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OS X 10.1.3 and DVD Player Reports
First Posted: 2/20/2002
(last updated 2/24/2002)

3/1/2002 - Apple Releases DVD Player 3.1 Update OS X users that had problems with the DVD player after the 10.1.3 update should check Software Updates to get the 3.1 version released today. Here's what Apple notes as changed (copied from the Software Update window):

    "DVD Player 3.1 adds features for DVD authoring, including the ability to select and play the contents of a 'VIDEO_TS' folder from a local volume. This update also adds AppleScript support for selection and playback of DVD content. A Script menu makes it easy to add and run custom scripts. Also new is a 'wide' layout for the info window and various stability enhancements.."

Although I did not have a problem in the past, I'm betting this update fixes the issues some saw with their systems after the 10.1.3 update. (Update: A reader sent a note you can download the DVD 3.1.1 player at http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=120089.)

There's been a lot of mixed reports on the OS X 10.1.3 update and problems with the DVD player after the update. The first reports were from B&W G3 owners, but later ones include other Mac models - even a Powerbook G3 (firewire) and DP800 w/Superdrive owner reported problems. It's not clear yet what caused the problem - since what appears to be a similar system/graphics card, etc. worked fine for someone else. Those with dual graphics cards/monitors seemed most likely to have a problem. (See Tip below on this subject.) (This page deals only with OS X 10.1.3 DVD player reports/tips - for other 10.1.3 related feedback, see this article.)

So far I personally have updated a PB G4/667, G4/Cube (w/Dual G4/500), and G4/500 DP system (Radeon AGP system, retail Toshiba R1102 combo drive). The DVD Player works fine on all three of those systems. However my DP500 lost its airport settings after the update and the HP950 (AIO) no longer worked properly (Scan, Print, etc. dimmed in HP Director, no device seen on USB port.) Removing/reinstalling the HP950 4.03 driver solved that problem.

Dual Card/Monitor User Tip:
Just a FYI for those that did not see it in the earlier OS X/DVD Player reports. I've had other readers running a Rage128 and a Radeon PCI card simultaneously note that the tip of switching the menu bar (primary display) to the Rage128 (OEM) card solved the problems with the DVD player . (Some Radeon PCI card owners not running dual displays noted the DVD player worked, so this does not seem to be a universal problem with the Radeon PCI card alone.)
(Note: Any Powerbook G3 Firewire (aka Pismo) owners with DVD Player problems make sure they do not have an external monitor connected. One owner noted this was why his DVD player would not run after the 10.1.3 update.)

Here's the reader reports (later ones first) on their experience with the DVD Player in 10.1.3, organized by Mac model.

= Reports by Mac Model =
B&W G3 | Beige G3 | PB G3 Firewire | PB G4 | G4/AGP Towers

B&W G3 Owner Reports:

" Mike,
I have a B&W as a two monitor setup with a PCI Radeon in the 66Mhz slot and the OEM Rage128 in a 33Mhz slot. I also experienced the DVD error message noted by others after updating to MacOS 10.1.3 (command bar was on Radeon/Sony display). I tried the previously mentioned workaround of moving the command bar to the Rage128/Nokia display, which worked, I can now view DVD's.

I was curious as to why the DVD's would not work on the Radeon/Sony display so I removed the Rage128 card and rebooted. This time the Radeon/Sony (now a one monitor setup) display worked just fine with DVD's.

This trouble shooting suggests that, at least for my B&W (rev 1), a bug exists in the 10.1.3 ATI drivers (if the 10.1.3 update in fact changed the ATI drivers?). Or perhaps their is a bug in the 3.0.1 DVD Player app when running multiple displays? ...

Although the DVD Player version is still 3.01 in 10.1.3, there were new/reviewed DVD driver files in the 10.1.3 update. The update was to add DVD support/acceleration for PB G4s with external monitors (the PB G4 uses a Radeon Mobility now). I wonder if something in that driver change causes the problems seen with dual monitor/card desktop setups. (But note some single card Radeon owners reported they were able to play DVDs.)

