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OS X 10.5.7 Feedback/Tips/Problems
Reports last Updated: 6/4/2009

This page is a catch-all for recent reader feedback on the OS X 10.5.7 update. (For links to updater downloads (including Combo), apple docs, etc. see May 12th news page)

BTW - although regular readers here (for years) know I've repeated this recommendation over and over, I will again for those that missed it.
I do a clean Reboot before applying (downloaded/combo) updates and do not use the Mac for anything until the update is completely installed. I prefer the "Combo" download updater (not software update) and run a boot disk verify (and scan for corrupted prefs/files) before and after the update as well. (There's free utils for that including Preferential Treatment (as well as scan features in many shareware utils) and every now and then I also scan for corrupted ColorSync profiles and Keychains using Apple's included utils. Although I rarely run Repair Permissions before/after the Update - some do (I won't go into that again here.)
Yes, I know a ton of people will say "I've always used Software Update and had no problems" and some swear doing the above is a sure fix for everything (and many times in the past a reinstall of a combo update has helped) but clearly many are not so lucky. (I'd be rich if I had $1 for every SU problem over the last 7 years and even Apple noted pre-10.5.6 had potential issues with SU - and Combo updaters are not a fix for known issues with some configs/addons/drivers, etc.) But a bit of time spent up front may save a lot of time/frustration later. Checking the disk for errors, disconnecting any connected devices (FW/USB), checking the author's site of any 3rd party haxies, drivers, addons, you have installed before applying an OS X version update as well as using the download/combo updater is still highly recommended. (I've not done it personally, but some readers have ran updates from a "safe boot" (shift key down) to reduce the number of open files/drivers, etc.)
And of course it's a MUST to have a bootable backup (not just TM) of your current boot/OS X drive. I keep a CCC clone of my boot drive, updated before I run any OS X version update. (I see so many people spend tons of money on software, addons, etc but have NO BACKUP drive.)
Granted there's literally an infinite number of possible variations in installed software/addons/hardware (internal and external), state of drive/file health, etc. so nothing is a guaranteed solution for everyone, but the above can help -minimize- the likelyhood of problems. (But even some that did all the above including Combo update install have had problems - again nothing is a sure thing for all configurations.)
Although I've rarely had any problems with OS X updates and very few problems are 100% common, there are instances of known problems/bugs/conflicts with OS X updates. And sometimes problems are not seen until days/weeks later. I can't recall having a major problem with an OS X update for many years, but again I don't have the same combo of hardware/software that some others with problems have (and despite doing all the above - there are cases where OS X updates cause problems with some configs.)

Reader reports on 10.5.7 Update: (later reports first)
To send a report on 10.5.7 (pro or con, tips, etc.) click here. Include details on your Mac model/config, any addons/3rd party haxies (APE, fan control/cpu tweaks, startup/login items, etc. and if you used the download (preferably combo) update or "software update". Thanks.)

(FYI I've had many people write about problems but not include important details (mac model, software/hardware config/addons, if they used SU or DL/Combo updater, etc. Please include that info as it saves a lot of time in back and forth mails. Thanks. And if you used software update, try the Combo 10.5.7 updater - over the years combo updates have solved problems at times, but is not a fix for a known bug/software/driver incompatibility, etc. But still the first thing to try.)

ATI 3870 owner notes on Fan Speeds w/10.5.7: (more reports added 6/4/2009)

June 4th I had another ATI 3870 owner write about high fan speeds (regardless of load). (He had used the 10.5.7 combo updater and his was a brand new card install.) Although most that replied to the first post on this issue last month didn't see this problem, I sent him a link to the post in the May 12th news on ATI 3870 owner workaround for high card fan speed w/OS X 10.5.7 (reinstalling the ATI driver from 10.5.6). Normally I'd not want to use older drivers in later OS's (and may not solve his problem) but not sure what else to suggest. (I think he's already tried SMC resets, cache clearing, etc.) He later wrote he has a TM backup and will try a restore from it also. (Hopefully it's not a card/hardware issue.)
However most 3870 owners have not reported that problem w/10.5.7. Here's another report from June 4th:

"I have an ATI 3870 and the original nVidia GT120 in my new 2009 Mac Pro. I added the 3870 about a week after purchasing the Mac, since I have 3 displays and I do gaming. Originally, under 10.5.6, the 3870 fan made lots of noise, especially bothersome since it went on and off at short intervals. Running XP under Boot Camp, the fan was very quiet. After upgrading to 10.5.7, the noise went away. It now is a barely noticeable hum.
I'm not sure if the noise change coincided with the upgrade, but I'm very pleased with its performance.
-Mike T."

