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OS X 10.0.4 Update Reader Feedback (Updated):
Last Updated: 6/22/2001, 4:30 PM

I've gotten some reader comments on the OS X 10.0.4 update released yesterday. Two Beige G3 owner noted the audio issue with internal/external speakers was fixed (another noted there's still a problem but the previous user fix solved it). Some users noted improved performance (one reader timed some tests including Quicktime movie playback). One reader noted he's no longer able to connect to a Sun box after the update however. [Updated to include reader tip for this issue.]
Also included is a reader tip on how to list all the changed files and links to Apple TILs on OS X 10.0.4.

(Latest reports first -except for tips in reply to problem posts)

" Hi Mike,
Software Update ran almost automatically after booting into X. [must have had auto update checking enabled-Mike] The 12MB update ran without a hitch. Everything feels a zippier, especially the finder. Classic launches faster although I cannot back it with timed tests. The speed-bump is very subtle but enough to be noticed.
One thing to note though- I've lost sound in Quicktime Player. Any reason for this?
i7300/200 with a powerlogix/440 and xlr8/usbpci/scrollmouse.
still waiting for someone to port those linux 3dfx video drivers.."

" Mike,
It appears that a new version of ssh that was installed with OS 10.0.4 may have some issues.

I am no longer able to ssh into a Sun Box at Ga Tech. I am able to ssh into my personal Linux box. I went to and searched the mailing list and found some issues there dealing with the same error message:
"Disconnecting: Bad packet length -1993379553."

I had no trouble until I installed OS 10.0.4
Here's a link if you want to read the thread.

I'd be curious to know if any other users are experiencing this problem.
Thanks for spreading the word.
Clay "

[Update:] A reader sent a tip in reply to the above post:

" Mike,
The ssh issue can be corrected by forcing version one of the ssh protocol.
ssh -1 hostname
Mark "

" Hi Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that the new update has an audio fix my Beige G3 minitower. The last update (10.0.3) had the G3's audio play simultaneously out of its internal speaker and the line out. I bit annoying. But once I installed the new update this afternoon, the first thing I noticed on rebooting was that OS X was recognizing that I had something plugged in the audio out port and didn't play sound out of the G3's own speaker. Just like old times!

Also, I find that menus in apps like Internet Explorer 5.1 are much more responsive, and scrolling is a bit better (but there is still a big lag behind the cursor movements).
-Michael "

Another Beige G3 owner also noted the audio fix (but asked his comments/name not be posted). However this reader didn't agree:

" Incase anyone was wondering, the sound problem that was introduced in 10.0.2 is back in 10.0.4 for the unsupported and beige machines. and the fix that James Denton came up with works again, perfectly.
Thank you very much James.
[link to Jame's page with previous fix-Mike]

I've asked Ryan if he owned a beige g3 or a different (unsupported) mac model.

" Confirmed (tiny) speed increase: B/W G3 400MHz, 320MB RAM

Time in seconds. OS 10.0.3/10.0.4

Boot time : 125s/118s
Launch Time:
System Preferences: 4s / 3s
I.Explorer 5.1: 9s / 7s
Graphic Converter: 4s / 4s
QuickTime 5 : 5s / 4s
Classic (ext.disabled): 25s / 20s
Classic (ext.enabled) : 47s / 42s

Quick Time Movie Player:
"Phantom menace" trailer, double size : no dropped frames, 24 fps.
"Phantom menace" + "" : few dropped frames
( beween 20 and 24 fps under 10.0.3 and under 10.0.4 )

Finder seems a bit snappier (Menus, genie effect ) but it's hard to measure. Window resizing ( list view ) is still slow.

" The volume controls on the keyboard also work again.
Plus, minus and mute all work on the pro keyboard. It's nice to see that back again.

The list of new FireWire CDRW's also looks good since I need to get one.

Overall, this build seems a bit smoother. (Crazy audiophile talk, but I don't know how else to put it.)
Here's looking forward to MacWorld NY.

" Thankfully the "Classic" problem with PPP is fixed now!
Appears Opera's Copy Paste works in X now Too!

A Yikes (G4/PCI) owner noted that Sleep mode finally works also.
Some users had problems installing the 10.0.4 update as noted in this forum thread.

Brett wrote with a terminal tip on how to list all the changed files in 10.0.4:

    % cd /Library/Receipts/10.0.4Update.pkg/Contents/Resources
    % lsbom

He posted a stuffed text file of the output listing but it's over 300K unstuffed, so it's too large to list here.

Here is a list from Apple's web site of the improvements in OS X 10.0.4:

  • Improvements for USB devices, including additional external device support for iTunes CD burning
  • Improved battery life for many PowerBook G3 systems
  • Improved Classic compatibility
  • Security updates to OpenSSH and "sudo" services
  • Support for the new active-matrix 17-inch Apple Studio Display "

Here's a list of OS X 10.0.4 TILs from last night's listing:

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