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Reader Comments on Lexmark X83 All-In-One Printer/Scanner/Fax:
Last Updated: 11/13/2001

Reader comment on using a Lexmark X83 All-in One with OS X:
(most recent reports first)

Report from the 11/13/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page:

" I have an iBook2USB running 10.1 and a Lexmark X83. I keep the printer in idle or sleep mode and only connect the USB to the iBook just before printing. No need to fuss with the printer or have it connected during a system restart or anything like that.
Still haven't personally tried scanning under 10.1
Joel Kopitz"

Report from the 11/12/2001 www.xlr8yourmac.com news page:

" Saw about a week ago a request for experiences with the Lexmark X83 with the last posted driver which is rated as compatible with 10.0.4 but not 10.1. The CPU is a DT beige with a 466 Mhz xlr8 G4, a noname PCI USB card [the 'amedia simply connect', and a Macally 4-port hub running 10.1 build 5L21. The setup was easy as pie. Everything works. Printing is very nice and the docked software [x83 Scan & Copy] works fine. Copy speeds are about 4-6 ppm in b&w and scans are quite impressive.

I would like to report on the ability to scan to fax but the unit doesn't do that relying on third party fax software which at this time in OSX simply doesn't exist. The only very slight glitch is that after you are done, x83 Scan & Copy doesn't quit until you do a command-quit an extra time. No big deal.

For $200 this is a first rate printer, scanner and copier which raises the question "Why is it taking all these other people so *&^$( long to ship printer and scanning software?" Very nicely done. Thanks Lexmark.
[he later wrote

But as always there is a catch. While the connection is USB, because it is more than that it doesn't connect as a USB printer. It has it's own connection software and installs as a operate 'framework. So in the print center it is not listed as a USB printer but shows up as a separate item. What's wrong with that? What's wrong is that when, after an hour, the 'energy saver' times out and the device shuts down, it drops off the USB bus and that is it. To resume using it you have to reboot the computer - Very Bad.

This lack of bus scanning is a real problem with OSX. It holds with scsi devices. If you have a cdr on a scsi bus under X and you shut it off, when you turn it back on the device is useless until you reboot the machine. The only way to use the x83 is to enable it a boot-time. This is way too bad 'cause when it's connected to the OS/cpu it works flawlessly - printing/scanning/copying. I don't know if it was a problem under 10.0.4. Come tuesday I'll see ifI can get any info from Lexmark. Bummer but perhaps all is not lost. When I first set it up I tested and tested and tested and it wasn't until I went to sleep and woke up and found it was no longer connected that I discovered the problem. There is another 'issue' [thats what I guess they call bugs now] that deserves some looking into but I am rambling and time to go to bed.

Note even Epson's USB printers are selected via the "Epson USB" instead of the standard USB interface selection in OS X.

(report from 10/10/2001)

" I can print (much to my relief) with no problems to a Lexmark X83 from 10.1 using the driver which is claimed not to work with 10.1.
I haven't tried scanning or using OCR yet.
Joel Kopitz "

I asked Joel to send a note when he tried scanning or faxing. I wish the earlier reader report had noted if he even installed the 10.0.4 Lexmark drivers I noted in Monday's news. (Found by searching Lexmark's site.)

(the earlier owner comments follow)

" Hi Mike,
I have been in contact with Lexmark technical support concerning two issues with the new Lexmark X83 printer I purchased last Sunday:
  • 1. The printer is not recognized as USB printer by the USB Printer Sharing software (1.0.1 or 1.0.2) in Mac OS 9.
  • 2. There are no drivers for Mac OS X 10.1

The answers that I received (I am not citing them directly) were as follows:
1. Due to unforeseen development circumstances the printer is not supported on a network?
2. They do not have yet 10.1 drivers, but they claim that the OS X drivers should work?

At this stage I am waiting for their answer on my question if the networking issue is a hardware or a software problem and if it is a hardware issue I am considering to return the printer. If you have information about the networking capabilities of this printer I will appreciate your help?
Grigoriy "

Yesterday's news had a link to a reader's page with lexmark printer drivers/notes and a link to Apple's list of included printer drivers (I did not see any Lexmark printers in that listing.) And I commented in Monday's news that I searched Lexmark's web site for OS X drivers for the X83 and found only one that said it was for OS X 10.0.4 and earlier. (I'm not clear from the above comments if he installed those or not and from Lexmark's comments, they may not work in OS X 10.1.) [Update - See the later news item where another X83 owner said he could print using the 10.0.4 Lexmark drivers.]
However, if any readers have a suggestion for Grigoriy, let me know.

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