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OS X 10.1.5 Update Reports (pros and cons)
Last Updated: 6/6/2002 for more reports

Update: For Radeon 7000 owners the June 2002 ATI driver update has been reported to solve the corrupted video after wake from sleep in OS X that was seen w/10.1.5 (per reports below).

This page is a catch-all for reader reports on the OS X 10.1.5 update. See reports section below (latest comments first).

Download Links For those that would prefer to run those rather than software updates:

Info on 10.1.5 from Readme File

    "Update 10.1.5 delivers enhancements which improve the reliability of Mac OS X applications, delivers improved networking, security, support for PC Card serial communication devices, and expanded peripheral device support. Specific improvements include:

    Peripheral Device Support:
    - Expanded support for new Canon digital cameras.
    - Improved support for Nikon FireWire cameras.
    - Expanded support for SmartDisk, EZQuest, and LaCie disc recording devices.
    - Improved support for MO drives.

    Application Improvements:
    - Increased stability of Mail and Sherlock.
    - Emails are properly retained when rebuilding the Draft mailbox.
    - Support for 2D and QuickTime hardware acceleration for Rage Pro.
    - Updated Carbon applications can use Quartz anti-aliasing technology for high quality text display.

    Networking and Security Improvements:
    - Improves networking via AFP when accessing multi-level directories on Windows NT file servers.
    - Significant improvement to file searching on local and remote volumes.
    - Includes a generic PC Card driver to support a variety of PC Card modems.
    - Mail accounts go offline to indicate that SSL encryption settings are not supported by mail server.
    - Includes the Security Update April 2002.

    WebDAV Improvements:
    - More efficient iDisk mounting and file navigation.
    - Added support for connecting to iDisk using default DNS settings of AirPort.
    - Support for mounting a WebDAV volume from a non-standard http port.

    Asian Language Improvements:
    - Significant updates to the Korean Input Method, especially important when using AppleWorks.
    - Internet Connect and AirPort applications updated with Chinese and Korean localized content. "

Summary of Reader Reported Pros and Cons:

    Benefits Reported:
  • DVD "Configuration not supported" error fixed (problem seen since 10.1.3 with some systems/graphics card combos)
  • Radeon 7000 working with Beige G3 and older Macs
  • GeForce3/Quake 3 issue with 1GB ram or more working
  • Readme notes RagePro graphic chip 2D/Quicktime acceleration (but see report on driver not loading/tip from Lombard owner.
    Also see this page which discusses this and has an installer for a drive ID mod for lombard PB G3 owners.)
  • Quicksilver owner noted no sound after wake from sleep fixed

    Problems Reported:
  • Corrupted screens on wake-from sleep w/Radeon 7000
       (reportedly fixed by June 2002 ATI update)
  • Lost Resolutions with some graphics card/monitor combos
  • Keyboard Eject Key doesn't open tray on external Drives
  • VideoLan DVD player not working after update
  • B&W G3 owner reported problems w/Radeon 7000
  • Adaptec 39160/29160 RAID array problems
  • Alice game kernel panics (1 report)

The 6/4/2002 news update had a a reader report that the 10.1.5 update solved the compatibility issue that the ATI Radeon 7000 card previously had with OS X and Beige G3 (and older) Macs. (Noted here on the Radeon 7000 owner feedback page since mid-January.) Since then I've gotten reports the update also solves the Radeon 7000/OS X problem with pre-G3 macs. But Radeon 7000 card owners also report that after waking from sleep the screen is corrupted. (Update - Reportedly fixed by June 2002 ATI update released June 24th.)

Another plus based on mails I've read is that many that had problems with the DVD player ("unsupported configuration") after the 10.1.3 update, reported that 10.1.5 solved it.

As with any OS update, there were some that noted they had problems. One of the more commonly reported negatives of the update were lost resolutions (the old tip of leaving the monitor off at boot helped some readers). One reader also noted that VideoLan (alternative DVD player noted here in the article a week or so ago) didn't work after the update.
I've not been able to read all emails sent on 10.1.5, but here are comments on the ones I've gotten to so far. I updated to 10.1.5 on 3 macs last night and other than my FW CDRW drive not opening the tray from the keyboard eject key, I've not seen any problems so far, but my daily work machine is a PB G3 running OS 9 only so I've not used the updated X machines a lot yet. but here's a listing of reader feedback on 10.1.5 with various machines.

