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Logitech Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Reports
Last Updated: 8/29/2002 for more reports
(Link to OS X 10.2 Drivers/Logitech Control Center)

Although there's been some past threads in the forums on using Wireless keyboards (like Logitech's) in OS X, a reader asked that I post a request here asking owners of Logitech's "Freedom" wireless keyboard (includes mouse also) to comment on using it in OS X.
Here's a list of reader comments after posting a request for reader reports on Aug 5th.
(Note: The local Sam's Club has the Logitech Freedom Cordless Keyboard/Mouse combo for about $79.xx, but I saw what appears to be the same keyboard/mouse combo in a recent Dell Accessories catalog for $59.xx - but it has the "Dell" logo on it instead of Logitech's.)

Latest Owner Reports: (most recent first in this section)

OS X 10.2 User Reports:

"Today Logitech released the newest incarnation of it's Logitech Control Centre (LCC), version 1.02, which adds support for Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar) as well as continued support for Mac OS X 10.1.x, etc.
Download URL

Seems to work perfectly on here, a new dual 867 PowerMac with the Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical keyboard & mouse set.
Joe Beharriell
Fallen Networks"

OS X 10.1.5 and earlier Reports:

(added 8/12/2002)
I think I found what the problem might be with those who have been losing signal to their mouse and keyboard. When I first emailed you everything was fine and I wasn't seeing the signal loss some others were. After a reinstall of OS X (10.1.5) though I did start to have difficulty after starting up and unplugging then plugging in the receiver again was the only fix.

Then while messing around in the system I noticed that when logging in that the LCCDaemon would run and then the iTunesHelper. I decided to uninstall iTunes (I like Audion better) and see what happened. After starting up without iTunesHelper everything was fine again.

There is an option in System Preferences -> Login to remove iTunesHelper from the startup items but opted to remove the entire program so I'm not sure if this will work as well or not.
Anyway, something to try.
Will "

(added 8/9/2002)
[updated comments from earlier user of beta 10.2]
"I installed 6C115 and the application no longer causes the System Preferences app to quit, however it did not recognize my MouseMan Wireless Optical (which works just fine without it fortunately.) I have a wireless keyboard as well, but it is used on my G4 TiBook, which is still running the older version of 10.2. I will let you know when I upgrade that machine.
J "

(added 8/9/2002)
" Mike,
I bought and used the logitech cordless optical mouse (M-RM67A) without a problem under 9.2, then upgraded to a G4/733 running 10.1.5. I tried using the mouse with the drivers from the Logitech site, but it soon stopped working. I wasn't impressed with the action of the mouse anyway, so I bought a (corded) Logitech optical mouse today at CompuUSA for $20. Just plugged it in and began using it instantly without any problems.
CaliforniaStudios.com "

(added 8/8/2002)
" About a month ago, I got the Logitech cordless Freedom optical (keyboard and mouse). It worked ok without the Logitech drivers in OSX. The only thing is that the Apple key and the option key were switched since the keyboard was set up in Windows layout. So the Apple (command) key sat where the option key is on a regular Mac Keyboard. And vice versa for the option key.

Now if you use the Logitech drivers, the keys are switched back to their normal Mac position automatically. The software allows you to customize all your special keys and things work great until....
After an hour or two of using it, I lose mouse clicks!!!! I couldn't believe it. The mouse moves fine. But the clicks don't register with the computer. If I plug a regular USB mouse, then the computer and the mouse clicks (on the corded mouse) are fine. The wireless mouse remains clickless.

It gets stranger.
If I logout to the place where OSX gives me a list of users to login as, then I get the clicks back from the wireless mouse! So the wireless mouse works in the startup screen but when the full finder kicks in, the clicks disappear.

Rebooting doesn't help. Once you lose the clicks, it is gone...

Unless you remove the Logitech software, then the keyboard and mouse revert to their Windows mode again. But then at least the clicks are back. So that is how I am using the keyboard with the apple (command) key switched with the option key. It is annoying but I prefer that annoyance to the wired mouse and keyboard.

I today tried it again. I reinstalled the Logitech software (freshly downloaded from their site today). I restarted the computer. For a few hours, things worked well the way they are supposed to. I had my command key back where it was supposed to. But then smack dab in the middle of using the mouse, I lost the clicks again. Rebooting didn't change anything. So I had to uninstall the software again.

I had called Logitech about this problem a month ago. But at that time, even Logitech's website had not acknowledged OS X compatibility with the keyboard. Also the tech support guy was not familiar with OSX. So I gave up with trying to get it fixed.

