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PB Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit
Build Your Own Expansion Bay Hard Drive & Save $$
by Mike
Published: 4/14/2000

Formatting the New Drive

After booting the Powerbook remove the CD/DVD drive (or remove it before starting up the system). If the system is running and you have a CD in the drive, make sure you eject it first before removing the CD/DVD drive.

Insert the expansion bay drive and make sure it's fully seated in the bay. Open the Utilities folder on the Powerbook boot drive and then open the Drive Setup folder. Click on Drive Setup and you'll see the screen at the right. (Note: This article was written before OS X was released, for OS X, "Disk Utility" does drive formatting and partitioning.)

The red arrow indicates the new, unformatted expansion bay drive.
Select this device and then the 'initialize' button in the lower right corner will become active. Press it.
Drive Setup Initial screen

Once you press the "Initialize" button you'll see a screen with a custom initialize button. Although not a must, I always select this option which shows the screen to the right.

Use this page to verify that you have selected the proper drive (not the boot disk), and select your desired number of partitions (I used one) and select "Mac OS Extended" as the type to save disk space (increased efficiency on large drives). You can always reformat again later in the Finder if you didn't select Mac OS Extended at this point, but reformatting destroys any existing data, so best is to do it right the first time. (Note: Alsoft's Plusmaker can convert volumes without erasing the data).
Drive Setup Partition Screen

After the drive is formatted it will mount on the desktop. You can then copy files from the internal disk to the expansion bay drive (great for backups, or offloading seldom used files or downloads off the main boot disk) or copy the system folder over to make the drive bootable (again a good backup solution in case the internal drive fails). The other bonus is an expansion bay drive would make a good "test" drive for new or beta OS versions (or for testing new OS updates, while preserving your previous HD intact).

Benchmark Performance Tests of the Drive

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