Latest Reader Reports on 10.1.5: (most recent first)

Alice game Kernel Panics:

    Hi Mike,
    I updated to 10.1.5 last night and after a day working with my usual software, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Office, I didn’t experience any problem, scanning (Epson 1600pro) and printing (HP cp1700) worked fine too (everything was done natively under OSX, I no longer use OS9).

    I thought it was going to be a problem free update until I tried some games. First I tried “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, no problem there. Then I launched “Mac Gee’s Alice” and got a kernel panic after a few seconds, this game had worked flawlessly with 10.1.4. I had some free time so I made a fresh install of 10.1 on a second hard drive and applied all updates up to 10.1.4, I tried Alice again, no problem, I then applied the 10.1.5 update, immediate kernel panic (apparently the kernel panics tend to happen just after you load a new level). Out of curiosity I installed again 10.1 and this time applied directly the 10.1.5 combo update but the result was exactly the same. The game still works in classic though, even under 10.1.5 (I no longer use OS9 but it’s still there).

    To those who might be interested the kernel panics mentioned each time the files(?):
    com.apple.ATIRadeon, com.apple.IONDRVSupport, com.apple.IOGraphicsFamily and com.apple.IOPCIFamily.
    My system: PowerMac G4 350MHz AGP, 832MB Ram, Radeon AGP (Apple OEM)
    Patrick "

Office X problems?

    " Hi Mike. Since upgrading to OS 10.1.5 AND since installing the Office v.X service update, I have not been able to launch Entourage or any of the other Office Apps. It recommends uninstalling the older version, but since I don't have the C.D.(educational institutes C.D.), I can't do that.

    I've attached a screenshot of the error message that shows up upon clicking the Entourage icon. I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but I just thought I'd share it.
    Thanks Mike,
    Tristan "

Quicksilver Owner Notes No Sound After Wake From Sleep Fixed:

    " Mike,
    I installed the upgrade the other day. This morning when I woke my G4 867 up from its deep sleep, I noticed I have sound. No more rebooting if I want to listen to tunes!
    Jason "

[page updates from 6/5/2002 follow]

    "News OS 10.1.5 on Original WallStreet 250
    Sleep functin NOW works from the Apple Menu!!!!!!! as well as when closing the lid.

    Screen redraws are faster so it appears that some improvements in graphics acceleration have been made for these older machines.
    Wil N.

The PB G3/250 (wallstreet1) has the RageLT (rageII based) chip - Iater models had the RagePro based RageProLT (10.1.5 noted support for RagePro but not RageII chips - perhaps the drivers work with both. See below for a wallstreet 2 owner report).

    " Hello from FRANCE (1-0 for Senegal !!!!!!!!)
    I have a beige upgraded in G4/400 with a radeon PCI (first model). With OS X 10.1.5, every thing is perfect and now the Apple DVD player 3.1 works !
    chavaignes "

    " Hi, Mike.
    10.1.5 solves the DVD player/two video card problem I have had for a while now. I'm able to play DVDs on my PCI Radeon Mac Edition as the menu bar card.
    G4 400, GigE, AGP Rage 128 Pro, PCI Radeon. "

StarCraft Problem/Tip:

    " OS X 10.1.5 kills Starcraft Carbon on both my Beige G3 (OWC G4 466) and my powerbook G3 400 Pismo.
    It unexpectedly quits on both of them.
    Martin "

TIP: If you can run Starcraft, a reader said checking the "Don't show again" option in the Startup Options screen (game will crash after clicking OK) will solve the problem with OS X 10.1.5.

    " just thought I'd let you know ever since 10.1.3 DVD.app hasn't worked on my Beige minitower with a 500MHz G4 and toshiba DVD-Rom drive, ATI NexusPCI and RagePro onboard even the old hacks didn't work (machine not supported error)

    Well Thank You Apple, DVD is back with 10.1.5! works fine, watching South Park DVD while typing this!
    Mike M. "

    " Hey Mike.
    This is THE upgrade to get along with QT 6. My MPEG playback was abyssmal after upgrading to 10.1.3 and I lost DVD playback on my Beige G3 (upgraded to 500Mhz with the OWC ZIF) with a Radeon PCI.

    Now though, MPEG playback is SMOOTH, I can change the volume without dropping frames, the start is smooth. And DVD once again works. Also the scrolling with arrow keys in Mozilla 1.0 RC3 is much better, it was REALLY sluggish before.
    Great job Apple! :)
    Derek "

    " QuickSilver G4 with ATI 7000 Mac
    I lost my ATI 7000 Card/Display (happened after 10.1.4 too) after updating. Reinstalled drivers...however, normal recommended display selections no longer show up.

