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PB Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit
Build Your Own Expansion Bay Hard Drive & Save $$
by Mike
Published: 4/14/2000

Final Assembly of the Case

The photo at the right shows one area where you need to watch for proper mating of the metal baseplate to the plastic housing.

Note the black plastic tab of the housing should be on the * outside * of the metal base in this center recessed area of the baseplate for proper fit.

If necessary, remove the metal baseplate and reinsert it in the plastic case again, paying careful attention to this tab's orientation and fit.
Assembling the case

Once the metal base is properly seated in the plastic housing, the final steps are to install the 4 mounting screws that secure the baseplate to the plastic housing.

As noted in the manual - there are two types of screws for this step. The two flat-head black screws are used on the side 'wing' of the base. The two silver round-head scews (sheet-metal threads) are used at the connector end of the baseplate as shown in the photo.

Use the proper size phillips screwdriver tip to avoid damaging the heads of these screws. The tip should fit tight in the screw head to avoid marring the screw heads, as it takes a bit of pressure to fully secure the two round head screws.
Final Assembly

The photo at the right shows the completed drive kit, with the included storage bag below.

With the Lomboard/Pismo model's side 'wing' (as I call it), the drive is a bit of a tight fit in the carry case (almost too tight). The Wallstreet/MainStreet kits don't have the side wing and would fit much better.

You're now ready to insert the drive in the media bay of the Lombard/Pismo and format it with Apple's Drive Setup. This step is covered in the next page of this article.
Completed HD Kit

Next Step: Formatting the Hard Drive in the Powerbook

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