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OS X 10.6.2 Feedback/Tips/Problems
Reports last Updated: 11/11/2009 (11PM ET)

This page is a catch-all for recent reader feedback on the OS X 10.6.2 update.
Here's links to 10.6.2 updater downloads (including Combo), related Apple docs, etc. (I've always preferred the download updaters (and use the combo if any problems are found, as well as check for issues with addons/3rd party drivers, startup/login items, haxies, etc.)

BTW - I know regular readers are tired of hearing it, but make sure you have a current backup before applying any OS update. (I keep a current TM backup plus boot HD clone on an external drive, and do a clean reboot before applying any update.)
I updated both an 09 Mac Pro (GTX285) and early 09 17in MBP using the download updater (fairly 'clean' systems) - so far no problems seen except for Sound output prefs changed on the Mac Pro. But not used them much yet (updated about 1/2hr ago).

Reader reports on 10.6.2 Update: (later reports first)
To send a report on 10.6.2 (pro or con, tips, etc.) click here. Include details on your Mac model/config and if you have probelms - include info on any addons/3rd party haxies (APE, fan control/cpu tweaks, startup/login items, 3rd party Codecs etc.) and if you used the download (combo or delta) update or "software update". If you have a problem with a 3rd party app/utility/driver, etc. please include the version of it you're using (as there could be a later one released tomorrow/next week, etc.) Thanks!
(BTW - Many readers have said they're not going to update to 10.6.2 for a week or two at least to see how things go with others. I fully understand that. I did update two other Macs to 10.6.2 but my primary work (2007) iMac still has 10.5.8 on it and will for some time. At least until all the printing/driver problems, etc. are squared away.)

FYI on Sound Output/Prefs: (leaving this at the top as a FYI) This is fairly common apparently (sound output prefs change). After the 10.6.2 update on the Mac Pro the Sound prefs/output settings were changed to internal speakers. I had to change it back to Line Out. But the MBP retained the previous settings. (Both are fine now - music, videos, etc. all have sound.) I've also had other readers mention no sound output even from internal speakers after the 10.6.2 update - for some the same fix (change sound prefs/output settings and in some cases volume level settings changed). I need to check other prefs as well (see note on sound effects below) and if I had any addon audio interfaces I'd check audio/midi setup utility settings also. Neither of those Macs has any 3rd party codecs, etc installed. (See below - one reader noted an audio enhancer not working w/10.6.2)

BTW - on the Mac Pro after OS X 10.6.2 update I noticed initially very sluggish to wake from sleep (rarely sleep that machine as it's not used the daily work mac) and when opening 10.6.2's Startup disk control panel for the _first time_ after the update it took a long time to show the (4) available boot drives (4HDs installed - 10.6.2, 10.5.8, bootcamp/V64, and Win7 HDs). So I checked console for messages/errors and it showed a string (multiple instances) of:

    com.apple.diskmanagementd[196] Boot Option does not match XML representation
    com.apple.diskmanagementd[196] XML representation doesn't match true boot preference
    (repeated about 10 times and then when I later checked the firewall settings)
    System Preferences[193] Could not connect the action resetLocationWarningSheetOK: to target of class AppleSecurity_Pref
    System Preferences[193] Could not connect the action resetLocationWarningSheetCancel: to target of class AppleSecurity_Pref

When opening Startup disk prefs a 2nd time later, boot volumes were listed quickly as usual (and no console errors seen).
I did not see any delays/errors with Startup disk prefs on the MBP last night when I did a test boot to Win7 and back to 10.6.2.

(added 11/12/2009 from 11/11 mail)
"Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know I installed the combo update for 10.6.2. (Dual 2.8GHz Mac Pro 3,1 w/10GB ram). I use a Griffin Firewave for surround sound in World of Warcraft and have seen no problems with the update. My surround sound still works. However the FireWave app is broken, can't find a version number, it just bounces for a while and then stops. However I don't really use it.

I'd report this to Griffin also.