Let me know if others are having this problem. I am using a dual GHZ with 1.5GB of RAM running 10.1.5.
John "

I had some USB (standard Apple) keyboard/mouse problems with a dual 1GHz test machine here - driving me nuts - keyboard/mouse just stops responding at times (no power to them), swapping ports causes a kernel panic - and when the caps lock key is down the LED for it 'pulses' when the hard drive is being accessed, almost like a drive activity LED. The other G4s don't do that. I guess this is the 2nd new mac that I'll have to have repaired since replacing the keyboard/mouse with new ones and even swapping a new USB (apple) extender cable didn't help. It's also had some other intermittent problems (cache error at startup, sometimes kernel panics at boot, clean OS installs, nvram clears, etc. did not help) - no addon cards, no added ram, etc. in the system. Of course the hardware Test CD shows all ok... then the next boot might show a repeat of the USB or other problems.

(added 8/7/2002)
" I have the Cordless Freedom Keyboard and Mouse. Except for the absence of a caps lock light I like the keyboard and love the mouse. I am having one problem though. On my old G4 400 I was using the combo with the beta 2 drivers and everything worked fine. When I upgraded to a dual one gig G4 I downloaded the latest drivers and now find myself having to unplug/plug the USB connector to the transmitter to recover from the keyboard and mouse losing contact and not functioning.
David B."

(added 8/6/2002)
" Works fine..
I have a Dell badged Logitech iTouch with cordless mouse, I run the drivers and almost every button works, I still cant seem to get the 4th mouse button to do Command-H to hide windows, but they all work within games. The keyboard media buttons work with iTunes2.

The transmitter works plugged into the Cube or the Studio17CRT USB or a self-powered USB hub. Moving the mouse will wake the cube from sleep, the Sleep button on the keyboard brings up a Restart/Sleep/Cancel/Shutdown dialog
I have a Cube running OSX.1.5
Tom D. "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Aloha Mike,
I had bought the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse in December 2001. I never thought I would get the keyboard to work. In 9 it was not recognized. The mouse worked fine. When the original beta drivers for X came out, I tried the keyboard again, and it worked. I have to tell you the cordless mouse is great.
As for the keyboard, it works and is cool, but I prefer Apples keyboard. I just did not like the feel of the keyboard and it did not fit the footprint of my desk well. But what I did like, are all the cool features of the keyboard. All the extra functional buttons worked. The scroll wheel on the left side was a nice touch. The volume control spin wheel I found better than using buttons. The one click buttons for launching applications such as mail and internet was also nice.
Logitech did fix one minor problem quickly. The command and option buttons on the keyboard were originally reversed, so when I tried keyboard shortcuts I went crazy. I am glad Logitech fixed this.
Rick "

(added 8/6/2002)
" The release version of the Logitech Control Center drivers reliably quit responding to mouse clicks after 1-5 minutes. Although the mouse pointer still moves, any clicks on the buttons or scroll wheel are ignored.

Dual 1gHz G4 Mac running 10.1.5. The behavior is identical with three different Logitech pointing devices: a ball mouse, an optical mouse, and a wireless trackball.

Dropping back to the beta 2 version of the drivers, which I fortunately still had, fixes this problem but has its own little anomalies.

Since Logitech has no tech support available for end users (if there's any e-mail or phone number for a tech support department, I haven't been able to find it on their web site), I haven't been able to report this to them.
David Ramsey "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Dear Mike,
I have been reading your site for the longest time now, and I find its user reports to be completely invaluable when making purchasing decisions or recommendations. I'm glad to offer my support to the XLR8yourMac community.

I've been using my Logitech Optical Cordless Freedom set for quite a while now. About 2 months. The complaints I have don't seem to be those that will affect the average user. You see I have two computers connected to one console, a Power Mac G4 and a Windows XP PC via a IOGEAR MiniView USB KVM switch. While the cordless receiver is plugged in, everything works fine. The software allows you to assign various different functions to the additional keyboard and mouse buttons (I've been using this since the beta drivers where such features weren't available for the keyboards at least) and it all works as advertised. The iTunes music control (pause, play, forward, backward) takes a few seconds after the button press to work though. Everything else is instantaneous. The software allows you to use the default keyboard map (Win Key is Command key) or will switch it for you so it mimics the default Macintosh layout, which swaps Alt/Option and the WinKey (that's the way I have it set).

