored below.

Added Optical Drive Support Based on reports (emails and drive database reports) - 10.2.2 has added native iTunes/Discburner support (w/o modified plugin files) for the following drives (perhaps more):

  • Lite-On LTR-48246S (48x24x48x)
  • Lite-On LTR 52246 (52x24x52x) (per reader's drive db report)
  • Pioneer DVR-105/A05 (4x rated new model superdrive)
  • Toshiba SD-R2212 (16x10x24x + 8x DVD-ROM) Notebook Combo drive
  • Toshiba SD-R1202 (16x10x40x + 12x DVD-ROM) Combo drive
  • iMac DV owner noted his Yamaha Firewire 2100E (16x10x40) was finally supported (2100E was on Apple's prev. iTunes Compat. page however so not sure why it wasn't working in iTunes/DB before.)
  • A Yamaha 6416S (SCSI) CDRW owner noted 10.2.2 worked with the drive where past OS X versions didn't. (Umax S900 legacy Mac)

If you see other models now supported that needed modified plugin files before (as linked in the FAQ here) let me know.

System Slowdowns/CPU Cycle Hogging: Several readers have reported this (don't see it here but no 3rd party USB printer/scanner drivers on my PB G4. Some reports noted removing HP printer drivers or other 3rd party menu items/system addons helped. One reader that "zapping the PRAM" helped.

Reader Reports on 10.2.2 Update:
(most recent first within Mac type)

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Reports from G4 Tower Owners

(added 11/14/2002)
" I haven't yet sent in a review of my Sonnet 1 gHz card in a Sawtooth G4/400 since right now I'd have to give it an incomplete due to the wake from sleep problem.
I was running 10.2.1 when I installed the card - had the wake problem. Tried booting in 9.2.2, had the wake problem. Now I've updated to 10.2.2 - still have the problem. Just thought I'd pass this info on since 10.2.2 seems to have fixed the problem for some. Unfortunately, not me. Sonnet says they're working on it - I'll call them again tomorrow to tell them of my 10.2.2 results.
Jim B. "

One Sonnet AGP upgrade owner with this problem wrote he returned the card to Sonnet and that the replacement woke from sleep fine. - but I tend to doubt that's a universal fix for everyone (sonnet had more reports on OK with wake from Sleep so far than PL owners, but still no definite idea why this affects many but not all owners.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Mike,
FYI, after updating to OS X 10.2.2, I continue to have the wake-from-sleep problem with my Powerlogix 1 GHz single-processor (1 MB L3)upgrade on my G4/350 MHz "Sawtooth".
Chris C. "

I didn't think 10.2.2 would be a universal cure for this issue (despite one early report that it helped - more noted it didn't.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hi,
Since 10.2.2 the formerly needed hacked driver for the Toshiba SD-R1202 Combo drive became obsolete. The drive is now recognised by the Finder as well as iTunes, which makes it even better than before. Works fine in my G4 (Gbit Ethernet).
d. "

(The FAQ's CDROM/CDR section here has the previous 10.2/10.2.1 modified plugin file for this drive.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" I too have experienced the extreme slowdown of my G4 quicksilver when leaving it running. To try to alleviate the problem I ran the Disk Permission Fix, Disk Warrior and Plus Optimizer. Later last night the system was again slowing down, and looking at the CPU Monitor & Processor Viewer did not help eliminate the possibilities, other than to tell me the system itself was taking over (lots of red in CPU Monitor.)

For no other reason than the mouse was extremely slow, I unplugged the Microsoft Two Button Laser Mouse (reverted to the Apple Mouse) then took all the items that involved contextual menus out of play. These were the MS Mouse Helper in the Login Items, the Contactual Menu plug-ins & Application Enhancers of Stuffit, Copy Paste, Grab & Go, Quick Access, and Labels X. These are all the goodies I like to use via the Right Mouse Button. After 6 hours there was no slow down of the system.

I then went back to the MS Mouse, and stuck the Stuffit expander back in the Contextual Menus. As of this writing the Slowdown has not re-appeared. I will continue to slowly put the additions back in to narrow down the culprit. I know this will take some more time, but I thought I'd pass this information along such that others with the same problem might get some relief before resorting to re-installing everything.
Gerry G. "

Hopefully the above may be of help to others that have seen this problem. (I don't have any addons like USB/controller/scanner/printer drivers, etc. installed on my PB G4/800 which has very low CPU usage in 10.2.2, and I suspected 3rd party software may be a factor in some other reports.) The only 3rd party addon I'm running on the PB G4 is ASM (apps switcher menu) which has not been a problem in 10.2.2.

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hi there,
Installed 10.2.2 on all my Macs:
Dual 500 Graphite G4, AGP Radeon, 768MB RAM, Superdrive (A103), 80GIG iBook 500 (first spec dual USB), 384MB Ram, DVD Rom, 10GIG B&W G3 350, 52GIG IDE & 12GIG SCSI, 168MB Ram, LG CDRW

and I can report the following problems:

iMovie crashed repeatedly crashed on G4, but then I was updating my iPod at the same time. Once the update had completed (maybe a restart as well), iMovie ran perfectly fine.

Hotsync to my Handspring on both the G4 and iBook fails to be recognised - even after re-install of Palm Desktop (handspring version) I presume it's due to 10.2.2

Other than, everything else runs perfect fine - not seen any snappier responses in finder yet, though.
Rob "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Updated my Dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver - no problems. In fact, the performance increase is noticeable.
Then updated my 500 Mhz iBook, again, no problems (can't say the machine is any faster though).
Then updated my 800 Mhz TiBook and that's when my 10.2.2 problems began. The machine, which prior to the update was not a bad performer is now about as fast as 7200 with 16 megs of RAM running OS X public beta. In other words, it's unusable. Screen redraws are interminable, startup takes forever, the permission repair routine took about 30 minutes (took about 2 minutes on my dual Gig). Screen saver runs at about 1 frame per second, the drive spins continuously, etc. Running process viewer doesn't reveal any unusual CPU usage. Next steps?
Dan S. "

My PB G4/800 runs 10.2.2 fine here... no slow screensavers, etc. (low cpu usage also but no addon USB/printer drivers installed either, if that matters.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Mike,
I read your posts on the 3.2.5 Sonnet firmware update (previous page here on the Sonnet promise chip based cards/firmware updates/feedback - see IDE articles page-Mike) and have similar problems with waking from Deep Sleep.
My Sonnet ATA 133 Tempo Trio (Firmware v 3.2.5) Wake from Deep Sleep crash with OS X 10.2.x occurs on my Dual 1 Gig PowerMac G4 (Summer 2002 Quicksilver) with 1.5 MB RAM.
The Tempo Trio card is connected via PCI slot 5 to a Seagate Barracuda 80gig ATA drive. This wake from sleep FREEZE occurs with both Mac OS 10.2.1 (Disks spin up audibly, but screen remains black) and after upgrading today to Mac OS 10.2.2 (Disks spin up audibly, Finder and screen appear, but clock, mouse and Finder frozen.) The hardware Restart button must be pressed to reboot and return to normal function.

Other than Deep Sleep freeze, the Tempo Trio card works as expected. Bob D. "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Note of odd problem. with 10.2.2
System slows over time after about 5 hours system uses about 75% CPU.
Ran fine in 10.2.1 I left it on 24/7.
No other problems as of yet.
Sawtooth G4/AGP 450Mhz, Rage 128 Pro, 320MB RAM 10 + 40GB HDD, Airport
A. Martin "

I don't see that here but at least one reader has mailed me on it recently. (My 10.2.2 PB G4/800 w/Airport has not been rebooted since 10.2.2 was installed days ago - With IE 5.x, BBEdit lite, and Entourage running at idle I see very very low CPU usage - less than 3% typically except for the Top process which sometimes shows 8% or so I think.)
My first thought is are there any USB or other addon device drivers installed? (there were past reports of this sort of thing (hogging CPU cycles over time) with some HP drivers as I remember. (Not sure if that was fixed in later driver updates or not.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Computer is an early 450 Sawtooth with 1 gig of ram upgraded with single processor Powerlogix G4 800 mhz card. I never had a wake from sleep problem and still don't. The level 3 cache enabling software is working fine. I have no problems to report with 10.2.2 update and/or Powerlogix processor upgrade.
marsha k. "

