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Reader Comments on USB Audio Problems in OS X 10.1:
Last Updated: 11/1/2001
Several readers replied to the DP800 owner report on problems with USB audio/speakers (repeated below). Note that I mistakenly listed his problems as being in OS 9.2, but he saw the problems in OS X 10.1.

(latest reports first)

" I have the exact same problem in both Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS X. In OS X, I get a kernel panic if I unplug my h/k soundsticks after the sound has stopped playing. If you use the Sound preferences in OS X to switch the audio output to the internal speakers, you can hear a "stuck" sound sample play. This can be easily replicated by reselecting the soundsticks as the sound output, playing a sound sample (eg: an alert sound), then switching to the built-in speakers. It seems like sounds are getting stuck in a buffer somewhere. Very annoying. :(
King Chung Huang "

" I've seen a variation of the same problem as well. I work at a CompUSA and I have the SoundSticks and iSub plugged into the back of 17" Apple Studio Display that is then connected to a G4 Dual 800. The music continues to play in iTunes, but I lose functionality of the keyboard. It does not happen very often, but its embarrassing when it happens to a customer. Moving the keyboard to the USB port on the G4 solved the problems.

The speakers are hooked up to the G4 and I have had no other problems.
G4 DP 800 is a standard configuration, and runs both 9.2.1 and OS X 10.1.
Chris Trejo "

" Same problem...
It happens EVERY TIME that I'm playing iTunes and initiate an AirPort data transfer. Any type of data. If the music was playing when the transfer began, the music stops. iTunes still registers that it is playing but the time remains static. The computer is unable to produce audio of any type. (I have the soundsticks) This problem persists until I do a hard restart of the system. I experienced this under both X and X.1.
Also, I got pretty much the same kernel panic once when the audio was in this "failed" state (what else shall I call it)

Its the only time I've crashed X. Ever. And I've been using it since the Public Beta was available.
Just to let you know.
arcayx "

" I have the dual 800 with isub and the pro speakers and have no problems. I have Mac OS 9.2.1 and OS X.
Randie "

" Mike,
I noticed this problem in OS 10.1 on my Tibook 400 and my HK Sound Sticks. The OS seems to be confused about which audio source is active. There are three volumes at work: Main Volume, iTunes Volume, and Alert Volume. Both Alert and Main can be changed from internal to Sound Sticks in 10.1 independently.

The volume keys (f3 and f4) tend to play out of the internal speakers even with Sound Sticks selected in the sound system preference. The volume within iTunes is very low intially until I open the sound preferences and adjust the volume a little by sliding the bar up and down.

One day I was switching the settings around trying to make all the sound come out of the Sound Sticks and iTunes sound went away. I then unplugged the Sound Sticks to kind of reset the system and got a kernel panic.
Clay Jones "

" I experienced it the other night with iTunes 2 in 10.1. I have the Soundsticks but I saw the problem on a Titanium Powerbook. While I was importing a song from a CD it just stopped playing sound (ANY SOUND) but yet the song was still playing in iTunes, and whenever I received an IM it didn't make any noise either....something definetly fishy, I just passed it off as quirky... "

" I've had a similar problem under OSX. I found that putting the machine {DP500} to sleep and then waking it again, starts the sound working again. Sometimes I have to do this 3 or 4 times. I have filed a report with Apple.
Mark "

" I saw this problem with the USB audio on my Pismo 500, but only on OS 9.1. Since I upgraded to OS 9.2.1 I haven't seen this problem again. I can only reccomend upgrading to the latest version of iTunes if he hasn't already done so.
Hope that helps
Ed Gain
web designer "

(Original reader problem report from 10/31 news page follows)
I don't know if this is typical (I'm not lucky enough to have a Dual G4/800 :-) but an owner wrote with problems he's seen in OS X with his USB speakers:

" I was listening to a song in itunes while in Netscape 6.2 (it's really good by the way) and suddenly my keyboard stopped working and the music stopped. I unplugged the keyboard from the back of the screen to the back of the g4. it worked. But no way of making working back the speakers and i noticed that iTunes wasn't continuing playing, i mean it wasn't paused but the songs still was at 3:52. trying to pause unpause didn't change anything.
I tried to move the speakers again then i had this kernel panic related to the module USB.IO_audio if i'm right (somthing like that anyway).
I hope Apple will do something quick. Because i can't listen to music for very long with my harman kardon speakers. (istick and iSub)

If anyone else has seen this problem or has a tip for Gregory, let me know.

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