Now here's what I don't like: First and foremost, on both my Mac and my PC, occasionally (maybe 10 times in the 3 months I've owned it) the mouse and keyboard will both stop responding at random times, forcing me to unplug/replug the receiver. This is especially troublesome when playing Warcraft III. When I switch machines via my USB switch, it takes about 10 seconds for Windows to synch properly. This is about twice as long as it took when I was using my Apple keyboard and Kensington MIAB optical. However when switching back, it's almost instantaneous synch on the Mac. Also when switching (to either machine) the keyboard intermittently will not synch properly, and I have to press the Connect button on the back of the keyboard to make it work. When switching back to the Mac, it resets the mouse speed to the fourth setting on the slider, which while using this mouse is far too fast for me, and I have to reset it each time.
On a related note, the Optical Mouse seems to have a much lower resolution than my previous Kensington MIAB optical, and it eats batteries like nobody's business. The extra mouse/keyboard buttons aren't available at the login window of OS X since the daemon process that controls them gets run at login. I've heard of people having trouble with using this with multiple users since the Daemon doesn't get added to the Login Items of all users, but since I only have one user on this machine, I am unaffected.

I hope this helps anyone who's looking to buy one of these. Feels good to give something back to the XLR8yourMac community. Thanks for maintaining such an awesome site.
Ian Friedman "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Hi Mike,
I use a Logitech Cordless iTouch and a Cordless WheelMouse with the latest LCC 1.0.0 drivers (Logitech Control Center).

The driver provides support for the special features of the keyboards (mute, volume up/down, play/pause, stop, previous/next, lauch of 4 apps or folders or files).

Unfortunately, the letter locations are not changed (some are different between PC and Mac keyboards, for an azerty keyboard : I donÕt know if it is the same for a qwerty one; It is necessary to manually edit and modify the localized.rsc files in OS X to have a useable keyboard); but the "Windows" and "Alt" keys are exchanged with the LCC driver to match the Mac keyboard.

The mouse features seem identical to the ones provided by MouseWare in OS 9 except the Òon screen wheelÓ that would appeared in OS 9 with the wheel clic, and not in X.

OS X 1.5 (French) with AZERTY iTouch keyboard and Cordless WheelMouse G4/450/1GB/radeon8500/2x60GB
Jacques "

(added 8/6/2002)
" It doesn't work on Jaguar 6C106, just quits. I have 6C115 but haven't had time to install it yet.
jason "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Mike,
I bought a Cordless Freedom Optical about two months ago for $72.97 from Amazon.com when the drivers were much less polished than they are now. At the time, only the volume wheel worked and occasionally the keyboard would revert to Windows mode, where the Mac command and option keys were swapped. The mouse, however, worked fine with those drivers.

Since the release of the version 1.0 drivers (and an earlier beta that added more keyboard options), things have been fairly peachy. The nine special buttons (e-mail, shopping, search, favorites, etc.) all work and are customizable to either load websites, to open Finder windows on your local Mac, or to launch applications. The volume control and mute buttons work great, and four buttons that appear to be hard wired to control iTunes (stop, play/pause, forward, and back) are very useful. They run a command line osascript command for controlling iTunes so this may be customizable, but not via the Preference Pane interface. The keyboard scroll wheel also works great, though I use it less than I thought I would.

I like the feel of the keyboard a lot, but have run into a few problems. First, there's no caps-lock light so you can accidently press that and not know it. That makes entering passwords difficult sometimes, but not often as you get used to it. Maybe we need something like that on screen indicator that came out for 68K Powerbooks several years ago. Second, sometimes the cut/copy/paste command keys don't respond well. It's usually easy enough to try again, but I find myself using the Edit menu for those functions more than I should. Finally, if you reboot and need to boot into single user or verbose mode, the keyboard drivers load after startup so that's really impossible without a hard-wired keyboard. For those times when I've needed to run "fsck -y", I always plug-in one of my Apple keyboards.

The mouse is a dream and is really where I notice the lack of wires. It's a great replacement for Apple's optical mouse, which I'm a big fan of. It has thumb, left and right buttons, plus a scroll wheel that's also a button -- all customizable with the Mac OS X preference pane. Until you've used a cordless mouse, you really don't know what you're missing and I really wouldn't consider anything other than an optical mouse. The one included with this bundle is great for right-handed people, but they also make a cordless optical mouse that's shaped more like Apple's mouse. I mostly move it with my thumb and ring finger and find the weight to be about right. I've always preferred a heavier mouse so this is perfect and the scroll wheel is very responsive.

I only have two problems with the mouse, but they're not enough of a problem to warrant not recommending it. First, it eats batteries like crazy. While I'm still on my first set of four AA batteries for the keyboard, I've now gone through four complete sets of two AA batteries on the keyboard and just installed my fifth set last night. I use it on a dark surface, which I've heard shortens battery life, plus my G4/450DP runs 24/7, which might play a factor in reduced battery life. While there is an automatic low power mode, there's no way to completely turn off the mouse to conserve batteries, like when I'm sleeping. Second, occasionally it will just freeze up on the screen, usually in IE. I use it with a CompuCable USB switch box so I just switch it to an unused port and back again. It always comes back to life, but I'm always baffled when that happens.