For other reports on PL (or Sonnet) AGP or Cube upgrades search the Rate Your CPU upgrade database. (this was not an uncommon problem in the past, at least from PL AGP/Cube upgrade owners. At least one noted that 10.2.2 didn't help - but one noted it did.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" G4 733 w/superdrive
640 MB RAM
I just upgraded this morning to 10.2.2, rebooted, then immediately ran the superdrive update. Now every program I try to print from crashes. IE to Entourage to Photoshop.
Please let me know if you have any solutions!!!
(I wrote Eric for more info had he replied)

It's the DVR-103. Still having problems too. I've even run the repair permissions. (Trying to print to a Konica, HP 4MV, and Tektronix Phaser.)
(he later wrote)
I saw on Macfixit's site someone mentioning problems with Konica PPDs selected. Well, that is one of the printers I am trying to print to (In fact, it's my default). So I tried printing to the other printers and kept crashing. Even though I changed the Page Setup to a new printer. What was happening is that the NEXT window that comes up (after changing Page Setup) still had my default printer selected. So THAT is the window that my apps were crashing on. I guess I'll have to wait for an updated printer description if I ever want to print to the Konica. "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Mike, I have a "Sawtooth" with a Powerlogix 700mhz G4 upgrade. It has the cache enabler. So far everything is working quite well with the OS X 10.2.2 upgrade. As a matter of fact the system seems a bit snappier than before.
Ray H.
(I wrote to ask if he had seen the common wake from sleep issue-Mike)

Mike, I don't normally have sleep activated, but I did test it and the system woke right up with no problems. So far I've been very pleased with the Powerlogix 700 mhz upgrade. Not the speediest around but enough to tide me over until late next year when some real fast Macs are hopefully available. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" I have an 867 Quicksilver G4 and the sound/modem problem upon awakening still exists after upgrading to 10.2.2. I am hooked up to a linksys that i use for networking peripherals. I use the internal modem for the web and connection attempts after sleep never end. Restart always requires a hard reboot because it freezes after selecting restart from the menu. A fix for some involved going to Universal Access in system prefs and switching between the seeing and hearing tabs. This causes my machine to freeze. Hope this helps.
Bruce R.
LiveWave, Inc. "

(added 11/12/2002 from a forum post)
" The update works well for me on an iBook and MDD 1Ghz.

Journaling is on and no noticeable speed hit. Copying large files seems just as fast as before.

According to Apple, most 3rd party utils should work on a journaled file system.
cancerman "

(added 11/12/2002 from forum post)
" quote:
Originally posted by Leonis:
Wondering if the ATI/nvidia video card conflict has been resolved or not.....

Yes it's finally resolved at least for me. I put my extra RAM back in so I have over 1GB of RAM again and finally I can boot my G4 with the NVIDIA and ATI cards installed, no more kernel panics!!!
willpower "

(added 11/12/2002 from a forum post)
" Journaling is fun.
Enabled it on my machine (Workstation, not Server).
(A reader said that in 10.2.2 server, there's a button to enable Journaling in Disk Util.)

    sudo diskutil enableJournal /

Here's the result.

    Welcome to Darwin!
    (Quicksilver:~) michael% diskutil information /
    Device Node: /dev/disk0s9
    Device Identifier: disk0s9
    Mount Point: /
    Volume Name: Quicksilver

    File System: HFS+ (Journaled)
    Partition Type: Apple_HFS
    Media Type: Generic
    Protocol: ATA

    Total Size: 57.3 GB
    Free Space: 28.5 GB
    Read Only: No
    Ejectable: No

    So far, NO detectable speed hit in typical work (opening apps, documents, saving, etc).
    Cadaver "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike,
As requested, a quick report on 10.2.2....
No problems to report and some positive improvements:
- My Toshiba DVD-ROM/CDR Combo drive is now supported natively.
- An annoying quirk in Apple's Preview program that would cause large TIFF files to be printed as perfect mirror images seemed to be fixed.
- Quartz extreme was re-disabled for my PCI Radeon card, but I can still turn it on when I want. (I still haven't decided if turning it on makes much performance improvement.)
- I haven't been able to determine yet if 10.2.2 fixed my single most annoying problem with 10.2.1...the tendency for Personal File Sharing to spontaneously shutdown during periods of high activity from a connected client. Will try that tonight and report results..

(As an aside, I haven't been able to determine how common this problem is, but I can recreate it at will. When I connect from my Powerbook over a network to a shared drive on my G4 and then execute a high activity data request (i.e., reorganizing a 20 GB database stored on the G4 shared disk), the file sharing service on the G4 will shutdown spontaneously within about 60 seconds. The application running on the Powerbook just hangs while it waits in vain for the shared disk to respond. Interestingly, if I leave the Powerbook waiting while I restart personal file sharing on the G4, the Powerbook application immediately returns to work picking up right where it left off! Bizarre.
Otherwise, a flawless minor upgrade.
I wrote to ask for his mac model details)

PowerMac G4/PCI:
Yikes G4 upgraded with G4 550 MHz OWC ZIF
Acard ATA/133 PCI card
ATI Radeon PCI
Adaptec SCSI "

(added 11/12/2002)
" I installed the update and OSX, and my PCI Voodoo3 2000 monitor card is now working again. Well, at least through three switches from OS9.

G4/733, 512RAM, 2 IDE drives, Gina audio card (now if that will work in OSX, I'd be real happy)
Rick L. "

Of course there's no acceleration (2d or 3d) in OS X for 3dfx cards (no 3dfx OS X drivers).

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike,
The OS X 10.2.2 Update is just great. I have had all kinds of printing problems since I installed Jaguar. Sometimes my Epson printers (SP870 and SP2200) would print, most times they would not. I installed 10.2.2 and all my printing woes are gone, I can't believe it.

I was all so having all kinds of problems with my PowerLogix Series 100 800 mhz Single upgrade card in the G4 Sawtooth (450). They seem to be have cleared up too.
Bob M. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Hello. Two points:

After rebooting after the install, my 3rd party USB mouse would not work (3 button Logitech WingMan). So I grabbed the Apple supplied mouse, plugged it in and that worked. Logged in, then switched back to the Logitech and that worked. Odd.

One other note. The guest login to my linux hosted appleShare server will now automatically reconnect from a folder alias without displaying an annoying dialog asking me to reconfirm everything. Finally.

So far so good (Dual 867 Windtunnel).
--Scott "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Quicksilver 800, 1GB RAM.
Can't find anything that's broken yet. However ran Disk Utility Repair permissions and got the following:

    We are using special permissions for the file or directory
    ./System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/hfs.util. New permissions are 33261
    Permissions differ on ./System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/hfs.util, should be -rwxr-xr-x , they are -rwsr-xr-x
    Owner and group corrected on ./System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/hfs.util
    Permissions corrected on ./System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/hfs.util
    User differs on ./private/var/db/locate.database, should be 0, owner is -2
    Permissions differ on ./private/var/db/locate.database, should be -rw-r--r-- , they are -r--r--r--
    Owner and group corrected on ./private/var/db/locate.database
    Permissions corrected on ./private/var/db/locate.database
    Permissions differ on ./private/var/db/netinfo/local.nidb/Index, should be -rw-r--r-- , they are -rw-------
    Owner and group corrected on ./private/var/db/netinfo/local.nidb/Index
    Permissions corrected on ./private/var/db/netinfo/local.nidb/Index
    Group differs on ./private/var/run/utmp, should be 0, group is 1
    Owner and group corrected on ./private/var/run/utmp
    Permissions corrected on ./private/var/run/utmp
    2002-11-12 00:39:34 +0100 - The privileges have been repaired on the selected volume.

Alan C. "

I run repair permissions after every OS X update - I included the report listing on my PB G4/800 after the 10.2.2 update above. (It showed less repairs.)

Reports from G4 Cube Owners

(added 11/15/2002)
" Re: 10.2.2 System Slowdown
I, too, suffered the much-dreaded system slowdown after installing the 10.2.2 update on my G4/500 Cube. Process Viewer showed the HP Communications process hogging over 60% of the CPU. (I believe this is used with HP PhotoSmart printers to support the Smartmedia/CompactFlash card slots in those printers - inserting a card in the printer will automatically mount it on the OS X desktop). But quitting the app didn't seem to help much - the mouse was still jerky, application launch times were terrible, quicktime movie playback was dreadful. It appears the problem has something to do with the USB bus going nuts and absolutely eating the system alive.