(added 5/26/2009 - reply to earlier reports below)
"No Problems at all with my update to 10.5.7 with the ATI 3870 Mac/Pc Retail Card.
I did a complete Fresh install Like always, using the "Combo update" 10.5.7 and have not seen nor heard any problems with this card in regards to Fan Noise, it only speeds up (Fan) using High Graphics intense applications, and then not by very much.

Also I have never had a problem with this card, I am running a 1st Generation Mac Pro, 8 gig memory. Good Luck in trying to find out the cause, and I really enjoy the site, great information as always.
Ken M.
Design Fx
System Details: (from Apple system profiler)
Model Identifier: MacPro1,1
Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon (2.66GHz x 2)
Boot ROM Version: MP11.005D.B00
SMC Version (system): 1.7f10

ATI Radeon HD 3870:
Device ID: 0x9501
Revision ID: 0x0000
ROM Revision: 113-B3390F-270
EFI Driver Version: 01.00.270"

Earlier reports follow (one updated w/later notes on reinstalling 10.5.6 ATI driver)

(added 5/20/2009 - see below for 5/21 reply)
"My config is a Mac Pro (2007) 2x2.66GHz with Radeon HD 3870 Mac Edition, 7GB RAM I used software update. With the 10.5.7 update, my Radeon turned loud even on idle and with apple apps and very loud on games (WoW)
On the same machine, i have a HD with 10.5.6 with the same config and apps. When I boot to this 10.5.6 system, the GC is normally quiet on idle and apps and increase only on games.
I tried reset PRAM (reset SMC also?), uninstall and installed the card again... unsuccessful (no help).
I booted on the both systems many times, 10.5.7 was noisy, 10.5.6 was quiet. A hardware problem should occur in the both configs... why only on 10.5.7? Driver problem?, a bad update of the last driver?

I'd try reinstalling 10.5.7 from the Combo 10.5.7 updater and maybe even while booted from the 10.5.6 drive (pointing the installer to the 10.5.7 HD to update.) If any other 3870 owner had seen anything like this (or not) with 10.5.7 let me know. (Some 3870 owners in the past (long before 10.5.7) had noted fan behavior issues although not all did.)
Update: Here's JFP's later mail (from May 21st)

" I tried the combo 10.5.7 updater. The problem is always present.
But I think I have found a solution. The drivers for my card ATIRAdeonX2000 have the original version (6277) in 10.5.6. Version in OS X 10.5.7 is (6686). (noted in May 12th news). With Kext Helper (http://www.cheetha.net/Kext_Helper/Software.html) I put the original version on my 10.5.7 install/drive and my card is again silent. I will continue testing to be sure everything works.

Again, if any other ATI 3870 owner has seen this problem (or not) after updating to 10.5.7, let me know.
I received another reply on this issue today (May 21st):

"I have a 2006 Mac Pro that has been upgraded with quad core 2.66 processors and ATI 3870. After the 10.5.7 update the 3870's fans run faster and very erratic. I had no problems with 10.5.6.
(David Allen Studios)"

I've updated a 2009 Mac Pro w/4870 card to 10.5.7 (download updater) and have seen no problems with fan behavior. (Doesn't seem to want to auto-sleep however, but that doesn't matter to me - I always disable sleep in ES and use the menu command as needed - it sleeps/wakes manually fine (except for the occasional need to cycle the display power - that issue has been seen by others and mentioned in the news a couple times in the past). I tested auto-sleep after several other users noted their systems (many were notebooks) didn't auto-sleep after 10.5.7 update.)