(added 11/12/2009 from 11/11 mail)
" I have not had print function on my HP Laserjet 2840 PSC since installing Snow Leopard. Although drivers were included, the printer is stuck in pause mode and will not change. I have updated 10.6.2 and installed the update of hp drivers but to no avail.
The only way I am printing on the mac side is via a second networked 2840 that will print via bonjour. Tried using generic printer drivers... no change. It's bad enough that scan and fax is lost with snow leopard but I can't even do what they supposedly wrote software for.....EXTREMELY AGGRAVATING!!!

Printer problems have been IMHO the most common complaint about SL since the first .0 release. (It's a big reason many are still running 10.5.x, especially on macs used for business.)

(added 11/11/2009)
"Hi Mike, Just like to send the news that 10.6.2 adressess what I think was a general graphical issue in 10.6.x. It showed itself particularly in games. I noticed it in World of Warcraft since I installed Snow Leopard and that is that "full screen glow effects" didn't work with Anti-aliasing enabled, or rather full screen glow effects would disable AA. This seems fixed now and performance seems steady.
Looking into this issue before I found a lot of games and apps suffering from similar issues hence it sounded more general than WoW-related.
The above is on a MacPro Dual 2.8GHz / GeForce 8800. I'm not sure ATI-boards suffered from the same issue.
Regards, Erik L."

(added 11/11/2009)
"Have updated 2 machines to 10.6.2 with no problems - either with this update or the basic switch from 10.5.8. to Snow Leopard.

2.8GHz Quad Mac Pro w/ATI 2600 (only add on card is FirmTek SeriTek 2SE2 SATA - however multiple external SATA and FW drives - no problems) and 2GHz Macbook. Had no problems with apps or printers and I have old printers.
Have not found any more problems than any other upgrade.

(added 11/11/2009)
"Hi, Mike. I'm running a 2.66GHz x2 Mac Pro (2006) with an nVidia 8800 GT (purchased from from Apple, as a replacement for the horrible ATI 1900 XT that originally shipped with the system). (Video topics page graphics card section here has several x1900 related articles from the past including cooler swaps, tips for artifacting/overheating, etc. - although for some nothing helped.-Mike) The system has 4 GB of Apple RAM, and uses a 1TB aftermarket Western Digital HD as a boot drive.
I updated from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2, using software update. All seemed to go well. I haven't done much to push the system, mostly running popular productivity and Internet apps, and a bit of light gaming (Hordes of Orcs).
One strange but minor issue, my sound output switched from line-out to the internal speaker after I ran the update and restarted. Switching back was easy enough, but I'm not sure what caused it to change in the first place.
Thanks, Jake"

The sound output/prefs change after the update is not uncommon - I mentioned it here the night 10.6.2 was released (and kept at FYI/Tip on it above here as a 'sticky') - many others have seen it also. (Saw it with my Mac Pro but not a MBP.)

(added 11/11/2009)
"Since 10.6.2, the maximum display brightness of my MBP 13" is much lower than before. Because I use my MBP often in bright environments, this is really a drawback for me. I'll report this issue to Apple.
Regards, Thomas"

Not noticed this on an (early 2009) MBP but will check for it later today/tonight.

(added 11/11/2009 -from Nov 10th mail)
"MacBook Pro 2GB RAM, Updated via software update.
Since the update Intego Virus barrier does not work. Netupdate 10.5 is broken and will not run. It crashes and sends a report to Apple. No news from Intego to date."

I don't use either of those but asked he report back if there's an update/fix. (Assuming it's a common issue.)

FYI to SwitchDiskSizeBase users: (Update: the author has released an updated version that works w/10.6.2. http://web.me.com/brkirch/switchDiskSizeBase_3.zip. The author currently doesn't have a website so the linked filename may change over time if it's updated. (And as always, reboot after installing.))