After a couple of hours of reboots, shutdown and cold restarts, plugging and unplugging USB devices, etc. to no effect, I finally tripped across a solution that worked for me. Of all things, restarting and zapping the parameter ram with the command-option-PR keys held down at restart seems to have completely cured the problem. I have no idea why this should be so, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I'm now running 10.2.2 with all my USB devices plugged in again and perfectly normal behavior, even by the HP Communications app (which has always hogged a bit more of the CPU than it really should, but nowhere close to 60%!).
Hope this hint helps others.....
Jerry E. "

(added 11/14/2002)
" 10.2.2 had no effect on my Cube coma syndrome. Have PL 1 gb board and Cube still will not awaken from sleep.
Gary T. "

I didn't think it would be a universal cure for this issue (despite one early report that it helped.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Still having the (wake from sleep) problem using a cube with 1GHz Powerlogix
-p "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hi, I have a cube 450 DVD upgraded with PL dual 800 card, geforce3, WD 120 G drive, 1.5 G ram, 15" apple lcd. I had the wake from sleep but ever since installing the PL upgrade, with complete screen death after wake up requiring hard reboot each time. Now with 10.2.2 it seems to be completely normal again.
Neil G. "

Good to hear - but 10.2.2 has not helped most that had the problem based on reports so far from upgrade owners (AGP system included). But at least it helped for some.
And as I noted in the news page (failure reports) and CPU database reports here - I'd not run a dual 800 in a Cube personally with the stock DC/DC conv. board (at least 4 failure reports so far)

(added 11/14/2002)
" After the update my OS X 10.2.2 becomes very very very slow (and when I am talking about slow I really mean slow!) after two hours; even if I am not running any app!

A look in the CPU process viewer brings a usage of 80 – 100% - but no great app is running!
I have repaired the rights, I have ran a prebinding routine, I have restarted many times... no success. My Cube (500Mhz, 1GB Ram) becomes still slow after a while
I do not have any clue what this is about... : (
SF "

Not sure why a few readers have seen this - I asked if there were any addon USB/printer/scanner/controller drivers or any addon 3rd party items except for ASM. (just a guess that might be a factor - but maybe not). Top on my PB G4/800 in 10.2.2 shows very very low CPU usage at idle (with IE, Entourage, BBedit, etc. loaded). I had to reset some of my prefs however after the update. (I noticed that software updates CP for instance was set to automatically check for updates - I had unchecked that for manual updates before the 10.2.2 update.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" My machine:
Cube 450, DVD ROM, 1.5gb RAM
60gb seagate barracuda
Radeon 7500 from G4 QS 800
17" G3 B&W CRT

I had the wake from sleep problem on and off throughout 10.2 - 10.2.1, and with 10.2.2 I have yet to experience it. I've made it a habit to put the system to sleep every time I get up and do something else for awhile, and every time it's come back on instantly (faster than ever).
Seems like the problem is solved on this end.
jesse "

(added 11/13/2002 - from a CPU upgrade database report)
Powerlogix Dual G4/800 in G4 Cube
"Quick update, I have had a lot of crashes lately, predominantly relating to downloading large files over Airport. I had a lot of difficulty with System update which would not complete the 10.2.2 update on the cube, but this also happened on an unrelated iBook. After downloading the stand-alone 10.2.2 update and installing it, the crashes have stopped, my wireless network is sable, and ..... wake from sleep bug is GONE!
Neil Goldstein "

Glad to hear the wake from sleep problem is gone.
However 10.2.2 doesn't seem to be a 100% fix for PL owners noting the problem in the past. A PL 1GHz (AGP tower) owner sent an email he still has the problem:

    " Hi Mike, just to let you know I have the powerlogix 1 GHz 100 series and the wake from sleep is still there, man i miss that function...
    P.S. thats almost 2 months old (his report in the database was from Sept. 20th 2002-Mike) "

I hope 10.2.2 might help some owners at least. (see above for later reports and in the G4 Tower section.)
BTW: I would _highly_ suggest not running a dual 800 in a Cube with the stock DC-DC converter board (4 failures at least noted in the past, I noted awhile back that sales of the dual G4/800 Cube models were stopped, etc. - and a reader sent an email from PL that suggested not using the upgrade until they get the 'more robust' DC-DC conv. board available).
You may be lucky and not have a problem - but I'd not personally run (or suggest others do) a dual 800 in a Cube with the stock PS board.

(added 11/12/2002)
" I read the reviews of 10.2.2 on VersionTracker and saw the usual mixed bag of good and bad results. I have never had an Apple update blow up in my face so I jumped on the bandwagon before all the good seats were taken. The only differences I can see so far are:

1) The intermittent printing problems I have had with Jaguar in 10.2.0 and 10.2.1 seem to have been solved. I'll have to give it a few more days to be sure but documents print on the first try every time so far. Also, Print Center no longer thinks every document is called "letter2mom-090602". The "Jobs" window now lists documents with their actual names, so we seem to be on the right track.

2) The built in firewall stealths ports now, whereas before it would just close them. I will have to do some rude things to see how secure it really is, but it is already better than before -
http://scan.sygatetech.com/stealthscan.html could not even force their reports through the new ipfw. Perhaps something is screwed down a bit too tightly? Everything else seems to work fine.

I booted into 9.2.2 and ran Apple's Disk Repair and Norton Disk Doctor 6.0.3. Both recognized my Jaguar volume and dealt with it as normal - Disk Repair found no problems while NDD found the usual assortment of files with bad creation/modification dates. I assume the reports of Norton not recognizing volumes are from people who have enabled journaling? (They were from NU v7 owners primarily as I remember - see prev. reports here. Note per a report in the Dec 2nd news page here, there's a NU 7.03 update available to address this issue-Mike)

I have not tried the journaled file system yet. Maybe after I hear a few more reports. I have a pretty rigorous system of redundant backups, and I have not lost a single file since going to OS X, so I will let others play with the experimental filesystems for a while. I'm brave, but I prefer to learn from other peoples' misfortunes whenever I can.
Best Regards,
(He later wrote on Nov 13th:)

Hello Again,
I did a few more tests. I never thought to check if my Canon N1240U scanner still works. I have now checked and it still works. I have the LiDE 20/30 7.0.1X driver and CanoScan Toolbox X 4.1.1 and both work fine. I can also still scan via the 7.0.1 X driver in GraphicConverter 4.5.1. I didn't really expect any problems as the older Canon drivers survived the upgrade to Jaguar just fine - even the beta TWAIN driver that was released many moons ago. Still good to see nothing is broken, though.

Just for kicks I also tried SpeedRun to see if there are any changes from the results I got under 10.2.1. It gives an error message saying it 'couldn't write data to harddrive'. I will guess that Apple changed some things in the disk driver/filesystem area to allow for the JFS system? All the other tests in SpeedRun give similar result as with 10.2.1. I don't think my system is any faster with 10.2.2 but it certainly isn't slower either and everything else seems to work fine. The hard disk thing must be unique to SpeedRun.

G4 500 Sawtooth, single processor
512 MB RAM
OEM zip-100
30 GB Fujitsu HD with OS and apps (and other stuff)
27 GB OEM Quantum HD with Home (and other stuff)
Radeon 8500, overclocked 300/300 Mhz
MacAlly Optical Trackball (QBALL)
Griffin PowerMate
Orange Micro USB 2.0 PCI card
Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard
Samsung ML1250 Printer
Canon N1240U scanner
InterTan MMS-100 speakers - They're old, but they work, and Jimi Hendrix sounds like he should with these babies, baby! Oh yeah, I'm in Electric Ladyland now!

All my stuff seems to work fine. I can listen to CDs with iTunes or watch DVDs with either DVD Player or VideoLan Client. I can send and recieve email. I can read and write DVD-RAM disks. I can read and write zip disks, both MS-DOS and HFS+ format. The applications I use regularly such as Mariner Write, GraphicConverter, Chimera Navigator, Mail, Terminal, AppleWorks, StuffIt Expander, Celestia, and most importantly Jared all work just fine.

I am amused. This is how upgrades are supposed to work - problems fixed, nothing broken, happy customer.
Excuse me, while I kiss the sky...
Ronald P. "

Waiting for reports on updates is always a wise thing... (Even that's no guarantee since there's so many variables.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" I was having wake from sleep problems on my G4 Cube 450 with 22" Cinema Display, even though I don't have an upgrade card installed. The symptoms sounded much the same as the reports I read on the Cube upgrade reader reviews page: drive spinning up but no video... mouse dead though it would light up when clicked... minutes-long delay before video would appear.

