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Click for Mini Pro Dual Drive!

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PowerBook G3 and Solo Image

PowerBook G3/250 vs Gateway Solo PII/266 9100XL

On this page I've provided photos of the two machines to graphically illustrate
the features and differences described on the
previous page.

Keyboard layout

Keyboard layout comparison
Comparison of the two keyboard layouts

Rear View:

Rear View Comparison
View from Rear

Side Views:

Left Side Comparison
Right Side Comparison

How they stack up:

Thickness - case closed

DVD/Floppy Combination:

Solo DVD/Floppy combo drive
Combination DVDII drive and Floppy

The applications performance page shows how the two machines performed in several appications
such as Photoshop, Bryce 3D, Premiere 4.2, Ray Dream Studio 5, and Office. I've also recently added a page with PSBench5 test results that shows the results of a wide array of filter operations on a 10MB image.

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