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Inside  the PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet" - Adding Ram
Published: 6/26/1998

Apple made upgrading the new PowerBook G3 almost as easy as using it, with only a philips screwdriver needed (to remove 2 screws) for access to the ram expansion slot.

After opening up the PowerBook, the first step is to use the release levers to remove any devices in the side expansion bays.

PB G3 Exp. Bay release levers
Release Levers for Expansion Bay Devices

Remove both expansion bay devices and set them aside. The next step sounds trickier that it is in practice. To release the keyboard, you have to reach inside the expansion bays on each side and pull the sliding keyboard retainers on the inside upper surface toward the front of the powerbook.

Keyboard release
Releasing the Keyboard

This releases the front of the keyboard to allow its removal. Lift the front edge as shown below.

Keyboard released
Keyboard Released

Now tilt the keyboard up and slide it towards you (gently - mylar cables are attached) to allow the rear keyboard tabs to clear the casing. When the metal tabs on the keyboard have just cleared the case, carefully flip the keyboard over to rest on the PowerBook palm rest.

PB Keyboard up
Rotating Keyboard Forward

Pivot the keyboard towards you and lay it flat on the palmrest - keys down. Be careful not to put stress on the mylar ribbon cables that are connected to the keyboard.

The next page deals with removing the heatsink and installing the dimm module. I also identify most of the main internal components along the way.

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