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Reports on OS X TV Tuner Card Drivers/Software
(w/TurboTV, Formac ProTV, Hauppage WinTV, PCTV Rave cards)
Last Updated: 8/6/2005

Hauppage Win TV PVR USB2 and MyTV.pvr (8/6/2005)

" Hi, I wish to contribute to your page on Mac compatible TV tuners.
Recently, hauppauge/eskape introduced the mytv.pvr USB2 for the Mac.
It was backorder everywhere, so I decided to try my luck with the "windows" clone = wintv-pvr-usb2
It turns out the product works perfectly with the Mac Drivers.
Price is currently 150$ CDN in online stores such as BestBuy/Futureshop.
Best regards, Vincent P. "

(older info follows)

Hauppage WinTV USB/iTele Software report: (12/1/2004)

" Hi mike,
I just got my hauppage win tv nova t usb. Another guy reported of watching on his ibook 700 MHZ on your video section, so I was curious about it...
Here is my performance report:
On my ibook G3/600/640 MB RAM, 8 MB VRAM, it is impossible to watch-you see only strange colored patterns--you only here the sound.

On my imac DV/400/1GB RAM/8 GB VRAM you can only watch in a small window, sound is ok but the framerate is not fast enough.

On my G4/1,25 everything works is fine. Because of itęs slow USB connection sometimes you got picture problems.
However a Eye TV with firewire is the better and much more expensive choice (250 Euro). (there's a huge page here of EyeTV owner reports also-Mike) A WIN TV USB is about 125 Euro.

In case you have a G3 Mac you need about 800 MHZ or more and videoram about 16 MB-better 32 MB to watch fluently.
(The minimum requirement is a pentium II with 500 MHZ...)

The software you need: itele, M Player for OS X (videolan/VLC is another free DVD/media player-Mike), the input driverpackage 0.6.9 and the .zip driver windows package
Do not unzip the driver, put M Player in the same folder as itele.
On this site you will find all links.
juergen "

Previous reports on iTele (and other software/tuner combos) are below.

iBook G3 owner report on iTele & Technotrend USB DVB-TV Tuner (added 9/7/2004 from a reader mail)

" I'm running iTele on my iBook G3 700 MHz with a 120 EUR Technotrend USB DVB-T tuner. Picture quality is excellent, especially 16:9 really shines!
If I'm just recording (not watching) in the background, it takes 13% of my CPU. The newer version also supports multiple tuners, FusionHDTV ATSC cards (for american users) and USB and PCI satellite cards. (compatible Technotrend PCI ones are 49 EUR at www.dvbshop.tv - you can't have HDTV any cheaper on your mac!)
(he later wrote)
I first heard about iTele on xlr8yourmac.com
The topmost entry on your "10.2 TV Card Driver Feedback" (this page) is about iTele. All the links are there too (from April 26th, 2004 report below); it's www.defyne.org.dvb Technotrend (the hardware maker) can be found at www.technotrend.de.
In most countries their DVB cards are sold under the Hauppauge brand. All Hauppauge Nova-T and Nova-S cards (USB and PCI) work with iTele. You will need a fast G4 for HDTV, so I couldn't test it yet. And thanks for xlr8yourmac, I found so much useful information on your site!
Regards, Mirko "

Previous reports on iTele and other software and TV Tuner cards/adapters are below. The Video topics page also has links to other pages on other TV tuner options. (AlchemyTV, and a separate page by request on Beige G3 TV Tuner card/software reports).

DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) and iTele Software (added 4/26/2004)

" hi there just thought I'd let you know that this guy has provided drivers and an app that let you run digital terrestrial tv compatibility to a PC win tv card it run's on the mac perfectly.
you can play and record digital tv and later burn to dvd later
it's a pci card so if you have a g3/g4/g5 tower this would a better alternative to the elgato eyetv 300/400 boxes. (for G5 owners, make sure the card is 3.3V (power and signals) PCI slot compatible. The driver history includes notes on G5s, but the compat. list includes several card models, but just something to check before buying a PCI card for a G5.-Mike)
I live in the u.k where we have DVB-T service's such as freeview the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T PCI Television Card 909  is only f79.50 over the elgato boxes which cost f280!!! no support yet but it's a start!!! (I asked if he could clarify that comment and he replied:)
I meant to say that there was no remote control support for the card yet but its a start! (the nova -t card comes with a remote control and a tiny receiver)
P.S no deep sleep problems for card to which i am pleased about.

about DVB on mac:
for itele app:
for drivers:
http://www.defyne.org/dvb/driver.html (see list of supported hardware there)
-Michael E. "

For other OS X TV Tuner software (many free also) see older links/info below.

(info from fall 2003 and earlier follows)

Televideo TV Tuner (hardware/software package): Televideo sent a press release on Televideo v1.7. (For free software alternatives, see previous info below) Here's a clip from the PR:

    " Televio Highlight Features:
  • Channel Assistant for Easy Setup (currently only available within the U.S.)
  • Dual Card Support
  • 24-Key IR Remote included
  • Stereo TV Audio
  • Stereo FM Radio
  • Captures to QuickTime movies
  • Channel Preview (Thumbnails of Selected Channels in One Window)
  • Uses Little CPU Power in Preview Mode
  • S-Video and Composite Video Input
  • Additional Audio Input
  • Versions for NTSC, PAL and SECAM TV Standards Available

    Televio is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1.5 and up, including Jaguar
    Pricing & Availability: SRP: $149.95 USD / 129.00 EUR
    SRP for Dual PCI Card Bundle: $229.95 USD / 198.00 EUR
    Televio is distributed worldwide by Dr. Bott, http://www.drbott.info/."

