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OS X 10.1.1 Reports - Oxford911 Firewire Drive Issues Fixed w/o Firmware Update:
Last updated: 11/15/2001 Midnight
I'd heard shortly after OS X 10.1 was released that the issues noted with Oxford911 bridge based Firewire drives would be fixed with a later update (without needing a firmware update to the drive's bridge). Several readers noted the update did solve their problems. Also included in the feedback is a report from Jeff Chasick (of Fwdepot) that the firmware update for the bridge released to fix the 10.1 issues was actually an older version, not a later one. (See Vicent Lugnier comments disputing this however.)

This page also lists non-firewire related OS X 10.1.1 comments. One reader noted his Archos 6000 MP3 (USB) Jukebox finally mounted under OS X 10.1.1. A voodoo5 owner said his card was no longer recognized after the update (there never has been any acceleration/driver support in OS X for 3dfx cards.)

Apple has a TIL titled Mac OS X Update 10.1.1: Enhancement and Installation Information which covers issues addressed and system software updated.

(latest reports first)

A SCSI ORB drive owner wrote:

" hello mike! I'm pleased to tell you that after installing yesterday's release of El Gato's CDRW helper MY ORB DRIVE (SCSI) WORKS ON MY OS X 10.1.1 MACHINE!
Sorry for using all caps but i downloaded it this morning thinking maybe it can add functionality to my orb drive, today i came home from school, popped in a disk and it worked!
he later wrote
Mike, it appears that I was mistaken! I truly thought that it was the El Gato kext that made the use of my orb drive possible however now that I have deinstalled your extension, i see that it is actually OS X 10.1.1 that has allowed it to work! I'm sorry for misleading you earlier.
EITHER WAY, this is great news that OS X.1.1 allows the use of it!
Best wishes, Michael Diaz

If you've not tried SCSI helper, it's available here. (For install tips see this news item from yesterday.)

Another report of a 3dfx card not working at all after the 10.1.1 update.

" I just installed the new OS X.I.I update via the software updater.
System: G4 QuickSilver 733
As a result of upgrading, I lost my second monitor via my Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card. I never had a problem with my Voodoo PCI card when used as a secondary monitor card through all OS X versions until now.
Apple system profiler recognizes it but that is about it. Back to using OS 9.2.1 for me.
Clay Johnson
Appearance Technologies
Appearance Software for your Classic Macintosh
http://www.appearancetechnologies.com "

A PowerBook G3 lombard owner reported problems with 10.1.1:

" Mike,
I thought you would like to add this to you 10.1.1 report page.
I have a G3/333 Lombard that has been running 10.1 just fine for a month or so. Never crashed, everything I tried worked. Two days ago I updated to 10.1.1 through the software update control panel. Everything seemed to update fine, I restarted.

The computer now gets stuck at the happy mac folder. But the folder is broken, and it will stay there for as long as the computer is on. I needed to start up from an OS CD, and change the startup disk to 9.2.1.
Now I'm forced to go back to 10.1.
Paul Roesner
Other World Computing
[I asked if he applied all the 10.1 updates including the installer update before applying the 10.1.1 update]
All updates were applied before the 10.1.1 update. As a matter of fact, the only option available before the 10.1.1 update was Airport software (which I do not use, so did not upgrade).

I did have a bunch of third party software installed like, window shade, ASM, Tinker Tool, and a beta of Office X, etc. But I don't see how this software would be a factor in the computer locking up so early in the start up.

Now the only thing I have installed is ASM on a fresh 10.1 OS. ...
[ asked what ASM was and if he tried a reinstall of OS X 10.1.1.

ASM is an awesome utility to make X more like 9.
What do you know! 10.1.1 is running on my computer! We'll see if this lasts. "

" My external Plextor 161040A CDRW in a Firewire housing using the Oxford 911 bridge NOW works with OS X 10.1.1.

It was not recognized under 10.1 but the new OS X 10.1.1 seems to have corrected whatever was causing my problems. The drive is recognized by both Toast 5.0.2 and iTunes 2.0.1. Burns fine with both so I am now more pleased than ever with my external Firewire CDRW that I got from zeehoo.com.
Neil M. "

" Just picked up a Que M3 60GB few days ago. Originally it worked well in 10.1 however when copying large amounts of data to the drive (600MB+) the Finder would lock up. In 10.1.1 this seems to be fixed, however, I've noticed read speed for the drive is terrible now. Writing to the drive works great but I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say I get 2x the speed when reading from the drive in 9.2.1 compared to 10.1.1. The write speeds between Classic Mac OS and OS X are pretty comparable. I haven't experienced any sleep issues with this drive in 10.1.1.

Note: I'm using a B&W G3 rev A 400MHz. The drive is attached to an OrangeMicro USB2/Firewire card. "

(reports added 11/14/2001 follow)

" Hi Mike,
I feel that Jeff Chasick (of Fwdepot) only speaks for himself when He states that the released fix was actually an older version.