One of the first B&W G3 owners to report a problem (running dual graphics cards) sent an update:

" Mike,
I finally had now time to play around with my B&W today. IÕll try to run down the entire list of the hardware in and attached to my B&W.

First I have an XLR8 G4/500 card over-clocked to 550, I have 896mb of ram, a sonnet ata66 pci card running two hard drives, and one still on the main controller (ata33),the original DVD player. and for the video cards I have an ATI RADEON 7000 hooked up in the 66Mhz slot and a ATI RADEON 2001 in one of the 33Mhz slots.

As for external devices hooked up to my machine, I have a Belkin 4 port USB hub with a Microtek scanner hooked up to it. I also have a Sony CDRW drive in a enclosure hooked up to the firewire port, and an HP 1200 LaserJet Networked through a LinkSys router (which also hooks me up to my cable modem via my airport2 basestation). I also have an Apple Pro keyboard (usb model) with a Microsoft IntelliMouse hooked to it.

This was the set-up as I had it when I updated to OS X 10.1.3, upon reboot I had no more DVD Player. I tried removing the RADEON 7000 card and re-installing the original RAGE 128 and trying the DVD player, still didnÕt work. I even removed the DVD Player and reinstalled it with the DVD Player 3.01 download, still didnÕt work.

Next I re-installed the RADEON 7000 card and tried the mods mentioned on your site, using hex-edit, still didnÕt work. I was just about read to give up entirely and hope for an update from Apple to fix this problem. Today I got home and decided to try and re-install the original card and do some experimenting.

After reading a response on your site from Cory A. where he had to unplug his optical mouse and BOA drive in order to get the DVD app to work, I decided to unplug all of my accessories from the machine. I also removed the RADEON 2001 card, leaving me with the ata66 card, RADEON 7000 card, and my keyboard and mouse, Lo and behold my DVD player worked.

I then did some more experimenting replacing the RAGE card with the RADEON 2001 card, rebooted, and it still worked, then I replaced the RADEON 2001 card with the RADEON 7000 card, rebooted, and it still worked! My next task was to re-install the RADEON 2001 card in a 33Mhz slot, rebooted and NO DVD Player. Not being satisfied with that I then switched the RADEON 2001 & the RADEON 7000 cards, rebooted and the DVD Player WORKED.

I decided to leave my configuration like this, partly because of the DVD Player and partly because of the review on IMG.com that showed the 2001 model beating the 7000 model on the higher screen resolutions. After re-attaching all my external devices and rebooting, I still have a DVD Player in OS X 10.1.3.

From my experiences, I obviously narrowed it down to the RADEON 7000 card being in the 66Mhz slot and my RADEON 2001 card in another pci slot. Now they are reversed, with the 2001 card in the 66Mhz slot and 7000 card in a 33Mhz slot. I even just re-installed the DVD Player with this configuration and it worked.

Sorry this is so lengthy, but I figured this may help out some others with their problems.
Let me know if I can provide any other info. You have a great site.

" Mike, I had the unsupported configuration when using DVD player one time before. I reset the pram and everything worked fine there after. I don't know if it will cure it this time though.

The main news page had a reader tip that his USB problems after the update were solved by reseting the nvram (pram) also. May not help everyone but worth a try.

" Mike,
Good News! I just installed 10.1.3 Update on my Blue and White and the DVD Player works. What's even better is the DVD Player also works on my EZ-Quest BOA DVDR/CDRW drive (DV-103). The only problem I saw was that I had to unplug both my Logitech Dual Optical mouse and the BOA drive for it to show up and work. Here are my specs

B/W G3 400mhz
UW SCSI 18gb HD (using OEM Apple SCSI Card)
ATI Rage 128 w/Decoder (OEM)
512mb RAM
OS 9.2.2/10.1.3
EZQuest BOA "SuperDrive"
Lacie 60gb FW Drive
Internal Zip (OEM)

If there is anything else I can check for you just let me know.
Great Site, I check it at least a couple times a day!
Corey A.
Art Services Supervisor"

" No work around, DVD works. B&W G3 G4/500 XLR8, OEM Rage 128 w/DVD (bought thru OWC) I used the stand-alone 10.1.3 updater.

