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Inside the PowerCenter Pro
CPU Card Removal:
The CPU card is secured by a combination Cooling Fan and retaining/support bracket.

To release it, press the center tab in and slide the bracket towards the front of the case.

PCPro Fan retaining Tab

With the Fan/Retaining bracket slid completely forward you can lift it out and away from the case.

Watch that you don't pull the fan power cable loose, but if you do it connects to a vertical pin strip connector in the lower front corner of the motherboard (it's the lowest connector there - right next to the corner motherboard screw).

Removing the fan
With the Fan/bracket out of the way, you simply pull the CPU card straight out to remove it. Place the card on an anti-static bag whenever it's out of the computer.

Make sure when you replace the Fan/bracket, that the CPU card edge is in the slot on the Fan bracket. That ensures that the bracket is fully supporting the CPU card by its edge.

Here's a peek at where the battery and L2 Cache are located:

And a look at the Video Riser memory area:

And here's where I mounted the PowerLogix Pro 233 CPU Upgrade card's Remote Control (using the supplied Velcro):

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