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Inside the PowerCenter Pro
Removing the cover:
The first step to getting inside the PowerCenter Pro is to remove the four thumbscrews at the rear of the case (in each corner).

The photo at the right also shows some of the features of the PowerCenter Pro such as the dual output video (PC/VGA and Mac connectors) and the 2930 external SCSI connector.

In this picture I have the Power3D and ATI Rage Pro video cards installed.

PCPro rear view

With the cover removed, this is the side view of the PowerCenter Pro motherboard. Remember to touch the Power Supply or metal chassis to discharge youself before proceeding.

Note that the boot hard disk is mounted under the power supply at the rear of the case, and that the PCI cards are "upside down" due to the PCI connectors being on the video riser board.

Side View Cover Off

This photo shows a closer view of the lower front portion of the motherboard - where the memory slots are.

Also identified is the Video Riser that mates with the motherboard and houses the 3 PCI connectors, and the Power3D video card that I installed.

PCP motherboard closeup

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