Oxford did write a newer one, labelled 2.9 dated october 13. I knew for weeks before we (MacWay) delivered the fix to our customers, that an older version did the trick. But we refused to go backward, and waited that Oxford released a newer one.

So in our case (MacWay) and OWC, it was indeed an upgrade wich some of our customers felt faster.
Vincent Lugnier
Macway.fr "

" HI,
Installed Os 10.1.1 on my 450mhz Cube. Previously OSX could not see the firewire drive I built from the Transintl kit you wrote about on 7/13, using the Oxford 911 bridge chip. OS 10.1.1 saw and mounted it immediately after a shutdown and restarting. This was my last major bug to overcome with OS X. Now I can start using OS X as a daily operating system!!! :) Let's hope they didn't introduce any NEW bugs!!!! :o
Robert B. "

" 10.1.1 isn't fix date&time bug on my G4/2/450. Today morning - January 1970. Hello again, Apple !
MaxOS "

I thought 10.1.1 had fixed this but on my G4/500 DP a cold boot shows Dec. 31st, 1969 (same as before) unless I use the network time sync option.

" Hi Mike,
Please post this warning for users of 3dfx cards to not install 10.1.1. I did and my Voodoo5 PCI card isnĖt recognized. 10.1 brought support for the card and 10.1.1 has taken it away! Worse yet, I canĖt go down to 10.1 because the installer says that the OS installed canĖt be upgraded.
Nick Bibassis - Creative Director "

3dfx cards had no real support in OS X - no 2d or 3d acceleration that is.

" I haven't used the upgraded 10.1.1 much, but have found [two] major improvements.

1) The OS crashed (hard!) when you attempted to open certain pdf files that where created using ghostview. The same files worked fine in 10.0.x systems. Now with 10.1.1 I found that the Quartz graphics layer is able to show these images without crashing.

2) iDisk access using iTools is much better now when using a modem. Before, the WebDAV method of accessing iDisk resulted in the entire Finder locking up until all information had been downloaded. Last night I noticed now that the Finder remains responsive while accessing the iDisk. I am able to look at other folders in a different window and launch new programs.
Hanspeter S., Ph.D Aerospace Research Engineer "

" There still remains (since 10.0.0) a very reproducible and frustrating bug that was reported to Apple in late July. (Well, it was sort of "fixed," in response, in the 10.0.4 release, to the extent that it no longer caused a crash - just loss of functionality.)

If you have a Mac with built-in sound input, under OS X 10.x.x an app that invokes the Audio Settings panel of the Sequence Grabber (a built-in part of the OS that's used in audio and video capture apps) reveals the problem.

The bug causes a dropout in one audio channel.

This problem does not occur with an external sound input device (e.g., USB audio). However, there are many users with older Macs wishing to use the built-in sound input that cannot do so, if using an app that uses the Sequence Grabber control panel to control sound settings (as has been recommended by Apple to developers).

Now, according to my contact at Apple Developer Technical Services / Developer Relations, one factor in implementing bug fixes is "determined by how many developers report the same problem."

It's tough to speculate, but perhaps others haven't complained about the problem because of the lack of audio / video capture apps for OS X - or that other developers are way behind the curve in adapting audio / video capture apps for OS X - or that there aren't a lot of users with older machines doing audio / video capture that have adopted OS X - or that Apple has heard about the problem, but doesn't care about users with older Macs (forcing the users to consider fixing the problem with their own $$).

So, here's hoping that others will pick up the torch and notify Apple of the problem, and that it might finally be fixed in response to a grass-roots effort.

Ergo, a tiny (less than 2k) OS X (Carbonized) app that demonstrates the bug is attached. It may be freely distributed without restriction.

The app simply invokes the Audio Settings panel of the Sequence Grabber. Running the app on Mac OS 8.5, 8.6, 9.x, everything works the way it should. However, under OS X, launching the app, and selecting the microphone (or sound input) will show that the volume / gain control only affects one channel. On some Macs one channel will be completely unresponsive.
Robert "

Later today I'll try to stuff the file up and post a link here.

" Just wanted to pass on that my QPS 8X4X32 firewire CDRW now finally works under OSX. This drive has always been listed as being compatible with OSX on the itunes web page, but has never worked. It now works with itunes2, disc burner, Toast Preview, etc. I'm a happy man.
Mike Stark "

" Hooray, my Oxford 911 bridge based drive is now in the system fully. It appears on the dektop at boot, reboot, and awake from sleep. Now wondering if can be used as startup disk.? Will continue to check. Thanks Apple, knew you would come through.
Bob "

I asked what System he had, as pre-AGP macs are generally not bootable from Firewire (even the B&W G3 with onboard Firewire).