(added 11/11/2009)
"For Mac OS X 10.6.1, there was a nifty patch called switchDiskSizeBase which would allow you to fix file sizes to correctly display base-2 sizes instead of Apple's ridiculous base-10. Unfortunately, it seems that this patch performs raw byte-replacements within Foundation.framework and is not compatible with 10.6.2. It reports "Cannot patch Foundation framework; either it is not version 6.6 or it is corrupted". Looking into the Foundation.framework's Info.plist, it appears the 10.6.2 update comes with Foundation framework 6.6.1.
I've looked at the source code of switchDiskSizeBase, and I could simply remove the version check, but it would almost certainly replace bytes in the wrong place when using Foundation framework 6.6.1. I'm hoping the author will release an updated version of this splendid utility soon!
- Blair S."

Slow Pictures Screensaver Tip: I've not tested this yet but if anyone else sees very slow 10.6.2 Pictures (slideshow) screensaver here's an apple forum thread post on it w/fix - Pictures screensaver insanely slow after updating to 10.6.2 (from "Ernst") which has this tip:

"Found a workaround:
Replace the "Pictures Folder" screensaver with the one from 10.6.1.

"/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Pictures Folder.saver/Contents/MacOS/Pictures Folder"

(added 11/11/2009)
"Did not fix wifi connection problem with late 2006 MacBook2,1. I changed wireless router from b back to b/g and it still drops wifi connection after a few minutes.
Using a Verizon DSL b/g wireless router set to b only, NAT only, no Firewall on with Mac or DSL wireless router.

Knock on wood no issues seen here (since AE base 7.6.1 at least) with my wireless network. (But there's a ton of variables - I'm using DLS modem connected to Wan port of Simul AE base w/WPA2, no MAC addr filtering.)

2nd confirmation that Maya 2009 Issues w/GTX-285 are fixed:
(From a reader that had commented on GTX-285/Maya 2009 problems in OS X 10.5.x-10.6.1 last Friday.)

(added 11/10/2009)
"Hey Mike, I just finished updating to 10.6.2 and I am excited to say that the update resolved all issues I was having regarding Maya 2009. No marquee issues, the manipulators are finally showing up like they should (instead of appearing greyed out) and I appear to have gained performance within the viewport window as far as polys displayed with rotation and dollying in the scene.
I am once again a very happy Apple user.

More notes on Sound Prefs Settings:

(added 11/10/2009)
"Hi Mike, As others have written, I noticed a reset of audio settings with 10.6.2 update. What tripped my up was that the "Output" tab of the sound preference isn't the only setting that needs to be reset. There is a separate setting in the "Sound Effects" tab -> "Play sound effects through.." On my machine, this had reset itself from "Selected sound output device" to "Internal speakers", so I was getting the weird situation of having, say, iTunes play through the line out speakers, and Mail and Finder sounds played (very quietly) through the internal speakers.
It might be worth it to suggest folks check both tabs.

(added 11/10/2009)
"Updated to 10.6.2 on early 2009 unibody MacBook, after which Safari 4.0.3 crashed constantly on any site with flash. Eventually restored to 10.6.1 and downloaded the full Combo update to 10.6.2 (Only a few MB larger than the delta 10.6.2 updater) and it now works fine.

Didn't see any flash problems on the 2 machines I updated (so far) but I'm not a big fan of flash (I have flash global privacy/security settings at most restrictive possible). But I did see some flash related permissions 'corrections' needed when verifying the Mac pro 10.6.2 HD after the update (as well as a couple others - all fixed except for the ARDagent one, which is normal.) MBP's 10.6.2 verify was clean (only normal ARDagent message).

(added 11/10/2009)
"I have a first Gen Mac Pro 1.1 with a 8800GT video card and I have seen no problems or change. My upgrade to 10.6.2 seems to be seamless so far. Will keep you posted I I see any change or broken behaviour...
-Robert B"

(added 11/10/2009)
"I have a Mac Pro 3,1 with 8800 GT. Actually, since 10.6.1, I have noticed random and very intermittent horizontal line on some web page photos. They go away if I refresh the page.

