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Reader's Performance/Appearance Tweaks to LimeWare for Mac OS X:
Published: 7/25/2001

Tom Hackett sent a copy of a long letter he sent to the developers of LimeWare with a listing of tweaks/mods he made to the MRJApp.properties file which "make the program seem faster and look better" in OS X he said.

" I just sent a message to the people at LimeWire.com, they make the program LimeWire which is a really good Gnutella client/server. My message basically details a few small changes I made to their MRJApp.properties file which make the program seem faster and look better. I think these changes can be made to any .app OS X Java program even after compilation. Here is my letter :

I'm a proud Mac OS X user. I like Lime Wire and have been recommending it to friends. I found that I didn't like the latest release for Mac OS X that much though. I think it makes use of the swing interface. Well, it definately looked and felt different!

Besides now matching all my other "Aqua" applications, it seemed to have very slow screen redraws. The bottom of the window by the "Connect/Disconnect" button seemed to be drawing over it self. Eveything seemed to be running slow. I know that some of this has to do with Mac OS X and Apple's attempt to release a pretty operating system before a _fast_ and pretty operating system ( the next update is supposed to fix most everything ). I did some research though and was quickly able to fix almost everything that I thought was less than perfect about this latest LimeWire release just be editing the "LimeWire.app/Contents/Resources/MRJApp.properties" file!

I changed the last part of the file from :

Now the program doesn't show off Mac OS 10.0's horrible 2-D drawing since the "live-resize" is set to false. This makes resizing the window much nicer. (Note this should be no longer necessary after Mac OS 10.1 fixes the 2-D drawing problems in September ) The "useScreenMenuBar" option is just too cool! It puts all of the LimeWire menus up at the top menu bar, just like any other MacOS program! Having the menus in the same window as the rest of the application just screams to Mac users that this is a program what was not designed for them. I think the reason for this is because of a built up "motion memory" of going to a certain place to access menus. In Windows it's at the top of the current window, for Mac users it's at the top of the screen to access the same menu bar that's in every application. I also set the Anti Aliasing to false because the program just generally felt slow, and I thought this might speed things up. Well it still looks beautiful and feels faster. The "growbox intrudes" option seems to fix some odd redraw bugs that I mentioned earlier where the status indicator and Connect/Disconnect button seemed to be drawing over it self, re-filling the area that would be created if the growbox Did Not intrude. Basically this seems to fix problems and makes it more like the other Mac OS X apps too!

Well I just wanted to let you people know about how vastly improved LimeWire seems to be after the small changes I made. I suggest you strongly consider making these changes in the next release of LimeWire for Mac OS X.
- Tom Hackett

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