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4-Drive RAID inside  a 8600

Step 2: Assembling the Array

Attaching the Brackets:
Now that the drives have been jumpered, we can start the assembly of the brackets to the drives. (For a b&w photo of the ProLine Kit contents click here). Select the drive for the lower left position in the array and attach one of the Fan plates on the left side (viewed with drive connectors facing you) and a plain plate on the other. See the photo below.

Bottom Left Drive Backets installed
Lower Left Drive Brackets Installed

Next attach the upper left drive on top of this one using the upper mounting holes on the plates.

Left Side drives complete
Left Side Drives Completed

Now that the left side drives are complete, assemble the right side drives using the same procedure, but note that the fan plate will be on the right side of the drives. Make sure you use the terminated drive for the lower right position!

The photo below shows the final 4 drive array completed, ready to install on the 8600 baseplate.

4 Drive Kit completed
4 Drive Kit Completed

Now that we have the array completed, it's time to mount the assembly to the 8600's brown plastic baseplate.

The next page walks you through the process of mounting the completed array onto the 8600 mounting plate.

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