(added 11/10/2009)
"Call of duty 4 become very slow and unplayable. And at the end the graphics seem to crash.
iMac 24in, Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT (128 MB), 4GB RAM

I've got COD4 (w/1.71 patch IIRC) on a Mac Pro (GTX285) and MBP (9600M) but not had time to try it yet w/10.6.2. (It's one game where the 4870 was faster than the 285 at least at 1920x1200 rez of my display but not tested it w/10.6.2 yet.)

(added 11/10/2009)
"10.6.2 fixed the magenta print problem in Aperture for me and generally made Aperture workable again. (MacBook Pro 2.4GHz). I do have problems with airtunes now, itunes drops speakers off the list after a certain time (30 - 45min?).... turning airport on/off does the trick only to drop it again.
-Paul S."

(added 11/10/2009)
"Early 2007 Macbook Pro, upgraded from 10.6.1 via the combo updater.
No major changes, but the Spaces bug with logitech mice remains.
Can't activate spaces from the mouse. Pressing F8 to activate Spaces also seems borked.
However, trigger Expose from the mouse works as it did in 10.5.8.

(added 11/10/2009)
"yes, lost audio on a MacBook Air after the 10.6.2 update. somehow it switched my Sound Preference to something called "Soundflower", not the Built-in speakers. It was an easy fix, but it wasn't obvious at first.

Astound Sound audio enhancer v2.1.2 Not working

"Mike, I don't know how many people are using Astound Sound audio enhancer (2.1.2) know that the upgrade to Snow Leopard 10.6.2 seems to stop its use.
I'm using a Mac Pro 2.8 (early 2008) 8-core. I have notified Genuaudio, but no response yet.
(I asked if he'd checked his Sound Prefs, etc. in case this was related to the glitch some of us have seen.)
Checked prefs immediately and reset before I sent the first note (should have mentioned that) but that had no effect.
I have system and digital sound-just broke the AS add-on function. I will let you know when I hear from Genuadio.
-Bob J."

Magic Mouse Benefits? (updated) (BTW - 10.6.2 includes tonight's Wireless Keyboard 2.0 Update also - which apple released as a separate update for 10.5.8)

(comments twice updated 11/10)
"Hey Mike, Installed the new 10.6.2 update. Not sure how long this will last, but out of the gate the Magic Mouse seems much, much smoother under 10.6.2 for me with my Mac Pro. I mean, it's like night and day with zero perceptible lag. I will report back if this changes.

One other note - using the Dev tools, Bluetooth Explorer, shows the mouse has many more feature flags enabled than under 10.6.1 with the wireless update. Not sure if that's helping.


(I asked if he noticed any sound prefs (output, etc.) change after 10.6.2 update)
Yes, my sound prefs changed to my cinema display. I changed it back.
Coincidentally, under 10.6.1, anytime I woke my Mac Pro from sleep, changing the volume always changed the monitor speakers, despite line out still being default. Not sure if there's any coorelation.
(he later wrote)
A quick follow up: Mouse still working perfectly coming back from sleep hours later (never, ever did before). And sound prefs working correctly post sleep as well now.
(but then wrote)
I spoke to soon. I'm now seeing some minor lag post sleep after using the mouse a bit. Nothing like it used to be coming out of sleep though.
Shutting the mouse off and on seemed to fix the problem - and reconnection was almost instant, unlike before.
(and another follow-up Tuesday night)
As I continued to use the Magic Mouse under 10.6.2 the lag increased again, (never as bad under 10.6.2 however). I started thinking again that the Mac Pro's bluetooth reception was to blame. So I went and got a USB micro bluetooth adapter (iOGear Bluetooh 2.1 USB Micro Adapter) from Amazon for $20. Initially, I had planned to plug it into my aluminum wired extended apple keyboard, one of the two slots. But I got a power warning (I guess those ports are low power). I plugged it instead into a USB 2.0 hub I have sitting on the desk. The mac pro seemed to switch to the external BT adapter and I had to repair my devices but I couldn't tell for sure. Hardware Monitor showed both the internal BT module and external BT module were plugged in (both as USB devices), but I still wasn't sure which one was on. I went into the Mac Pro (2009) and disconnected the BT module from the motherboard, leaving it attached but unplugged. (of note - unlike earlier Mac pros I couldn't hijack the wifi antenna to try to improve reception; it's on the other side of the motherboard.)
The BT module did have two antenna inputs but only one is connected.
Anyhow, I reboot, and all is well. The external BT adapter is used fine, even on reboots the mouse responds at the login prompt. And it's incredibly smooth, perfect really, with no degradation so far.
Bluetooth connection doctor shows the RSSI (not raw RSSI) on the new connection is much better, by the way, almost always at 0 or -1. (the internal BT was around -6 when in use consistently)
There's definitely something to be said for the Mac Pro's horrible BT reception after all (I never have a problem with the Macbook Pro). I'll report if anything changes with this new method.