USB Soundsticks w/10.5.7

(added 5/26/2009)
I have an Intel iMac 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo w/4GB ram now running 10.5.7.
She's been rock solid but since the update, I find I cannot get my Harmon Karden USB Soundsticks to work. They will not show up in the sound pref pane regardless of where I plug in the usb, they do not appear in system profiler nor anywhere else I can find. Prior to the combo update, I repaired all permissions via both disk utility and cocktail, rebooted and then installed. Following the reboot, again ran disk utility and cocktail. Still no go on the soundsticks. (I asked if he also checked Audio/Midi setup utility settings)

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I've gone completely through all the connections and electrical, bass unit lights up when plugged in and if I unplug the electrical while the system is up, I hear the interference "pop" that it's been connected.
D.C. Burch"

I posted a request for other USB Soundstick/10.5.7 user feedback in the May 26th news page and had several other replies (Intel-based iMac, Mac Pro and (PPC) G5 tower users) saying they've not seen a problem with their USB Soundsticks in 10.5.7. (FYI: I'd almost forgotten about it, but the Audio topics page here still has an older page on iSub problems with Intel-based Macs going back to OS X Tiger.)

AL iMac (2007) Not waking from sleep: (I don't see the problem here on same system.)

(added 5/20/2009 - from several mails the last 48hrs)
"24" iMac late 2007 (2.4GHz C2D, 4GB ram, Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03, SMC Version: 1.21f4).
Hard disk was replaced 2 weeks ago by applecare, new disk (Seagate) ST3500321CS.

With 10.5.6 all worked well, with 10.5.7 click on sleep, machine suspends, on awake Spinning Beach Ball Of Death.
Clean installed 10.5 no issue, upgraded to 10.5.7 base, same issue. Back on 10.5.6, suspend works correctly.
(I have the exact same system (down to the firware version, ram, etc - although my OEM HD is a WDC 320GB) and have seen no problems with it sleeping/waking (manually done via apple menu) dozens of times a day. (Std wired keyboard/Logitech USB mouse (no LT drivers installed) and a Ministack v3 (Quad interface) connected via FW800 (and an EyeTV connected to Minstack USB hub.) I used the download 10.5.7 updater however (after a clean reboot first).
If you used software update did you try reapplying from the 10.5.7 Combo update? Do you have any 3rd party addons (startup/login items, or drivers, etc.) or devices connected?-Mike
Used software update. When I clean installed and upgraded to 10.5.7 I did not attach any devices, was a clean upgrade. No external drives, etc. connected.
I have 2 other iMacs all 20" with 10.5.7 - no issues.
2 weeks ago my HD died, applecare replaced the 320gb with one of 500gb (Seagate) ST3500321CS. I wonder if this is the issue, when 10.5.7 was installed and the drive spun down the same issue occurred.
(He later wrote)
I will repair permissions, disconnect hardware, reboot then apply Combo Updater.... (and a later mail said)
I tried, failed. Combo made no difference. I think its the new drive in there. For some reason in 10.5.7 it does not spin up. Anyway installing 10.5.6 again, will take a few hours to put my data back. (ouch - no backup drive? (My ministack has partitions for TM and a separate Clone of boot HD - granted both on one drive is sort of like having all the backup eggs in one basket...)
If you reinstalled it's too late but I wonder if the console would have shown any useful entries on the problem.-Mike
More people same issue here.
Apple forum thread iMac not waking up from sleep mode (10.5.7)
I called apple again today, they are interested, sent me a tool to send the log files. I have TM backup, most of my data I keep on a fw drive anyway. Not such a biggy to reinstall. I will upgrade to 10.5.7 and run the capture data software. To me it feels like a drive issue, whether that be driver or firmware. I will keep you posted if I hear something back from apple.
-Grant "

I don't know what change in 10.5.7 would make the HD (alone) a factor - and the user that started that Apple forum thread above has the same WDC 320GB drive I have in my 2007 AL iMac and I'm not seeing this problem w/10.5.7.
If any other reader has seen this problem let me know the details. (I can't replicate it here on the same model iMac.)