" Hi Mike,
It's me again. here's an update on the DVD problem: since I have a Radeon in the 66Mhz slot and the original Rage128 in a 33Mhz slot, I decided to switch the menu bar from the Radeon to the Rage128 using the Displays system preferences. To my amazement, the DVD app worked and played the movie fine on the Rage128. I wonder if the App looks for a specific video card setup? And i was also wondering why the DVD worked with the Radeon before the update.
Tommy "

" Just to let you know. I own a B&W running a Sonnet 500 G4 cpu and an ATI Radeon PCI graphics card. I have upgraded to 10.1.3 and have not experienced problems with the DVD player. I hope I won't later, but I have shut down and restarted a number of times since last night and have had no problem with DVD support.
David M. "

" Mike,
I also have a B&W with an XLR8 G4 and a Radeon 7000 PCI video card, and my DVD Player no longer works. I tried reinstalling the app but didnÕt have any luck.
Just thought IÕd let you know that it effected my machine too.
Jeff "
I asked if he could swap the original Rage128 card back in to see if that helped.-Mike

I just re-installed my original rage 128 card back into my B&W, and re-installed the DVD Player app, and it still does the same thing. It starts to launch, then come up with a message: This machine configuration is not supported. The application will now quit.

IÕm going to try the resedit trick to see if that works, but if not I guess IÕll just hope that Apple releases something that will fix this problem.
Let me know if there is anything else that I can do.
Jeff "

See his later report (posted farther up, received Feb 22) for his comments on finally getting it working.

" Hey mike
I don't think I have been affected like some other b&w owners. I have a b&w w/ a xlr8 g4/500 oc'ed to 550 and original rage 128 w/ dvd daughter card. I upgraded to 10.1.3 and my dvd player still works(I am using an LG dvd/cdr combo 12x8x32). I am using the itunes hack for the LG drive [LG 4120B support mod files from the FAQ here-Mike] and it still works (I think thought the drive appears different in itunes? I can't remember so I have sent you a pict of the plugin floder and itunes pref to see if someone else with the drive can set me straight. Maybe apple started to support it?
Christian G. "

" I just installed the 10.1.3 update and after reading about possible problems with the DVD on a B/W, I threw a disk into my machine and happily I am watching Buckaroo Banzai as I write this. Obviously the problem is not across the board.
B/W with a G4 500 and a Radeon. "

" Hello. I just read your post online about Mac OS X 10.1.3 breaking the DVD player on B&W G3's. I have pretty much a stock B&W 400 MhZ G3 (No added Video card or processor) and just tested out the DVD player after installing 10.1.3 and it still works just fine. It must be something else that the others have added to their machines that has broken it or they may have REV. 2 machines. I am using a REV. 1 here. Well, I hope that this helps figure out the problem! Good Luck to those who are affected!
Shaughn "

(I don't think the B&W G3 rev has anything to do with it.)

" I just got done installing 10.1.3 on my B/W G3 and DVDs play fine. I've got a Toshiba Combo DVD/CD-RW and a stock Rage 128.
Jeremy L.S. "

" Howdy,
Killed my DVD too. I still have the stock Rage 128 and a retail 128. 576MB RAM on a 350/G3 with a Sonnet ATA/100 card. "Machine configuration unsupported"
Stephen N. "

" Umm.... I dont know what everyone is complaining about..
B&W G3
400mhz, Rev A (before the new HD brackets and IDE controller).
Rage 128 PCI... dvd player works like a charm. Was just watching Memento..
Hope that Helps
- Andy "

" Hi Mike,
I just want to let you know that I also experienced a broken DVD app on my B&W G3 after upgrading to 10.1.3 and downloading and reinstalling the DVD update(3.0.1) from Apple's site as you suggested did NOT fix it. I also tried the hack from an older post (booting in OS 9 and removing the installation check file) without success.