    I also lost my dual monitor arrangement. Fooled around to at least it up to work.
    Clay J. "

    " Mike- it's true, 10.1.5 seems to fix the problem with Radeon7000 PCI on pre G3 Macs.
    My machine:
    PPC 8600/200 with Sonnet G3/500
    640MB RAM
    Now OS 10.1.5
    Radeon7000 PCI Mac-Edition with OS X driver that came with the card
    One Sony Multiscan connected to onboard video
    One Sony Multiscan connected to VGA-port of the Radeon-card.

    I've been waiting for this to happen for quite some time. Today, I just downloaded the OSX-update, restarted the computer, et voilyē - both monitors worked right away.
    Thanks for the great site -
    [I asked if he would test wake from sleep to see if he saw any display corrution-Mike]

    I get the same thing if I wake my 8600 after sleep mode - a very strange corrupted screen. Once there, a restart is the only way out. I thought this problem was related to XPostFacto in general... a note about this has been posted for a long time on the XPostFacto website, saying that one should neither activate sleep mode of the screen, nor of the harddrive.

    But now I tried with both monitors connected. After sleep mode, the monitor connected to the onboard video port comes on fine, but the one connected to the VGA-port of the Radeon7000 is corrupted. I can still work with the OS if the main monitor is connected to onboard video, although everything works VERY slow, but the other monitor stays corrupted no matter what I do. A restart is necessary.
    Ergo: this problem is obviously related to the Radeon7000.
    Peter "

    " Hi! Mike,
    Just thought that I'd let you know that 10.1.5 fixed the problem with Quake 3 and Geforce 3 Cards. All the more reason to upgrade. Now all Open GL games which did not run after 10.1.3 are running just fine :)
    Aditya A. "

I asked if he had 1GB of ram or more (one key many said to the past problems with OS X 10.1.3 and Q3 running with a GF3 card - often removing a dimm to reduce total ram to under 1GB solved it - strange but several noted this tip worked.)

10.1.5 was noted as having 2d/QT acceleration for RagePro chips now. Here's a reports from a wallstreet 2 owner:

    " Hi Mike,
    Just to let you know, I installed 10.1.5 on my Wallstreet II and see no improvement at all in the redraw speed of windows or in anything else. When I move a window it is still cumsy. I haven√t tried QuickTime yet. Maybe the improvement I√m expecting would only come from 3D acceleration.
    I√d like to hear other Wallstreet II owners√ opinion.
    Istvan "

The best tip I've seen for OS X with slower systems/graphics chips is setting the color depth to thousands (vs Millions). One RagePro chip user said that even helped significantly with Videolan DVD player performance. (BTW - a reader reported VideoLan didn't work after the 10.1.5 update.)

    " Hey Mike,
    I have a beige G3 with the Retail Radeon (not the 7000).
    It appears that I can now play movies on the monitor driven by my RagePro card without dropping frames, _but_ it seems to be codec dependent. MPG movies play abysmally, whereas MOV's (CInepak, etc.) seem to play fine.

    DVD player does NOT work on the RagePro-driven monitor, but it works fine on the Radeon-driven monitor.
    -Rob "

    " Radeon Mac Edition 7000 WORKS on my Rev A (with Rev B ROM) Beige G3. It did not work on previous to OS 10.1.5. One monitor uses the built-in video, the other monitor is using the ATI card. I have not tried the adapter to run both monitors from the 7000.
    BTW - PM Quicksilver 867 - iSub does not lose sync, but iSub eventually cuts out. (NOT Soundsticks.)

    " Just installed OS X 10.1.5 on a G4/400 AGP with 1.3GB RAM. I have an old 4 MB Rage Pro card as my secondary monitor adaptor to run a 17" Viewsonic LCD display. It used to have a lot of weird artifacting with OS 9 apps and poor refresh with native apps. It's still visibly slower than the main card (stock Rage 128), but much improved. Outlook Express 5 for OS9 had a lot of text display weirdness. Now works great! (ok ok, why am I still using OE and not Mail? Cause I still boot into the old OS a lot and I got a GB of email I'm too lazy to export to a different app).

    General interface performance seems about the same, but the reduction of Classic App display artifacts is worth it enough for me to upgrade since I still have a lot of older programs. So far, I've upgraded to Painter 7, After Effects 5.5, and Freehand 10.

