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OS X 10.1.1 Reports on Improved CDRW Support:
Last Updated: 11/15/2001 4:07 PM

I wanted to separate out feedback on OS X 10.1.1 regarding CDRW drives. Some readers noted their IDE drives now had support after the update. However a Que Firewire drive owner reported he's still having problems and a Toshiba R1002 (4x4 combo drive) owner noted there's still no support for that model (the R1102 8x8 combo drive is supported btw.).
[For SCSI CDRW drive owners - you might want to try the SCSI helper util noted at the bottom of this page.]

If 10.1.1 helped (or hurt) support of your recordable drive of any type - please post a Drive Database report noting this in the comments to allow readers to easily search for this in the future.) There are now dozens of reports under "El Gato" as driver type from SCSI CDRW owners running OS X, too many to list here.

(latest reports first)

*Using El Gato SCSI CDRW Helper*

" Dear Mike
I once submitted one Drive Compatibility report concerning the AOpen CDRW 1632. In that report, I mentioned the CDRW did not work properly under OS X. However, I read the article "SCSI CDRW Helper for OS X - Notes and Install Tip (Updated) - " in Nov 14, 2001 on you page and give me some hint to remove the PatchedIOSCSICDDrive.kext from OSX. Wow! it did cure the problem and even the problem only mounting the first session of multi-session disc. Thanks Mike! Your page do help me a lot.
Lien, Yu-Hung "

Firewire Sony CRX1600L (Spressa 12x8x32) used w/iMac slot loading model

"Mac OS 10.1.1 Update solved the following problems:

1. The drive was not being recognized by Toast 5.1P2

2. The drive would not burn CDs from the Finder

Both problems have been solved by updating to Mac OS 10.1.1.
Stephen H. "

Sony USB CRX-120E used w/G4 AGP
" Drive works fine under OS9.2.1, but hasn't worked on X at all, even with the most recent 10.1.1 update. I attempted to hack the device plugun to add my drive to it, but that didn't work either. I hope to see support for it in future updates.
Alex C. "

*Using El Gato SCSI CDRW Helper*

" Lacie CDRW-12432S (12x/4x/32x) External w/Dual G4 (OS X)
Using CDRW SCSI Helper under MacOS 10.1.1. My external

LaCie CDRW drive now works with Toast 5.1P2 (prerelease)

under Mac OS X. He should sell the patch to Apple.

Did not try to boot from it. I think the time bug is still there for Dual G4 Macs.
Paul S. "

* Using El Gato SCSI CDRW Helper*

Yamaha 8424S (8x4x24x) external CDRW
" Running Lombard, with 100MB SCSI Zip drive (which always worked in all versions of OSX) daisy chained to the PowerBook.

- On Mac OS X 10.0.4, the drive would read audio cds fine, but not data CDs, and of course it couldn't burn any CDs.

- On Mac OS X 10.1 without OSX SCSI Helper, the drive would be recognised by the Apple System profiler, but inserting any CD proved to be useless.

- OSX 10.1.1 with OSX SCSI Helper, the drive now plays audio CDs fine (even opens up iTunes, just like internal), Now can even use data CDs. Installed Toast Preview 2, hoping that burning would be available, but currently the preview version does not recognise the drive as a valid cd burner. As expected iTunes doesn't recognise the drive also and I can't burn disks from the finder also.

Nevertheless, I can finally use the external cdrom drive in OS X.
James A. "

Que Firewire 24x/10x/40x used w/G4 Cube (OS X)
" Update OSX 10.1.1 does not resolve problem between iTunes and Que Firewire CDRW 10/24/40. Tried to change the Plextor plug-in using HexEdit as suggested, but could not save the changed file (error -5000). Even after changing root security, file would not save. Still waiting for solution.

(For those that missed the main www.xlr8yourmac.com news page tip on Plextor 24x mechanism support file mods - see the FAQ's CDROM/CDR section.) Cheaper than buying the Que FW model is to get the $99.xx ADS Pryo case and the IDE Que drive (which is a Sanyo with native OS X support.)