I just upgraded the B&W with an XLR8 G4 ZIF and a Radeon PCI video card, so I hope that isn't part of the problem.

I'm crossing my fingers wishing one of your readers will come up with a solution.
Thank you.
Tommy "

" Hey Mike,
Well, now that I just installed the 10.1.3 update the DVD Player stopped working on my B&W G3 450MHz. This problem was just fixed a couple of months ago when I got the ability to play them again for the first time in a long time. Now I get an error that comes up saying that my configuration isn't supported. I have an ATI Radeon PCI retail installed. So, here we go again. Why would Apple take away features that they just granted to allow us again just recently?

(He's referring to the fact the 3.0 player required mods to work on B&W G3s, the 3.01 player didn't - noted in a past article here on the OS X DVD player/mods.)

" Just a quick note to let you know that I have a B&W G3 350(rev1) and my DVD Player works. Mine is basically stock but I have added a SCSI card and a second IDE hard drive. I have not had any problems with the second hard drive. It is an IBM 40 gig.
David U. "

" Wanted to let you guys know that I have had zero problems with the 10.1.3 update.
I have a B&W 450, Radeon PCI.
PS. The Matrix rules. =) "

" "

" Mike,
I have a B&W G3 with a DVD and DVD playback works fine. NOTE: My DVD drive is a new one from CenDyne (16XDVD/40XCD) because my stock DVD drive stopped reading media (CD or DVD). The drive plays flawlessly in 10.1.3 and OS 9.
My system
: B&W G3 - 350MHz
ATI Rage128 - 16MB
New CenDyne 16X DVD
6GB Drive
13.6GB Drive.
I hope this helps the DVD breaking rumors of 10.1.3....
Topher K. "

It's not rumors - as noted in the reports here. Why some see the problem and others not isn't clear yet however - but even AGP and Pismo owners have reported the problem (see below). I have not seen it on a PB G4 or Cube, but I've not updated any other systems yet. (spending too much time on other people's problems, as usual.)

" Hi Mike!
My DVD Player stopped working too.
I will try to use the tip from the first Player on this one! (HexEdit) Will tell you if I had success
Alex T.
he later wrote Ok. I can now say that the mod DOES NOT WORK!
Wasnt there a mod for people who have a new CPU??? I couldnt find it!
no - all the mods for the 3.0 player are in the fall 2001 article here.-Mike
I'm not sure if apple changed something to the DVD.app...let me try something!...
Ok. I have a backup copy of the DVD app! IT DOESNT WORK EITHER! Think will have to go deep into the system. Hexing does not work this time! Must be something with the new Radeon Drivers (BTW do they support FSAA ???)
Will contact you if I found a solution!
Alex "

" Mike,
Just installed the 10.1.3 update to my b/w G3 and it broke my DVD ap. Uggg.
Thought I'd let you know in case I'm not the only one.
OEM Rage128 in a G3 450. "

Beige G3 Owner Reports:

" Hi Mike,
After installing 10.1.3 on my Beige G3, I noticed that my DVD Player 3.0.1 (patched version) disappeared from my Applications folder. But after I reinstalled DVD Player, my DVD's still play fine.

Here's my configuration:
Beige G3 (Rev A) with Sonnet G4/500 upgrade
ATI Radeon PCI
DVD Player 3.0.1 (patched by removing InstallationCheck file only)

Anyway, here's something that happened to me during the upgrade. I don't know if it had anything to do with my DVD Player working.

My initial 10.1.3 upgrade via Software Updates hung midway thru installation. My mouse (both ADB and USB) froze, but the keyboard was still functional. After rebooting, mouse was still not functioning, though keyboard was still ok. Monitor resolution got switched from 1024x768 to 640x480. Running 'uname -a' showed the kernel was Darwin 5.3. I forgot to check 'sw_vers'.

