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Review:Powerlogix's BlueChip G3 500MHz CPU Upgrade
CPU Upgrade for PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Series
By Mike
Published: 1/26/2001
Hardware Features/Specifications/Compatibility
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Bluechip PB G3 CPU Upgrade Technical Details

Bluechip PowerBook G3 CPU Upgrade

Hardware Details:

Unlike the Newer Tech PB G3 CPU upgrades, the BlueChip is a newly manufactured module, not a rework of an existing one

  • IBM 500MHz Copper G3 CPU (revision 3.0)
  • 1MB of Sync. Pipeline Burst SRAM L2 Cache running 250MHz
    (review sample/demo would not run at 250mhz reliably, but retail models should)
    Cache Chips on this sample: Samsung K7A403600M-QC20 (x2) [200mhz rated]

Owners of the original PB G3/233 without backside cache the BlueChip upgrades should result in a very noticable performance boost. (With the backside cache, a G3 takes a 40% or so performance hit.)

Warranty: The BlueChip manual noted a 3 year limited warranty.

Compatibility: (repeated from the front page)

The Bluechip PowerBook CPU Upgrade is compatible with the following models:

1998 PowerBook G3 Series (Apple family number M4753):
  • Powerbook G3 Series 233 (no cache)
  • Powerbook G3 Series 233 (233/117/512KB)
  • PowerBook G3 Series 250 (250/125/1MB)
  • Powerbook G3 Series 266 (266/133/1MB)
  • Powerbook G3 Series 292 (292/146/1MB)
  • Powerbook G3 Series 300 (300/150/1MB)

    BlueChip LS compatible with the following computers (Apple family number M5343 - 1999 PowerBook G3 series):
  • PowerBook G3 "Lombard" (333/177/512KB) - Bronze Keyboard
  • PowerBook G3 "Lombard" (400/200/1MB) - Bronze Keyboard

Not compatible with the first PowerBook G3 (aka 3500 or Kanga, based on the 3400 case).

Bus Speed: 66MHz (fixed)
Adjustable?: No
Cache Enabler: None Reqd.

OS Version Compatibility:

Any OS that is compatible with your Powerbook should would work fine with the Bluechip since it requires no cache enabler software to run.

Test System Hardware Summary

  • Apple PowerBook G3 1998 (G3/250)
  • 192MB RAM (one 128MB and one 64MB low-profile SODIMMs)
  • IBM Travelstar 20GB (20GB) IDE hard drive (appx 40% full)
    (This is the drive shown in my Wallstreet Hard Drive Upgrade article)
  • Original DVD-ROM drive
  • ATI RageLT onboard video (4MB SDRAM)
  • OS 9.04 w/all updates applied, VM off, QT 4.1 [No Libmoto]

Index of Bluechip PB G3 CPU Upgrade Review

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