" Hi
I have a Que!Fire enclosure. It had a Que!Fire drive in it, but caused the system to hang in 10.1, and because I wanted to burn CDs in Mac OS X, I swapped the internal DVD in my G4 400 for it. I tried it again (still with the DVD in) in 10.1.1, but it still hangs.

I also have a USB problem in Mac OS X where I have to change the USB channel on my kbd/mouse. They power off for some reason, and this still hasn't been fixed in 10.1.1

My SoundSticks still cut out and audio switches to the internal speaker or headphones (if they are plugged in) when the system is under a heavy load.

So the 3 problems I am having with my system are still not fixed =(
Huw Ogilvie
aka Barto "

" Sorry to say that audio skipping is still present in OS X 10.1.1 on my Dual 800 Quicksilver when I'm downloading from the Internet through Airport. Apple must get their act together on this issue if they want to promote the system as a multimedia killer solution.
Tomas "

" Good news!
This morning (10.1.0) I had the sleep problem with my TransIntl FW case+original 6GB Fujitsu+Ratoc FW card+Lombard PowerBook.

After 10.1.1, no sleep problem. Drive stays mounted and functional after waking from sleep.

Now, if I only had my DVD playback which is still not available to us Lombard owners.
Thanks for your website,
Reid Nixon in Austin, TX "

" Mike, The Archos Jukebox 6000 finally mounts in OS X after the .1 update.
Many thanks for the site.
Alric "

" Comparing my Pismo 400/320 megs and 10 gig HD to my WallStreet 466/256megs w/15gig HD with 2meg cache the screen redraws are better. Both machines have had a number of updates lately and optimization is at its maximum. The WallStreet does not have 10.1.1 installed. Sound no longer quits on the Pismo and zip disks can now be ejected after waking from sleep.
Ebc "

" Not too much feedback other than some slight performance increases in firewire devices (hard drives) on a PB G4 500.

FYI, I keep a copy of server on the PB to test deployment of web apps, and noticed something off. On X.1.1 server, with all updates applied, the version number does not match the X.1.1 client. Attached is a grab.
Randy "

The build number shown in his attachment was 5K10. (5M28 is the OS X 10.1.1 (non-server) build.

" Hi Mike,
I got a scare when I applied the update.

First of all I have a dual monitor set up on my B&W R2 G3 500Mhz (over clocked). Installed adapters are an ATI Rage128 with an XCLAIM3DPro and a voodoo5500
The voodoo5500 has no monitor attached and the internal power connector disconnected (only way to avoid kernel panics)

Upon restarting, the ATI Rage128 was not rendering correctly. The monitor (ColorSync 20Ó) appeared as interlaced ÏjargonÓ being rendered. The mouse cursor thatĖs normally the round spinning rainbow was one square inch of speckled colours. I could make out what ÏwasÓ supposed to be rendered, but it was totally unusable.

However, the machine booted fine and I was able to login okay and restarted via the terminal (easier to get to via the Dock than the restart command in the Apple menu). Restarting did not help. So I shutdown from the terminal this time to do a cold boot, restarted and everything was fine.

I also installed the AirPort update even though I donĖt have a card or base station, and it keeps appearing in the update panel. I installed it again, restarted and checked my Airport Software and itĖs version 2.0, so it looks like the same thing is happening that occurred with Startup Disk in OS9.

So far I canĖt comment on any noticeable improvements but thought youĖd like to here about the above.
Raoul "

An OS X server owner wrote:

" I update the 10.1.1 on my G4 server (Dual G4 500 with 1.2GB RAM). When I restart the computer, it froze on a blue screen. Then I restart again by pressing the restart button on the computer itself. It boots to OS X fine. The one problem is if I go under About This Mac or in Apple System Profiler, it would still say that I have 10.1 but not 10.1.1. I went to Software Update again to see (if the updater didnt get install right, the updater would still listed) but it is not there.

On the brighter side. I have some Charismac driver Firewire drive that was not able to work propably with 10.1 (mount but froze the machine), but now works fine with 10.1.1 updater.

Again, I am guessing the updater went fine, but the info didnt get updated on About This Mac or System Profiler due to the crash???
-Sam "

I didn't know there was a 10.1.1 server update.

Jeff Chasick for Fwdepot commented that the firmware updates released last month were actually older versions of the firmware. (The updated firmware I saw was dated Oct 4th and Oct. 13th, just as a FYI). Jeff replied to this saying:)

" The 'upgrade' file that was sent out by Oxford was dated Dec 2000 so if you received other files than someone changed them, but in a long conversation with Oxford they stated that, when the issue first arose last month, that the only solution was to 'downgrade' the firmware to a previous version and that Apple was going to provide the 'real' fix, which is part of the 10.1.1 release.
Jeff Chasick "

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