Anyway as a last resort, I installed 10.1 (5G64) over the half-upgraded 10.1.3. I then reapplied the Security and Install updates, the 10.1.2 Combo update, and finally the 10.1.3 update (download version).

" I am running 10.1.3, I have DVD player 3.0, G4/400 chip with xlr8 drivers, toshiba dvd drive, ati 128 video card, and it works fine.
I asked what system he had-Mike

Actually the version of the DVD player is 3.0. Is 3.01 better? Its a beige DT 233 with the g4/400 in it. Ati 128 card wasn't OEM, it was fresh from ATI.
Hope that helps.
John K "

" Well Mike,
I'm running a beige g3 with DVD player 3.01 and the machine id files removed. Now the DVD player does not work! "This machine configuration is not supported" Darn it Apple. Now I'm all for the lawsuit.
Greg "

" I have a beige G3 with a 500 mhz G4 card along with a pci radeon graphics card. The DVD player in 10.1.3 now says that my configuration is not supported. Just thought I would let you know.
Love the site
Brian "

" My Beige G3 w/ XLR8 G4 ZIF 500MHz just got OS X 10.1.3 upgrade. DVD Player runs as usual, no problem at all.
Chester L.
Taipei, Taiwan "

Powerbook G3 (Pismo) Owner Reports: (Note: Any Pismo owners with DVD Player problems make sure they do not have an external monitor connected.)

" PowerBook G3 "Firewire" and DVD player
I wanted to add to the reports of problems with DVD Player not working after updating to MacOS 10.1.3. I had an external monitor hooked up to my Pismo in dual-display mode, so the internal Rage Mobility was driving two displays. When I started DVD player after upgrading, it told me my configuration was unsupported. It didn't even let me try to watch the movie - it just brought up the controller and then immediately gave the error message. I tried disconnecting my monitor and rebooting. After the reboot, I was able to watch a DVD just fine on the built-in display.

Looks like Apple's got something to add to their list of stuff to fix for 10.1.4...
Peter W."

" Hey, I have a Dual 800 G4 and upon updating, I can watch a DVD that starts playing straight into it, but upon accessing the menu, the DVD player App crashes. The computer is like a month old only and no customization and changes to the Superdrive have been done. Brad
He later wrote
I have the same problem with my PB G3 500 MHz. Will play DVDs unless menu is accessed at any point. "

" Mike,
My PowerBook G3 FW (Pismo) does not exhibit either the DVD or the iTunes problems reported.
As I mentioned earlier, there is a considerable 13% difference in the amount of files needing prebinding after an update from any previous version. And it was done in more the half the time. I don't know of any significance of this, just an observation. Oh, the check was done by XOptimizer.
Matthew "

" Mike,
You can add Pismo 500 PowerBook to the list of effected machines. After running the update the DVD player would launch and then post the message "this configuration is not supported. This application will now quit" ....
I then went to Apple's site to download the 3.0.1 DVD player as you mentioned to others and it launched successfully, but I have NOT been able to successfully play a DVD - it unexpectedly quits every time! NOT good on Apple's part at all...
Great site!
Warm regards,
Steven J "

G4/AGP Tower Owner Reports: [NOTE: I updated my G4/500 DP system to 10.1.3 and see no DVD Player problems (I played two movies - selected menu items, ran different movie window sizes, etc. with no problems.) My DP500 has a retail Radeon AGP card (no 2nd video card.)