(added 5/20/2009)
"eSATA Expresscard and 10.5.7
I have an APIOTEK Extreme EC-0003D (dual port, Sil3132 based) on a MacBook Pro (late 2007) and everything works fine after 10.5.7 update.
(I asked for more details just for the record (including driver version and ext. case used) and if he had 4GB ram (just curious after a report on the expresscards page))
Yes, it is the SIl3132 chip with the 1.1.9 driver.
I am using it with two external drives. SimpleTech Duo Pro Drive RAID0 dual-drive quad interface enclosure (with single SATA cable). I am also using it with NewerTech dual drive (esata only) enclosure with dual sata cable and RAID0 setup from Disk Utility.
Both have worked fine with OS 10.5.6 and 10.5.7.
I have 4GB of RAM, but this MacBook only sees 3GB (late 2007).
Let me know if you need any more info.
By the way, I always disconnect the express card by powering down the card from the menu before pulling it out of the MacBook. However, I have pulled it before powering down and disconnecting drives and never had a kernel panic.
Best regards, Pedro"

(added 5/20/2009)
"eSATA Expresscard and 10.5.7
I have a JMicron JMB360 chipset Expresscard eSATA from OtherWorldComputing. I use it with their NewerTech Voyager Q (Quad Interface) FireWire 800/400/USB 2.0/eSATA Hard Drive Docking Solution. I had no trouble booting from a 2.5" SATA drive and the Expresscard eSATA card.

(Comments updated 5/20/2009)
"eSATA Expresscard and 10.5.7
Got the SiL3132 (chip based) eSATA card and haven't had any problems.
(I asked for more details and if Combo/DL or SU used)
MacBook Pro 15" (Core Duo), Driver v1.5.3.0
Used with an OWC RAID external (2 Hitachi 1TB drives striped)
Used the 10.5.7 Combo updater download.
-Bob M."

(comments updated 5/20/2009)
"eSATA Expresscard and 10.5.7
2006 MBP 2.16 17", Sonnet Tempo SATA Express/34 card (non-pro card, using 1.1.9v2 driver from Sonnet's site), OWC dual eSata housing with WD Black 1TB drive.
Installed using Combo update, permissions repair, etc.
When converting and compressing several VIDEO_TS folder for archiving in Popcorn 3.03 computer hung with frozen cursor. Happened twice. My MBP NEVER froze before. Only happened after 10.5.7 update.
(Were the freezes related to the esata card? - Were you using its attached drive during the conversion?)
Yes. The files were located on the esata drive. It only happened after several VIDEO_TS folders were converted - one after another. I have done the same kinds of conversions in the past with no problems. Note: I do have the latest firmware and have had no problems with the drive in the past.
-John L."

Follow-up on DisplayLink 1.1.2beta driver broken in 10.5.7 (from the reader that originally reported this the day 10.5.7 was released. V1.1 driver worked in 10.5.7 (per other reports), but he needed mini monitor support in the 1.1.2 beta driver)

(added 5/19/2009)
"Just a quick update on my displaylink (1.1.2 beta/10.5.7) driver problems.
I've had some luck getting it to work again.

Keeping the installed 1.1.2beta drivers, I overwrote the actual DisplayLinkDriver file using the older version from the 1.1 release.

Using Pacifist to open the installers (you could use terminal) I replaced the installed 1.1.2beta driver found at:
with the equivalent file from the 1.1 installer. The 1.1.2beta file was 71.1k, while the 1.1.1 was 71k.

So far so good, and better than waiting for an updated driver :)
(But I thought (per their driver download page) that only the 1.1.2 beta had mini monitor support (which you own - Nanovision UM710, 7" USB display link powered mini monitor).-Mike)
Basically I installed (again) the beta (1.1.2beta) drivers. Screen didn't work. But I took the raw driver file out of the 1.1 drivers, replaced the beta equivalent and it worked.

I can only assume it was failing with the 1.1 drivers not because the screens chipset wasn't supported but because it couldn't find appropriate device descriptions to fire the thing up with. Hence leaving all the beta support files behind added support for the mini monitors.