I tried using Diskwarrior to repair the startup disk, and the wake-from-sleep problem disappeared *the first time* I tried it after restarting. But subsequent attempts yielded the same results as before.

After installing the 10.2.2 update, I haven't experienced the wake-from-sleep problems I was having! I've put the machine to sleep and woken it about three times since installing the update, and it wakes up instantly, like it's supposed to.
zan "

I'm hoping that at least some of those with noted wake from sleep problems with Cube or AGP Tower CPU upgrades in the past will report back if 10.2.2 helped them. (I had no wake from sleep issues wiht my 22" DVI Cinema display in a G4 Cube (with either G4/450 original CPU module or Sonnet Duet Dual 500) but did with the PL 1GHz loaner used in the early August review. 10.2.1 still sleeps ok with my Cube w/Dual G4 500 upgrade installed - not updated that system w/10.2.2 yet (and I returned the PL 1GHz upgrade so I can't test it w/10.2.2.)
If readers that reported wake from sleep problems in the CPU Upgrade Reports database find that 10.2.2 helps - let me know and/or post an report. (If you email me let me know the date and name used for the original database report and I'll update it.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike,
When I updated from OS X 10.1.5 to 10.2.0-1 I experienced the "long wake from sleep" bug that was mentioned. It would sometimes take over 2 minutes for my computer to finally wake up and display video. Now it works instantaneously as with 10.1.5.

My system is a G4 Cube 500 (1.5 GB RAM, stock HD, GeForce3).
Hope this helps. Thanks for a great site!
Dom "

This is a clip from an email from Powerlogix - I don't know if those that reported wake-from-sleep issues with their AGP CPU upgrades will have this fixed in 10.2.2. (I welcome other PL or Sonnet AGP/Cube upgrade owner reports that had that issue in the past and try 10.2.2.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" My Cube with 800 MHz PowerLogix upgrade apparently no longer has the long wake from sleep issue since installing 10.2.2. It now wakes instantly when I touch a key no matter how long it's slept. Let's see after sleeping over night. "

Note the above says "long wake from sleep" - as if delayed/slow, not the total wake from sleep problem (no video at all) that most reported in the Rate Your CPU Upgrade database. I wish an OS X update or vendor software/firmware update would fix this...
If you had the wake from sleep problem fixed (or not) by 10.2.2 - let me know your system/upgrade details.
I'm also interested if older Mac owners with G4 CPU upgrades (or any upgrade that requires a Cache enabler) are working OK (with cache enabled) after the 10.2.2 update.

(added 11/12/2002)
" The updated killed my FireWire bus. None of the devices is seen by the system (Cube 450MHz). Bug report sent to Apple.
(I asked Norbert if he had booted to OS 9 and verified that the FW ports were still working (since I and some other Cube owners have had their FW ports fail - usually from using bus powered hard drives - FAQ's FW section has links to past articles on this issue.)-Mike He later wrote)

Workaround for firewire problem reported earlier: I could restore firewire functionality by rebooting into MacOS 9 and then into MacOS X 10.2.2 again.
Norbert "

Reports from iMac Owners (includes G4 CPU upgraded models)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Mike,
Just sent you an email about the slow down with my iMac 17" G4 800. Ran across a discussion at Apple support. Seems to be a common problem, most people are reporting that HP drivers may be the cause. A lot of all-in-one users, d135 and d145, have removed the printer software and are reporting a fix to the slow down.
Doug's earlier mail on the slowdown follows)
I have two updates. First, updated 17" iMac 800, everything seems ok after restart. As another iMac user pointed out, I also have the next day SLOOOWWW down until I restart. I usually run Folding@Home 24/7 and have never had a problem. After 10.2.2 when I come to the computer the next day, the Dock essentially freezes for a few seconds and then moves and refreezes. This stop and start activity is throughout the finder and applications. I ran process viewer and it didn't really seem as if anything was taking over the CPU. I have repaired permissions and that doesn't seem to help.

I also updated a PowerCenter 150 upgrade with Sonnet G3/500 using XPostFacto. Seems to have fixed a restart problem I was having. With 10.2.1, I wasn't apply to restart or cold start without either using XPostFacto and reinstalling extensions everytime or forcing verbose mode. It would stick somewhere in the load process on my SCSI CD-ROM. Under, 10.2.2 works everytime. You had asked so I checked the cache enabler and the L2 was enabled.
doug "

I originally suspected 3rd party USB drivers and/or other system addons (I remember past reports on some HP USB printer drivers eating CPU cycles over time - although one reader said he didn't see that problem with 10.2.1 with the HP drivers.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" I updated my iMac 500 Mhz (G3) to OS X 10.2.2 without a hitch. I found that my external Yamaha Firewire burner (16/10/40, Yamaha 2100E) is now 'fully supported'. It was not supported before the update.
Thanks for your great site.
Les B.
Colorado "

They Yamaha 2100E was on Apple's iTunes Compatibility page before the 10.2.2 release, so not sure why it wasn't supported for Les.

(added 11/14/2002)
" I have a similar (audio) problem. But it occurred when I first went to Jaguar. The system will not recognize audio cd’s. An audio cd (commercial or home borned) inserted in either the iMacs slot drive or the external Que cd burner drive results in a message that says “The disc has no volumes that can be read by OS X. “ I’m then given the option to “ignore” which simply freezes the cd in the drive (must be manually ejected) or “eject” which ejects the cd with no further problems. Anybody else seen this problem? There are no articles in Apple support dealing with this issue. I have reinstalled Jaguar, re-updated to 10.2.2, etc.
Tom S. "

I think I remember at least one report like this in the past (forum thread) but don't remember if he solved it or why it happened. (I have not seen this issue on any macs here.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hi,
I just installed Mac OS X 10.2.2 on my 15" Flat Panel iMac (1 GB RAM/60 GB HD/Superdrive). Everything seemed to install fine. Two issues:

(1) I repaired Disk Permissions (via Disk Utility-First Aid, v10.2) and got this interesting message:
2002-11-12 11:17:03 -0500 - Repair of privileges has started
We are using special permissions for the file or directory
./System/Library/Filesystems/hfs.fs/hfs.util. New permissions are 33261
2002-11-12 11:26:43 -0500 - The privileges have been partially repaired on the selected volume.

Partially repaired??? Do you know if this is a real problem, a 'partial problem' or just another Permissions non-issue, such as the erroneous "utmp" error message described in Apple Knowledge Base #107230; also, since when did the computer start addressing itself as "We"?
(Above the reader reports section is a copy of my Repair Disk Permissions results after the 10.2.2 update on my PB G4/800 - it reported the same hfs.util "new permissions are 33261" (this is common) but it also reported that priviliges were repaired (not a partial). I'd try rebooting and run repair permissions again perhaps.-Mike)

(2) I attempted to run Symantec Norton Disk Doctor (v7.0.2r014) but the program was unable to detect my hard drive. The NDD window was blank; you could not select a disk to "examine". NUM acts the same for SpeedDisk & Unerase, although FileSaver DOES detect the HD.
P.S. This 'feature un-rich' version of NDD apparently does not allow one to rescan the bus for "missing" disks.
(There were several earlier reports here on NDD/NU not working properly (not seeing any partitons, etc.) after the 10.2.2 update. Update On Dec. 2nd there's a NU 7.03 update that fixes this issue per a reader report.-Mike)

I wonder if these two issues may be related. Any reports on a fix for these problems? Regards,
Bob K. "

I don't think they are related really, and hopefully there will be an Norton Utils update for 10.2.2 soon.

(added 11/12/2002)
" Hi Mike,
I, too did the update last night and did my usual permissions repair afterward. Rebooted fine, if anything felt a mite snappier than 10.2.1. Left on overnight as usual and was dog slooooow in the am with 90-100% cpu utilization. Grrrrr. Restarting restored it but I don't want to have to do that (haven't had to restart this great iMac & OS X other than for the 10.2 & 10.2.1 updates since last June!)
Other folks are starting to report this as well over at macfixit.
(His later mails follow - I suggested removing any addon 3rd party system items/drivers.)