One last note. This combo has problems with my IOGear MiniView III KVM. It seems to be a known problem at IOGear's web site and I just keep a hard wired keyboard there for my servers. Basically, the mouse only moves vertically and is in fixed spot on each Mac when I switch between them. It has no problems with my CompuCable manual USB switchbox as I've used it with both my G4/450DP and my Tibook/667.

I use the set mostly at my desk, but it also works from about eight feet away when I'm web surfing on my 50-inch widescreen projector from the couch. In that scenario, I use the keyboard in my lap while using the mouse on my green fabric couch and it works quite well. I've never used it in Mac OS 9 so I don't have any experience there. The keyboard/mouse combo was only $22 more than just the Logitech cordless optical mouse I was looking at so I've found it to be a good value and good package overall.
Dennis "

(added 8/6/2002)
" I just Picked up the logitech Cordless Freedom Optical a few days ago.
System info
Pismo G3 400

I didn't bother opening the software package that came with it. I just went to the Logitech site and downloaded the mac software from there. Installation was straight forward, it did require a restart. IÕm not using the optical mouse that came with it. Instead IÕm using a wireless Logitech trackball. The receiver for the keyboard-mouse combo works with the trackball.

In actual use, it just works. The software is easy to configure. It has full support for Itunes. You can paues/play, mute, adjust volume, and change tracks even when Itunes is not the foreground application or its minimized to the dock. So far I have been very pleased, haven't encountered any problems.
Jim "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Ever since the first beta-drivers from Logitech came out, I've been using the Cordless Desktop Optical package which contains a black Cordless iTouch keyboard and a dark grey Cordless MouseMan Optical. It's been working great from the beginning with few bugs, but the extra keys on the keyboard didn't work with the first drivers. Now everything is fine, except for one key that's "inverted" (the key normally produces a ' sign without a modifier and a @ with the Alt modifier, but with these drivers it's the other way around) which is very annoying.

All special keys on the keyboard can be customized and the it's possible to check the batterylevel of the devices. All in all it's working great.
BTW, I'm using a Danish keyboard on a Cube.
Rene Frej Nielsen "

(added 8/6/2002)
" I have a Logitech Cordless Mouse Model M-RN67 and loaded the latest Drivers from Logitech's Site. Some things to note are that it runs a daemon process (LCCDaemon) that I assume looks for USB Plug events. There is also an application that runs when you login, placed in your login items list in the System Prefs. I can not attribute the next problem to the Logitech Software, but the problem occurred right after I loaded the driver. Restart the machine, log into my normal account, launch terminal and run top. I have 6 MB of ram free. Usually I have over 400 available (512MB total on machine).
Which means as soon as I start launching my normal set of dev apps I am already swapping to the HD. I took the LCC App out of my start up list and the problem has gone away. Maybe the next set of drivers.
PB 800(Radeon 7500 Model) with 512RAM and 60GB HD. (My employer is _really_ nice to us...)
Mike Jackson
WebObjects Developer "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Hey Mike,
I'm using the logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo (something freedom package).

While I'm happy with the extra buttons, I haven't gotten any games to see the thumb button (like UT or Q3) on the mouse.

Also, in UT and in MOHAA I would wind up getting stuck running in one direction every now and again, like a button stuck. Physically, it was not stuck. This is temporary but frustrating.

Another also, sometimes my mouse / keyboard just kind of disappear, so I unplug the usb plug, put it back and there it is again.

Lastly, I'd like to have sets for different apps.
On the whole, it's working nicely 96% of the time.
Rich "

(added 8/6/2002)
" Hi Mike,
In my department 2 people are using the Logitech Wireless KB and Mouse combo. One is on a Quicksilver 933 with a Cinema Display and the logitech receiver is plugged into the display, not the CPU, and the other is on a 800 TiBook. Both people love the keyboard and have had zero problems. In fact the whole setup worked fine with NO drivers installed, the only hitch was the command and option keys were swapped, option next to space bar, until we loaded the drivers (which really just swaps the mapping by default). Obviously you couldn't program the extra buttons on the KB without the driver either, but I don't think either user really has used that feature much.
Mike Caplinger
System Administrator
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
University of Georgia "

I've seen the Logitech Freedom Cordless Keyboard/Mouse kit at the local Sam's Club for under $80 (as of August 2002). I welcome other owner comments about their experience with wireless keyboard/mice with OS X.

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