I guess in the beta drivers they added some more code which somehow got broken by the 10.5.7, and that the mini monitor support was not part of the core driver module, but added in via the other files involved in the install.
Confused but happy its all working again,
-Mike R."

(I'll let someone else do the preaching for a change)

(added 5/19/2009)
"I don't know why folks are always having problem with MacOS updates. If they take general precautions and do some needed maintenance tasks before updating, they shouldn't have a problem. I have completed 4 computer updates (10.5.7) with no issues:
MacBook Pro 15" 2.33GHZ Core2Duo
MacMini 2.0GHZ Core2Duo
PowerBook 15" 1.67MHZ
PowerBook 12" 1.5GHZ

I never use Software Update to do any OS upgrades. (Neither do I normally, not even iLife apps updates.-Mike) Instead I use the combo updater. Here are the steps I perform:
1. Run Disk Utility on the main boot drive and repair permissions. (also worth doing a verify on the drive (not verify permissions, verify drive))
2. Clone the boot drive to an external drive (I use CCC).
3. Use DiskWarrior and run repair on the newly cloned drive.
4. Boot from the cloned drive to make sure it works.
5. Repeat Step 3 on the internal boot drive.
6. Reboot from the internal drive and after booted, un-mount the cloned drive and disconnect it from the system.
7. Run Onyx to run the maintenance scripts and clear all caches.
8. Boot in Safe Mode.
9. Run the combo updater.
10. After reboot, repeat step 1.
That's it.
Again, I have updated many other Macs in the past using this procedure (iMacs both PPC and Intels, MacBook Pros Core2duo 17" varying processor speed) as well as the ones Listed above at the start of this message.

Of course there's usually some bugs in any OS update - I don't know of any (mac or PC) that hasn't had a bug and/or conflicts with some existing 3rd party addon/driver, etc. - but they may be obscure and only affect certain configurations. (Many times people forget addons they installed earlier and there have been many cases in the past where they have had problems with OS updates, requiring the developer to release an update.)
Nobody (not Apple or MS) can test all possible configurations and variations of addons/drivers, etc. - it's just not possible or practical. Nothing is a 'sure thing' for everyone, although the combo updater has been recommended for years (and has in the past fixed issues seen by some with SU) and of course the present state of your system/drive is also a factor. And regardless, having a current backup (preferably a bootable clone IMHO) is one of the basics.
And I know some will say they've always used SU without any problems - unfortunately many over the years have not been so lucky. And as I said earlier, even though Apple says (in a kbase doc) that a SU bug (where the script would run even with an incomplete download) has been fixed in 10.5.6 I still prefer the download/combo updaters. Plus I keep a copy of it on an ext. drive for updating other macs and in case I ever need to do a clean install from my original retail 10.5.0 disc.

(added 5/18/2009)
" 10.5.7 + MBP 2.2 Santa Rosa = beware
On a negative note, things have gone bad to worse on my MacBook Pro. (he earlier reported the system never went into sleep mode when battery ran down - just shut down. Seems many people have noted auto-sleep no longer works, although that's come up in the past after some OS X updates also. See below for other similar notes on this issue, some noting tips that helped on their systems but nothing may be a universal fix for everyone.-Mike)
SMC reset didn't do anything. Overall, the machine will sleep if I tell it to. If I simply close the lid, it goes 1/2 to sleep, then wont' wake up. If I let it run out of battery, it RUNS out he battery to the point of shutting off.
I'm now in the process of archive installing and reverting to 10.5.6. I don't think I'll update any more until Snow Leopard.

I am not alone here among MBP owners. Can't understand how Apple could release an update that wrecks a whole model of computer they built. It's not like it's a third party software or hardware conflict, as it's happening to so many no matter what they try. Many claim it has something to do with the computer not talking to the High Speed USB bus #2 correctly, but it doesn't matter if no devices are hooked up to the USB2 ports, it still happens, so my guess is that the built in camera, which is USB2 based and on the second USB2 bus, may be the "culprit" that is keeping the bus alive. The keyboard/trackpad, IR, and BT are USB 1.1 on their own buses.