    Next, I hope to see if classic apps such as Fireworks 3 and Dreamweaver 3 hold up--previously, extended use would guarantee a kernal panic and a hard reboot. They, and Photoshop, are the main reasons I am forced to boot into OS 9 every day. Sigh, trying to save up for the MX versions....
    Jee Hoon Lee "

    " What the hell is going on?
    all my monitor resolutions are gone.
    cube, 10.1.5, apple geforce 2mx
    the highest possible refreshrate i may choose is 75 hz and a few resolutions are gone!!!

    i only get 1024x768, 1152x870, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200. the 900er resolution is gone as it was bevore 10.1.3 update.
    frank s. "

    " I'm writing to report a major problem with the installation of OS X 10.1.5. I have a beige G3 with an upgraded 366MHz chip, 640MB RAM, and OS X on an internal SCSI drive (OS 9 on the main IDE drive). As soon as I rebooted, during the spinning ball and "Happy Mac", I got a "DOS" screen stating a kernel panic error. It got as far as listing a few debugging options ('c' to continute and 'r' to reboot), but the Mac completely locked up and would not respond.

    I gave up and completely erased everything, reinstalled from 10.1, then through software update downloaded the huge 45MB update straight to 10.1.5, and again with the same crash. Guess I was a casualty on this update. I'll have to go back to 10.1.4 and sit tight until 10.2 or something. Mac OS 10.1.4 was working perfectly by the way with no problems.

    Not sure if this has to do with the upgraded CPU or not. I will send a screen shot to see if the problem can be identified, since I'm not familiar with Unix commands. I could just be an isolated incident, but I can replicate the problem. Any suggestions?
    Joey K. "

    " Mike,
    I just wanted to let you know that VideoLAN no longer works after updating to 10.1.5 and Quicktime Preview 6. I tried playing a VCD and all I had was sound and no picture, and when I tried a DVD all I had was static and no picture.

    I installed both 10.1.5 and QT Pr. 6 in succession on my PowerBook G4 550, so I'm really not sure which update broke it. I have installed 10.1.5 on my Quicksilver but not QT Pr. 6, so I'll try VideoLAN on that on the morning and see if I can find out which is the culprit. I'm bummed because VideoLAN was the only free program I knew of which could play VCD's natively in X.
    Anyway, thanks for the great site.
    LeRoy "

    " I am sure you have mentioned it but remind people that once the Software Update has been installed and optimized, you can Save As ... the Package before rebooting. It's up there in the Top Menu. Download was smooth on my Beige G3-will be testing in pre-Beige G3.
    DFS "

    " I just updated my g4 (sawtooth) 450 mhz computer to 10.1.5 and now I noticed that (I have the dock to auto hide) I cant drag an item like a folder or file to the dock. I did not have this problem at all on 10.1.4. I have also tired restarting dock and the entire machine. I thought you would like to know this.
    joey "

    " hi mike !
    As many other people on macbidouille.com forums, 10.1.5 make us lose a lot of possible resolution !
    i was able to reach 1280*1024@100Hz or even 120Hz at 1024*768 on my geforce2 MX / g4/400 since 10.1.5, i'm limited to 75Hz for most resolution (except not very usable 85Hz at 1600*1200)
    i try to zap PRAM, boot with monitor OFF (that force the display pref pane to allow A LOT MORE resolution, but still limited to 60-85Hz)... nothing to fix that.
    Note that jaguar has the same problem
    aure "

    " after updating to OS X 10.1.5 it's not possible to open my external DVD-ROM with the eject button on the keyboard.
    Elmar L. "

I see the same thing on my FW CDRW drive (pyro case w/40x liteon drive) - even if a CD is inserted and mounted on the desktop the keyboard eject key won't eject/open the tray. (dragging the CD to the trash works of course and the tray open button on the drive works with no CD inserted.)

    " My Internet Explorer now aborts immediately upon starting after rebooting from the MacOS X 10.1.5 upgrade. I've tried quite a few things including removing all the pieces I can find and replacing them with the MacOS X 10.1.4 versions from another machine. It still crashes.

    Emptied the preferences, plug-ins and other folders. No affect. Removed all of my login items run times, logged out and logged in. No affect.

    I'm running multiple users and if I log in as my guest, IE works fine. It's interacting with something particular to my person environment and I haven't found it yet. Have to make due with Netscape until I can get this fixed.
    mark "

I don't see this problem here on any 10.1.5 updated mac.

(Clip from 6/4/2002 news page follows)

    " The 10.1.5 update does fix Radeon 7000 problem with the beige Macs. My last post appears on your Radeon 7000 page.
    Tom D. "

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