Hi Mike, i also just saw the note on the usb drivers and had been wondering. i have a keyspan adapter, a logitech cordless kbd/mouse and an hp aio 950. i'm going to bet it's the keyspan/logitech. i will try tonight & send an update. thanks for the reply! cheers,

Hi Mike,
After my note yesterday, I decided to try to narrow down the cpu utilization problem I'm experiencing to try and rule out caches, etc.
I did the following:
1. Ran Jaguar Cache Cleaner
2. Ran Disk Utility Repair Permissions
3. Rebooted
4. Re-Installed 10.2.2 from the combo update
5. Re-ran Repair Permissions

Then I opened terminal and fired up top and left it running overnight. After a fresh restart everything feels fine but after running for ~12 hours the best word to describe it is "chunky" things are delayed, I get the beach ball, etc. Checking top shows what I think must be 'kernel_tas(ks)' running cpu % of 36-176% ! This is on an iMac G4/800 with 768MB RAM. Also, it's showing 1.5G of VM space though it's showing ~500M free RAM.

I'm leaning rolling back to 10.2.1. Something is definitely not right. I think I mentioned before but this iMac literally runs 24/7 (since May) so I've gotten a really good picture of what it's behavior should be.

So here's the latest update:
Since I have my wife's palm pilot hooked up via the keyspan adapter, the logitech wireless kbd/mouse and the hp psc 950, I decided to start by removing the active background apps for Palm Desktop and the Logitech Control Center and then let it run over night thinking it might be caused by active polling of those processes but alas there was no difference. I've included a screen shot of top where down at the bottom you can see the 106% utilization of the kernel_tas(ks).

Tonight I'm gong to do a final test of fully uninstalling the keyspan, logitech and hp components to see if that alleviates. However, my hunch is that if this is tied to USB, Apple's changed something in how 10.2.2 polls connected USB devices and/or there's some kind of memory leak since the allocated VM also creeped up by 250M over night as well as memory in use shows over 500M (on a system with 768M physical ram).
I think something's amiss with 10.2.2.
(and a later one)

I decided to remove all before leaving for the day so later I'll have a sense instead of tomorrow. The only USB device plugged in is the original apple kbd/mouse and all 3rd party drivers are removed.
-A "

I asked if he had removed the HP 950 drivers (some past HP USB driver reports before 10.2.2 noted high CPU usage after hours of use - Adam wrote back he had not seen that issue but had removed the HP drivers.)
I don't see any slowdown/CPU cycle issues here - my PB G4/800 had the 10.2.2 update applied when it was first released - it's been on since then w/o a reboot (but put to sleep at times) - I see literally no CPU usage when idle with Entourage, IE 5.x and bbedit lite loaded. (Top and CPU monitor show very little cpu usage)

(added 11/12/2002)
" The OS X.2.2 update still does NOT fix the Screen Effects bug that causes my late fall 1999 iMac DV 400MHz computer to lock up hard when running any screen effect that has an Open GL wipe or fade (slide show or Beach or Cosmos, etc.) It also still locks up iPhoto when trying to do a slide show. The common tread seems to be the ATI Rage 128k, 8MB graphics, according to the Apple discussion threads I have read.

The recent ATI update also did not help with this bug. As Ellen would say. "Bummer"
Daniel S. "

Reports from iBook Owners (includes G4 CPU upgraded models)

(added 11/13/2002 - from a drive database report)
" The Toshiba SD-R2212 (16x10x24x + 8x DVD-ROM Combo drive-Mike) is now fully supported in Mac OS X 10.2.2, no hack in the driver is needed any more for disk burning.

I upgraded the internal CD-drive about two weeks ago and it works perfectly for me (had to hack the driver in 10.2.1, though). No regret!!!
(iBook 2001 Dual USB) "

A reader with a Wacom Tablet noted a problem and later a fix:

(added 11/12/2002)
" On iBook 700 MHz, after updating to 10.2.2 my USB Wacom  Graphire tablet did not work anymore correctly since click-and-hold is not recognised anymore for both stylus and mouse. (yes i do have the latest  drivers)
The standard apple mouse works (obviously) fine.
Michele Z.
(She later wrote)

following suggestion from another of your readers, I unplugged all, plugged the Apple original mouse, insure it worked
then replugged the Wacom and it worked! No need for new drivers this time:-) "

(added 11/12/2002 from a forum post)
" The update works well for me on an iBook and MDD 1Ghz.

Journaling is on and no noticeable speed hit. Copying large files seems just as fast as before.

According to Apple, most 3rd party utils should work on a journaled file system.
cancerman "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Norton DD 7.0.1 does not recognize/see any volumes. Disk is partitioned with HDT 4.5.2. (Note: On Dec. 2nd Symantec released a NU 7.03 update that fixes this issue per a reader report.-Mike)

iBook (Dual USB)
Alex S "

I asked Alex if this was an internal drive, and why Drive Setup (OS 9) or Disk Utility (OS X) wasn't used to partition the drive. However I doubt that matters since another reader (above) also reported NU didn't recognize any partitions after the 10.2.2 update.

Reports from PowerBook Owners (includes CPU upgraded models)

(added 11/14/2002)
" There seems to be a problem with my tibook 550mhz 1gig or ram, (and a co-workers) after the 10.2.2 upgrade. I get a warning that my battery is low and I must re-charge or else the computer will shut itself down. But... this warning came up when I had 80% power left. My co-workers computer (tibook 550 1 gig of ram) was only in hibernation mode for 3 hours when he got the warning. This seems like a fairly serious problem because I use my laptop on battery power often.
-EF "

Don't see that here on my PB G4/800. I ran it for about an hour last night on battery and then for hours in sleep mode (battery only) without any problems. If anyone else sees this let me know your system details.
(I assume the old tips of repair permissions (via disk utility), reinstall from download version etc. don't help.
Maybe resetting the power manager?)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Just wanted to mention that 10.2.2 has been quite good to my 2 stock older macs. Particularly for my 400MHz Pismo with 768MB RAM, everything feels snappier, especially Chimera 0.6. No crashes yet. My 400MHz Sawtooth also feels snappier, but the difference from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2 has not been as noticeable for the desktop model. Hope to add an inexpensive speed upgrade soon (maybe Sonnettech's dual 500).
Ed "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Updated my Dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver - no problems. In fact, the performance increase is noticeable.
Then updated my 500 Mhz iBook, again, no problems (can't say the machine is any faster though).
Then updated my 800 Mhz TiBook and that's when my 10.2.2 problems began. The machine, which prior to the update was not a bad performer is now about as fast as 7200 with 16 megs of RAM running OS X public beta. In other words, it's unusable. Screen redraws are interminable, startup takes forever, the permission repair routine took about 30 minutes (took about 2 minutes on my dual Gig). Screen saver runs at about 1 frame per second, the drive spins continuously, etc. Running process viewer doesn't reveal any unusual CPU usage. Next steps?
Dan S. "

My PB G4/800 runs 10.2.2 fine here... no slow screensavers, etc. (low cpu usage also but no addon USB/printer drivers installed either, if that matters.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Pismo 400/320megs ram/stock 20gig HD.
Everything works fine with 10.2.2 as far as I can tell.
Ink/Wacom tablet works even better with this update.
Processor and ram usage are within normal limits as previously observed.
Scrolling is OK as it scrolls faster than I can read or scan. Startup time has increased by about 15 seconds since 10.2 to about 1 min 30 seconds.
All in all I would say this was a worth while update.

While this Pismo is a slower machine than the G4's it does have a VST zip drive in the expansion bay and you cannot get that in a new powerbook. Of course I do very little graphics except for a family picture or two and some downloading. My work activities mostly involve the usually word processing with OS X Office, Quicken and some spread sheet work so the demands on this machine are not excessive. I would like to see a 1.5 gig laptop and we should have those now if you believe in Moores Law expect we have Mot. to contend with.
However, with highspeed cable access now at 1.5mbs things are really fast and almost to the point of being real time. In fact on my windows XP pro "white box" with a 1.6 gig intel chip it is real time but XP Pro is in no way close to being as stable as OS X, 10.2.2.
Wil N.
PS: Sent my G2 BlueChip 466 for the wallstreet back to Powerlogix for exchange about 4 weeks ago and am waiting to see if it is replaced with a working(able) one "

(added 11/14/2002)
" update and all went fine. is it snappier? don't know, except for address book which works fine now. the bad: filetransfer over iChat does not work anymore.
Powerbook G4 550 DVD, 512 mb ram
Zoltan L. "

A Pismo owner asked I post a request in the news Tuesday (11/12/2002) to see if any other 10.2.2 updated models had lost Audio device/support (no audio) after the update.