The fact that the isight is on the same bus as the right side USB2 port on the macbook pro may also explain why certain devices only work when attached the left side port. the isight may be conflicting with them, too.
-Mike K."

Although it's not been a fix for everyone with this problem, an apple forum thread titled 10.5.7 Macbook sleeps once, freezes second time has some tips that helped some users (first related to those that had disabled ethernet - 2nd tip related to prefs):

"ref: 10.5.7 Macbook sleeps once, freezes second time - Solution!
I've found a solution or a work around that helps in my case.
Problem: deactivated ethernet port in my active network environment while using airport alone!
Mith my MBP I usually connect to the internet by WLAN and I use an environment setting with ethernet deactivated (maybe you too?).
I've activated the ethernet port, saved the environment - apply - voila.
Sleep mode works as usual.
Greetings from Germany, Kai"

More than 1/2 dozen users replied the above tip worked for them (they had all disabled ethernet apparently). Farther down the thread someone else mentioned deleting several prefs helped - with several replies from others that said that helped as well:

"I was having trouble with sleep also. Deleting these worked for me:

Exact same problem but in addition my MBP battery was getting very hot. Deleted the files above I could find (coundn't find a couple of them). The problem is fixed...."

See below for some other reader's notes/tips.

(added 5/18/2009)
" Apple's 10.5.7 update broke the sleeping habits of my iMac and black MacBook. Unless I manually tell them to sleep, they just won't do it. Tried pram, smc resets, reinstalling, repairing permissions and other things with Onyx and nothing. Thanks Apple!
(he later wrote)
Ethernet enabled or disabled, problems persist. Tried to trash some .plist files, as others mentioned, without success. I only hope that Apple recognizes this problem and bring some kind of workaround, at least for my macbook as for the imac it isn't to much of a problem.

BTW - although I don't use a Mac notebook running leopard and for my desktops I have ES sleep disabled (I just manually select sleep from menu as needed) I ran a test this morning and the system (10.5.7) does not auto-sleep. (Display will auto-sleep, but not system. Manual sleep/wake works fine however.) The only non-std addon on that system I can think of is Intech's SMART utility extension - although removing all of Intech's speedtools (and unmounting the Bootcamp/Vista 64 Ultra separate HD) didn't help - it still will not auto-sleep the system. And this system was NOT updated via software update. Regular readers know I avoid software update (for years) as well as 3rd party haxies, etc. However I see no other -functional- problems with it in OS X 10.5.7.
(One thing I am seeing still (not new to 10.5.7) are errors shown in the console when running software update - but I've seen that on every 10.5.x Mac I have for as long as I can remember - it is NOT a functional problem and you'd never know it unless you checked the console (all) messages.)

(added 5/18/2009)
" Ran the Software Update incremental updater for 10.5.7 for the Mac Pro (single 2.66Ghz, 10GB Ram, 1TB SATA Raid 1) and it wouldn't restart, enter Safe mode, enter single user mode, or boot of a Retail Leopard disk. All I could get was the Grey Boot screen with a dark grey Apple logo and the spinning indicator. I could get the machine to show the boot options with the Option key but when I selected the Leopard Retail DVD, it would spin up the DVD and then reboot after a few minutes.

Finally, after reset the PRAM and all of the tricks learned over the years, I called AppleCare and they requested I try to boot using the original Leopard (10.5.2) DVD that came with the machine. It was able to boot off the original DVD and then when I went into Disk Utility, it immediately notified me that the Raid was rebuilding because a slice was degraded.

After allowing that to finish (4 hours), I did a disk and permissions repair, thinking the trouble was behind me.

Nope, exact same problem when attempting to reboot to the internal hard drive, spinning wheel of gray with the dark grey Apple logo in the background.

So I have an external FW800 500GB drive used to clone my MacBook Pro internal drive. I connected that drive to the Mac Pro and using the option key to select it during the boot process.

The system booted normally, all hardware was present and functional. The internal hard drives showed up properly as a single Raid hard drive. Everything looked fine.

I then downloaded the combo updater and tried to install and I got an error message that I could NOT update this Raid drive because the installer had to be run from the drive to be updated. This BLEW MY MIND, I have done this a million times so at this point, I have no clue what's happening.

