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Powerbook Wallstreet Hard Drive Upgrade
Replacing The Original 4GB Drive with IBM's Travelstar 20GB model
by Mike
Published: 8/21/2000

Removing the Existing Hard Drive Assembly

NOTE: As I said on the intro page, the Powerbook G3 manual shows how to remove the drive assembly, but doesn't cover how to actually replace the drive in the bracket. As always, if you are not qualified to do upgrades or repairs on a Powerbook, I recommend you have an authorized service center perform this upgrade for you. Be aware you will void the warranty by replacing the hard drive and should you damage anything in the process, you will be responsibe for the cost to have it repaired. This procedure took less than one hour total (not counting installing the OS on the new drive), so the cost should be minimal to have a dealer swap the drive out for you.

To save space in this article, I'm not repeating steps on how to remove the keyboard, which is shown in the owners manual and in my 1998 illustrated Wallstreet RAM upgrade article. (Disconnect the AC adapter, remove the Battery and CD drive, and use the latches inside the bays to release the keyboard which slides back and flips over to expose the CPU/Hard drive area.) The steps below assume the keyboard is already removed.

Step 1: Remove the CPU Heatsink/Coverplate

To remove the hard drive you first have to remove the CPU heatsink/cover plate, which is retained by the two philips (+) head screws I'm pointing to in the photo to the right. The CPU coverplate has to be removed as it overlaps the edge of the hard drive bracket.

Once these screws are removed, the heatsink/coverplate has a small wire 'handle' near the front that is an aid to lifting it off.

Heatsink Retaining Screws

Step 2: Loosen the Hard Drive Assy Retaining Screw

Once the heatsink/coverplate is removed, using a Torx T8 screwdriver, loosen the hard drive retaining screw shown in the photo to the right. (The screw is captive and does not come out of the bracket. Note one reader said his screw was a philips head, not a Torx head.)

Loosen HD retaining Screw

Step 3: Lift Out the Hard Drive Assy

With the retaining screw fully loosened, lift the hard drive assembly up and out of the Powerbook case. Unlike the Lombard and Powerbook firewire models, there is no mylar ribbon cable connecting the drive to the motherboard. The Wallstreet has a printed wiring board (circuit board) type connector that 'knife-edges' into the motherboard adjacent to the CPU module.

The picture on the right is with the Hard Drive assembly inverted (bottom view) to show the actual hard drive installed in the bracket. (Note: it's normal for notebook drives to rattle a bit when inverted. Toshiba drives even note this on the label.)

Heatsink Retaining ScrewsLifting Out HD Assy

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