(added 11/14/2002)
" I lost sound on my PowerBook through the internal speakers after 10.2.1. It hasn't returned with 10.2.2. I have to use external speakers to get any audio.
John G. "

I asked John what model powerbook he had. (I assume sound works if rebooted to OS 9.) The reader with a Pismo (PB G3/2000/Firewire) that called me to report no audio devices after the 10.2.2 update later wrote running Discwarrior helped (odd, but that's what he said). I had over a dozen pismo owner reports in reply to a request that said they had no audio problems after the 10.2.2 update, so I assume his problem wasn't common.

(added 11/12/2002)
" Hi Mike;
I just upgraded my Lombard (PowerLogix G4 -500 mhz) from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2. No problems to report (so far), the G4 Cache is being used (PowerLogix Cache utility and kext work fine) and it feels just a little bit snappier too (nothing huge - just a bit more responsive).

Also, I have the Hack to enable the 2D Acceleration for the ATI Rage Pro for the Lombard working in 10.2.1 and it's still working in 10.2.2.
Milton A. "

(added 11/12/2002 from forum post)
" First restart on a PB G4 Ti/667 was fine. First restart on a PowerMac DP 1GHz (QS 2002) stayed at the grey Apple logo with spinning spokes for 5-10 minutes, lots of HD activity, eventually it finished. EDIT -- /private/var/system.log shows it was doing a lot of automatic update prebinding.

Question, those who have journalling enabled, do things like DiskWarrior and disk optimizers still work?
Tim M. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" I installed the 10.2.2 update today on a Powerlogix BlueChip G3/500 upgraded Wallstreet Powerbook. At the end of the installation before I get the Restart option, the computer went into Deep Sleep and wouldn't wake up. It required a soft reset Reboot. It did this previously when installing 10.1.3 from CD, but ironically it didn't do it with the initial 10.2 installation.
The install hasn't done this on any of the other machines in our office.
John G. "

Especially looking for AGP or Cube CPU upgrade reports (from those that had problems with no video after wake from sleep.)

(added 11/12/2002, from forum post)
" I have noticed that an IBM IEE1394 FireWire PCMCIA card is now at least recognized when I insert it. It says unknown vendor but at least it shows up when I insert it in the G3 PowerBook. When I connect my CD Burner it doesn't recognize it but I am pretty sure that is because the CD-RW is bus powered and don't have an external powersupply.

Otherwise I haven't noticed anything different. The iChat client is at version 1.0.1.
Rob "

(added 11/12/2002)
" hiya
excellent site - many thanks for keeping an entertaining place to visit open, and cheers for doing all the reviews.
installed the 10.2.2 update on an 800 tibook, 1 gig ram, over 10.2.1. Not sure exactly what, but it genuinely does feel snappier - I usually scoff at people who say such things.
Web pages in omniweb definitely do appear quicker, however again this is a subject thing, with no empirical info to go on. nothing bad as yet - keychain is now asking for verification on accessing its items for the first time, but to be honest I cant remember if it did that before, after an update.
I shall be very very pleased if it stops the american keyboard from randomly choosing itself as default, but won't know if I've cured for a while because of its .... randomness ;o)
well, cheers again from a brit in sweden.
mark v.
update: the american problem is still there.... but that might be more a problem with typeit4me beta than the os, methinks. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" The update on my PowerBook G4 550 gigabit Ti went smoothly. I noticed one improvement on a shareware program and one problem on a commercial program.

Speed download now quits as it is supposed to after completing a download.

Norton Utilities no longer recognizes my internal hard drive partitions so it is basically non-functional at this point. They had this problem before and it has resurfaced. (Note: The NU 7.03 update released Dec. 2nd fixes this issue per a reader report.-Mike)

You would think that Symantec would complete its updates before the Mac OS updates come out. Apple feeds all updates to developers in ample time to modify any commercial program. that is particularly true for disk repair utilities that users depend on to keep their systems in shape.

In fact, a shareware program called System Optimizer version 3.1.3 came out with its update to the new OS a few hours before Apple came out with its OS 10.2.2 update.
Ted G. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" The update to Print Center is a notable improvement. The time spent watching the spinning beach ball is less than 20% of the previous wait time in 10.2.1 when printing documents! Thanks to apple for this much needed improvement. Before, there was 1) a long wait after selecting 'print' in the application until the print window opened, 2) another long delay when it finally loaded up the info for the default printer, and 3) another delay before it began spooling the file to print. Delays 2 and 3 are mostly gone, and 1 is much shorter. The process to 'Save as .PDF' is also similarly much snappier. It seems the time spooling the print jobs is also shorter but can't confirm this. Almost feels as fast as OS 9 again (he he).

Pismo G3/500
OSX 10.2.2
IP Printing via Airport to printers on ethernet network
-Nod "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Hi Mike
Just installed 10.2.2 update on my PowerBook G3 500 (1Gb, 32Gb, AirPort), and I'm sorry to say that it didn't fix the 2 really annoying bugs I've got in OS X:
firstly, the Address Book displays the first field (i.e. Home Telephone no.) in each entry about 70 pixels in too far from the left.

Secondly, the Mail application keeps prompting me for my e-mail account's password and even when I type it in and tell it to remember it asks me again and again and again!! Very minor but annoying nonetheless.
-Ed "

Reports from G3 Owners (includes G4 CPU upgraded models)

(added 11/14/2002)
" The update worked fine on my rev. 1 beige PowerMac: XLR8 G4/500, Sonnet Tempo ATA/66, Radeon PCI.
-John "

I assume John is using some non-XLR8 cache control software for OS X (G4s require a cache enabler when used in Beige G3 or older Macs and XLR8's last rev. was reported to not be 10.2 compatible in the past.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" A client installed the update after software update cdev (?) gave notification. Yikes and AGPs all fine, however 3 of 4 biege boxes with g4 cpu's got scrambled startup screens. They were configured as such:

Beige box G3's w/ xlr8 500G4 zifs using Powerlogix's beta OS X software.
384 mb RAM
40G IDE Baracuda's w/ 8g first partition
Aasnte 10/100 590 card using OS X drivers.
OS X MS Office
Exploder 5.2
Acrobat 5.05
Adobe AI 10
Adobe PS 7

We have yet to determine to source of the trouble...
wsearles "

See below for other Beige G3 upgraded system owner reports.

(added 11/12/2002)
" Hi Mike,
Using a Rev.2 Beige G3 (333Mhz orig) - upgraded to OWC G4/500. No problems yet with 10.2.2. Boot time remains long due to 756MB RAM. Using L2CacheConfig. Had to re-enable QE. Will probably run a permissions check.

AppleSystemProfiler still shows cache as 0K (Zero), though L2CacheConfig shows it enabled and I see something in the system.log about L2CacheConfig activating the cache. Are there any 3rd party system profilers that can report on these cpu upgrades properly?
Garth G. "

If Xpostfacto's L2CacheConfig shows it enabled, I suspect it is. Not sure if other utils (Apple's CHUD tools, or Powerlogix's) would be worth trying (or adding to your mix). If it wasn't enabled, you'd see a performance drop (a significant one, often 30% or so.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike,
After installing 10.2.2 on my beige g3 (g4/466) i had some problems:
the system didn't see my microsoft optical wheel mouse (the only good product from microsoft :-P ) When i attempted to switch the plug to a different usb port, i had a kernel panic.

and disc copy or toast would not mount any images.

I fixed these issues by running norton disk doctor, which didn't find anything but when i booted back into osx, they were fixed. But it took like 3-4 restarts because it was freezing during startup, something that never occurred with 10.2.1
(Rather than run NDD, I'd try running Disk Utilities Repair Permissions first to see if that helped. If it didn't, try booting from the Jag CD and running disk utility on the drive perhaps. May be safer than using older 3rd party utilities.-Mike)

also the update installed ragepro kernel extensions which i've had to remove on my rev a beige g3, they cause a kernel panic at startup. and it also switched quartz extreme back to it's proper state.

I use ichat a lot and i haven't noticed any different, the bug that i have with my chat window going blank is still there and mail seems no different either. No performance boosts for me.
Andrew V. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" After updating my beige G3 (upgraded to G4/500) to 10.2.2, iMovie would crash whenever I tried importing video via Firewire.

After basic troubleshooting, I found the cause. I have a Radeon 7000 and have used PCI Extreme! ( http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/8979) to enable Quartz Extreme. The 10.2.2 update disabled the Quartz Extreme. Once I re-ran the PCI Extreme installer, I had no problems with iMovie.