GTX-285 Maya 2009 Issues Fixed: (confirmed by another user also)

"Just grabbed the 10.6.2 update and it fixes the Maya 2009 issues (checked with GTX 285). Gimbal manipulators show up okay, shaders render correctly and the graph editor works correctly again.

Hopefully it also fixes 4870 problems (Dave mentioned earlier Maya 2009 w/10.6.1 had similar problems as the 285.)

"There's still a bug when using Spaces. If you click a link while holding command in Mail without a window open in Safari it then switches to Safari but it's not selected leaving the Mail menu bar and commands still active until you clock the Safari window. This shouldn't happen at all as holding the command key while clicking a link should keep Mail as the current application and open the link in Safari in the background.
aka MacBandit"

"I just installed 10.6.2. I was hoping it would fix my graphics woes, it did not. The problem that I am having is I own a ATI 4870 installed in my Mac Pro 1,1 and when doing any work the mouse is all but unusable.

When you are moving the mouse around it jumps about 2 inches of screen space every 2 seconds, regardless of how fast you are moving. In fact, the faster you are moving the worse it will be because of your acceleration.

Also this problem affects all graphics, from open GL screen savers, to dock magnification.

I bought the card with the intent of speeding up my parallels VMs behaviour (Parallel's version 4 or 5? Does the mouse tracking jump when the VM isn't running?-Mike) but so far it has made things more difficult. Don't get me wrong, when using the card OS X offloads most of the heavy lifting to the card but come on!
I have tested the card in Leopard and it works great, just snow leopard issue.
Thanks, Mike P."

My first guess is it sounds like something is running (interrupting) in the background or some addon isn't SL compatible (not sure if this was a problem w/10.5.x for him). I asked Mike for more details including:

    1) what mouse? (wired? BT? RF?)
    2) any 3rd party addons? (startup items, USB drivers, USB OD, etc)
    3) anything else connected via USB (that might be polling the bus regularly)
    4) did you update to 10.6.2 using D/L updater? (vs software update - I still avoid SU personally)
    And finally - is it a mac ATI 4870 or a flashed PC model? (and display used)

Personally for max graphics performance (but not sure what his VM app needs/usage is) I prefer to run windows in native (bootcamp) mode (for max 3D/video performance). But the only reason I boot to windows is for gaming. (I know VM's can be useful in some cases/apps.)
If any other 4870/Mac Pro owner (early model or not) sees this problem let me know. (I remember some GTX 285 owners also reporting something similar in the past but never saw that here with GTX 285 or 4870, but 4870 has been out of the mac pro for several months now.)

BTW - I later had a reply from another reader seeing this issue:

" I have a 2008 Mac Pro with an Apple Radeon 4870. I too experienced the jumpy mouse problem back on 10.6.0. The solution for me was to switch from a DVI cable to a VGA cable. Works fine now. I haven't retested on 10.6.1, or 10.6.2, but it sounds like now I don't have to.
Hopefully this is helps, Brian H."

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