" Mike-
I upgraded my G4/500 to 10.1.3 from 10.1.2 (1.5GB RAM, Stock ATI Rage128, CinemaDisplay) and upon completion, the DVD player came up fine but produced a black screen. Sound worked, but not video. However, I found that rebooting the machine with the DVD in the drive (stock DVD-ROM) caused the DVD player to come up automagically without playing - and when I hit play, all was well. Note that this was several reboots AFTER the upgrade; the DVD player didn't work until I booted with a DVD in there. No other 10.1.3 issues so far!
Thanks for the great work you do; I've been on and off here since your birthday present G3 (heh) and remain amazed at the quality of this site, the information and the users here.
J.B. Zimmerman "

" Hi Mike,
G4 500 DP, Apple 17" TFT connected to the ATI RAGE [128], Cinema display to ATI Radeon Mac edition [AGP] with DrBott Dviator. Launching DVD player I got the "unsupported" crap. Moved the desktop to the 17 '', DVD launches but does not play the disc. I hope they fix this mess soon.
BTW I downloaded the hacked SP 1200 driver (from yesterdays' links). Print Center is now dead, always quits when I try to open it. Keep up the good work, you've got a lot of grateful readers here in Greece.

" Hey, I have a Dual 800 G4 and upon updating, I can watch a DVD that starts playing straight into it, but upon accessing the menu, the DVD player App crashes. The computer is like a month old only and no customization and changes to the Superdrive have been done. Brad
He later wrote
I have the same problem with my PB G3 500 MHz. Will play DVDs unless menu is accessed at any point. "

" Hi Mike,
I would let you know that on my Dual 800, the 10.1.3 update caused my Super Drive to not be recognized by the DVD Player also.
I had to reinstall 10.1.2 (clean).
Jim R. "

"DVD slow-down gone!
I just installed OS X.1.3. and I just noticed that for the very first time that i've run a DVD on any mac, this is the first time that I've played one and had the DVD control appear and disappear without slowing down the video on screen. I guess there finally is a fix for that.

My config is a G4 Dual 800/ 256MB/NV2[NV20?]/Superdrive
I played a DVD a few days ago before 10.1.3 and by moving the mouse to get the DVD control it slowed the video down. I don't see that anymore now.
David O."

" Problem is more serious than thought I have graphite g4 dual 500 the dvd player in 10.1.3 no longer works it keeps saying that the machine configuration is not supported.
Michael E. "

" Hello, Mike.
I just upgraded my G4 400 Gig E, and my DVD player is now broke, with a "This machine configuration is not supported. The application will now quit." message. I have a Radeon PCI retail card and two monitors.
I did monkey around with the DVD firmware (to watch a Japanese DVD). Could that be it?
Thanks for the great page! -- Mike W.
I just did a quick boot into 9.2.2, and the player works fine. "

I asked if he could remove the 2nd graphics card (just use the AGP one) to see if that mattered.

" I want to let every know that , after updating to 10.1.3 on my G4 450mhz desktop my dvd player no longer work. Kam
G4 AGP system with oem video card ATI Rage128Pro 16MB VRAM "

PowerBook G4 Owner Reports:

" I have a Powerbook G4 550 mhz with a combo drive. After downloading the update to 10.1.3, my DVD player still works. But, I have noticed a difference. Under 10.1.2, if I played a DVD, the picture would extend in the wide screen mode from side to side on my widescreen powerbook. Under 10.1.3 on the full screen version the full screen is blacked out, but the picture only extends to about 2 inches from each side. It is still widescreen in proportion but in a "letterbox" format within a smaller area. That obviously takes away any advantage to the widescreen format of the G4 powerbook as far as playing a DVD is concerned.
Jim "

" re: OS X 10.1.3 and DVD Player Reports
My standard Powerbook G4 [G4/400] reports that the hardware configuration is not supported when I have an external monitor connected (old Apple 21" studio CRT). If I run without that monitor it works fine. So it may not always be the machine - it could be the monitor....
he later wrote
Yes, I saw that. [Apple's 10.1.3 comments on VGA DVD playback w/PB G4] I've just tried with a non-Apple external LCD (1280x1024) and that didn't work either. "

Odd, the 10.1.3 update specifically noted "- PowerBook G4 supports DVD Playback on external VGA displays". (Unless this is just a specific monitor sense issue.)

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