OS X updates usually overwrite any modified files as noted earlier, but I never heard of iMovie imports requiring Quartz Extreme to be enabled. (And there's some negatives to having it enabled on the PCI bus noted in the past article here.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Hello,
I tried Update 10.2.2 yesterday! It's a no go for me!
The Finder just wouldn't start afterwards. Everything worked but the Finder. Couldn't see my files but through the applications.
So I had to reinstall 10.2.1 (which worked fine for the past two months) till 2 this morning. :-(

I have a G3 Beige, Rev. 1, with Sonnet Encore ZIF 500, ATI PCI 7000, Sonnet PCI Tempo ATA 100 and Sonnet PCI Tempo USD, with 640 Meg of RAM. HD is a 80 GB with 5 partitions (I forget the brand – not at home right now)
Two monitors are on. All Sonnet drivers are up to date.
If you read the fine prints on this update, it says that they don't guaranty compatibility with third parties hardware, software...
Anyway, thought this could be helpful for others.
He later wrote in reply to my comments below-Mike)

Yep. I thought of that too. Could also be a number of things (ATI software, Tinker Tools or NetBarrier conflict, God knows...).
Guess I'll just wait and monitor Sonnet's updates in the future... Also, I'll just wait a while before upgrading from now on (If if ain't broke...). Old customized Macs are definitely not Apple's priority. No money for them there. "

Since G4 upgrades in Beige G3s use a software addon to enable the L2 cache - perhaps Sonnet's enabler isn't 10.2.2 compatible? (just a guess - but you'd think that would either hang at boot or just not enable the L2 cache)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike,
Good so far here (Blue and White G3, Revision II, XLR8 G4 500, 1 GB Ram), except I noticed that I cannot "exit" from single user mode properly. It freezes at a grey screen shortly after I type exit. The only reason I boot into single user mode is to run fsck once in a while.
"reboot" works fine.
Jeff C. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" B&W G3 400 & ATi Radeon 7000 (in fast PCI slot)

After installation the first reboot came up with wacky video, with ghosting and banding galore. I was able to see enough to restart normally. After that initial glitch everything seems fine because it boots normally and appears the same as always. Knock on wood.
Scott F. "

Several reports of Norton Utilities not recognizing partitions after the update. (The NU 7.03 update released Dec. 2nd fixes this issue per a reader report.)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike
Just ran the 10.2.2 upgrade from 10.2.1. On my B&W G3 400 (OC to 450) the install went perfectly fine, but it has not solved the one issue that I have had, (though the fault was not Apple's). I continue to have problems with the D-Link DFE-530TX+. Even using the drivers direct from Realtek (the chipset manufacturer) I get horrendously slow throughput. I have been in contact with both D-Link and Realtek. D-Link responds with "our developer says it works." Realtek (the developer as well) responds with "It has been tested in a G4 Dual 833 and works, therefore it works in all systems." Neither will test in older machines.

So, I guess my 10.2.2 note went astray, -that- software works fine.

Also of note: The 10.2.2 upgrade re-disabled the Quartz Extreme acceleration of my Radeon 7000. Running the PCI-Extreme utility you mentioned before on the site re-enables the card without issue.
(That past article is linked on the Video articles page. Note there's some cons to enabling quartz extreme on the PCI bus. Requires radeon card, not Rage128 and other brands/models of PCI cards-Mike)
Roger "

Note that OS X updates will usually overwrite files that had mods enabled (including itunes/Plugin files from the FAQ here that were modified for unsupported drives).

Reports from Older Mac (pre-G3) Owners (includes CPU upgraded models)

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hi!
I just wanted to let you know that the 10.2.2 update made my Yamaha CRW 6416S SCSI-burner be completely supported again. It was also fully supported by 10.1.5, but not with earlier Jaguar versions. I am using an Umax S900 with a XLR8 ZIF Carrier and a 450 MHz G3 Formac ZIF module, and I haven't noticed any problems with L2 cache enabling by Powerlogix CacheControl X 1.2.
Timo M. "

(added 11/14/2002)
" ...I also updated a PowerCenter 150 upgrade with Sonnet G3/500 using XPostFacto. Seems to have fixed a restart problem I was having. With 10.2.1, I wasn't apply to restart or cold start without either using XPostFacto and reinstalling extensions everytime or forcing verbose mode. It would stick somewhere in the load process on my SCSI CD-ROM. Under, 10.2.2 works everytime. You had asked so I checked the cache enabler and the L2 was enabled.
doug "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Mike:
You asked for some feedback on older Macs w/10.2.2. I can report complete success on my system.

PowerMac 8500 w/Powerlogix Powerforce 375/125, 512MB cache, clocked up to 400/133 (50 Mhz system bus) is working just fine under 10.2.2. Backside cache is enabled (Powerlogix CacheControl X, v 2.1b3), write-thru mode is on, speculative access is off, dynamic power management is on. Expansion includes an AdvanSys ultrawide SCSI (inoperative in X, but works fine in 9) and USB/Firewire PCI cards.

Installation went without a hitch, and system rebooted normally.

Out of curiosity, I plugged in my new Memorex 48MAXX firewire CDRW and installed the hacked Memorex(Lite-On) plugin (reported last week), and ASP reports it as fully supporting Disk Burner.

The Firewire card is one of those cheap ($19.95) dual USB/dual firewire that CompUSA had on blowout some months ago. The USB ports have worked all along (computer is controlled through a USB KVM switch), so now I know that the firewire ports work too.
Sean C. "

(added 11/14/2002)
" B/W G3 upgraded to G4 600mhz with 448 MB ram.
Upgraded from 10.2 to 10.2.2 with no apparant problems (or improvements that I've noticed). Mail.app still does not remember my password at times and it is still slow to scroll an item through a window with many other items (such as bookmarks)
Peter D. "

The Quartz Extreme PCI mode hack (for Radeon card owners) has some cons, so in general reducing color depth to thousands has been a help for me on some older macs with OS X in the past.

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hi Mike,
I installed the 10.2.2 update onto my Power Tower Pro 225 about 5 hours ago and have seen no problems so far. I ran repair permissions immediately after reboot and it found only a few items with incorrect permissions set. I've enabled Journaling on my OSX volume but have not experienced any performance issues. I noticed that my Toshiba SD-R1202 DVD/CD-RW drive is now natively supported. DVD playback is good. I mentioned in feedback on the last ATI driver update that it had decreased DVD playback performance. Using the Fellowship of the Ring DVD as a before and after benchmark I found that the opening menu stuttered and suffered sound drop-outs after the update. I think this DVD is a pretty good testing tool because the opening menu has a number of complex animations. Unfortunately, 10.2.2 did not improve this situation, even though new versions of the ATI drivers were installed (v1.2.6). The movie itself plays back fine.

Oddities: For some reason I now have two keyboard Control Panels. One is in the normal location while the new one is located in "other" with Logitec Control Center. I looked in /System/Library/PreferencePanes and /Library/PreferencePance but am not sure which, if any to delete so until I know I'll just leave it as is.
Unlike another poster, Apple System Profiler does not report the caches for my CPU upgrade.
All-in-all everything looks good. I can't say the system is any faster but it's not any slower either.

On a side note, I have done a clean install of 10.2.1 on a separate drive for comparison and it runs significantly faster than the archive and install upgrade that I am running now. By the weekend I will have migrated completely to the new drive I think 10.2.2 will prove to be faster.
Thanks for maintaining a great resource,
(he later wrote)
I sent a report last night but forgot to mention one oddity concerning the DVD player. I did not realize at first that Quartz Extreme had been disabled but noticed that scrolling the dock icons (I have it on the left side of my screen) with magnification on caused them to appear with a rectangular box when in front of the DVD player window. I assumed that this would be a regrettable side-effect of Quartz Extreme on an unsupported system. A short while later I ran Quartz Extreme check to verify that it was still enabled and found that it wasn't. The Configuration.plist file had been overwritten so I just changed "IOAGPDevice" back to 'IOPCIDevice" and rebooted. (See Video articles page for a past article on PCI Quartz Extreme mods for PCI Radeon owners incl. a utility to enable it w/o editing files by hand-Mike)
This time there were no artifacts over the DVD player window when scrolling the dock icons. DVD playback was not adversely affected.

(system info)
Power Tower Pro 225
Sonnet G4 800
Acard ATA/100
Macsense 10/100 Ethernet
Ratoc Firewire/USB 2.0
ATI Radeon Mac Edition PCI
3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Hey Mike,
The 10.2.2 upgrade disabled my quartz extreme hack I did on this blue/white G3 with Sonnet G4/500 832mb ram.

