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PB Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit
Build Your Own Expansion Bay Hard Drive & Save $$
by Mike
Published: 4/14/2000

Benchmark Performance Tests of the New Drive

Since testing file copies to the new expansion bay drive may be limited by either the internal drive or the expansion bay drive (impossible to tell which), I used ATTO's tools to test the Toshiba 18GB drive in the expansion bay. The graph below shows the results of ATTO Tools v2.3 tests set to 8MB sample size (0-8MB test file size):

ATTO results - 18GB Expansion Bay

For comparison, the graph below is from my PowerBook G3/500 Firewire review benchmarks page (tests with the OEM Toshiba 12GB drive from Apple, with a minimum of files added to the drive from its as-shipped state):

ATTO results - OEM Toshiba 12GB Pismo Internal

The internal bus is ATA/66 on the Pismo (PB Firewire), where the expansion bay bus is not. (I think it's ATA/33, but the peaks are so low I wonder.

After seeing the results, the client asked if I'd replace the internal drive of his Pismo with the larger 18GB drive, both to get better performance and to have the larger drive internally. This required taking the expansion bay apart and replacing the internal drive (article to follow). I was able then to test the Toshiba 18GB drive on the internal bus, however at that time it had about 6GB of files on the drive.

ATTO Results - Toshiba 18GB Internal

I also ran Macbench 5.0 disk tests on the new drive. The graph below shows results with the Toshiba 18GB compared to a PB G3/500 OEM 12GB Toshiba drive running on the faster internal bus. Note that the Toshiba 18GB internal tests had about 6GB of files on the drive, where the other tests were with minimal files installed.

Macbench 5 disk tests - OEM 12GB Int. vs 18GB

Since the system and drive were not my own, I could not run extensive real world tests in the time allowed (I had to return the system within hours). However in actual use, the expansion bay drive felt responsive and with the sustained rates shown, show be fine for DV use and most video capture. I've asked the owner to comment if he sees any performance issues with capture or other application use.

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Index of Powerbook Expansion Bay HD Project

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