See below for links and reader reports on other (often free) TV Tuner software for OS X used with various TV Tuner PCI cards.

iTV 0.3.1 (9/17/2003 update from the main site news page)

" Just though to let you know that iTV is at version 0.3.1 (http://home.arcor.de/a.thiede/)
Secondly, I got my WinTV Nicam+Radio (uses Bt878, dunno about the right model...) working with it where Xtelevision failed miserably...

See the previous reports below on iTV (v0.2), Xtelevision and a beta Formac ProTV driver.

(7/23/2006 update from the main site news page)
Beta OS X drivers for Formac ProTV2:

" Hi mike,
An article in the german magazine "c't" (issue 15/2003, p.144) mentions a beta driver for the ProTV2 from Formac by Formac themselves for OS X 10.2.6. They promised these drivers a long time ago and killed the development soon after the promise. It seems, they took it up again.
Heres the url for the driver:
and here for the TV software:
The beta works quite well, I had to find out which video and audio codecs worked best for my system by trial. The occasional crash happens when fiddling with audio settings and some preferences seem not to reflect their current setting.
Cheers, S. "

See below for info on other OS X TV Tuner card drivers and Software.

(6/26/2003 update) Here's the latest reader report on the OS X TV Tuner drivers, and the first one from an ATI TV Wonder card owner)

"Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know i've had luck using iTV .02 (last working link I found is here-Mike) with a PC ATI TV wonder VE PCI card in a few mac's.
G4(AGP) 400, Radeon 8500, 256MB -and-
8600/250 w Sonnet G3/450 1MB L2 225mhz
Radeon 7000 PCI, 384MB Matched 70ns

Only had luck with RCA in not the TV tuner (Phillips)
(he later wrote)

Got the turner working to day as well, now trying to get some sort of capture going.
card is Booktree 878. No luck with Xtelevision (homepage here-Mike) or Televio.KP and such with the BTxxxx.kext that comes with them.
The G4 gets real good video. The 8600 is not as good seems to rely on the L2. Right through must be Off to get OK video. No other Apps seem to see the card as video in i.e. BTV Pro or Televio(XTV gets garb video)
Lots more info if you like.

On another note some feed back on iChat A/V (see feedback page here on iChat AV beta also-Mike) Audio Chat works Great Here on my home network Can't test video(no cam), but my G4 400(AGP) does say no Cam not "this computer does not support Video conferencing" so i'd say it would work. 8600 gets unsupported message in video pref. Also my PB G3 400 (firewire) gets "Unsupported" as well.

One big note that can be a curve ball is if you get no mic sound you must chose the input in the Ichat Pref pane under "Video tab" odd place for it but took me 1/2 hour to find it for my G4. Audio chat will not work without it. Thanks for all you hard work. You've saved me tons of time and $ as well as answered questions I could not find.

(earlier info/reports from May 2003 follows)

Although one B&W G3 owner w/IXmicro TurboTV said none of the OS X drivers/software noted earlier today (or those in yesterday's news/below) worked in his system, another B&W G3 owner w/TurboTV sent notes/tips from his experience using the software he had mentioned earlier today (XTelevision and iTV).

" Mike, For reference, my system is: B&W G3, upgraded to a G4 550 (OCed to 600), 384 MB RAM, ATI Radeon 7000 PCI, ixMicro TurboTV, & OS X 10.2.6, (Though I have run the XTelevision software with 10.1.5)
An F.Y.I. for the readers, the TurboTV and several other TV tuners are based off the BrookTree BT8xx Chipset. So that's why many of the same cards may work just as well with the following software. If there are any other software solutions they may work just as well, I just haven't come across any.

XTelevision ( http://xtv.sourceforge.net/)
I started using this software in June '02. It's last update is from May of '02. I found that when it would load the kernel extension required to run the TurboTV it could cause a kernel panic about 50% of the time. Though once it was loaded you could quit and launch the app as much as you want.
With 10.2 Apple changed the kernel extension load commands. So with the current, but outdated version of XTV, you need to open the .app package and change the script commands in
"XTelevision.app/Contents/Resources/LoadKext.sh" from
This software was workable, I would advise reading the forums at SourceForge for help if you have trouble, and read all the documentation. Video quality was good, but the frame rates weren't. At least on my machine, during action scenes it was really noticeable, though very acceptable for getting an old TV tuner working with OS X.

iTV (http://home.arcor.de/a.thiede/ as of July 2004)
The early releases of this software did not work with the ixMicro card at all. Though, it has recently been updated to version .2 (as of 4/1/03) and works wonderfully with my ixMicro TurboTV. This software loads the kernel extension every time, and has not caused a kernel panic at all since I started using it early April as my main app, instead of XTV. I find the video quality to be a lot better as well actually, frame rate wise. I watch my television full screen slightly higher than the 320x240 res. (I don't remember the exact settings, and I'm on my iBook at school, so I can't check) Though it does scale up to 720x480 as well. It looked perfect at 640x480 to me, but either my system or my video card could not display it fast enough, and choppiness was very noticeable.

I would recommend this software over the XTV, simply for the fact that it, doesn't crash, and provides better quality video.
-Eric "

(post from the May 20th, 2003 news page on follows)

OS X 10.2 driver for Formac ProTV, Haupage WinTV, PCTV Rave cards

" Hy Mike, Maybe you've already come across of that link before. If not, I guess it's quite of interest for all having a formac tv card (and others with ProTV, Haupage WinTV, PCTV Rave). Unfortunately I haven't got a TV card, so I couldn't test it...
greets Dominique "

See the linked page for more info and usage instructions. (Note - from the name it appears this is the same software listed at http://xtv.sourceforge.net/ - see later report above about that software for tips as well as reader comment on iTV.) If anyone owning one of the above cards tries this software let me know.

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