Runs really snappy. So far I've had to reinstall some programs. Guess the preferences were bad.

I have no way of checking my L2 or L3 (scratching head) Backside cache to see how it's doing.
Don "

The G4/500 ZIF has only L2 cache (745x G4s have L3 caches also). Since most G4s don't need cache enablers for use in a B&W G3, I suspect this is not an issue. (I was wondering if some Beige G3 or older mac owners that have to run G4 cache enablers had seen any enablers that were not 10.2.2 compatible.)

(added 11/14/2002)
" PM 8600 with Powerlogix Powerforce G3 350/175, and Powerlogix Cache Control X 2.1b4. Ultimo cheapy upgrade, and the 10.2.2 upgrade went fine. System seems snappier, if anything. No noted problems. Just FYI.
-Bill B. "

(added 11/14/2002)
" Umax J700/S900 XLR8 carrier ZIFF G3 500 running @550mhz for over a year no problems. 10.2.2 runs fine.
Most notable difference startup time is 1 min less !! Wake from sleep is close to if not normal. It used to take say 10 -30 sec sometimes.
Toast 5.2 crashes now when I choose a file to burn which it never did before. I am not sure that 10.2.2 is the problem but that is the only change I can think of. "Missing media burner/CDRDAO" works fine for burning disks as it did before. So I'm not using Toast as much anymore. Screw them and their current spyware software license which lets them install software on your machine which will stop you from burning copywrited material if requested by the owners. I wonder how many people know about this?
Will S "

I noted this EULA (End User License Agreement) in the main site news page months ago - Roxio replied that the EULA wording was copied from the PC version (EZ CD Creator) and that they have no spyware or DCM control software on the Mac. On windows however, even Microsoft had similar wording in Media Player updates as I remember. (Not defending anyone - but just a FYI on Roxio's reply - I can't remember it word for word but that was the jist of it)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike, My G4 cache is working fine with powerlogix' s free enabler. computer:
-xlr8 g4 450 mpe sse
-512Mb ram - deinterlaced
-ATI rage 128
-sonnet ata/66
-keyspan usb card (2 port) --Microsoft natural keyboard, lynx 3 button mouse.
-40gig maxtor drive

Note: all these parts were originally in a 9600 (on your database, in fact), but it never ran reliably. A month or two ago I began transfering this to a newly acquired 7600 to see if I'd have better luck.
I did, and it has not crashed yet.

I've yet to transfer some other components (cd burner and MO drive) but don't expect problems.

Just for the record, the 9600 doesn't run anything reliably anymore (not even linux). I'm sad, but I think it ran its last course. I've got it loaded with sys 9 now, but it won't stay up for very long, and has real trouble booting.
I'm sad for this mac. It was my first. :(
webkiosk "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Greetings...
the day of upgrades went very well with my 9600/300.
Upgraded to 10.2.2 via software update....no problems
Updated to OS 10.2.2 and my L2 cache is still enabled with Sonnet's software. If you want to see that the L2 cache is enabled under OS X in Apple System Profiler, request a copy of 1.2.6b2 of Sonnet X Tune Up from support@sonnettech.com.
sonnett G4 800
radeon 7000
miles uw scsi card
10.2.2 xpostfacto
576 mb
Great site....thanks
Eddy "

(added 11/12/2002)
" The first restart after installing the update stalled for me. Successive restarts were fine.

I enabled journaling on all my disks not just /

Read/Writes or launching apps seem fine. Task switching seems a little slow?

(EDIT: Well duh, the quartz extreme hack has been disabled. I may edit the necessary file to see if it can be redone manually but I will not run the automated hack for fear of it writing an outdated file)

Norton utilities not only gives it's little warning about perhaps not functioning properly with the new OS but in fact does not function. It can't show a list of drives.

Really good news... It's working on an old-world Mac with XpostFacto and now apple system profiler can identify the CPU caches properly.
8600w/G4 "

Reports w/Missing Mac Model Info

(added 11/12/2002)
" Ok, so heres an issue Ive encountered since installing the new update. When I try to select items on the desktop they dont highlight. If I click once and then do a command-o keystroke say on my hard disk, it opens as if its selected but theres just no graphical confirmation of the act of selection. Doesnt even visually select if I drag a box around a few items. Anyone know how to fix this? Only affects the desktop, BTW.
(he later wrote)
I did a repair privilages and it fixed my problem. Maybe it was the ensuing restart. who knows.
-eli "

Eli didn't note what mac model he had.

(added 11/12/2002 from a forum post)
" Well, so far, so good for me. I was having some latency with the max 1.5GB ram, which seems to have gotten much better. All around seems a little snappier. No pause when I select my user at login, browsing seems faster somehow...haven't delved too much into it. It stalled on me on the first reboot (Spinning beachball) so I did a 3-finger salute and all is well with the world (and my Mac)
Scott D. "

(added 11/12/2002)
" Mike,
I also found that after applying the 10.2.2 update that Norton Utilities 7.0.2 does not recognize any of my partitions anymore. Disk Doctor, Speed Disk and Unerase all show empty windows in which I should see my partitions. The "Get Info For..." in the File menu of Disk Doctor allows me to navigate to any of my three partitions, but in the Info window it says "Kind: disk (foreign file system)" and "Driver Info: <Not available>" for each partition.

I'm curious if you know when we might see OSX bootable utilities disks for Norton. It is a major inconvenience to not be able to run Norton Utilities 7 from a boot CD, since I don't have an extra hard disk or partition on which to install another OSX system to boot from.
Thanks for the great site.
-Bryce "

NU Update: The Norton Utils 7.03 update released Dec. 2nd fixes this issue per a reader report in the 12/2/2002 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page.

(added 11/12/2002)
" (Journaling)
it's pretty simple to enable, and should hopefully help keep y'all from having to fsck your drives every time you get a kp :)

just run to the terminal armed with your root password and type in:

    sudo diskutil enableJournal <mount_point>

where <mount_point> is the drive that you wish to enable. for instance:

    |localhost:~| tgreco% sudo diskutil enableJournal /
    Allocated 8192K for journal file.

that'll get your main boot drive all up and happy.
good luck!
best, t"

One comment in the forums mentioned a report that if Journaling was enabled that disk utils would not work properly - however someone else said that Apple had commented that Journaling should work with most Disk utilities.

(added 11/12/2002)
" Dear Mike,
OS X 10.2.2 installs new CDR device plugins in the disc burning framework, which means that any modified plugins that have been added are replaced. Unfortunately, my Plextor Plexwriter 40/12/40A (in a FireWire case) is still not supported by Apple's plugin -- had to reinstall the Jaguar modified plugin downloaded from your site (and it still works).
Thanks again,
Byron E. "

Good to hear the plugin file format hasn't changed. The FAQ's CDROM/CDR section has links to modified plugin files for many unsupported drives.

A reader noted the update added support for the Yamaha 44x24x44x CRW-F1 drive. (The FAQ's CDROM/CDR section has a modified plugin for 10.2/10.2.1)

(added 11/12/2002)
" Dear XLR8YourMac,
ReadMe of the Mac OS X 10.2.2 does not cover all the changes in this update. By upgrading 10.2.2, now iTunes can burn CD through YAMAHA CD-R/RW drive of CRW-F1.
Best Regards,
Hiroshi Kondo
YAMAHA Corp. "

As of Today (Nov 12th, 2002) the F1 mechanism isn't listed at Apple's http://www.apple.com/itunes/compatibility/ page yet but the page may be updated later.

(added 11/12/2002)
" The two most annoying bugs for me are still present.

Firstly, the AppleTypeServices bug that messes with monospace font spacing is still there. TextEdit still messes with Courier. Certain monospace fonts are affected, others are not. Unfortunately, Courier is my favorite monospace font.

Secondly, Apple's PDF viewer has serious problems when viewing a document generated by pdflatex. It cuts off multi-line symbols like integral and summation signs when you scroll by them. The bug seems to have gotten even worse in 10.2.2, as entire blocks of text have begun disappearing. This wouldn't be so bad if the documents printed correctly, but they don't. They print with the same symbols cut off, forcing me to use Acrobat Reader for printing and viewing. I've been E-mailing Apple about this since 10.1, and it hasn't been fixed.
Damien S. "

I welcome other OS X 10.2.2 comments. (Please note your system details also.) Thanks.

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