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4-Drive RAID inside  a 8600
Step 3: Mounting the Array

Removing the 8600 drive mtg plate:
Remove the side cover from your 8600 case and set it aside. You should see a brown plastic plate in the bottom of the case which is retained by two screws accessible from underneath the 8600 floorplate as show in the photo below.

8600 mtg plate screws
8600 Mtg Plate Retaining Screws

Remove these two screws with a philips screwdriver. Once the screws are removed, the mounting plate can be removed from the 8600 by sliding it towards you and lifting it out. The plate has tabs that engage into slots in the metal floorplate of the 8600 case, sliding it towards you allows the plate to be lifted out and removed.

Mounting the Array to the Plate:
Once the plate is removed, place the drives on the plastic plate from the 8600 ensuring that the beveled/stepped edge and the drive SCSI connectors are facing you as shown in the photo below.

Array oriented on the 8600 plate
Array Oriented on the 8600 Plate

Note that my finger is pointing to the stepped edge of the 8600 mtg plate - the drive connectors must be facing this side of the mtg plate.

Secure the drive array to the 8600 mtg plate by using 8 screws (4 for each drive) through the holes in underneath the plastic 8600 plate. The holes in the plastic plate should align with threaded mounting holes in the base of the bottom two drives as shown in the B&W photo below.

8600 mtg plate drive screws
Securing Drives to the 8600 Mtg Plate

Now that the array is secured to the 8600 mtg plate, carefully place the assembly into the 8600 (with the drive SCSI connectors facing you) and slide it into position. Once the tabs in the 8600 plate engage in the metal case floorplate, slide the drive assembly toward the back wall of case until it stops. The plastic plate should be flush with the floor of the 8600 case now. Secure the drive assembly by reinserting the two screws into the holes on the bottom of the 8600 case.

The next page covers connecting the drive power and SCSI cables.

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