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OS X 10.1 server install guide on PCI Macs:Return to News Page

How to install X Server onto Sonnet Upgraded PCI Macs
Last Updated: 10/30/2001 2PM

A reader sent a long detailed guide to installing OS X 10.1 Server on a older PCI Mac with Sonnet CPU Upgrade. (Updated to include a Sonnet Tech Support employee's comments on an easier way to install OS X Server.)

In reply to the original post (below) a Sonnet Tech Support employee wrote:

" Mike,
Just to stem the tide of incoming email that your posting will undoubtedly generate (and I'm behind as it is), there is a much easier way to get OS X Server to load on an unsupported Macintosh.

Just do our installation following the standard instructions we provide using the OS X Client CD. The versions must match so if you are installing OS X Server 10.0, you need to be using OS X Client 10.0 and if trying to install 10.1 Server, you need the 10.1 CD (update or full).

When you are finished with Sonnet's install and it tells you to "Restart", don't hit Restart yet. Have your OS X Server CD ready in hand. Hit Restart, pop open the CD drawer and put the OS X Server CD in place of the OS X Client CD and it'll work as it's supposed to.

Lot easier than the first posting. Of course, this won't work if the customer doesn't have a Client CD.
Sonnet Customer Service

(original reader comments follow)

" Sonnet Tech ( has made it possible for G4 upgraders on the PCI 601/604 systems (7500, 8500, etc) to install Mac OS X 10.1. However, they have not made it so that you can install Mac OS X Server 10.1. The difference between Client and Server is minute (just a bit of software - otherwise, its the same OS), and so until Sonnet gets their heads together and releases an installer for Mac OS X Server 10.1, here's how you can do it with what's out there now (the $29.95 Sonnet PCI X Installer 1.1.1)
(available at

(warning, Sonnet doesn't support this, Apple doesn't support this, I don't support this.. this is just for your information only. If you kill your computer - don't come crying to me)

here is what you need.

  • -your upgraded 7500/8500..etc.. with SonnetG3/G4 Crecendo card
  • -a scsi hd for this machine (these machines didn't come with IDE)
  • -Sonnet PCI X Installer 1.1.1 ($29.95)
  • -Mac OS X server 10.1
  • -Mac OS X Client 10.1 or 10.0
  • -Mac OS 9.1 install CD (came with mac OS 10.0 - you CANNOT use the 9.2.1 that came with 10.1!!!!!!)
  • -a Mac OS X native machine (such as a PowerMac G4, or G3 B&W) with a scsi card
  • -careful attention to detail.

1. install the target drive into the G4/G3 Mac OS X native machine

2. format it and minimal install Mac os 9.1

3. do NOT install Mac OS 9.2.1 on it or upgrade to Mac OS 9.2.1!!!!!!!!

4. reboot to the newly formatted 9.1 disk

5. software update the startup disk control panel ONLY

6. insert the Mac OS X Server CD in the machine and launch the Install Mac OS X Server app

7. install mac OS X Server onto the disk

8. reboot into mac os 9.1 on the disk

9. insert the Mac OS X Client 10.1 CD

10. Run the Sonnet PCI X Installer 1.1.1

11. Follow the directions to install Mac OS X onto the disk (they say not to, but i find its much easier esp. if you're not going to use classic at all anyhow...)

12. When the system begins to reboot, remove the Mac OS X Client 10.1 CD before it starts to boot from it but hitting the hard eject button on the drive. This will make your mac mad - but that's okay.

13 Reboot into Mac OS 9.1 on the disk.

14. take the files from System (Mac OS 9): Library: Extensions:


and then drag these files to the Mac OS X volume's System: Library: Extensions folder.

15. Shut down the computer.

16. Pull the drive we've been working on and put it in your 7500/8500, etc... Make sure there are no other disks installed at the same time (yet)

17. Fire up the machine.

18. If Mac OS 9.1 starts up - when its done booting, go to Startup Disk X and select Mac OS X to boot from.

19. Enjoy setting up your new Mac OS X Server 10.1 box which at one time was running Mac oS 7.1 and at 100 mHz on a PPC 601. :-)

20. install other hard drives

If this doesn't work for you - as it worked just fine for me - then email and complain that their installer doesn't handle Mac OS X Server!
-- Larry Ellison" "

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