I then downloaded the incremental (delta) updater (the one that Software Update had originally used to cause these problems). I started the installer and it allowed me to select the internal hard drive for update. So at this point, I get curious. I quit the installer without running the incremental update, restart the Combo updater and now I CAN select the internal hard drive and I proceed to apply the Combo update.

After it's finished, I check the drive and repair permissions. All is good. I try to reboot and the system finally reboots normally.

I check permissions again when I booted on the drive and I get an weird error messages about a package missing. So I download the Combo updater again and install it again.
Afterwards, all is good.

(added 5/18/2009)
" I have a Mac mini (last years model) attached to my Samsung TV (Model LN32A450) and use the Samsung recommended screen resolution of 1360x768. It works great with Boxee and I watch a lot of Netflex movies that way. When I upgraded the OS from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7 it changed the screen resolution to a much higher resolution -1600 something x something else. I went to System Preferences to select 1360x768 but it wasn't there! I could not find a satisfactory resolution and had to reinstall OS 10.5.6.
-Don M."

(added 5/18/2009)
" OS X 10.5.7 sleep problem (reply to previous posts)
I am seeing some sleep strangeness with my Macs since upgrading to 10.5.7. Specifically, I can make them sleep on demand, but they won't sleep automatically. Only the screens go to sleep. I have an early 2008 Mac Pro and a recently purchased Macbook Pro, and both are exhibiting this same behavior since 10.5.7 was installed. It's annoying on the Mac Pro, but it's a real problem on the laptop for obvious reasons. I hope Apple is aware of this and plans to fix it soon. I assume it's a conflict with something else I have installed, but I have no idea what it could be.
(he later wrote)
Here's an update... I ran Applejack and did a deep clean of all cache, etc., and now sleep is working again. Funny, but when I set sleep to 1 minute, the screen goes black at the one minute point, but the Mac doesn't sleep for at least another minute. No matter...at least it does sleep on its own.
-Steve A. "

(added 5/18/2009)
" After installing 10.5.7 update on macbook pro 2.2ghz (286mb download) (? even delta 10.5.7 download is 400+MB - used software update instread?-Mike) my philips SHM6105 usb headset/mic no longer works. There were no philips drivers and it worked out of the box until this update.
Cheers, Chris "

It may not help but I asked if he tried the usual things (disconnect/reconnect to different USB port, check Sound Prefs and Audio/Midi Util. settings, RP, clearing caches, etc. - if no help try reinstalling Combo Updater.)

(added 5/18/2009)
"Reference to 10.5.7 "Modem Connect Issues"
(my post in May 13th news page We did indeed have this exact problem after the update. We couldn't connect using v.92. Upon searching the web, I ran across your article and tried v.34. It worked immediately and we haven't lost connection once. I'm not sure why this works, but it does for now. THANKS!!!
Ruby W. "

(added 5/18/2009)
" I have a white Core2Duo MacBook 2,1 GHz/ 2 GB RAM. I installed Mac OS X 10.5.7 (Software Update) and since then the MacBook will not go to sleep when let alone. It sleeps when the lid is closed or with the sleep command from the Apple menu.

I reinstalled Mac OS X 10.5.7 with the combo update, reset SMC and PRAM and deleted the preferences in Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. It did not help. The MacBook has had no sleep problems with 10.5.6.

(added 5/18/2009)
" I also have a final cut pro issue with 10.5.7 that I'm not seeing before. that's on an iMac 3.06 from last summer.

the dreaded "cannot open file as it may be from a newer version" message that has to do with disk permissions
-Mike K."

(added 5/18/2009)
" Running a Macbook 2.16Ghz Core 2 CPU, 4Gb Ram, OEM HD and big difference with (est.) battery life. Just reading a webpage with Safari 4 Beta and seeing battery meter showing 5hours and 40 minutes available. Previously around the four hour mark. If it's accurate, nice job Apple on getting these numbers into a 25% improvement. Highly commendable! Even typing this message via Mail, I'm seeing 5hours and 20 minutes left...

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