* Using El Gato SCSI CDRW Helper*

Yamaha CRW4260 4x2x6x used in Beige G3
" Using El Gato's kernel extension, I was able to get my CDRW recognised by Toast 5.1P2. It doesn't show up in iTunes, however. Strangely, on advice gleaned from message boards, the burner only showed up in Toast after re-installing iTunes 2. Go figure. I burned several test CDs and they are fine. Way to go El Gato!
Josh B. "

Reinstalling iTunes 2 was also one of the tips in yesterdays news page (11/14/2001). (items on SCSI Helper from EL Gato feedback/install tips)

* Using El Gato SCSI CDRW Helper*

" I have my internal SCSI Yamaha 6416S in my Beige G3 with 10.1.1. Hearing of this SCSI CD-RW 'helper', I was like, 'are you kidding me??' Well, I downloaded it and installed it -- a no go. But then I came back to this site for help and found success by re-installing iTunes 2.0.1!!! Now my burner works as it should in Toast 5.1P2 in 10.1.1. My burner is also recognized in iTunes and Disk Burner, but I get errors when trying to burn anything. In the System Profiler, the drive now shows up as "CD-ROM (Apple Disc Burning: Supported)." -- Shouldn't it show up as a CD-RW?? I'm hoping this can be fixed by Apple, but I'm not holding my breath. Many thanks to El Gato!! (this drive is NOT bootable in OS 9 or X) "

" Update on my Toshiba R1002 posting
OS 10.1.1 didn't fix the Toshiba R1002 disc burning issue, still noted as compatible in the system profile but not working...but the FREE Roxio Toast Titanium 5 OS X Beta did work and I've been able to burn data and VCD's....best of all the beta seems stable and will work until the end of February!!! The Beta doesn't allow CDRW erasing or iMovie to VCD export but, the Mac disc utility still allows me to erase the CD-RW's and with QT Pro v5.0...I can convert to MPEG for VCD's
Now if only OS X would recognize VCD format....
Dixon Chan "

" 10.1.1 recognizes my Que 8x4x32 CD-RW. It is a Plextor mechanism with 1.05 firmware -- formerly unsupported.
David L

" Just wanted to pass on that my QPS 8X4X32 firewire CDRW now finally works under OSX. This drive has always been listed as being compatible with OSX on the itunes web page, but has never worked. It now works with itunes2, disc burner, Toast Preview, etc. I'm a happy man.
Mike Stark "

" With 10.1.1 Itunes2 now recognizes my LiteON 24/10/40 cdburner (which is actually a BUSlink that I bought at best buys for 100$). This makes me very happy since I just bought the drive yesterday :)
-Crusher4 "

A Que Firewire drive owner reports he's still having problems:

" Hi, I have a Que!Fire enclosure. It had a Que!Fire drive in it, but caused the system to hang in 10.1, and because I wanted to burn CDs in Mac OS X, I swapped the internal DVD in my G4 400 for it. I tried it again (still with the DVD in) in 10.1.1, but it still hangs.

I also have a USB problem in Mac OS X where I have to change the USB channel on my kbd/mouse. They power off for some reason, and this still hasn't been fixed in 10.1.1

My SoundSticks still cut out and audio switches to the internal speaker or headphones (if they are plugged in) when the system is under a heavy load.

So the 3 problems I am having with my system are still not fixed =(
Huw Ogilvie aka Barto"

OS X SCSI CDRW Utility - SCSI Helper from El Gato: El Gato has released a utility called "SCSI Helper" for SCSI CDRW drives and OS X at http://www.elgato.com/SCSIHelper/index.html. (See that page for installation info and more details.)

I welcome reader reports on how well this works with various SCSI CDRW drives - or post a Drive database entry for your SCSI CDRW drive and select OS X as the entry. (Include in the comments if you're using this utility, as well as your system/drive details and if you're running OS X 10.0.x, 10.1 or 10.1.1.)

If 10.1.1 (or SCSI helper) improved support for your recordable drive (of any kind/type) - please post a Drive Database report noting this in the comments to allow readers to easily search for this in the future.

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